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Topic: 1120s BCE

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  The Ultimate Elamite Empire - American History Information Guide and Reference
Several stages of the language are attested; the earliest date back to the third milennium BCE, the latest to the Achaemenid Empire.
Around 1160 BCE, under King Shutruk-Nahhunte, Elam defeats the Kassites to establish the first Elamite empire, which proved to be short lived; King Nebuchadnezzar I of Babylon conquered Elam around 1120 BCE, bringing the empire to an end.
Elam was conquered by the Assyrians in 645 BCE, which marks the end of Elam as an independent state.
www.historymania.com /american_history/Susiana   (811 words)

 Chinese Science, Technology - It's Effect On Chinese Society - History Forum
The earliest sign of higher civilization in China was its Bronze Age, which began around 2100-2000 BCE when the smelting mixture of copper and tin in fiery kilns, once used exclusively for firing clay pottery in the Neolithic period, became a widespread practice throughout the ancient settlements of the Yellow River region of north-central China.
Bronze technology also allowed the innovation of the bronze-trigger mechanism of the 5th century BCE crossbow, “invented in the southern state of ChuÂ…[it] allowed a foot soldier to shoot farther than a horseman carrying a light bow,” (Ebrey, 29).
Guided by large teams of charioteers (later superseded by cavalry-based armies, enhanced further by the 4th century north-Chinese invention of the stirrup) with bronze spoke-wheeled chariots, bronze technology was essential to China’s early military success and survival amongst surrounding hostile foes such as northern nomads massed on horseback and numerous indigenous tribes to the south.
www.simaqianstudio.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=9280&hl=   (2980 words)

 Medieval Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
A few Western scholars journeyed to Constantinople, notably one James of Venice in roughly the late 1120s, an important translator of Aristotle's logical and other writings.
10–18) remarked that the later Middle Ages was—along with the ancient period from roughly 350–200 BCE and the recent period from Boole and Peano on—one of the three great, original periods in the history of logic.
Although we have learned much about the history of logic since Bocheński wrote, and although we can find individual notable figures in logic who fall outside any of his three great periods, his observation is still by and large correct.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/medieval-philosophy   (9041 words)

 Instructor's Introductory Essay: the World as of 1200
At the height of Chinese political and cultural dominance, China's Confucian philosophy dominated all East Asian culture, and was at least theoretically the basis of most government rule.
Confucius had lived in China during the 6th and 5th centuries BCE, a period of increasing upheval, which caused him to think long and hard about the nature of order, good government, and human nature.
To the north were several states ruled by non-Chinese dynasties, descended from nomad warriors who had invaded and conquered the old northern Tang lands.
www.washburn.edu /cas/history/stucker/Eurasia1200Essay.html   (8318 words)

 1120s bce   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
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www.knowledgefun.com /book/1/11/1120s_bce.html   (49 words)

 Cover Pages: SGML and XML News. October - December 2001
IRS Form 1120 for US Corporate Income Tax Return was initially selected for the pilot because it represents approximately 85% of the data elements for IRS filings, and has significant overlap with the Individual Income Tax Form (1040).
The IRS 1120, 1120S, and 941 schemas are now being reviewed, supported by a listserver; ongoing work includes the development of IRS Form 1041, 1065, and 990 XML schemas.
A communiqué from Robert K. Englund of UCLA reports that the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI) is in the process of gathering together electronic transliterations of as many third millennium [BCE] texts as possible in preparation of transforming all data sets into archival XML.
xml.coverpages.org /news2001Q4.html   (13824 words)

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