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Topic: 1460s

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Women's Wear, circa 1450
I also suspect that, given the narrowness of the sleeves of the underdresses, and of the gowns themselves from the 1460s on, that the sleeves of the chemises were probably not as wide as they are on the albs.
In the earlier part of the period we are looking at, the gown seems to have been simply popped on over the underdress, and the lacing of the underdress shows under the neckline of the gown, as in Rogier van der Weyden's Deposition (c.
As one moves into the 1460s and 1470s, an inset piece in the v-neck which covers the lacing of the underdress and contrasts both with the gown and the underskirts becomes a standard part of the ensemble.
hometown.aol.com /noramunro/Wardrobe/basic1450.htm   (1706 words)

 Lady Robyn (War of the Roses): Current Amazon U.S.A. One-Edition Data
Robyn, however, neither wishes to be queen nor to raise a brood of royals, for in the 1460s heirs tend to die young, usually by treachery.
In the 1460s, that means living with the constant threat of death.
In the 1460s, that means living under the constant threat of assassination.
www.mysqlwebhosting.biz /stuff-0765345730.html   (1407 words)

 1460s - TheBestLinks.com - Africa, Centuries, Decades, 15th century, ...
1460s - TheBestLinks.com - Africa, Centuries, Decades, 15th century,...
1460s, Africa, Centuries, Decades, 15th century, 16th century, 14th century...
Decades: 1410s 1420s 1430s 1440s 1450s - 1460s - 1470s 1480s 1490s 1500s 1510s
www.thebestlinks.com /1460s.html   (112 words)

 Queens' College Cambridge - Cloister Staircase   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
That staircase itself was probably inserted around 1756, into the medieval riverside building of the 1460s.
This staircase is surrounded by very attractive original 1460s half-timbering, showing how the original buildings of Queens' are timber-framed inside the clunch and brick walls.
This staircase was lettered staircase L (and Essex Building was staircase K) until the opening of Erasmus Building in 1959 caused the transfer of K and L to Erasmus Building.
www.quns.cam.ac.uk /Queens/Images/CloisterStairs.html   (169 words)

In her study of the West Country cloth industry Professor Carus-Wilson took a very dim view, describing them as ‘second-hand compilations of doubtful veracity, often abbreviated, distorted, and repeated again and again’.
In Professor Britnell’s opinion, William Whelpdale was ‘an experienced and trusted receiver of royal revenues’ and his accounts ‘if not a perfect mirror of reality, were at least the fruit of an attempt to make them so’.
In the four years 1465/66 to 1468/69 some 577 Suffolk men and women presented to the alnager for sealing a little over 20,000 whole cloths or their equivalent in straits, with production spread fairly evenly over these four years.
www.ehs.org.uk /othercontent/Amor2.htm   (1734 words)

 BBC - Northamptonshire - Features - With Souls Bouncing...
The global rights to the air-cushioned sole were secured and the company set to work on developing a range of footwear to attach it to.
Features such as the yellow stitching and the pattern on the sole were designed and on 1st April 1960, the first pair of 1460s walked off the production line in Wollaston.
The classic 1460s went on to decorate some of the most celebrated feet in the music industry and the world in general.
www.bbc.co.uk /northamptonshire/features/drmartens.shtml   (866 words)

 artnet.com: Resource Library: Franco dei Russi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
It is generally agreed that Franco left Ferrara early in the 1460s to work in the Veneto, where he remained until 1471 or 1472.
During this decade his style changed decisively, taking on the humanistic tone, crispness of figural definition, colour saturation and hardness of landscape forms typical of Andrea Mantegna.
Autograph images that most clearly define Franco’s style in the 1460s and very early 1470s include a cutting representing the triumph of a scholar or humanist (London, BL, Add.
www.artnet.com /library/02/0296/T029689.asp   (407 words)

 1460s   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Find, organize & share information from 1,000s of trusted business, consumer & reference publications.
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1430s 1440s 1450s - 1460s - 1470s 1480s 1490s -
restrictedsection.com /1460s.html   (294 words)

 Harrison   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Alpha machines are renowned for their versatility, offering an outstanding ability to handle a very wide range of workpieces.
With its larger swing, 11kW spindle and choice of three bed lengths, the Alpha 1460S offers even greater versatility for the most demanding of applications.
Easy to learn simple Harrison 1000 Series control.
www.harrison.co.uk /product_description.asp?ProductID=18   (128 words)

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