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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  1262   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Nonprofit Integrity Act of 2004, known as SB 1262, applies new requirements on the conduct of charities, commercial fund-raisers, fund-raising counsels, unincorporated associations...
Revenues were $1,558,309, up 1262 percent from the $114,398 reported for the first nine months of 1996.
AƱos: 1257 1258 1259 1260 1261 - 1262 - 1263 1264 1265 1266 1267
enciclopedia.cc /1262   (311 words)

 RFC 1262 (rfc1262) - Guidelines for Internet Measurement Activities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
RFC 1262 - Guidelines for Internet Measurement Activities
Network Working Group Internet Activities Board Request for Comments: 1262 Vinton G. Cerf/CNRI, Editor October 1991 Guidelines for Internet Measurement Activities Status of this Memo This memo provides information for the Internet community.
Summary Measurement of the Internet is critical for future development, evolution and deployment planning.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1262.html   (613 words)

 Welcome to Nursing 1262
Nursing 1262 is the Clinical Course that goes with RNSG 1412
Print the form at the end of the handbook and bring it to your clinical instructor.
If you have any questions about RNSG 1262, please email me at: jharward@austincc.edu
www.austin.cc.tx.us /adnlev3/rnsg1262.html   (407 words)

For medical benefits, dental benefits, vision benefits, prescription drug benefits, life insurance and stop-loss benefits, the total paid was $44,990,482.57 for the twelve-month period beginning October 1, 1998, extending through September 30, 1999.
Through a network of conveniently-located legal services providers, who are among the best in the legal field, thousands of Local 1262 members have received the legal advice and counsel they need, always confidentially.
This annual summary is intended to help every Local 1262 member fully and effectively prepare for retirement, by providing the latest information necessary to make retirement plans.
www.ufcw1262.org /welfare.htm   (914 words)

As early as 1254 Innocent IV prohibited anew perpetual imprisonment or death at the stake without the episcopal consent.
Similar orders were issued by Urban IV in 1262, Clement IV in 1265, and Gregory X in 1273, until at last Boniface VIII and Clement V solemnly declared null and void all judgments issued in trials concerning faith, unless delivered with the approval anti co-operation of the bishops.
Urban IV on 2 August, 1262, renewed the permission, and this was soon interpreted as formal licence to continue the examination in the torture chamber itself.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/08026a.htm   (12687 words)

 1262 Details, Meaning 1262 Article and Explanation Guide
1259 1260 1261 - 1262 - 1263 1264 1265
Aragon - James I King of Aragon and count of Barcelona (reigned from 1213 to 1276)
Page Contains Information, Facts Details or Explanation Guide About 1262
www.e-paranoids.com /1/12/1262.html   (97 words)

 DX News Letter 1262 September 25, 2001
1262 * Sep 20-Sep 28 3D2XU 1260 Oct 1 -Oct 10 3D2/YT1AD 1262 * Sep 30-Oct 13 3DA0DF..
1262 * Oct 2 -Oct 15 3W/N4CD 1262 * Oct 4 -Oct 11 5B4/AI5P 1262 * Sep 2 -Sep 27 5R/F6BUM 1257 Aug 22-2003 5W1SA 1257 Sep 14-Oct 6 9H0VRZ 1259 NOW -Sep 30 9K2USA 1261 NOW -2004 9L1DX 1260 Sep 24-Oct 2 9N7BY..
1260 Sep 28-Oct 2 KH0/K7WD 1262 * Sep 20-Sep 29 KH4/DL7VFR..
www.ng3k.com /Dxnl/dxnl1262.html   (989 words)

 [No title]
In this light, the Internet Activities Board offers the following basic guidelines for network measurement activities.
In general, any data collection activity should be undertaken with professional consideration of its impact on the services and users of the network, and activities should be planned to achieve operational Internet Activities Board [Page 1] RFC 1262 Measurement Guidelines October 1991 or research goals with minimal impact.
In some cases, data may be collected continuously, for example to measure packet counts or the distribution of use of specific applications.
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1262.txt   (596 words)

 Serum IgG antibodies to P0 dimer and 35 kDa P0 related protein in neuropathy associated with monoclonal gammopathy -- ...
Serum IgG antibodies to P0 dimer and 35 kDa P0 related protein in neuropathy associated with monoclonal gammopathy -- Favereaux et al.
74 (9): 1262 -- Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry
Serum IgG antibodies to P0 dimer and 35 kDa P0 related protein in neuropathy associated with monoclonal gammopathy
jnnp.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/abstract/74/9/1262   (348 words)

 1262 300b 1262 300b - Find, Compare, and Buy at Shopping.com
1262 300b 1262 300b - Find, Compare, and Buy at Shopping.com
You found 3 products in Home Furnishings "1262 300b 1262 300b"
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www.shopping.com /xGS-1262_300b_1262_300b   (281 words)

 Medieval Sourcebook: Stephen de Bourbon: "De Supersticione" : On St. Guinefort
Although after my recent effort to get people to talk about Alexius I and Robert of Flanders' I am not sure anyone is interested in texts!]
Stephen of Bourbon (Etienne de Bourbon) (died about 1262): De Supersticione:
Sixthly, I should speak of offensive superstitions, some of which are offensive to God, others to our fellow men.
www.fordham.edu /halsall/source/guinefort.html   (2981 words)

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