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Topic: 11th century

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  11th century
As a means of recording the passage of time, the 11th century was that
The eleventh century is, in European history, a century of change.
Gregorian Reforms, and the Crusades which revitalised a church and a papacy which survived tarnished by the tumultuous tenth century.
schools-wikipedia.org /wp/1/11th_century.htm   (625 words)

Islamic History of the 11th Century 1064 Magyars capture Belgrade The Byzantine Empire in the 11th Century 1065-6 Sultan Alp-Arslan attacks Edessa, Caesarea, Cilicia The Byzantine Empire in the 11th Century 1066 A large, bright comet is sighted; in England, it is associated with the invasion of William the Conquerer.
The Byzantine Empire in the 11th Century 1072-5 Pecheneg incursions in Balkans, with connivance of natives in Paristrion The Byzantine Empire in the 11th Century 1073: Death of Alp Arsalan, accession of Malik Shah.
Islamic History of the 11th Century 1092-4 Combined Turkish and Cuman raids, Diogenes revolt The Byzantine Empire in the 11th Century 1092 Pope Urban II appeals for a crusade at Clermont The Byzantine Empire in the 11th Century 1094: Death of Mahmud; accession of Barkiaruk.
www.magicdragon.com /UltimateSF/timeline11.html   (4730 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: 967
Centuries: 9th century - 10th century - 11th century Decades: 900s - 910s _ 920s - 930s - 940s - 950s - 960s - 970s - 980s - 990s - 1000s Years: 950 951 952 953 954 955 956 957 958 959 Events Categories: 950s...
Centuries: 9th century - 10th century - 11th century Decades: 910s - 920s - 930s - 940s - 950s - 960s - 970s - 980s - 990s - 1000s - 1010s Years: 960 961 962 963 964 965 966 967 968 969 Events Khazar kingdom is attacked and defeated by Kievan Rus (965) Categories: 960s...
Atil, also spelled Itil (Turkic for Big River), was a name of the Volga River and of the capital of Khazaria from the middle of the 8th century until towards the end of the 10th century.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/967   (971 words)

 11th century BC - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
11th century BC - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
This encyclopedia, history, geography and biography article about 11th century BC contains research on
11th century BC, Events, Significant persons, Inventions, discoveries, introductions and 11th century BC.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/11th_century_BC   (527 words)

 The Crusading Ideal, 11th Century - Castle Duncan Forums
The rise of Christian militancy, as we have seen, was the inevitable consequence of the historical contingencies that surrounded emerging European civilization from the late 5th century to the 11th century, and not evidence of a marginal Christian belief.
By the 11th century we see that the reformed papacy was in the process of guaranteeing the fact that certain actions did indeed fulfill the requirements for reparation; these were (and still are) called indulgences.
The Crusading Ideal of the 11th century did not exist in a political or social vacuum, and was not the brain child of a single pope.
www.castleduncan.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=186&mode=linear   (9011 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: 1030s
(11th century - 12th century - 13th century - other centuries) As a means of recording the passage of time, the 12th century was that century which lasted from 1101 to 1200.
Centuries: 10th century - 11th century - 12th century Decades: 1020s 1030s 1040s 1050s 1060s - 1070s - 1080s 1090s 1100s 1110s 1120s Years: 1070 1071 1072 1073 1074 1075 1076 1077 1078 1079 Significant Events and Trends: 1071 Byzantine Empire loses Battle of Manzikert to Turkish army.
Centuries: 10th century - 11th century - 12th century Decades: 1030s 1040s 1050s 1060s 1070s - 1080s - 1090s 1100s 1110s 1120s 1130s Years: 1080 1081 1082 1083 1084 1085 1086 1087 1088 1089 Events and Trends 1080 King Alfonso VI of Castile establishes Roman liturgy in Catholic church in place of Mozarabic rite.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/1030s   (779 words)

 European Religions
The Parsis played an important role in the British development of Bombay as a commercial centre in the early 19th century, and many of them became westernised, receiving a British education; three Parsis living in London were elected to represent their constituencies in the House of Commons.
The Buddhist Society of England was formed at the beginning of the 20th century, and the west has become increasingly interested in Eastern religions throughout the present century.
The mid 20th century saw the spread of Sikhism outside its Punjab homeland, especially after the second world war when many Sikh men made their way to Britain, being joined by their wives and families in the late 1960s, the Sikh Missionary Society being founded in Britain in 1969.
philtar.ucsm.ac.uk /encyclopedia/europe/geness.html   (1795 words)

 Monastery of Hossios Loucas   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is enclosed by a wall and comprises two- and three-storeyed blocks of cells, a bell-tower at the SW corner, the Refectory on the south side and the two adjoining churches, at the centre of the enclosure.
It is the earliest known example of the four-column, cross-in-square type, it has a spacious, two-column narthex on the west side and a portico to the west of it.
The roof and much of the walls are covered with wall paintings, dated to the first half of the 11th century.
www.culture.gr /2/21/212/21201a/e212aa02.html   (636 words)

 11th century
The place fell into disrepair after a Muslim invasion in the 11th century but has been reconstructed and restored several times since.
(10th century - 11th century - 12th century - other centuries)
As a means of recording the passage of time, the 11th century was that century which lasted from 1001 to 1100.
publicliterature.org /en/wikipedia/1/11/11th_century.html   (191 words)

 Pommel - Cunnan   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Appears at the end of the 10th century and remains in use until well into the 13th century.
Appears at the end of the 10th century to be replaced by 'true' wheel pommels.
Appearing in the 13th century and found in use beyond the 17th century.
cunnan.sca.org.au /index.php?title=Pommel&printable=yes   (253 words)

 --> 11TH CENTURY GARGOYLES ::   (Site not responding. Last check: )
was embroidered in the 11th Century to commemorate the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.
Taken from the famous 11th century church in Kilpeck, England, this Celtic Goddess figure is thought...
Widford, 11th century church with a castellated Roman pavement underneath it.
www.stuartmacdonald.co.uk /2597-11thcenturygargoyles-4682.html   (254 words)

 Viborg Shirt
Stratigraphically this pit belongs to ceramic layer I, which is roughly dated to the 11th century; the crossover between ceramic layer I and II falls around the year 1100 AD (2).
Some of the preserved garments from Antinoë from the 6-7th century AD were made from wool or linen in a narrow width; the finished garment is folded across the warp direction like a poncho, and have long inset sleeves (fig.
From the 5th century the cruciform tunic loses its dominant role, apparently due to strong influences from Persian garment traditions, which were however known all over the Roman empire earlier; on the Marcus Aurelius column from the 2nd century AD there are representations both of Roman classical costume and of near-eastern costumes.
www.forest.gen.nz /Medieval/articles/Viborg/VIBORG.HTM   (6163 words)

 11th Century Jewelry
National Museum of Culture and History of Belarus -...silver of 10th - 11th centuries are brightly presented in Degtianskyi treasure of coins and items of mid.
Their page is an overview of the jewelry found in the area during the 11th century.
A brooch in the so-called Urnes-style, from the 11th century - A brooch in the so-called Urnes-style, from the middle of the 11th century.
www.jewelry-nfo.com /11th-century-jewelry.html   (276 words)

 Millennium - Episode 1: Century of the Sword
Yet despite violence and separation, the 11th century was marked by vibrancy, creativity, and a great deal of cultural transfer, especially in the Islamic World and in East Asia.
Looking at Eurasia, there were in the 11th century four great cultural constellations-China, the Muslim World, India, and Christendom.
Nowhere, except perhaps Ireland, in the 11th century is isolation more evident than in Japan.
www.turnerlearning.com /cnn/millennium/ep1   (468 words)

 11Th Century
In the 11th century Pope Gregory VII excommunicated the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry IV.
In the mid to late 11th century the manor of Adstock was given by William the Conqueror to his illegitimate son William Peverel, who was listed as its owner in 1086.
The Christianisation of Scandinavia in the 11th century gave women new roles, which are reflected in the rune stones from this period.
www.lycos.com /info/11th-century.html   (533 words)

 11th Century
Ibn al-Haytham demonstrated in the 11th century that light travels in straight lines, and that we see not by our eyes throwing light onto objects but by the light reflecting off objects and entering our eye.
Ibn Sina, known in Europe as Avicenna, wrote al-Qanun Fi al-Tibb (The Canon of Medicine) in the 11th century.
After it was translated into Latin in the 12th century it served as one of the key Medical textbooks in Europe for nearly 600 years.
www.isb.org.uk /iaw/page3.htm   (198 words)

 FT.com / Comment & analysis / Comment - Why globalising capitalism is hated   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The 11th century Papal revolution, by creating the church-state, provided a legal bulwark and administrative system whose reach, unlike most of the political states, covered the whole of Western Christendom.
This Papal revolution which changed the West’s ‘material’ beliefs was preceded and precipitated by an earlier 6th century revolution of Pope Gregory the Great which changed the West’s ‘cosmological’ beliefs (on ‘how one should live’) from the communalism common throughout Eurasia to individualism, particularly in the domestic domain concerning sex and marriage.
However, unlike their 19th century predecessors, the New Dirigistes can no longer appeal to a socialist utopia to provide a middle way between the creative destruction of capitalism and the settled unchanging way of life in attune with Nature of their agrarian past.
www.ft.com /cms/s/91ea1bb6-abab-11db-a0ed-0000779e2340,dwp_uuid=73adc504-2ffa-11da-ba9f-00000e2511c8,print=yes.html   (1016 words)

 Italy 12th to 17th Century
By the 12th and 13th centuries Italy had become the silk center of the West, but by the 17th century France was challenging Italy's leadership, and the silk looms established in the Lyons area at that time are still famous today for the unique beauty of their weaving.
According to Chinese legend, the weaving of silk originated in the 27th century BC during the reign of Emperor Huang Ti, whose wife supposedly developed the technique of reeling the thread of the silkworm for use in weaving.
Although for many centuries raw silk and silk fabrics were exported to the Mediterranean countries, the source of the fiber remained unknown to Europeans until the 6th century AD, when travelers returning from China smuggled eggs of the silkworm into the Western world.
www.arcaini.com /ITALY/ItalyHistory/Italy12th17th/Italy12thto17th.htm   (5013 words)

 11th-14th Century
In the next century the Cistercian monks from Lyra Abbey decided to pull down much of the original church and rebuild in a more splendid style.
The church was still further enlarged in the 13th century, by the construction of its lateral (north and South) transepts, thus giving the church its present cruciform shape and more amply providing for the needs of the parish which, until 1861, stretched from sea to sea (Ryde - Ventnor).
In the 14th Century the southern porch was added together with the exquisite little rose window.
www.newchurchiow.co.uk /11th_-_14th_century.htm   (195 words)

 The Domesday Book Online - 11th Century Life
There were few castles and churches built in the 11th Century but those which survive today are a tangible link between the England of 900 years ago and the England of today.
Instead, habitations in most areas of late 11th century England followed a very ancient pattern of isolated farms, hamlets and tiny villages interspersed with fields and scattered over most of the cultivable land.
A millpond at Stratford in Warwickshire is said to have produced 1000 eels per year; Petersham in Surrey rendered 1000 eels and 1000 lampreys.
www.domesdaybook.co.uk /life.html   (1422 words)

 'Aqoul Reviews - Books & Media: 6th - 11th century Archives
The Prophet and the Age of the Caliphates
The Prophet and the Age of the Caliphates: The Islamic Near East from the 6th to the 11th Century (2nd Edition) (History of the Near East)
Covers the life of Muhammad and the birth of Islam, the Ummayad and Abbasid Caliphates (8th-10th centuries) and the period of political fragmentation which followed it when Islam lost its core unity, never to be recovered.
reviews.aqoul.com /mena_history/6th_11th_century   (170 words)

 11th - The 11th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference
As a means of recording the passage of time, the 11th century was that century which lasted from 1001 to 1100.
11th Armored Cavalry's Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia.
Beyond the 11th supports Afghan widows affected by war and terrorism, by funding programs that provide life-sustaining financial and emotional support.
xn--90w479d.com /?q=11th   (428 words)

 [History] > 11th Century - Kaph - The Great Schism
The "Conscience of the Church" is its supreme authority and the infallible guidance to proclaim the truth of Salvation, as was the case for centuries for the Western Church, too.
Exactly the same phenomenon is seen in the description of the Sixteenth Century Reformation, where both the event and the reason for it appear on Spoke 16.
The link between the Eleventh Century and the idea of the Yoke caused me to recall the words of Christ from Matthew 11 which are in in stark contrast to the yoke recomended by Rehoboam's younger counsellors:
www.biblewheel.com /History/C11_Schism.asp   (1365 words)

However, during the ensuing century, at least three events happened that set in motion trends that eventually produced some of the most fundamental bases for law and governance today – a thousand years later.
From the 11th Century onward, European legal scholars and government officials (many of them graduates of the law colleges) studied the Justinian Code and emulated it when writing their local laws.
That should be compared to the Islamic world which, especially during the 7th to 10th Centuries, was preserving, studying, and expanding on Greek and other intellectual sources, developing such things as algebra and surgical techniques.
www.pvamu.edu /edir/wvetter/11th-century.htm   (2446 words)

 Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Such conditions are consistent (Luterbacher et al., 1999) with the negative or enhanced easterly wind phase of the NAO (Sections and 2.6.5), which implies both warm and cold anomalies over different regions in the North Atlantic sector.
The hemispherically averaged coldness of the 17th century largely reflected cold conditions in Eurasia, while cold hemispheric conditions in the 19th century were more associated with cold conditions in North America (Jones et al., 1998; Mann et al., 2000b).
So, while the coldest decades of the 19th century appear to have been approximately 0.6 to 0.7°C colder than the latter decades of the 20th century in the hemispheric mean (Mann et al., 1998), the coldest decades for the North American continent were closer to 1.5°C colder (Mann et al., 2000b).
www.grida.no /climate/ipcc_tar/wg1/070.htm   (1194 words)

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