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Topic: 12 Hits From Hell

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Little Hits
12" mixes are almost always crap, but this is one of the very few that I like better than the 7" mix: the extended intro is just incredibly pretty, and lengthening it works to build the tension of the verses.
Another good'un: the extended mix of Altered Images' "I Could Be Happy" is gimmicky as hell, but I've always preferred it to the shorter version, which gets a little dull in its repetition of the single verse.
Little Hits does not intend to deprive artists and labels of revenue; it is instead hoped that the music presented on this site will contribute to interest that will eventually lead to legitimate re-issue of the works of the artists represented, or wider recognition of already available releases.
www.littlehits.com /2006/05/song-of-day-may-26-2006.html   (508 words)

 Filmtracks: From Hell (Trevor Jones)
From Hell: (Trevor Jones) Hailing from a series of popular comic book adaptations, the hunt for Jack the Ripper hits the big screens by the power of the Hughes Brothers (Allen and Albert), whose films have typically gravitated more towards the John Singleton side of contemporary fl dramas.
It doesn't allow the composer to bust out with the melodic statements of theme for which he is famous, but to counteract the consisently tightened sense of uneasiness, Jones refrains from producing bleak music by nearly always inserting masterful vocals or synthetic distortions during the slower moments.
Overall, From Hell may not be a scary score, but it is still one of the best horror genre efforts to come from a major composer in a long time, and fans of Gothic music will delight in its persistent sorcery.
www.filmtracks.com /titles/from_hell.html   (923 words)

 Back From Hell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
BACK FROM HELL, though not the trio's most popular album with fans or critics, did have some strong tracks on it.
Run and DMC both sound in prime form on tracks like "The Ave." and "Groove to the Sound." One of the better cuts on the album is "Pause," a high-energy, classic RUN DMC cut that is also included on the group's greatest-hits collection.
Jam Master Jay is behind the wheels of steel as usual, heard at his finest on "Sucker DJ's." Though BACK FROM HELL lacked the explosive sound and commercial success of RUN-DMC's previous albums, it is nevertheless a strong offering from the Kings of Rap.
musicstore.mymmode.com /album.do?albumID=6256707   (240 words)

 Negguys Misfits Message Board
12 hits from hell - Brian on Oct 17, 2001
12 hits from hell preorder - Brian on Oct 6, 2001
Amazon and CDnow are also taking pre-orders on 12 Hits.
www.network54.com /Forum/61943/page-13   (384 words)

 Look At This! :: MisfitsCentral.com
Part of the "Halloween" single was taken from these recordings while the "3 Hits from Hell" 7", which came out in April 1981, drew upon this session for "London Dungeon", "Horror Hotel" and "Ghouls Night Out".
It's not simply a compilation or a splicing-together of random tracks from over the years - 12 Hits From Hell is very much a perfectly focused picture of the band.
The band chose the first take as the version they'd use on the 3 Hits From Hell single, Take two, never before heard outside of those sessions, is included here as a bonus track.
www.misfitscentral.com /display.php?t=marticle&f=12h_notes.txt   (504 words)

 Bobby Steele - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bobby Steele (born March 18, 1956) was the guitarist for Parrotox, Slash and The Whorelords before he joined Glenn Danzig's band The Misfits in 1978.
He played on the Halloween and Night of the Living Dead singles and the Beware, 3 Hits From Hell and Horror Business EPs before being replaced by Doyle.
Beware (1980) - EP 3 Hits From Hell (1981) - EP Halloween (1981) - single
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bobby_Steele   (222 words)

 onethirtyeight.com - updates
July 12, 2005 - Removed dead links from the Links section and added two reciprocal ones.
May 14, 2002 - Added 12 Hits from HeLL promo poster and postcard images.
September 25, 2001 - Added javascript window containing information on the new 12 Hits from HeLL lp coming out October 30 on Caroline.
www.onethirtyeight.com /updates.html   (637 words)

 Amazon.com: Cowboys From Hell: Music: Pantera   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
These cowboys from Hell (or Texas, as they'd lead you to believe) were a cover band before anything else; until the early 1980's, when the Abbott brother's dad convinced them to start writing their own music.
"Cowboys from Hell" is the group's major label debut (as well as their second album with vocalist Phil Anselmo and the last album before "Diamond" Darrell changed his nickname to "Dimebag.") Starting with this album, Pantera turbo-charged their sound, making their metal ten times heavier.
It's a good thing that "Cowboys from Hell" was Pantera's breakthrough album, because if one of their hair/glam metal albums had been a hit, Pantera probably would have been tempted to continue playing that kind of music, and hair metal isn't what Pantera was meant for.
www.amazon.com /Cowboys-Hell-Pantera/dp/B000002JNJ   (2384 words)

 Classic TV & Movie Hits - Hell's Kitchen (USA)
Hell's Kitchen was the name of a cookery-based reality show first broadcast in the UK on ITV in 2004, featuring chef Gordon Ramsay and presented by Angus Deayton.
The US version of Hell's Kitchen also stars Gordon Ramsay, and currently airs on the FOX television network.
The show features 12 ordinary people (some with chef and restaurant experience, some without) competing to own a "million-dollar restaurant" of their own.
www.classictvhits.com /show.php?id=1106   (419 words)

 SFist: Hits From Hell Time on KFOG   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
We did, however, love listening to the 10 at 10 on Friday the 13th because on that day, they'd break from tradition and play "Hits from Hell." What are "Hits from Hell" you might be asking?
Welp, tomorrow is Friday the 13th which means it'll be "Hits from Hell" time on Dave Morey's 10 at 10.
On the KFOG site, Dave is asking for feedback and hearing from people who want to break with tradition and do something new.
www.sfist.com /archives/2006/01/12/hits_from_hell_time_on_kfog-print.php   (265 words)

 Misfits Vinyl   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
3 Hits From Hell - (2nd press w/ pink labels & small center hole)
12 Hits From Hell (US official release sealed w/ sticker)
12 Hits From Hell (European official release on Virgin)
www.the7thhouse.com /7thhouseremix/collection/dman/misfits_vinyl.htm   (517 words)

 Amazon.com: Hits Out of Hell: Music: Meat Loaf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
It is rumored that "Bat Out of Hell III" is in the works and I certainly hope so as I would love to buy a new cd the same time everyone else is buying it instead of 20 years later.
This hits collection includes five hits from the zillion selling Bat Out Of Hell album: the title track, Two Out Of Three Aint Bad, All Revved Up, You Took The Words and the mini-operetta Paradise By The Dashboard Light.
Listen to this album IS hell, and I've no doubt this is from where they came.
www.amazon.com /Hits-Out-Hell-Meat-Loaf/dp/B0000029EM   (1455 words)

 3 Hits from Hell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 7" EP was released in April 1981 as Plan 9 Records number PL1013.
After this session, but prior to the release, Doyle officially joined the band as Bobby's replacement.
While none of the other ten songs from this session were released until 1985, after the band had broken up, all 13 tracks were later remixed for the 12 Hits From Hell release.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/3_Hits_from_Hell   (391 words)

 New Wave Outpost Message Board - Who else likes The Misfits?
To tell you the truth, I'm not familiar with their albums after they reformed subsequent to Danzig's departure.
Personal favorites are "Static Age", "Walk Among Us" and "12 Hits from Hell".
You won't find "12 Hits" very easily or cheaply, but the other two are readily available, as is the great coffin-shaped box set, which has just about ALL the Danzig-era recordings plus tons of rarities.
www.nwoutpost.com /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8622   (396 words)

 Misfits 12 Hits From Hell: Different Versions
The Official Vinyl Version Of 12 Hits From Hell:
Approximate Value = since there are so few, they would be worth quite a bit of money.
Here is the Cancellation letter that was sent out to those who received the promotional cd's.
www.angelfire.com /darkside/misfits12hits/versions.html   (431 words)

 Schools & Education, K-12,
In the classroom, the office, the curriculum, and helping to transfer that strategy to the homes of the students.
This !tzalist ring is open to all school and education sites, including sites for colleges and universities, teachers, and learning and education resources of all kinds.
This ring is for homeschoolers reselling curricula, textbooks, and software to other homeschoolers, as well as for sharing tips on homeschooling resources or bargains.
dir.webring.com /rw?d=Schools___Education/K_12   (785 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on 12 Hits From Hell [PA] - The Misfits at Epinions.com
Compare Prices and Read Reviews on 12 Hits From Hell [PA] - The Misfits at Epinions.com
12 Hits From Hell [PA] by The Misfits
You should confirm all information before relying on it.
www.epinions.com /musc_mu-434765   (55 words)

 Contamination? - Horrordvds.com Forum
Have you been able to get your hands on 12 hits from hell at all?
Lots of people explode and it's got a cool Goblin score (some of which can be heard in Mattei's Hell of the Living Dead).
Here a website of a person selling the 12 Hits sealed CDs.
www.horrordvds.com /vb3forum/showthread.php?t=9919   (749 words)

 Amazon.com: Meat Loaf - Hits Out of Hell: DVD: Meat Loaf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This one has his classic hits as performed in the 80's.
It was a treat to see Jim Steinman and his band perform their hits.
The songs you hear from BAT OUT OF HELL (4 of them) were recorded on a 30x30 feet platform approx, and it all fits.
www.amazon.com /Meat-Loaf-Hits-Out-Hell/dp/B000053GSS   (1263 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
One bureau chief said, "What the hell did he say?" to a New York producer.
When I say I've got a sore throat, I've got a sore throat.' Ed [Joyce, CBS News president] had this sort of thing that maybe it's the pressure, even when there wasn't any pressure.
I mean, hell, with your job on the line with Richard Nixon and a bunch of thieves and Knaves, that's pressure."
www.ratherbiased.com /courage.htm   (1567 words)

 12 Hits From Hell - dark discussion
I managed to download a few of the songs from the album when it failed to be released in stores and became a huge thing on the net.
The version of Halloween included on 12 Hits is without a doubt the cleanest and best recording that song has ever had.
Hmmm, now that the7thhouse.com is shut down it will be ALOT harder to get anything Samhain/Misfits/Danzig related.
www.darkdreams.org /dd_forum/showthread.php?t=7072   (224 words)

 "To Reach Hell, Press #": Stephen King's CELL hits soon - Engadget
In the book, a mysterious phenomenon referred to as “The Pulse” infects the brains of anyone who happens to have their ear to the phone when the spike hits.
A power-suited businesswoman turns into a biting and screaming banshee who tries to tear the throat from a Mr.
Prevent a cold this winter by hitting the gym
cellphones.engadget.com /2006/01/24/to-reach-hell-press-stephen-kings-cell-hits-soon   (1266 words)

 Discography of Official Misfits Releases :: MisfitsCentral.com
When Glenn determined that it would be too expensive too release as a 12", he considered releasing it as a two song "Who Killed Marilyn?"/"Where Eagles Dare" 7" (as mentioned in the June 1986 Thrasher interview).
1 12" acetate with "Night Of The Living Dead" at 45 rpm on one side and "Night Of The Living Dead," "Where Eagles Dare," and "Rat Fink" on 33 rpm on the other, completely fl with no labels, owned by Mike Holland.
1 12" acetate with "Night Of The Living Dead" (scratched out) on one side and "Night Of The Living Dead" with "PL1011-A" matrix on the other, completely fl with no labels, owned by Mike Holland.
www.misfitscentral.com /misfits/discog.php   (5768 words)

 EVB's collection
Three Hits from Hell 7", red label w/ small hole
Three Hits from Hell 7", white vinyl w/white cover, autographed by Bobby Steele
Static Age - CD 12 Hits From Hell - withdrawn promo CD Flipside vol.
www.psychotica.net /evb/fitscoll_records.html   (1233 words)

 KNAC.COM - News - Samhain Live Album Released!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Fans will want to play loud these sonically vibrant, extreme and dark killer tracks that were recorded from live performances at NYC’s Legendary Night Club, Danceteria.
The eerie tracks are as follows: “All Hell,” “Samhain,” “The Shift,” “The Howl,” “Unholy Passion,” “All Murder,All Guts,” “All Fun,” “I Am Misery,” “The Hungry End”, “Horror Biz,” “ He-Who-Can-Not-Be-Named”.
Also included are live tracks recorded in 1986 at The Metro in Chicago.
knac.com /article.asp?ArticleID=18&StartTime=12/4/20011:00:36AM   (1032 words)

 eBay.co.uk - Hits Out Of Hell, CDs, Records, DVDs items at low prices   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Meatloaf Hits Out Of Hell Rare Mini Disc MD Minidisc
Meatloaf - Hits Out Of Hell, original 1984 CD
Meat Loaf Hits Out Of Hell 1984 CD Album + Ticket Stub
search.ebay.co.uk /Hits-Out-Of-Hell_W0QQfclZ4QQfnuZ1   (304 words)

 THE MISFITS - www.7thHouse.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
3 Hits From Hell - (1st press w/ gray labels on record & insert)
3 Hits From Hell - (1st press w/ orange labels on record)
Horror Business 10" Acetate - (two plate set w/ side A & B) Who Killed Marilyn Acetate - (5 song 12" signed by Glenn)
the7thhouse.com /7thhouseremix/collection/public/fits_collection.htm   (561 words)

 eBay - CD: Hits Out Of Hell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Average rating: Be the first to review it!
Meat Loaf - Hits Out Of Hell - CD - NEW & SEALED
Meat Loaf - Hits Out Of Hell (CD 1984)
product.ebay.com /Hits-Out-Of-Hell_W0QQfvcsZ1277QQsoprZ50679594   (228 words)

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