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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  M - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Unicode the capital M is codepoint U+004D and the lowercase m is U+006D.
In radiocommunication, M is one of the ITU prefixes allocated to the United Kingdom.
In biochemistry, M is the symbol for methionine.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/M   (1310 words)

 M (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
M is a 1931 German film noir directed by Fritz Lang and written by Lang and his wife Thea von Harbou.
M features a "League of Beggars", a troupe that also shows up in the roughly contemporaneous Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill collaboration The Threepenny Opera and its source The Beggar's Opera.
M was the first starring role for Peter Lorre, and it boosted his career, even though he was typecast as a villain for years after.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/M_(1931_film)   (624 words)

 Cycling '74 || m
M 2.6 is a Mac OS X version of a program first published by Intelligent Music in 1987.
M was quite different from any other music software when it first appeared, but many musicians and composers were attracted to its powerful implementation of the idea of interactive composition, where you shape the music as you hear it unfold.
M's main screen is designed to be a musical control panel that lets you do many things simultaneously while giving you a visual overview of all of the program's operations.
www.cycling74.com /products/m.html   (1265 words)

 M (1931)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
"M" is a cinematic masterpiece of visual drama.
Shot in fl and white, "M" stars Peter Lorre as Peter-Hans Beckert, an extremely disturbed child murderer in the process of wreaking havoc on a neighborhood.
"M" is more about the results of a serial killer than an actual serial killer.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0022100   (657 words)

 Internet Archive: Details: M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Moerder
M was not only the originator of the genre, but arguably remains it preeminent entry.
M has had a incredible cinematic influence, on thrillers, on the genre of film noir, and on portraits of psychosis, but the film was almost quashed by Nazi authorities, as they did not care for the implications of its original title, Murders Among Us.
M is about the search for a child murderer in Berlin, and as the story, and the search progress, the high profile murderer begins to inhibit the lives of everyone from the Police, to the criminals, to innocent bystanders who are accused of being the murderer for even the slightest contact with any child.
www.archive.org /details/M_   (1161 words)

Reportedly, M is a variation of the Greek letter Mu and the Semitic Mem, which is also the Phoenician word for water.
Another of the modern forms for M appears almost like a rounded square and is used at the end of words.
The capital form is the same as the English M. The small form is written like a small u-like shape with a small appendage at the lower left side.
mirrorh.com /m.htm   (13159 words)

 COG list
[M] COG3133 Outer membrane lipoprotein - 9 --------------efghsn------
[M] COG2829 Outer membrane phospholipase A - 65 -------q-----cefghsnujx---
[M] COG3065 Starvation-inducible outer membrane lipoprotein - 28 -o------vd--bcefghsnuj----
www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov /COG/old/palox.cgi?fun=M   (1153 words)

 Esquire:Feature Story:M
What agonized M this evening wasn't what was in its cards but what was in the more immediate offing—an inspection! indeed, its very first inspection by its jazzy young Negro captain.
So this evening M was in its white Army underwear waxing the floor of its barracks, shining its fl combat boots, turning the barrels of its rifles inside out and picking the dust flecks off with tweezers, unscrewing its eardrums—the usual.
Demirgian thought it was idiotic, all this footlocker, wall locker, fleck-of-fluff-on-your-shoelace stuff—senseless, most of M would agree but Demirgian alone conspired with himself to get discharged; out, a consummation he tried to effect by exercising his will-o'-the-wisp power.
www.esquire.com /features/articles/2003/030905_mfe_sack_1.html   (1061 words)

 Amazon.com: M - Criterion Collection (Special Edition): DVD: Peter Lorre,Gerhard Bienert,Rudolf Blümner,Friedrich ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
M is an important piece of cinema's past along with a number of Lang's early German works, including Metropolis and Spies.
This new edition of M is created (for the most parts, expect for one reel which was missing) from the original camera negative, and transferred to HD video master.
"M" is often cited as the first film in which a monstrous criminal was portrayed in a sympathetic light, as a feeling person compelled by an almost irrestible compulsion.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00065GX64?v=glance   (3086 words)

 Pfam 20.0 : M   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The M proteins bind to IgA and are closely associated with virulence.
The M protein has been postulated to be a major group A Streptococcal (GAS) virulence factor because of its contribution to the bacterial resistance to opsonophagocytosis [1].
The M protein has been postulated to be a major group A streptococcal (GAS) virulence factor because of its contribution to the bacterial resistance to opsonophagocytosis PUBMED:8830235.
pfam.wustl.edu /cgi-bin/getdesc?name=M   (141 words)

 DVD Times - M
Lang, in a script co-written by his wife (and author of Metropolis) Thea von Harbou, treats the subject with rigorous detail towards authenticity, without sensationalism and with careful consideration and examination of the arguments often put forward on how to deal with the problem.
In M, the abduction and death of a number of young girls has the city living under a shadow of terror that provokes a wave of paranoia and hysteria.
Introductions are provided to the different sections to place them in context, as Lang discusses his time in Hollywood, his experiences of being on a Communist fllist, returning to Germany after the war, his feelings on Metropolis, the different levels that M works on and starting to use sound in his films.
www.dvdtimes.co.uk /content.php?contentid=5507   (1862 words)

 Bright Lights Film Journal | Fritz Lang's M (1931)
M is based on the real-life case of child-killer Peter Kurten, the "monster of Dusseldorf," whose crimes of the 1920s were still recent enough to resonate in the viewer’s mind.
It’s generally agreed that M was critical in hastening Lang’s departure from Germany in 1934.
M is about more than the landscape of an unbalanced mind.
www.brightlightsfilm.com /29/m.html   (747 words)

 The Criterion Collection: M
In his harrowing masterwork M, Fritz Lang merges trenchant social commentary with chilling suspense, creating a panorama of private madness and public hysteria that to this day remains the blueprint for the psychological thriller.
M is presented in its original aspect ratio of 1.19:1, a European process that is much narrower than the 4:3 monitor.
And for those who have yet to experience M, Criterion’s new release is an unbeatable introduction to it.
www.criterionco.com /asp/release.asp?id=30   (581 words)

M is a one of a kind program.
I am now happy to announce that we now have a "new" version of M. The previous version was a "liberated" copy that David and Eric still gave their consent to release.
The Atari-Midi Mailing List has also Explored M as a group, so now there are Tutorials, M specific files as well as Midi files, plus a Interactive midi experiment called "Doctor in the House" You will need to be a member of the Atari-MIDI forum in order to access these files.
tamw.atari-users.net /m.htm   (1889 words)

 M summer 2006: UMNnews: U of M.
The U's quarterly publication for all alumni, friends, faculty, and staff, M features stories with a University connection and a global perspective.
From helping people with the day-to-day management of diabetes to running the nation's largest pancreas transplant program, the University is waging an assault on the disease that affects about 1 in 17 Americans.
The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.
www1.umn.edu /umnnews/Publications/M_magazine.html   (1046 words)

 Amazon.com: M - Criterion Collection (Special Edition): DVD: Peter Lorre,Gerhard Bienert,Rudolf Blümner,Friedrich ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Kaes's book about M published as part of BFI classics series had already revealed Lang's freighting vision, pointing out how much of M was based on real events and real details of Berlin, including some underground figures played by actual underground celebrities of Berlin.
I've seen some truly awful prints of "M" released on vhs but was very relieved to discover that Criterion had carefully restored the classic masterpiece.
Unfortunately, at times M, which was Lang's first sound feature, has periods of silence that make it come-off as a poorly dubbed project.
www.amazon.com /Criterion-Collection-Special-Peter-Lorre/dp/B00065GX64   (3090 words)

 M Magazine
Even though Beyonce is super-busy these days, she still found time to catch up with M this week!
And if you want to see your picture in M, all you have to do is click here and follow the simple instructions.
M’s Express Yourself page is entering the world of cyberspace with a new section just for blog shout outs!
mmm-mag.hollywood.com   (1000 words)

 TU M'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
TU M' We are happy to announce our partecipation with 3 brand-new tracks at the new BipHop compilation,"Bip_Hop Generation Vol.8" with: Murcof, Tennis, Mitchell Akiyama, Minamo and Strings of Consciousness.
The New TU M' Album, called "FRAGILE TOUCH OF THE COINCIDENCE" will be out in September for the HEADZ.
Is again on line TU M' - RAIN EP - 5 exclusive tracks from our studio live sessions, recorded in the Summer 2005.
www.tu-m.com   (363 words)

In Fritz Lang's startling and exquisite film M, fear stalks the streets of Berlin in the form of a serial child murderer whose grisly accomplishments are so heinous even the criminal minds of the underworld want him dead.
"Fritz Lang's M is one of the great philosophical films, primarily because its anger and message are not bogged down in pretentious overtones with crush the story of the film, rendering it almost unwatchable a second time."
"M is the most dynamic profile of a serial killer in film."
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/1012928-m   (764 words)

 Movie Database - tvguide.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Lang also makes inspired use of the city of Berlin, its antiquity and squalor, to suggest a deep-seated corruption.
While M offers a truly creepy image of its psychopathic killer, it is all the more effective for its psychological subtlety as it conveys his guilt, despair and compulsiveness.
At that point in his life, Lorre was a rather roly-poly fellow; his plump child-like features add a poignancy and pathos to the character.
online.tvguide.com /movies/database/Movie-Review.asp?MI=5519   (333 words)

 Intel® Pentium® M Processor Product Information
The Intel® Pentium® M Processor, in conjunction with the Intel® 915 Express Chipset Family and the Intel® PRO/Wireless Network Connection, is a key component of Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology.
It delivers outstanding mobile performance and low-power enhancements that enable a variety of laptop designs so you can find the one that fits your mobile lifestyle.
This is an optional feature and is available on the latest Intel® Pentium® M Processors.
www.intel.com /products/processor/pentiumm/index.htm   (243 words)

 M. Night Shyamalan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan (2004) (TV)....
Discuss this person with other users on IMDb message board for M. Night Shyamalan
Find where M. Night Shyamalan is credited alongside another name
www.imdb.com /name/nm0796117   (324 words)

 Cdcovers.cc - [M] Dvd Covers
Displaying Dvd titles starting with the letter M
# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T1 T2 U V W X Y Z
Select your title and then on one of the available cover parts
www.cdcovers.cc /dvd_m.php   (1680 words)

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