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Fri 11 Jul 08

We are honoured to be listed among Australia's best web 2.0 applications this week. Ross Dawson produced a list for the prestigious Business Review Weekly showing our most internationally successful, innovative sites.

Two of our sites, FactBites and NationMaster, made the grade.

Geoff Evason put together a list ranking according to Quantcast traffic data alone. The list seems to have disappeared though, so I've reproduced it myself:

1. 1134 retailmenot.com
2. 6423 bugmenot.com
3. 18686 nationmaster.com
4. 41362 uvouch.com
5. 48887 minti.com
6. 53051 redbubble.com
7. 74603 atlassian.com
8. 76818 mebeam.com
9. 87651 spyk.com
10. 129624 swapace.com
11. 148185 blocklayer.com
12. 165573 fwditon.com
13. 195584 inthemix.com.au
14. 199477 globalsurfari.com
15. 203200 pikistrips.com
16. 222399 rememberthemilk.com
17. 280084 rocketreader.com
18. 332987 factbites.com
19. 426879 mig33.com
20. 522232 blogarate.com

THe middle column is rank according to Feb08 Quantcast data. This puts us in 3rd and 18th places. No matter how you cut it, Rapid Intelligence is one of Australia's top independent publishers.

by Mumtaz H. Malik on Tue 25 Aug 09
What is the herb AJWAIN called in Spanish language?

by Robert on Wed 3 Mar 10
Grand Site! used it as reference in submitting corrrection for Google Map on tv tower usage (callsign). Wish I knew about it long time ago. btw have not seen height of WRBL/WTVM tower, Cusseta, GA. Believe it was extended to easily top 2000'. For a time c.1960's or possibly later it was tallest in world. tnx

by Sir Fredrik of the Columbian pine trees on Tue 25 May 10
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