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Topic: 1558

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  The Origin of the Livonian War, 1558
Ivan IV's attack on Livonia in early 1558 caught the Lithuanian leaders unprepared for war, and therefore they did not enter into the conflict until 1559, after the Russians had overrun much of Livonia and seemed likely to outflank the Lithuanian defenses in the north.
Without waiting for the end of the campaigns in the South, Ivan IV, in 1558, launched another war for the possession of Livonia, a war which became his life's object, the source of his profound obsessions and, finally, the tragedy of his reign.
Knud Rasmussen reached much the same conclusion, that the attack of 1558 was Ivan's seizure of an opportune moment, a time when Poland-Lithuania was hindered by a Tatar attack from intervening in what appeared would be a short and decisive dampaign.
www.lituanus.org /1983_3/83_3_02.htm   (4801 words)

 Germplasm Release - Carrot Inbred Lines MSU 1558 and MSU 3489
The inbred seed parent, MSU 1558 is a male sterile of the petaloid type and both the sterile (1558S) and maintainer (1558M) will be distributed.
MSU 1558 produces a slightly tapered, stump root with a smooth dome-shaped crown.
hybrid, MSU 1558 x MSU 3489, was tested at the MSU Muck Farm in 1961 and 1962.
www.hort.wisc.edu /usdavcru/simon/release/msu15583489.html   (793 words)

 1558   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
the history of London theatre prior to 1558 is relatively unknown.
Was the relative peacetime of 1453- 1558 really so different from the relative wartime...
AƱos: 1553 1554 1555 1556 1557 - 1558 - 1559 1560 1561 1562 1563
enciclopedia.cc /1558   (322 words)

 Ferdinand I, Holy Roman emperor. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
In the war against the Protestant Schmalkaldic League (1546–47), Ferdinand was an important figure.
Charles had practically surrendered the government of the empire to Ferdinand by 1556, although formal abdication was not complete until 1558.
At the end of his reign, Ferdinand still hoped that the reconvened Council of Trent would bring about a union of the churches.
www.bartleby.com /65/fe/Ferdi1HRE.html   (446 words)

 Govert Jaspers, Put To Death A. D. 1558
DIRK DE SCHILDER, A.D. Three brethren, namely, Henderick Leerverkooper, Anthonis and Dirk de Schilder, were also apprehended at Antwerp, for the truth; who, as diligent followers, and true sheep of Christ, had to taste death for His sake, being executed with the sword.
AND OTHERS, A. In the year 1558, a brother named Jacob de Swarte (son of Jan de Swarte), and Hanscken van den Broecke, went from Ostende to Bruges, to hear the preaching of the Word of God, and were apprehended these, together with others.
No sufferings being sufficient to deter or separate them from the love of God, they were finally sentenced to death, and thus valiantly ended their lives for the testimony of the Gospel, about St. John's day, in midsummer.
www.homecomers.org /mirror/martyrs082.htm   (838 words)

 RFC 1558 (rfc1558) - A String Representation of LDAP Search Filters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
RFC 1558 - A String Representation of LDAP Search Filters
Network Working Group T. Howes Request for Comments: 1558 University of Michigan Category: Informational December 1993 A String Representation of LDAP Search Filters Status of this Memo This memo provides information for the Internet community.
This memo does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1558.html   (480 words)

 Marcus Aurelius (121-180 CE) [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The current Greek title - ta eis heauton ('to himself') — derives from a manuscript now lost and may be a later addition (it is first recorded c.
The modern text derives primarily from two sources: a manuscript now in the Vatican and a lost manuscript (mentioned above), upon which the first printed edition (1558) was based.
Beyond the Meditations there also survives part of a correspondence between Marcus and his rhetoric teacher Fronto, probably dating from earlier in Marcus' life (c.
www.iep.utm.edu /m/marcus.htm   (2793 words)

 Amazon.ca: Books: Selected Introits from Leipzig 49 50, 1558   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Amazon.ca: Books: Selected Introits from Leipzig 49 50, 1558
We will notify you within 2-3 weeks if we have trouble obtaining this title.
Top of Page : Selected Introits from Leipzig 49 50, 1558
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/0895791951   (137 words)

 [No title]
must contain one of the characters '*' or '(' or ')', these characters Howes [Page 2] RFC 1558 Representation of LDAP Filters December 1993 should be escaped by preceding them with the backslash '\' character.
Examples This section gives a few examples of search filters written using this notation.
Author's Address Tim Howes University of Michigan ITD Research Systems 535 W William St. Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4943 USA Phone: +1 313 747-4454 EMail: tim@umich.edu Howes [Page 3]
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1558.txt   (375 words)

 1892 Gardiner's Atlas - Western Europe at the Accession of Elizabeth 1558   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
1892 Gardiner's Atlas - Western Europe at the Accession of Elizabeth 1558
Western Europe at the Accession of Elizabeth - 1558
For More Information, contact Pam Rietsch at: pam@livgenmi.com
www.livgenmi.com /gardiner23.htm   (29 words)

 Queen Elizabeth's Proclamation to Forbid Preaching (1558)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Proofread and pages added by Jonathan Perry, March 2001.
THE following proclamation was issued by the queen at Westminster, December 27, 1558, and has reference to the mitigation of religious acrimony pending the formulation of her religious policy which appeared in the Supremacy and Uniformity Acts of the following April.
The true advancement whereof to the due honour of Almighty God, the increase of virtue and godliness, with universal charity and concord amongst her people, her majesty most desireth, and meaneth effectually, by all manner of means possible, to procure and to restore to this her realm.
history.hanover.edu /texts/engref/er77.html   (135 words)

 Hendrick Goltzius (1558 - 1617) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Hendrick Goltzius (1558 - 1617) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
After moving to Haarlem at the age of nineteen, Hendrick Goltzius married a rich widow who funded the establishment of his workshop.
Last updated and links verified on: Sep 14, 2005
wwar.com /masters/g/goltzius-hendrick.html   (906 words)

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