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In the News (Sun 16 Dec 18)

 Foster on Film - Film Reviews Zombies
Soon, zombies are everywhere and everyone is fighting to survive as the yakuza wait for their mysterious boss, who set up the meeting and has plans for one of the prisoners.
Zombie films are rarely cinematic masterpieces, but they can be a lot of fun, with a few having meaning beyond blood and brains.
The true zombie of this nightmare is the DP, as the cameras appear to be tied off for large portions of the film.
home.comcast.net /~fosteronfilm/revzombies.htm

Then, about halfway through the film, the zombies are loosed into a huge crowd of people whom the hero’s uncle has invited to the house for a party -- and it’s all on for young and old.
Moreover, this is one of the few zombie films to actually reflect the difference between a zombie and a ghoul (as discussed in the first part of this series), in that some of its creatures are demonic and do actually feed on corpses (ghouls) and some are re-animated corpses (zombies).
That the zombie movie hasn’t, in fact, gone as far as it can go seems to be indicated by its continuing ability to produce such wildly inventive films as Peter Jackson’s Braindead and even the more conventionally bizarre Death Becomes Her.
www.phillyburbs.com /zombies/essay/seven.shtml

 Scifilm -- Reviews, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968)
The Zombie film has had a comparatively small role in the terror genre, at least prior to 1979, when Zombie fever was lit by DAWN OF THE DEAD and ZOMBI.
So, what we have here is a zombie who has the taste palate of a ghoul (though it prefers the living variety, rather than the differently seasoned dead variety of human flesh).
The earliest zombie film is probably the 1932 WHITE ZOMBIE, starring Bela Lugosi and set in Haiti, with zombies that were more in keeping with the legends of same.
www.scifilm.org /reviews3/notld.html

 Teenage Zombies Review - Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension
Her nonchalance is soon explained, though, as we learn that Ivan, the pea-coated zombie seen earlier, has brought Julie and Pam back to the house.
Compared to the inspired and markedly overstuffed lunacy of the later film, Teenage Zombies is a woefully pro forma effort.
This led me to theorize that these staggerers might be the zombies referred to in the film’s title.
www.jabootu.com /teenzom.htm

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Redneck Zombies at Epinions.com
Redneck Zombies is a flick so bad that I felt I needed to give it a single, solitary star but when I really sat down and thought on it (if you can imagine that) I felt I needed to do it justice and give it the three stars it deserves.
Redneck Zombies engages you in watching a bad horror film (I can’t lie, it is b-a-a-d) and laughing at its sheer, simplistic attempt to scare us.
The humor in Redneck Zombies is partially due to those quirky eighties trends that we have all been enamored with at one time or another.
www.epinions.com /mvie-review-54E0-5443D43-39386C76-prod5   (670 words)

 Redneck Zombies
After an army transport vehicle loses its poorly secured cargo of nuclear waste, a family of illiterate moonshiners fail to take heed of the warnings printed on the side of the barrel and proceed to use it to cook up a batch of sour mash.
The brew is a foul tasting, lime-green concoction but it doesn't prevent the entire town from imbibing, and as anyone who's studied nuclear science or watched horror films knows, the inevitable result is a rampage of cannibal zombies.
Luckily for the hungry population, there's a group of city folk camping near the still who are ripe for the picking.
www.findthefun.com /movies/m00/m0016341.htm   (125 words)

 AMP RECORDS RELEASES: Teenage Rehab 'Plunk Rock'
Owing equal nods to the Ramones, Black Flag, the Misfits and Screeching Weasel, Teenage Rehab are certain to have you staggering around your living room with a beer in each hand, screaming along with the words.
Teenage Rehab's 2nd cd 'More Than A Job' is also available on AMP Records and they are also featured on the 'Welcome Home, Punk!' label sampler.
Running that fine line between punk and hardcore, there's hooks galore to be found here with lots of three chord riffs and sing-a-long vocals.
home.cogeco.ca /~amprel/ampteenagerehab.html   (125 words)

 Teenage Zombies - Interactive Reviews
Teenage heroes inadvertently foil the caper and defeat evil in a manner which is comical, yet difficult to comprehend.
Teenage Zombies is in many ways an awful movie, with cheap sets, inconsistently bad acting, and a zany plot-yet I liked it.
Teenage Zombies has almost nothing going for it, in all honesty, yet I found it quite entertaining; fans of MST3K should really get a big kick out of it.
www.interactivereviews.com /product/B00007G1TA   (125 words)

 Scifilm -- Musings, TEENAGE ZOMBIES (1959)
A: Despite the fact that I've seen several sources claim there are no teenage zombies in the movie, I would like to point out that the two girls are exposed to the zombie gas, and do indeed become zombies for a few moments, so, yes, there are teenage zombies in the movie.
Teenagers land on an island where an evil female scientist is making zombies.
Any teenager watching this movie will most likely have become a zombie by the time the movie is over.
www.scifilm.org /musings2/musing653.html   (125 words)

 50 Zombie Links
Zombies Hand-to-Hand Combat With Zombies In order to give you a better idea of the instruction FVZA recruits underwent at the Academy, we will be presenting excerpts from some...
http://www.dvddrive-in.com/reviews/t-z/teenagezombies.htm Teenage Zombies TEENAGE ZOMBIES (1959) Director: Jerry Warren Retromedia In shlockmeister Jerry Warren's obligated contribution to the 50s teenage monster movie craze, a boat with two young guys and two young girls sales from an area of cheery ice cream parlors to a spooky isolated...
Zombies The Science of Zombies Part I Perhaps because they were easier to control and kill, zombies never acquired the cachet of their undead cousins, the vires.
www.mysteries-megasite.com /main/bigsearch/zombie.html   (125 words)

 Redneck Zombies reviewed on TapeHead.com
And, although "Redneck Zombies" is by no means a modern trash classic, it still has energy to spare and tries hard enough to warrant a recommendation.
REDNECK ZOMBIES "Redneck Zombies" has to be, quite simply, the most horrifying shot-on-video film I’ve ever seen.
But maybe that’s got to do with the fact that I was raised in the genetically-deficient belt of the United States (although this could explain my preoccupation with Troma films in the first place).
www.edrive.com /tapehead/reviews/redneckzombies   (172 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Redneck Zombies - The Director's Cut at Epinions.com
Overall, loyal reader, if you love cheesy films, zombie films, or Troma films, then this movie is perfect for you.
Young (at the time) filmmaker Pericles Lewnes always dreamed of having his name and Troma's name on the same film, so he gathered a bunch of friends and made a movie with a home video camera.
That film was "Redneck Zombies." After a little thought, Troma CEO Lloyd Kaufman released the ultra cheap zombie film, and a cult classic was born.
www.epinions.com /content_78475529860   (576 words)

 Teenage Zombies
In shlockmeister Jerry Warren's obligated contribution to the 50s teenage monster movie craze, a boat with two young guys and two young girls sales from an area of cheery ice cream parlors to a spooky isolated island.
Also included is a rarely seen trailer for TEENAGE ZOMBIES under the title ("Teenage Torture"), and you can just imagine how many times this was re-released and re-titled for drive-in screens during the 60s.
TEENAGE ZOMBIES is often considered one of the worst horror films ever made.
www.dvddrive-in.com /reviews/t-z/teenagezombies.htm   (576 words)

 All Things Zombie - Movie Reviews - Teenage Zombies (1959)
There's your zombie connection if you were wondering.
Teenage Zombies is without a doubt, one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.
The agonizing storyline (I use the term "storyline" loosely) surrounds a group of teens out for a day of water-skiing on the lake...or ocean...or some type of body of water.
www.allthingszombie.com /movies/teenagezombies.php   (576 words)

 Hypnotic Video
Teenage hoodlums from another world on a ray gun rampage.
A female mad-scientist on a remote island is working to perfect a nerve-gas drug which makes it's victims virtual zombies.
The mad doctor (Katherine Victor from WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN) has plans for world domination, but under Jerry Warren's budget, she only gets to enslave a group of teenagers who become stranded on the island.
www.hypnoticvideo.com /T-titles.html   (576 words)

 ZMDB - Teenage Zombies (1957)
This film involves a group of young people captured on an island by a mad scientist who wants to find a way to subdue human minds to her will to take over the world.
Teenage Zombies commits one of the worst sins for a bad movie.
The only real zombies here are the teenagers who get mind-controlled for a short period of time.
www.trashvideo.org /zmdb/view/movie.php?id=97   (576 words)

 TEENAGE HORROR FACTORY, the Unofficial Website for AIP and the Teenage Monster Movies of the 1950's
You can visit my guest book or e-mail me at
However it is a film about teenagers and the female monster, although played by an adult male, was supposedly a teenage female monster according to the story.
Often criticized because of their low budgets, over-aged teenagers, the way adults were portrayed, contributing to juvenile delinquency and poor attempts at "rock'n'roll" songs, these motion pictures are now seen as highly entertaining "B" films.
www.horrorseek.com /horror/tonyrivers/homepage.html   (576 words)

 phorum - Bad Movies - Teenage Zombies (1959)
You we get the feeling of wanting to take a real crack at the one zombie they show up close.
The movie is about teenagers who go a this Island and find zombies and some kind of sorceress/scientist on the Island and she has a nice kitchen with a toaster and everthing.
The teenagers get caught and have to fight their way out in some "amazing" fight sequences.
www.badmovies.org /bbs/read.php?f=2&t=58052&a=1   (576 words)

 Zombie Movies
Movies including the Mummy, Vampires and the flesh-hungry Undead can all be named as being zombie movies, but when the average person creates a picture of a zombie in their head, they picture a man in ragged clothes, a dead look in their eyes, and shambling toward the closest living person.
Over the years, every conceptual situation including zombies has been rinsed, from Zombies that come from space, to Zombies on a desert Island and Zombies that ride bikes, and through all this, the most popular remain the simplistic ones, with Zombies rising from the grave and munch every one - turning them into zombies.
I was a Zombie for the FBI (1982)
www.angelfire.com /ma/f13cool/zombiefeaturemain.html   (576 words)

 Undead Films. Your online guide to zombie movies.
A crazed female scientist uses nerve gas to turn local teenagers into her unquestioning slaves.
www.undeadfilms.com /movie.php?id=235   (576 words)

 I Was A Teenage Zombie: a musical for high schools, middle schools, and teenage casts
I Was A Teenage Zombie is intended to be both an homage to/satire of old horror movies, as well as a thought provoking exploration of the real life social 'horrors' of being a teenager.
I Was A Teenage Zombie is a musical comedy about high school students; those who are popular and those who are not.
I Was A Teenage Zombie: a musical for high schools, middle schools, and teenage casts.
www.autobahn.mb.ca /~kohma/teenagezombie.htm   (576 words)

 2006 in film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the film industry, a wide-release movie is a film that studios believe will appeal to a broad spectrum of the public and that shows in at least 600 theatres in the United States and Canada.
Please note that following the tradition of the English language film industry, these are the top grossing films that were first released in the United States and Canada in 2006; because they may have made most of their income in a later year, they may not be the top-grossing films for calendar year.
The Broadcast Film Critics Association present their Critics' Choice Awards for the best films of 2005 live on The WB network in the United States.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/2006_in_film   (909 words)

 Zombie (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Zombi or Zombies is the title of the European version of Dawn of the Dead made by George A. Romero.
Zombie is a slang term used on online message boards and bulletin board systems to describe old discussion threads that are "brought back to life" by someone posting in them, sometimes months or even years since someone last posted in them.
Zombie ball, a magic trick in which a metal sphere appears to levitate while covered with a silk cloth.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Zombie_(disambiguation)   (315 words)

 Movie Review - Redneck Zombies - eFilmCritic
The story, as it were, has a barrel of nuclear waste being dumped in the backwoods and turned into moonshine by a redneck family.
The rednecks become the title after drinking the stuff, and attack some well meaning, pot smoking campers.
"Redneck Zombies- The Director's Cut??" Finally, someone restored this cinematic achievement to the glory that the director intended, censors be darned!
efilmcritic.com /review.php?movie=3173&reviewer=325   (337 words)

 Redneck Zombies DVD
Redneck Zombies is presented in it's original 1.33:1 full frame aspect ratio.
Redneck Zombies has been a long time favorite of mine ever since I first got into horror cinema.
The rednecks do an admirable job playing up the gags and yucks, especially 'Zoofeat' as Billy Bob (or Elly May?!) and Bucky Santini as the robustly fat Ferd.
www.horrordvdtalk.com /reviews/RedneckZombies/RedneckZombies.htm   (996 words)

 UHM - Review - Redneck Zombies
The story is about a group of rednecks that come across a lost container of radioactive waste that seems to have gotten loose while an army soldier was transporting it.
The rednecks get it open somehow and it scatters into their moonshine.
Dumbass rednecks stumble across a lost container of radioactive waste that eventually turns them into zombies.
www.upcominghorrormovies.com /reviews/redneckzombies.html   (326 words)

 Redneck Zombies (1987) (V)
If you do choose to watch this then be prepared for terrible acting, disgusting special effects, and overall shoddiness, because that's what Troma is all about, and you can choose to love it or hate it.
Some demented rednecks find it and use it as part of their still...
Now, on to the story...we have some rednecks in rural Maryland who have a still that got shot up by a rival moonshiner, so of course they need a new metal drum.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0093833   (356 words)

 All Things Zombie - Movie Reviews - Redneck Zombies (1987)
The zombie transformations start and it takes no time at all for the entire town to become flesh-eating redneck zombies.
The most humorous part to me is that the last name of these rednecks happens to be Clemson, and those that know me understand why that's the best part of the whole thing.
While most films shot on video never make it to distribution, Redneck Zombies managed to be one of the few exceptions to the rule.
www.allthingszombie.com /movies/redneckzombies.php   (637 words)

It turns out that the woman he's after is an uber-bitch supreme who is hiding out with her spineless boyfriend, the kind of guy who likes to yell "motherf*cker" at himself in the bathroom mirror.
Full of ban puns and limp-dicked sexual bravado, he makes for the goods, what he doesn't plan on are a group of teenage zombies.
Somewhere along the way a redneck creates the previously mentioned batch of teenage zombies from some dead teenage hitmen.
www.b-independent.com /reviews/giveemall6.htm   (637 words)

 Drive In Monsters Box Set: DVD Horror
Smitten with a beautiful teenage girl, he invades a rockin' pool party to steal her away from her guitar-playing boyfriend.
When a group of teenagers land on the beach, they fall prey to her demonic scheme.
An uprising is sparked by an escaped gorilla as the zombies turn against their master.
dvdhorror.com /movie/info/266/Drive_In_Monsters_Box_Set   (637 words)

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