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Topic: 1072

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  Authorization for Automatic Transfer of Funds (Form 1072)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A lender uses this multipurpose form to advise Fannie Mae that it has established a Fannie Mae custodial account in a depository institution that can be used for Fannie Mae's direct deposit of funds that are due to the lender or direct withdrawal of funds that are due Fannie Mae.
Note: Please refer to the instructions attached to Form 1072 for additional information related to these remittances.
The lender must provide all information about the depository institution in which the account is being established, as well as the applicable account number and name.
www.efanniemae.com /sf/formsdocs/forms/1072.jsp   (790 words)

 The Absolute Sound: Rotel RCD-1072 CD Player   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The 1072 frees the brain from the effort of listening “around” the various distortions inherent in the digital record-playback chain.
The 1072, on the other hand, conquers the problem by more honest (and difficult) means: it dramatically reduces those underlying distortions.
Yet I wonder whether this is because the reference unit has higher resolution, or whether that “resolution” is actually distortion being interpreted by my ear-brain as “air.” For now, I must allow for the possibility that the Rotel is just accurately depicting an unnatural background silence that is inherent in the CD format.
www.theabsolutesound.com /newsletter/146/rotel_rcd1072.html   (1421 words)

 [No title]
Jacobson & Braden [Page 3] RFC 1072 TCP Extensions for Long-Delay Paths October 1988 Therefore, in each of the extensions we propose, non-initial options may be sent only if an exchange of initial options has indicated that both sides understand the extension.
Jacobson & Braden [Page 4] RFC 1072 TCP Extensions for Long-Delay Paths October 1988 This option is an offer, not a promise; both sides must send Window Scale options in their SYN segments to enable window scaling in either direction.
Segments that occupy Jacobson & Braden [Page 10] RFC 1072 TCP Extensions for Long-Delay Paths October 1988 contiguous sequence space are aggregated into a single SACK block, and each gap in the sequence space (except a gap that is terminated by the right window edge) triggers the start of a new SACK block.
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1072.txt   (4496 words)

 LB 1072
LB 1072 would provide limitation on liability for certain donations to volunteer fire and rescue departments.
Emergency first responders in Nebraska, consisting of firefighters and emergency medical personnel, respond to a variety of calls each year involving structural fire suppression, emergency medical response, hazardous materials incidents, clandestine drug labs, search and rescue, wild land fire protection, and natural disasters.
The amendments to the statute are intended to harmonize the provisions included in the first part of the bill.
www.nsvfa.org /news/LB1072.htm   (619 words)

 HTGuide Forum - Got my new rcd 1072
I a/b tested the 1072 vs the 1060 in analog bypass mode, which is where I found the differences.
This is interesting as I have a 1056,1075 and 1072 and find that with the 1072 connected via both analog and coax there is a difference - analog being better - this is using analog bypass vs stereo from the coax(large speakers) and no sub.
The converter in the 1072 is better than in the 1056, so why bother using the digital output.
www.htguide.com /forum/showthread.php4?t=19685   (788 words)

Although built to road car specification, 1072 was regularly used in hill-climbing events by its first owner, John Cussins.
It is perhaps best known in the UK as the car owned by DJ Noel Edmonds.
After spending many years based in the UK, 1072 is now in the US and has been totally restored.
www.gt40.org.uk /Cars/1072_1.htm   (91 words)

 Flu  vaccine and “adverse” – #1001-1072
Clinical reactions, hemagglutination-inhibiting and strain and type-specific complement-fixing antibody responses in subjects aged 3-6, 16-17 and 27-50 years.
TI:  A new subunit influenza vaccine: acceptability compared with standard vaccines and effect of dose on antigenicity.
TI:  Neutralization antibody response to A2 Hong Kong influenza vaccine and its duration in school age children.
www.vaccinationnews.com /Literature_Searches/FluVax_LS1001-1072.htm   (1277 words)

 1072 Hockey
As you may know, Scuba is the current 1072 beer bitch, which was deemed to him on August 2, 2005.
Slim pickings lately, but to dissuade the grumblings that the 1072 site is as censored as a Chinese newspaper, I give you the 1072 quote of the week.
Since 1072 played an hour later, a few people decided to show up to throw support (in the form of an airhorn, and some signs) behind the Kingsgate Monsoon team.
www.1072.net   (2846 words)

 Literature Search – Flu vaccine and “adverse” – #501-1072
TI:  Lack of effect of influenza vaccine on warfarin anticoagulation in the elderly.
TI:  Effects of killed and live attenuated influenza vaccine on symptoms and specific airway conductance in asthmatics and healthy subjects.
TI:  A case of a rapidly progressive central nervous system disorder manifesting as a pallidal posture and ocular motor apraxia.
www.vaccinationnews.com /Literature_Searches/FluVax_LS501-1000.htm   (1042 words)

 HTGuide Forum - RDV1060 vs RCD 1072
But if I where you I would listen to the 1072 and 1060 and hear for yourself.
I will have to experiment as well when it comes to analog and digital, seeing as the pre/pro I am getting is the Bryston SP1.7, home of supposedly one of the sweeter sounding Bypass features around.
I assumed the 1072 would exhibit a better soundstage then the 1060 or 1080, looks like I assumed correct for once.
www.htguide.com /forum/showthread.php4?t=1593   (1232 words)

 ROTEL RCD-1072 Reviews at AudioReview.com
I'm using my $700 Rotel 1072 with $4,000 speakers and a $6,500 amp, and it works beautifully.
Join audioReview for a free account, or Login if you are already a member.
I had a Marantz CD 63SE that I had bought in the mid 90's, that I thought was the best value for the money in CD players.
www.audioreview.com /PRD_298750_1586crx.aspx   (1097 words)

This old photograph shows 1072 ready to depart Top Points in 1983.
1072 is a 4-6-2 'Pacific' locomotive built in 1956 for passenger trains on the Queensland Government Railways (QGR).
Beyer-Garratt articulated locomotives (like 402) were too hard to classify; they were simply known as 'Garratts'!
members.ozemail.com.au /~ews3/1072.htm   (106 words)

 Cambridge audio 640C V1 Vs. Rotel 1072 - Club Polk
Unless I find a good deal on a used Rotel 1072, I'm going to go with the CA 640c.
To most,this is not a big deal,but to me it was worth the little extra for the 1072.
SDA SRS 2.3 TL Rotel RCD 1072 CDP
www.polkaudio.com /forums/showthread.php?t=38965   (1136 words)

1072 Colors Page2 Pend1 Page Pend2 Page Pend3 Page Pend4 Page IntroPendant Page
A smaller version, perfect for earrings can be found at 1871.
1034 1047 1048 1057 1059 1061 1066 1071 1072 1074 1079
www.vermontel.com /~lcbmandg/1072.htm   (55 words)

 Bulletin Board for USS Blakely - FF 1072
The following site: http://www.uss-blakely.org/ is the home page of the "virtual USS Blakely" It was started and continues to be run by former crew members of the ship.
They are currently planning a reunion next summer in Charleston, and are actively seeking former crew members to join the site.
If you sailed on the 1072, I urge you to check out the site!
www.military.com /HomePage/UnitPageBulletinBoard/1,13492,201042|720193|M,00.html   (79 words)

 AFSCME 1072
But we will have to wait and see if they mean to make Maryland's public employees a priority.
Asarco, unions agree to contract for 1600 workers
© Copyright 2007, AFSCME 1072, All Rights Reserved.
www.afscme1072.org   (170 words)

 Legendary Audio Classics: Marantz Model 1072 Integrated Amplifier
Legendary Audio Classics: Marantz Model 1072 Integrated Amplifier
Because there will be a new window, the visitor's original browser remains conveniently open to your auction or web page.
Please accept my heartfelt thanks in advance for anything you can contribute.
www.classic-audio.com /marantz/1072.html   (248 words)

 Quick Comments: Rotel RCD-1072 - Club Polk
The DAC does make some less than perfect recordings much easier to listen to...seems I own more average recordings than I do "good" ones,so the DAC is going to stay for a while.
Please let us know what your experiences with this unit are because I love tha way it looks and might have to get one some day.
Musi Hall CD 25.5 vs. Rotel RCD 1072
www.polkaudio.com /forums/showthread.php?t=41203   (395 words)

 Christening Shoes ~ Madonna Satin Loafer ~ 1072 - SHOP.COM
Christening Shoes ~ Madonna Satin Loafer ~ 1072 - SHOP.COM
Christening Shoes ~ Madonna Satin Loafer ~ 1072
All other designated trademarks, copyrights and brands are the property of their respective owners.
www.shop.com /op/aprod-p25032217   (233 words)

 Become.com - Shop results for 1072 26d
1 to 7 of 7 products for 1072 26d
Newport Brass 1072/26D Satin Chrome Bath and Shower Faucet 1070 series 107 1072 10722 107226 107226D 4-hole Lever
Brasstech 107-26D Satin Chrome Hot Water Dispenser 107 1072 10726 10726D
www.become.com /shop?q=1072+26d   (190 words)

 3M 1072 CL
Item Number : 3M 1072 CL Description: Scotch Pad Hang Tab 1072, 7/8 in x 1 3/8 in, 500 hang tabs per carton 10 cartons Per Case
J-hook design for maximum efficiency in retail pegging.
ScotchPad™ Hang Tab 1072, 7/8 in x 1 3/8 in, 500 hang tabs per carton 10 cartons per case
www.hillas.com /PTech.asp?Item=1766   (131 words)

 USS Blakely - FF 1072 - Unit Pages
USS Blakely - FF 1072 - Unit Pages
Get customized gear and clothing for the USS Blakely - FF 1072 at an exclusive discount through Military.com.
Have a comment or suggestion on these pages?
unitpages.military.com /unitpages/unit.do?id=201042&home_page_id=201042   (147 words)

 1072 Multimedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
1072 wins div-4 championship game: 1072 vs Crazy Horses, August 23, 2005
Game 1 of Summer 2005 playoffs: 1072 vs Monarchs, August 21, 2005
Latest Update: Scuba Steve: 40 year old virgin
www.1072.net /media   (109 words)

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