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Factbites vs Google

Most searchers go straight to Google. But is it always the best choice?

We think Factbites is better than other search engines when it comes to presenting you with clearly summarised factual information.

We're never going to replace Google when you want to buy something over the net, or find your best friend's homepage - and we're not trying to. But for quick "Tell me about..." questions - the sort you'd normally go to an encyclopedia for - we think we're the best there is.

Factbites.com - better than Google for encyclopedia-style content.

Of course, you don't have to take our word for it. Compare the results for yourself!

You're searching for... Marco Polo

The Lowdown:

Only two of the first seven sites Google offers you are about the famous traveller Marco Polo. Factbites gives you clear, informative sentences served right up on the search page.

You're searching for... Alligator

The Lowdown:

Buying an alligator on eBay, anyone? Google gives you two sites about alligators - as well as irrelevant eBay advertising. It also gives you a site about blues music, a translation service, and a Florida newspaper, all in the top six results. Compare Factbites - every entry gives you real, relevant information, presented in a meaningful format. Who knew you could get $25 per foot for Alligator skins?

You're searching for... Kickboxing

The Lowdown:

Google gives you a good selection of kickboxing homepages, from all over the world, as well as a large selection of paid advertisements on the right-hand side - but once again tells you virtually nothing about your search topic. Contrast the genuine factual information presented by the first six sentences on Factbites. Factbites' full-sentence results give you a much better idea of what the site you're looking at actually contains.

Factbites - better than Google for encyclopedia-style searches

Try it yourself - we're confident you'll find Factbites significantly better than Google for the vast majority of your encyclopedia-style searches. Factbites puts the information right in your hands.

Factbites.com - where results make sense.

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