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Topic: 165 BC

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  Academics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Prerequisites: BC 165, BC 166, BN 104, and BK 101.
This course is a continuation of BC 165 and includes further study of financial accounting along with an introduction to management accounting.
As a continuation of BC 325, this course includes an in-depth study of revenues, expenses, long-term liabilities, and stockholder's equity, including earnings per share.
www.mtmercy.edu /cat2002/ba.htm   (4703 words)

  Hasmonean Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Judea and its ruling dynasty from 140 BC to 37 BC was established under the leadership of Simon Maccabaeus, two decades after Judah the Maccabee defeated the Seleucid army in 165 BC.
The festival of Hanukkah was instituted by Judah Maccabee and his brothers in the year 165 BC, to be celebrated annually with joy as a memorial of the dedication of the altar in the Temple in Jerusalem.
Alexander reigned from 103 BC103 to 76 BC, and died during the siege of the fortress Ragaba.
www.echostatic.com /Hasmonean.html   (845 words)

 Encyclopedia: Hasmonean
The festival of Chanukah was instituted by Judah Maccabee and his brothers in the year 165 BC, to be celebrated annually with joy as a memorial of the dedication of the altar in the Temple in Jerusalem.
The leadership of the Hasmoneans was founded by a resolution, adopted in 141 BC, at a large assembly "of the priests and the people and of the elders of the land, to the effect that Simon should be their leader and high priest forever, until there should arise a faithful prophet" (I Macc.
From 63 to 40 BC the government was in the hands of Hyrcanus II as High Priest and Ethnarch, although effective power was in the hands of Antipater the Idumaean.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Hasmonean   (897 words)

 Illyria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The present-day city of Durrës evolved from a Greek colony known as Epidamnos, which was founded at the end of the 7th century BC Another famous Greek colony, Apollonia, arose between Durrës and the port city of Vlorë.
In 358 BC, however, Macedonia's Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great, defeated the Illyrians and assumed control of their territory as far as Lake Ohrid.
In the Illyrian Wars of 229 BC and 219 BC, Rome overran the Illyrian settlements in the Neretva river valley and suppressed the piracy that had made the Adriatic unsafe.
www.marylandheights.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Illyricum   (1348 words)

 Printable Version on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
On Mattathias' death (166 BC) the leadership passed to his son Judas Maccabeus, from whose surname the family name is derived.
Jonathan was killed by treachery in 143 BC, and the last brother, Simon, succeeded; he was recognized by the other powers as civil ruler as well as high priest, and Palestine enjoyed some years of peace.
One of its members, Alexander, led an abortive rebellion in Syria, and in 40 BC Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus II, invaded Judaea with Parthian aid.
www.encyclopedia.com /printable.asp?url=/ssi/M/Maccab-fam.html   (602 words)

 Ballistic Coefficient
BC is what determines trajectory and wind drift, other factors (velocity among them) being equal.
BC changes with the shape of the bullet and the speed at which the bullet is traveling, while sectional density does not.
This is shown by the smaller difference in BC between the two pointed bullets,.357 for the flat base and.400 for the boat tail.
www.chuckhawks.com /bc.htm   (905 words)

 Maccabees - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Maccabees (Hebrew: Makabim) were a Jewish family who fought against the rule of Antiochus IV Epiphanes of the Hellenistic Seleucid dynasty, who was succeeded by his infant son Antiochus V Eupator.
The Maccabees founded the Hasmonean royal line and established Jewish independence in the land of Israel for about 100 years (from 165 BC to 63 BC).
In 165 BC, Judas Maccabaeus started the revolt against the Seleucid overlords of Judea.
www.sevenhills.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Maccabees   (268 words)

 165 bc   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
165 BC Centuries: 3rd century BC - 2nd century BC - 1st century BC
Decades: 210s BC 200s BC 190s BC 180s BC 170s BC - 160s BC - 150s BC140s BC 130s BC 120s BC 110s BC
Years: 170 BC 169 BC 168 BC 167 BC 166 BC - 165 BC - 164 BC 163 BC 162 BC 161 BC] 160 BC
www.yourencyclopedia.net /165_BC.html   (148 words)

 Astronomy Timeline
2500 BC Stonehenge is used to predict eclipses of the
1800 - 400 BC The Babylonians develop the first calendar based on the motion of the Sun and the phases of theMoon.
46 BC The Julian calendar is brought into use in the Roman Empire by Julius Caesar.
inkido.indiana.edu /a100/timeline.html   (111 words)

 Keeping Catholics Catholic Page XXV-The Timeline-Time Before Christ
586 BC Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the removal of the Jews to Babylon.
165 BC The Holy Temple of Jerusalem was re-dedicated.
18 BC Birth of Mary, daughter of Saints Joachim and Ann.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Ithaca/6461/bc.html   (1976 words)

 Hanukkah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
By 166 BCE Mattathias had died, and Judah took his place as leader.
By 165 BCE the Jewish revolt against the Seleucid monarchy was successful.
The festival of Hanukkah was instituted by Judah Maccabee and his brothers to celebrate this event.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chanukah   (1711 words)

 Jew - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Kingdom of Israel was conquered by the Assyrian ruler Shalmaneser V in the 8th century BC and spread all over the Assyrian empire, where they were assimilated into other cultures and become known as the Ten Lost Tribes.
The Kingdom of Judah continued as an independent state until it was conquered by a Babylonian army in the early 6th century BC, destroying the First Temple that was at the centre of Jewish worship.
The Judean elite was exiled to Babylonia, but later at least a part of them returned to their homeland after the subsequent conquest of Babylonia by the Persians seventy years later, a period known as the Babylonian Captivity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jews   (4961 words)

 2nd century BC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(3rd century BC - 2nd century BC - 1st century BC - other centuries)
BC 168 Battle of Pydna -- Macedonian phalanx defeated by Romans
BC 146 Rome destroys Carthage in the Third Punic War
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/2nd_century_BC   (136 words)

 WV Newsletter
She likened the Green Party to the "westerly winds" which are temperate and constant and typical of BC.
Under her leadership in 2001 the BC Green Party achieved12.4% of the province-wide vote, with 7 candidates achieving 20% or more.
One month later, the BC government established a Citizens Assembly to recommend whether or not BC should change its voting system.
www.vcn.bc.ca /cfuwns/wvnews.html   (596 words)

 Straight Dope Staff Report: Who wrote the Bible? (Part 3)
Ezekiel was taken to Babylon with the exiles in 597 BC, and prophesied there during the exile from 593 to 563 BC.
Obadiah condemns the Edomites for ravaging Judah after the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC, so he presumably was writing between 585 and 500 BC (by which point the Edomites had been conquered by Arab tribes).
The book of Daniel is set during the Babylonian Exile (580 BC and after), and tradition says it was written at that time, with an oracular preview of several centuries of future history.
www.straightdope.com /mailbag/mbible3.html   (3312 words)

 Data: 499 BC to 150 BC - The Ethnohistory Project
Conquered Capeia and Kyme in 423 BC and 420 BC, respectively, and Herculaneum, Pompeii and Stabiae in 400 BC.
165 11 -400 -100 A Ambisonti K Isonzo RV L 900 27 -400 200 A Andizetes Y Turopolje area S of Zagreb (Rand L McNally Atlas) Strongly Celticized since ca yr -250.
165 16 -320 # A Autariatae Y E of mid Axius (Vardar) R A From SE Bosnia, SW Serbia, N Crna Gora (Montenegro).
life.bio.sunysb.edu /ee/msr/Ethno/dategen4.html   (9120 words)

In 586 BC the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar captured the city, destroyed the temple, and led its population into the exile, from which they were allowed to return in 537 BC, under Cyrus the Great of Persia.
After his death and the fragmentation of his empire, the city passed to Ptolemy the first of Egypt, until in 198 BC it was captured by Antiochus III, making it part of the Syrian empire.
The Maccabbees led a revolt against his rule in the years 167-165 BC, and established the Hashemonian kingdom there, until in 63 BC the city was captured by the Romans under Ptolemy.
www.ko-kosher-service.org /jerusalem.htm   (687 words)

 Course Descriptions: Broadcasting/Mass Comm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
BC 325 COMMUNICATION AND PERFORMANCE IN AFRICA Examination of a range of different performance genres in Africa, and shows the relationship of performance genres to social process.
BC 365 BROADCAST NEWSWRITING AND REPORTING An opportunity to study the craft of writing and field reporting for television news.
Instruction on writing, story structure, source development, news judgment, ethics, and law is put into practice as students shoot, edit, and write six local news reports that will be aired on Public Eye News, the student newscast on TV 13.
www.nmu.edu /caps/Pages/cdbmc.html   (660 words)

 BBC News | In Depth | World | Israel and the Palestinians   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
1250 BC: Israelites began to conquer and settle the land of Canaan on the eastern Mediterranean coast.
961-922 BC: Reign of King Solomon and construction of the Temple in Jerusalem.
165 BC: A revolt in Judea established the last independent Jewish state of ancient times.
news.bbc.co.uk /hi/english/static/in_depth/world/2001/israel_and_palestinians/timeline/1century.stm   (398 words)

 International Trade Of Sindh From Its Port Barbaricon (Banbhore) 200 BC to 200 AD
However, the period from 2500 BC to 40 AD may be considered as the period of pre-trade-wind coastal sailing.
From 200 BC to the middle of first century BC, Egypt was the leading importer and re-exporter of goods form Sindh.It was also the cultural centre of the world.
In 25 BC armies were sent to subdue the hostile Arab tribes and destroy Aden, their market place.
www.panhwar.com /Article60.htm   (6172 words)

 BNS Bulletin of Nabataean Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
From its capture by John Hyrcanus I in 129 BC, Madaba was part of the Judaean Peraea of the Hasmonaeans, until it was given to the Nabataean King Aretas III by John Hyrcanus II in 65 BC.
Between 73 and 25 BC, its kings – Ptolemy the son of Mennaios, Lysanias, and Zenodorus – all known from literary sources, issued coins with Greek and Aramaic legends and monograms indicating they were tetrarchs and high-priests.
The port of Gaza was involved in the international trade in the eighth century BC, since Tigleth Pileser III appointed an Arab governor to the city when he conquered it to supervise the trade between Egypt and the Sinai.
www.iuo.it /bns/BNS_Conference/Conference.html   (11245 words)

 Demetrius - Open Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Demetrius Phalereus, philosopher and statesman of 4th century BC
Demetrius of Pharos, ruler in Illyria 3rd century BC
Demetrius of Scepsis, grammarian and archaeologist 3rd century BC
www.open-encyclopedia.com /Demetrius   (100 words)

 Bactrian and Indo-Greeks (250 BC - 55 BC) - DBA 50
In 190 BC, the throne passed to Demetrios' sons, who governed the kingdom jointly and expanded its boundaries to include modern day Punjab.
In 170 BC, Eucratides overthrew Demetrios II and Antimachos II in the name of the Seleucids and controlled the kingdom.
Around 40 BC, a Chinese traveller was to marvel at the straight streets, deep wells, and "great mansions like we have in China." Because the Chinese had always thought only barbarian horsemen lived to the west, they were rather surprised.
www.fanaticus.org /DBA/armies/dba50lim.html   (809 words)

 SV-BC Issue 165
SV-BC Issue 165: 1433 proposal regarding enumeration types
Matt moves that we accept the proposal in issue 165.
Adding commentary that came before the vote -- K I agree with Dan's original proposal in -- http://www.eda.org/sv-bc/hm/1433.html The reason for my confusion was that the current BNF says that a type_identifier cannot be qualified with signing, but actually it can.
www.eda.org /sv-bc/display_3.1a_issue.cgi?issue_num=165   (756 words)

 Emperor Wen Of Han China   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Han Wen-ti, (202 BC - 157 BC) was an emperor of the Chinese Han Dynasty.
After eliminating the powerful Lü clan, Emperor Wen was deliberately chosen as the emperor, since his mother, Consort Bo, had no powerful relatives.
In a move of lasting importance in 165 BC, Emperor Wen introduced recruitment to the civil service through examinations.
www.wikiverse.org /emperor-wen-of-han-china   (277 words)

 Israel jerusalem history   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
In 586 BC, the Babylonian NEBUCHADNEZZAR II destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple and exiled the Jews to Babylonia.
Fifty years later (537 BC), CYRUS THE GREAT of Persia conquered Babylonia and permitted the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their Temple.
The Temple was reconsecrated in 165 BC, and the Maccabean, or Hasmonean, dynasty ruled until Rome took the city in 63 BC.
physics.technion.ac.il /~icps24/histo.htm   (483 words)

 DBA Armies: Maccabean Jewish (DBA II/43)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
After Antiochus IV (Epihanes) succeeded his father in 175 BC, he arranged for the assassination of the Judaean High Priest Onias III (who was suspected of collaboration with the Ptolemies) and installed Onias' brother Jason, who supported Hellenestic culture in Judea.
Although buoyed by his alliance with Rome in 165 BC, the tide began to turn against Judas when Antiochus V Eupator assumed the Seleucid throne in 164 AD.
When the Seleucid usurper invaded Judea in 142 BC, he was defeated by Simon but got his revenge by putting the prisoner Jonathan to death.
www.fanaticus.org /dba/armies/II43.html   (1522 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The restaurant and foodservices industry is one of BC's largest employers, creating 165,000 direct jobs in the province.  - 30 - Biography of Ian Tostenson attached.
Photo available on request Further information: BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association 604 669-2239 Ian Tostenson President and CEO, BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association Ian Tostenson is the President and CEO of the British Columbia Restaurant and Foodservices Association (BCRFA).
He was past chair of the BC Wine Institute and a director for both the Brewers Association of Canada and the Canadian Wine Institute.
www.bcrfa.com /news/releases/BCRFA_release_Ian_Tostenson.doc   (441 words)

 Maccabees on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
First Maccabees was originally written in Hebrew and is usually dated c.100 BC It begins with the rebellion of Mattathias (c.167 BC) and ends with the murder of Simon (135 BC).
BC Claiming to be the condensation of a history of the Maccabees by one Jason of Cyrene, it is a devout treatment of Judas Maccabeus' career and of Jews persecuted at the hands of Antiochus.
The book begins with an apparently extraneous letter, from Palestinian Jews to Jews in E Egypt, referring to the feast of the restoration of the Temple in 165 BC A literary preface follows.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/M/Maccab-B1ib.asp   (624 words)

 Indo-Greek Kingdoms
Covering roughly modern Afganistan, Pakistan and northern India, these isolated Greek kingdoms survived for more than two centuries starting with the renegade Seleucid satrap Diodotus in 256 BC.
More than 40 Greek kings ruled this area until the Bactrian dynasties were overrun by 'Scythian' invaders circa 130 BC, and the Indian kingdoms, lasting about another century, by the Kushans.
circa 40 - 30 BC Mitchiner ACW 2017-2028
www.grifterrec.com /coins/indogreek/indogreek.html   (435 words)

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