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Topic: Side effect (computer science)

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 Side-effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Side-effect (computer science), a state change caused by a function call.
Adverse effect (medicine), an unintended consequence of a drug or therapy.
This is a disambiguation page, a list of pages that otherwise might share the same title. /wiki/Side_effect   (89 words)

 Side-effect (computer science) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In computer science, a function is said to produce a side-effect if it modifies some state other than its return value.
A function that uses side effects is referred to as referentially opaque, and one that doesn't is called referentially transparent.
Functional programming in turn is known for its minimization of side effects. /wiki/Side-effect_(computer_science)   (381 words)

 Optimization (computer science) - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch
Grid computing or distributed computing aims to optimize the whole system, by moving tasks from computers with high usage to computers with idle time.
In computer programming, optimization usually specifically means to modify code and its compilation settings on a given computer architecture to produce more efficient software.
In computing, optimization is the process of modifying a system to improve its efficiency. /software_optimization.htm   (1412 words)

 Journal of Computer & Information Law
Indeed, all the usefulness of computer science ingenuity lies hidden in the subjective meaning of the symbols and simply doesn't occur until the computed result is applied to the context of the question solved.
Computer science modeling is an infinitely flexible abstract principle whose only use or manifestation is within a man-made objective device; while a scientific principle is a rigid concept, fixed by the natural workings of objective reality.
Computer science ingenuity however does not assure physical novelty or embodiment; and indeed, as Benson shows, mere embodiment of an algorithm is preemptive, absent a practical use limitation. /Jcil/17/wagner.html   (8579 words)

 Big ideas in Computer Science and Engineering
The engineering side of computer science is about: How do we minimize the resources we use in order to perform a computation (set of computations).
Computer science deals with how we construct languages to describe computations, and how we make them convenient for human use.
Computations may be distributed among many communicating agents, often reducing the time necessary to compute a result. /~andre/general/computer_science.html   (1862 words)

 Effective Ways of Teaching Computer Science 1 using Java
Perhaps owning a computer should even be considered a prerequisite for admittance into computer science courses.
Computer Science 1 using Java (CS1) is a large course taught in the first semester for students entering the Science and Engineering Departments at the University of Iceland (UnIs).
From the student’s side both having a computer at home and prior preparation were found to be important predictors of expected outcome and of satisfaction with various organisational and teaching factors. /~oddur/publicat/98/cs1article.html   (1350 words)

 Upper East Side
Embedded within the Upper East Side are the neighborhoods of Yorkville, centered on 86th Street and Third Avenue, and Carnegie Hill, centered on 91st Street and Park Avenue.
Second Avenue]] The Upper East Side is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, between Central Park and the East River.
Until the Park Avenue railroad cut was covered (finished in 1910), the stylish part of the Upper East Side with mansions and townhouses lay on Fifth Avenue, bordering Central Park, while the area to the east was a blue-collar district that included stables and breweries. /upper-east-side.html   (301 words)

  Computer science is concerned with the study of computing machines, communication between man and the machine, and with methods of problem solving, especially in the area of mathematics, the sciences, and engineering.
Students already admitted to t he Kelce College of Business wishing to transfer their major to computer science must have a 2.5000 grade point average on all hours attempted at that time.
  This degree program is recommended for those students who wish to enter the areas of systems programming, or mathematical and scientific applications of computing, or to prepare for graduate study in computer science. /catalog/csis.html   (992 words)

It is fair to say, however, that the recent results from theoretical computer science that attempt to exploit quantum mechanical principles for both computation and cryptography have been a great stimulus to our understanding the implications and meaning of several fundamental quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition of states, decoherence, and EPR pairs.
Until theoretical computer scientists such as Peter Shor became involved, there seemed to be insuperable fundamental obstacles confronting would-be builders of quantum computers, such as the difficulty of exact measurement and the principle of decoherence.
In recent years there has been an increasing number of collaborations between theoretical computer scientists and physicists interested in statistical mechanics. /~dsj/nsflist.html   (19014 words)

 UVA Computer Science: Computer Museum
Department of Computer Science (Olsson Hall) at the University of Virginia.
This small peripheral computer was used to control the input and output magnetic tape preparation for the CDC 1604 - the first high performance commercial machine to use transistors.
Since each computer manufacturer used a proprietary disk format, it was necessary to buy software specifically for the particular brand (and sometimes the model) of microcomputer. /brochure/museum.html   (3002 words) Main_Page
The term has a more specific technical use in computing; see side-effect (computer science).
Additional drugs (which have their own side-effects) often have to be prescribed to attempt to limit these side-effects to tolerable levels.
In particular, the term is often used in the medical field with regard to drugs, where the primary effect is that what the drug is usually prescribed for. /index.php?title=Side_effect   (202 words)

 RealClimate » Climate Science
The science on this is clear, and decades of research have culminated in a scientific consensus on this point.
Last week, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and 10 other leading world bodies expressed the consensus view that "there is now strong evidence that significant global warming is occurring" and that "It is likely that most of the warming in recent decades can be attributed to human activities".
Wallace's perspectives are particularly interesting because he is both a highly respected climate researcher (and National Academy of Sciences member) and, like a number of other long-time researchers in the field, was once a "skeptic" (in the best sense of the word) regarding the evidence for anthropogenic climate change.   (7331 words)

By Annika Waern, groupleader of, and researcher in, the Human - Computer Interaction and Language Engineering (HUMLE) Group at the Sweedish Institute of Computer Science.
Advances and breakthroughs in the area of Computer Graphics have made visual media a major ingredient of the modern interface, and it is likely that graphics will play a dominant role in the way people communicate and interact with computers in the future." Several papers are available online and from the AAAI Press.
A person's computer should be worn, much as eyeglasses or clothing are worn, and interact with the user based on the context of the situation. /AITopics/html/interfaces.html   (4528 words)

 Computer Science Department
This shall include Computer Science 440, 461, 589, 597 or 598; one of 541, 542, 543, 544, 545, 546, 547 or 548; and 15 units of electives (9 units must be at the 500 level).
Computer Science 311, which meets the university requirements for an upper-division writing course, must be completed before the senior year.
Effect of computer use on individuals and organizations. /catalog/academic_departments/cpsc.asp   (4203 words)

 Using Java in Computer Science Education
Java can be taught effectively to non-computer science students as a first course in programming, although it is better if they have had a previous introductory course.
The Computer Science Department at the University of Pretoria, with over 500 computer science majors, did not want to switch their first or second teaching languages immediately and face the problems associated with immature compilers and lack of instructors, but also did not want to miss an opportunity.
Many years of teaching computer graphics, particularly in a computer science setting, has shown that students are inherently bad at visualizing two and three dimensional concepts. /~ncs/Uppsala97   (5300 words)

 Computer Science Colloquia
Our work has the side effect of showing that the N-body problem is not irregular, as has been thought for more than a decade.
He received his B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, in 1989 and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from Iowa State University in 1991 and 1994.
Srinivas Aluru is a faculty member in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Iowa State University. /Events/Colloquia/2001/colloquium.2001.3.6.html   (223 words)

 Computer Terminology : Consumer Electronics and Computers
See live article   Side-effect (computer science) In computer science, a side-effect is a property of a programming language function that it modifies some state other than its return value.
See live article   Computer science simple:Computer science zh-cn: %E8%AE%A1%E7%AE%97%E6%9C%BA%E7%A7%91%E5%AD%A6 In its most general sense, computer science (CS) is the study of computation and information processing, both in hardware and in software.
Some examples, for real crypto systems in the modern world, include: a computer program running on a local computer, a computer program running on a 'nearby' computer which 'provides security services' for users on other nearby systems, a human being (usually understood... /570-Computer-Terminology.html   (1070 words)

 Definition Of Computer Science
A secondary theme of this lab was the tension between theoretical and experimental computer science.
Through carefully planned experimentation, students investigate how mathematics is used to formalize computer science, and how computer science can be used as a tool to explore mathematics.
These requirements presented us with the perfect opportunity to create a new learning community linking mathematics and computer science: a three course sequence consisting of our traditional Discrete Mathematics and Data Structures courses together with an integrative seminar where students might study and appreciate the mutually beneficial relationship which exists between mathematics and computer science. /computer/definition_of_computer_science.html   (1928 words)

 Best of RHF: Computer, Science and Math Jokes
Side effect of an infinite universe (Robert Smart) chuckle, science
Computer Science Educational Breakthrough (Ross Williams) funny, original
Since TeleJoke/RHF is a network of computer users, it's not surprising that there's a slant on computers there. /rhf/jokes/computer.html   (1585 words)

 Computer Effect Science Side additional info about Computer Effect Science Side
side-effect (computer science) In computer science, a side-effect is a property
computational side effects are intimately related to referential opacity in
This is a joint seminar with the Computer Science Student Association. /pc-49.html   (706 words)

 Computer Science 311
rules out storage management (because of its effect on the state of the storage system)
They can be manipulated like any other value /spider/norm/cs311/functional.html   (543 words)

 Side effect of an infinite universe [rec.humor.funny]
Browse the Best of RHF: "Computer, Science and Math Jokes"
If you don't like equations just skip those bits: you don't have to grok the equations to get a lot out of it.
For those who didn't make it to page 249 of "The Anthropic Cosmological Principle" by John Barrow and Frank Tipler, I quote: /rhf/jokes/new91/randuniv.html   (125 words)

 Nominations: Best Software Awards 2003
A calculator with extensive technical and scientific functions as well as computer science and financial functions.
The server side can be run as a service if you have a server side computer like NT / 2000 Server.
Allows you to access your computer remotely from any other Internet-connected computer in the world. /awards/category.asp?catid=45   (125 words)

 Open Directory - Science: Math: Combinatorics
Extremal Combinatorics - With Applications in Computer Science by Stasys Jukna.
Operational Research Programming Trivia - Computer code for research algorithms in operational research and combinatorial optimization.
East Side, West Side - Lecture notes by Herbert S. Wilf on generating combinatorial objects and Maple. /Science/Math/Combinatorics   (379 words)

 Callback (computer science) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Callback functions are also frequently used as a means to handle exceptions arising within the low level function, as a way to enable side-effects in response to some condition, or as a way to gather operational statistics in the course of a larger computation.
A callback can be used as a simpler alternative to polymorphism and generic programming, in that the exact behavior of a function can be dynamically determined by passing different (yet compatible) function pointers or handles to the lower level function.
In computer science, a callback is executable code that is passed as a parameter to other code. /wiki/Callback_(computer_science)   (379 words)

 CS@CU Home
Established in 1979, the Department of Computer Science is located within the tree-lined Morningside campus on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
The Department of Computer Science is seeking applicants for a tenure-track position at either the junior or senior level in computational biology and software systems.
Areas of research range across the entire spectrum of computer science.   (277 words)

 Object article - Object Etymology latin noun Greek Object (philosophy) computer science -
An object is a language supported mechanism for binding data tightly with methods that operate on that data.
Object article - Object Etymology latin noun Greek Object (philosophy) computer science -
Object or objection, an act where an attorney in a trial protests an act or evidence by the opposing side or their representation that violates the rules of the court. /encyclopedia/Object   (238 words)

 The PC Guide Discussion Forums - computer science or computer engineering
Computer Enginnering is more on a Hradware Side, Networking, PC repair and the stuff.
Computer Science deals more on softwares and programming.
i am comtemplating studying wither computer science or computer engineering. /vb/showthread.php?t=17891   (282 words)

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