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Topic: 12th century

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: 12th century
In the 11th century most soles were cut as in figure 3a – the sole was a roughly shaped ovoid, rather than cut to imitate the foot, and in some cases the sole at the back of the foot extended up onto the back of the heel.
One of the innovations of the early 12th century was the abandonment of this v-back sole.[Pritchard, 1991, p230] It was replaced by soles which ranged from simple ovoid (3b) to more foot shaped soles (3c), a fashion which grew more popular as the century progressed.
On most 12th century shoes with vamp decoration, a series of holes was made from the throat of the shoe to the tip of the toe and unfilled with single stranded silk thread.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/12th-century   (198 words)

 12th Century Literature - Cunnan
In the 12th Century, a large number of these poems began to be written down.
On the other hand, in the early 13th century, collections of oral tales such as la Roman de Renart(a witty satirical set of tales about a fox, that parody courtly life), are available as popular manuscripts, spread far and wide, and additional tales added.
By the late 12th Century these themes of courtly love had begun to influence other genres of writing - Chanson de Geste began to speak of the man behind the heroic deeds and incorporate more momentus deeds at court than on the warfield.
cunnan.sca.org.au /wiki/12th_Century_Literature   (737 words)

 The "Marriage Crisis" in 12th Century Europe
During the ninth through the 11th century the Church made great strides in requiring mutual consent between the bridegroom and the bride.
By the 11th century Excommunication had become a real threat to a growing Christian moralist civilization and the Church was not afraid to enforce its power.
Yet at the beginning of the twelfth century the Church and the nobility clashed on marriage issues.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/history_european_family/78946   (488 words)

 Lecture 26: The 12th Century Renaissance
By the 12th century, there was expressed a general dissatisfaction with law and the courts.
This renewed energy started men thinking about basic scientific problems and translations of the 12th century began, I think, a line of investigation which lead, in the end, to Copernicus and Galileo in the early 17th century.
These were the "Wandering Scholars," the 12th century equivalent, I suppose, of the counter-revolutionaries of the 1960s.
www.historyguide.org /ancient/lecture26b.html   (3582 words)

 ALA | 12th Century
Established in 5th century BC by the Gupta Emperors, it was a famous learning centres in ancient times.
Though it is traditionally dated to the time of the Buddha (6th–5th centuries BC), archaeological excavations date its foundations to the 5th century AD.
Nalanda continued to flourish through the 12th century and became a centre of religious sculpture.
www.ala.org /ala/oif/bannedbooksweek/bookburning/12thcentury/12thcentury.htm   (396 words)

 12th Century Shoes
In the 11th century most soles were cut as in figure 3a – the sole was a roughly shaped ovoid, rather than cut to imitate the foot, and in some cases the sole at the back of the foot extended up onto the back of the heel.
One of the innovations of the early 12th century was the abandonment of this v-back sole.[Pritchard, 1991, p230] It was replaced by soles which ranged from simple ovoid (3b) to more foot shaped soles (3c), a fashion which grew more popular as the century progressed.
On most 12th century shoes with vamp decoration, a series of holes was made from the throat of the shoe to the tip of the toe and unfilled with single stranded silk thread.
yoyo.its.monash.edu.au /~tif/12Cshoes.html   (2162 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/12th century
As a means of recording the passage of time, the 12th century was that century which lasted from 1101 to 1200.
In the history of European culture, this period is considered part of the High Middle Ages and is sometimes called the Age of the Cistercians.
At the end of the century the Buddhist Jayavarman VII becomes ruler.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/12th_Century   (753 words)

 [No title]
In the 12th century the rule developed that the ashes were to be created by burning palm branches from the previous Palm Sunday.
Dating back to the 12th century, the building has become as much a labour of love as a monument to history for the ambitious couple.
The weakening of the papacy was a major theme of the Middle Ages; the Western Schism in the later 14th century, a dispute over papal succession, was exploited by secular authorities and contributed to their growing power.
www.lycos.com /info/12th-century--miscellaneous.html   (379 words)

 TARZI: Edessa in the Era of Patriarch Michael The Syrian
As of the seventh century and until the beginning of the thirteenth century, Edessa was ruled predominantly by men of alien stock, professing a faith alien to that of most of its inhabitants.
For Mesopotamia, the twelfth century was a crucial period.
By the dawn of the twelfth century AD, Edessa, under Crusader rule, had become a fief of the kingdom of Jerusalem.
syrcom.cua.edu /Hugoye/Vol3No2/HV3N2Tarzi.html   (6140 words)

 Europe's 12th-Century Development by Sanderson Beck
The church in Ireland was reformed for a half century, and at the synod of Kells in 1152 archbishops were consecrated for Armagh, Cashel, Dublin, and Tuam.
Marseilles was a republic with consuls for a while in the early 12th century, and consular government was recognized at Arles in 1131.
The 12th century was the beginning of the great cathedrals that reflected the importance of the established religion.
www.san.beck.org /AB20-Europe12thCentury.html   (23248 words)

 Italy 12th to 17th Century
By the 12th and 13th centuries Italy had become the silk center of the West, but by the 17th century France was challenging Italy's leadership, and the silk looms established in the Lyons area at that time are still famous today for the unique beauty of their weaving.
According to Chinese legend, the weaving of silk originated in the 27th century BC during the reign of Emperor Huang Ti, whose wife supposedly developed the technique of reeling the thread of the silkworm for use in weaving.
By the 12th century silk was used for the weaving of precious fibers throughout Europe.
www.arcaini.com /ITALY/ItalyHistory/Italy12th17th/Italy12thto17th.htm   (5013 words)

 Renaissance of the 12th Century   (Site not responding. Last check: )
[The 12th century in Europe] was in many respects an age of fresh and vigorous life.
The twelfth century left its signature on higher education, on the scholastic philosophy, on European systems of law, on architecture and sculpture, on the liturgical drama, on Latin and vernacular poetry.
In the twelfth century, many of these works in Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic were translated into Latin - the literary and philosophical language of Catholic Europe.
users.telerama.com /~jdehullu/islam/more_028.htm   (384 words)

 Oystermouth Castle
Oystermouth Castle was founded by William de Londres of Ogmore Castle early in the 12th century.
The castle later came to be the chief residence of the lords of Gower, and its history became intimately connected with that of Swansea Castle.
n the 13th century the de Braoses were lords of Gower and held the castle, and towards the end of the century Oystermouth rather than Swansea became their principal residence.
www.castlewales.com /oyster.html   (756 words)

 Lust, revenge and the religious right in 12th century Paris - Salon
As James Burge eloquently argues in his new biography of the Middle Ages' most famous couple, "Heloise and Abelard," the 12th century was the beginning of the modern age.
Amid a population boom and a major cultural shift, the 12th century ancestors of today's conservatives and liberals were sparring over politics, religion and sex.
Although church and state were separate, the 12th century Christian church (not yet divided into Catholic and Protestant) was itself a government, in some ways more powerful than the king, and it was for the leadership of religious society and the future of Christianity that these conservatives and liberals were fighting.
dir.salon.com /story/books/review/2004/12/18/heloise/index.html   (741 words)

 Medieval Fashion Glossary/Images
12th century dress of fine material, largely pleated, worn by men and women.
In 15th century, also name for seperate woman's hat, which covered skull and temples with point upstanding for comfort.
headdress of 14-15th centuries with a tapered cornet held to head by long pins.
romancereaderatheart.com /medieval/timeline   (963 words)

 Clothing of Norman Women
During the 12th century it became quite fashionable to have an open wimple leaving the neckline visible (fig.
Presumably this is the precursor to the veils which appear later in the 12th century, but I have no evidence from the late 11th century to support them being worn in the 11th century.
In the mid 12th century Bishop Henry of Blois (Bishop of Winchester) was buried in silk robes, but he was related to the King and would have been the exception rather than the rule.
freespace.virgin.net /sarah.doyle/KIT.HTM   (2365 words)

 Aénor's Treatise on 12th Century Costuming
This is a typical tunic dress of middle class Norman/English style in the late 11thand early 12th C. This one is made out of a coarsely woven silk blend(which looks like it could have been hand woven), with a silk brocade trim around neck and lining sleeves.
From the Tree of Jesse, 2nd half of the 12th C. Note the different sleeve styles and that the capes are worn with every outfit, draped or pinned on one shoulder.
For men in the 11th 12th C. (longer, actually, but that is the time we are looking at here) a pointed cap with a little "doomiflagee-thingy" on the top is typical.
www.geocities.com /aenor_anjou/treatise.htm   (1070 words)

 [No title]
In the 9th century, a Welsh name might have been recorded in either Old Welsh or Latin; the majority of surviving records from that period are in Latin.
Because we have an example of the name from the 13th century, it seems fairly safe to assume that it may have been in use one century earlier in the 12th century.
It is less safe to assume that it would have been in use in the 9th century, however because the name is of native Welsh origin (and was not borrowed from English or Norman French) it is not implausible that it might have been used at that time.
www.panix.com /~gabriel/public-bin/showfinal.cgi/2311.txt   (813 words)

 Late uncial, 9th to 12th century (from calligraphy) --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
More results on "Late uncial, 9th to 12th century (from calligraphy)" when you join.
It apparently originated in the 2nd century AD when the codex form of book developed along with the growing use of parchment and vellum as writing surfaces.
As African nations began to emerge from centuries of colonial rule, writers reflected on the imposition of Western values on the African people and examined the new conflicts that accompanied independence.
www.britannica.com /ebi/article-53202   (953 words)

 [No title]
By the end of the 12th century there were signs of a widespread awakening and progress felt across Europe.
The late 12th century is a turbulent age: Rival popes dispute each other's claim of legitimacy; Crusaders keep trying to wrest Jerusalem from the Saracens; and internecine court intrigue plagues Constantinople, capital of the Eastern Christian empire.
Based on the novel by Marion Meade, this costume drama retelling of the doomed 12th century romance of Abelard and Heloise was directed by Clive Donner.
www.lycos.com /info/12th-century.html   (587 words)

 Medieval Philosophy 10
century, but he lived into the next century and is a figure of such importance that it is fitting that we let him stand as a kind of port of entry to the 12
In logic, Abelard is surprisingly old-fashioned, contenting himself with glossing the texts that had formed the basis of the trivium for centuries.
century, derived from the Fathers, chiefly Augustine, Boethius, the Timaeus, and Macrobius' commentary on Cicero's Dream of Scipio.
home.comcast.net /~icuweb/c02410.htm   (2245 words)

 Prophecies about the Last 10 Popes by a 12th century monk
Saint Malachy was a 12th century Irish monk, who, while on a visit to Rome had a vision of all the popes who would ever reign.
In the 20th century there will be wars and fury that will last a long time; whole provinces shall be emptied of their inhabitants, and kingdoms shall be thrown into confusion.
The twentieth century will bring death and destruction, apostasy from the Church, discord in families, cities and governments; it will be the century of three great wars with intervals of a few decades.
www.bibleprobe.com /last10popes.htm   (4402 words)

 Macy: Women priests until 12th century
In the 10th century, for example, Bishop Atto of Vercelli wrote that in the early Church, because of a scarcity of workers, devout women were ordained to help men in leading worship, and that not only men, but also women presided over the Church because of the great need.
A 9th century mosaic was dedicated to “Theodora Episcopa,” who, it has been established, was not the wife of a bishop.
Also active for centuries were abbesses who, according to Church documents, had the duty to preach, baptize, hear the confessions of their nuns and assign penances.
www.cta-usa.org /watch01-01/macy.html   (569 words)

 Missal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Many Missals, Bibles and Psalters of the 12th century were written in this fine, bold script.
It was a revived form of the 9th century carolingian minuscule.
In the absence of miniatures and decoration, it is difficult to assign a manuscript in this hand to a particular country.
wally.rit.edu /cary/cc_db/manuscripts/missal2.html   (128 words)

 12th Century - Cunnan
T-tunic styles continue esentially unchanged from the 11th century (often a little tighter fitting across the chest), as clothing for the common man or woman, and the lord or lady when working, or less fashionable.
Court styles see the introduction of the bliaut for both sexes, a tightly fitted garment, often cut with silly dangly long sleeves.
12th century Garb mailing list (also diverges to acessories, jewellery and occasionally daily life in the 12th C) - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/12thcenturygarb/
cunnan.sca.org.au /wiki/12th_century   (222 words)

 12th Century BlackJack review. 12th Century BlackJack Press-releases.
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 Search results from the British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts   (Site not responding. Last check: )
England, N.; 2nd or 3rd quarter of the 12th century
England, N. or Midlands; 2nd or 3rd quarter of the 12th century
Germany; 2nd or 3rd quarter of the 12th century
www.bl.uk /catalogues/illuminatedmanuscripts/Addterm.asp?ID=4&List=ScriptID&Target=results   (356 words)

The 12th Century, according to D.E. Smith, "was to Christian Europe what the 9th Century was to the eastern Mohammedan world, a period of translations.
Italy and France: 12th Century Italy and France had four or five distinguished scholars who knew Arabic and understood mathematics, and were led to make Latin translations of Islamic and Greek classics.
For some later centuries, it is broken out from the chronological listings of important books, so as (for example) to describe inventions not yet described in print.
www.magicdragon.com /UltimateSF/timeline12.html   (5788 words)

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