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Topic: 1337

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  Urban Dictionary: 1337
Some people create their own 1337 letters and it makes them look more 1337 by fellow 1337-speakers.
Often misused to satisfy a lamen's ego, the self-proclaimed 1337 will misuse the title, pretending to hold Xtr3m H4x0r capabilties while in fact masturbating to preteen beastiality at 2:00 AM with baggy eyes; anonymously hassling n00b's with better things to do than kill their babies over mindrot such as Everquest and Warcraft.
Now 1337 used mainly by the gaming community (also in chatrooms) to mean an especially skilled player.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=1337   (589 words)

  UH Course Catalog - POLS Course Descriptions
Prerequisites: POLS 1336 and 1337, or GEOG 2340, or consent of instructor.
Prerequisites: ENGL 1304; POLS 1336 and 1337 or equivalent; and POLS 3310 or 3343, or consent of instructor.
Prerequisites: POLS 1336 and 1337, and HIST 1376 or HIST 1377 or equivalents, or consent of instructor.
www.uh.edu /academics/catalog/las/pols_courses.html   (3482 words)

 Leet - Encyclopedia Dramatica
It is occasionally shortened to "leet" or 1337.
The 1337 Foundation sees it as necessary to be taught in all courses in Leet.
1337 is all around us, as illustrated by this person who has just lost at Scrabble, and life.
www.encyclopediadramatica.com /index.php/1337   (1299 words)

 1337 as Hosting
1337 as Hosting may use information it collects from you for the primary purpose for which it is collected and for such other secondary purposes that are related to the primary purpose of collection.
In many cases where 1337 as Hosting asks you to provide information about yourself, if you do not provide 1337 as Hosting with that information or if that information is incorrect, 1337 as Hosting will not be able to provide you with the requested product or service.
1337 as Hosting may use and disclose sensitive information only for the purpose for which it was provided or a directly related secondary purpose or as allowed by law, unless you have agreed otherwise.
www.1337.as /about/policies/privacy.php   (978 words)

 www.1337.net how to be 1337 and what is it!
Basically 1337 is a way of typing elite using text for letters - this is further complicted, for the unknowing, by changing the way the word "elite" was spelt to "LEET".
The primary goal in 1337 speak is to proclaim your own 133tness, preferably at the expense of everyone else.
The key to successful 1337 speak is to think of the wittiest things you can, forget them and insult everyone in a mindless and adolescent manner.
www.1337.net /speak.html   (850 words)

 1337 - Wikiality, the Truthiness Encyclopedia for Colbert's Heroes
1337 (pronounced "Leet") is an evil, international cult, whose sole purpose is to launch terrorist attacks on America's internets.
Note that internets acronyms such as LOL and STUD are not 1337, but merely a sort of gateway drug to 1337ness.
Some phrases were originally 1337 have been successfully "de-programmed" by Stephen Colbert's loyal internets followers, and are now safe for general use.
www.wikiality.com /1337   (511 words)

 Leet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Leet (1337) is a slangnooby booby term used primarily on the Internet, particularly in online games.
It is derived from the word Elite, meaning “better than the rest,” and generally has the same meaning when referring to the skills of another person.
Such perturbations are frequently referred to as “Leetspeak.” In addition to modification of standard language, new colloquialisms have been added to the parlance.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Leet   (5832 words)

 1337 as Hosting
If your 1337 as Hosting service is interrupted by an unscheduled outage for a period of time exceeding a certain percentage of that invoicing period, your service will be credited in accordance with this Service Level Agreement (SLA).
For periods of time where one or more of your 1337 as Hosting services are available and where a number of other services are not, that period of time is classified as a "Partial Service Outage".
Errata: The service channels that 1337 as Hosting deems as "approved formal channels" include sending an email to support@1337.as and emergency@1337.as, filling in the form located at https://www.1337/as/secure/support.php, participation in a live-chat accessible from http://www.1337.as/contact.php, and contact by telephone.
www.1337.as /features/sla.php   (864 words)

 How to Read and Write in 1337 - wikiHow
The defining characteristic of 1337 is substitution of symbols and numbers for letters (for example, in the term "1337," 1=L, 3=E and 7=T), but the language has also developed to include intentional misspellings, phonetic spelling, and new words.
Though most of the "new" words in 1337 are simply misspellings of English words ("taht", for example, or "pwn"), some are actually new coinages, such as "nooblet"--this could be written, for example, as "n008137"--which denotes a "newbie," someone new to 1337 or something else.
One of the original uses for 1337 was to bypass filters for spam and obscenity (as in "pr0n" for "porn"), and while filters have made progress keeping up with 1337, it is still useful for that purpose, although the other members won't appreciate it.
www.wikihow.com /Read-and-Write-in-1337   (1646 words)

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