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Topic: 1709 in science

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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

  Lower 48 development footprint larger than Southeast, Alaska Science Forum
This column is provided as a public service by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, in cooperation with the UAF research community.
Ned Rozell is a science writer at the institute
He and his colleagues are sure of another thing—that America’s hard shell will continue to grow each year, with an accompanying three million more people, one million new homes built, and 10,000 additional miles of roads.
www.gi.alaska.edu /ScienceForum/ASF17/1709.html   (529 words)

  file_nav_name Encyclopedia Index
The philosophy of science is the branch of philosophy that studies the philosophical assumptions, foundations, and impli...
Science studies is an interdisciplinary research area that seeks to situate scientific expertise in its broader social...
Physical science is an encompassing term for the branches of natural science, and science (generally), that study non-l...
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/science.html   (7637 words)

 Science Fair Projects - 1709
Science kits, science lessons, science toys, maths toys, hobby kits, science games and books - these are some of many products that can help give your kid an edge in their science fair projects, and develop a tremendous interest in the study of science.
When shopping for a science kit or other supplies, make sure that you carefully review the features and quality of the products.
Science Fair Projects for students of all ages
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/1709   (405 words)

 1708 in science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-15)
The year 1708 CE in science and technology included many events, some of which are listed here.
See also: 1707 in science, other events of 1708, 1709 in science and the list of years in science.
A new supercomputer enables new kinds of research: "CSC, the Finnish IT center for science, acquires a new supercomputer system, which means a significant leap in performance of computer resources available for Finnish researchers.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-1708_in_science.html   (707 words)

 CO2 Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-15)
The authors conducted a high-resolution study of sediments in the southern Caribbean that were deposited over the past 825 years.
C production rate, which is accepted as a valid measure of changing solar activity.  In the words of the authors, this finding "suggests that small changes in solar output may influence Atlantic variability on centennial time scales."
Science for all your greenhouse gas reporting needs.
www.co2science.org /scripts/CO2ScienceB2C/articles/V3/N4/C4.jsp   (137 words)

On the basis of these observations, the MER science team[1,2] has interpreted the bedrock as siliciclastic sediments deposited in a shallow body of briny water, with subsequent evaporation leaving behind sulphate minerals.
They inferred that the rocks are composed of roughly 50 wt% siliciclastic material derived from basaltic rocks, 40 wt% evaporite sulphates, and 10 wt% haematite[2].
Leighton, B. Murray, Science 153, 136 (1966); M. Mellon, B. Jakosky, J. Geophys.
scienceweek.com /2006/sw060113-2.htm   (1966 words)

 Comet Sampler: Specimens show that inner and outer solar system mixed: Science News Online, Dec. 16, 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-15)
NASA's Stardust craft passed through the dusty shroud of a comet called Wild 2 in 2004 and last January dropped to Earth a canister of the material that the mission had collected (SN: 3/25/06, p.
Frank Shu of the University of California, San Diego has conjectured that jets of gas or a strong wind generated by the newborn sun hurled into space molten dust particles from the inner disk.
If you have a comment on this article that you would like considered for publication in Science News, send it to editors@sciencenews.org.
www.sciencenews.org /articles/20061216/fob1.asp   (734 words)

 No. 97-1709: Kumho Tire Co. v. Carmichael - Amicus (Merits)
Daubert's general framework for analyzing expert testimony, which requires the trial judge to ensure that expert opinion is reliable and relevant, applies to all expert testimony, and not simply to "scientific" testimony.
The court of appeals is nevertheless mistaken in ruling that there is a categorical distinction, for purposes of applying those factors, between expert testimony based on "application of scientific principles" and expert testimony based on "skill- or experience-based observation." Pet.
The term "science" is commonly understood to describe "a process for proposing and refining theoretical explanations about the world that are subject to further testing and refinement." Ibid., quoting Brief for American Association for the Advancement of Science et al.
www.usdoj.gov /osg/briefs/1997/3mer/1ami/97-1709.mer.ami.html   (6228 words)

 Films Media Group - Educational Media - Science - Search Results
Getting young people interested in science is another story-even though a scientific career can be more exciti...
From the crackling of winter clothing to the dynamics of celestial bodies, electrostatic charge is a force to be reckoned with-especially for the physics student.
This is the 10"x20" laminated "placemat" version of the remarkable periodic table of the elements featured in Popular Science magazine-a poster that is as much a work of art as it is a fundamental too...
www.cambridgeol.com /subject.aspx?disp=id&level=1&subjectid=1709   (268 words)

 Science - Geophysics & Planetary Geosciences: People: Timothy Parker
He is a member of the Athena science team on MER and serves as a Geology Team Group Lead.
Based on this location, several kilometers east of the predicted location based on Viking Lander 1 radio tracking, he was able to find a better match between the horizon views and orbiter images of the Viking 1 Lander, about 6 kilometers east of the location proposed by the Viking science team 20 years prior.
The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission is scheduled to land a rover to Mars in 2010, with the goal of assessing the past and present habitability of the area it explores on Mars.
science.jpl.nasa.gov /people/Parker   (1210 words)

 LEESON AND CASTON, October, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-15)
Department of Animal and Poultry Science, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1G 2W1
ABSTRACT Lutein is being considered as a nutrient for prevention of macular degeneration in the aging population.
Yolk lutein content can be increased, although further studies are needed to investigate the major decline in transfer efficiency seen with higher levels of dietary supplementation.
www.poultryscience.org /ps/abs/04/p04A1709.htm   (255 words)

 1709 in science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-15)
including 1624 Doctors of Science, 8385 Candidates of Science, and 2915...
These include 2095 preschools; 1709 schools, lycees, private boarding schools, and...
The year 1709 CE in science and technology included many events, some of which are listed here.
publicliterature.org /en/wikipedia/1/17/1709_in_science.html   (121 words)

 Science: Water could finally reveal its complex structure - 24 March 1990 - New Scientist
Science: Water could finally reveal its complex structure
WATER is tremendously important in chemical and biological systems, and scientists have proposed many models to explain its structure and properties.
Subscribe today at only $4.95 for your first 4 issues and get New Scientist, the world's leading science & technology news magazine delivered direct to your door every week
www.newscientist.com /article/mg12517093.100-science-water-could-finally-reveal-its-complex-structure.html   (286 words)

 Defeating Polyglutamine Repeats -- 287 (5459): 1709 -- Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-15)
Defeating Polyglutamine Repeats -- 287 (5459): 1709 -- Science
Find out more about why this message is appearing, and what you can do to make your experience of our site the best it can be.
A number of neurodegenerative conditions, including Huntington's disease, are characterized by a defective protein with an abnormally long string of polyglutamine amino acids.
www.sciencemag.org /cgi/content/summary/287/5459/1709n   (189 words)

 Science - Asteroids, Comets & Satellites: People: Lance Benner
U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force award for participation in the 40th National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, San Diego, CA (2002)
Benner, L. Triton. In Encyclopedia of Planetary Sciences (J. Shirley and R. Fairbridge, Eds.), pp.
Orbital behavior of captured satellites: The effect of solar gravity on Tritons post-capture orbit.
science.jpl.nasa.gov /people/Benner   (982 words)

 Committee on Science and Technology, U.S. House of Reps :: Press Release :: Subcommittee Focuses on DOE FY08 Budget
The Office of Science funds basic research at universities and 10 national laboratories and is the single largest federal supporter of physical sciences research.
The FY08 budget request for the Office of Science is $4.4 billion - an increase of approximately $600 million or 16 percent over the FY07 enacted level.
The Science and Technology Committee has jurisdiction over all civilian research and development programs of the federal government.
science.house.gov /press/PRArticle.aspx?NewsID=1709   (676 words)

 JCE 2001 (78) 1709 [Dec] Improvements in Undergraduate Science Education Using Web-Based Instructional Modules: The ...
In 1998, I created a content-rich Web site (The Natural Science Pages) to enhance science pedagogy in a required, interdisciplinary, non-major science course at John Jay College.
The site also helped improve student-instructor communication in the course by increasing the number of students who posed questions to the instructor outside of class-time by 5%.
Enhanced Web content is perceived by students as an effective way to increase interest and comprehension in undergraduate science education.
jchemed.chem.wisc.edu /Journal/Issues/2001/Dec/abs1709.html   (380 words)

 SCI-BITES: Hot Paper in Physics
This 2004 report in Science was cited 23 times in current journal articles indexed by Thomson Scientific during November-December 2005.
Only two other papers categorized under the main heading of physics managed to attract a greater number of citations during that two-month period.
Assorted features pertaining to Physics from all of the Essential Science Indicators Web based product editorials.
www.in-cites.com /research/2006/march_13_2006-3.html   (321 words)

 Studies by the U.S. Geological Survey in Alaska, 2004
The collection of six papers that follow continues the series of U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) investigative reports in Alaska under the broad umbrella of the geologic sciences.
This series represents new and sometimes-preliminary findings that are of interest to Earth scientists in academia, government, and industry; to land and resource managers; and to the general public.
Professional Paper 1709-A, Haeussler, Peter J., and Saltus, Richard W., 2005, 26 km of offset on the Lake Clark Fault since late Eocene time.
pubs.usgs.gov /pp/pp1709   (804 words)

 A Second Metamorphosis of Science: A Second View
This paper is an extension of "A First Look at the Second Metamorphosis of Science" (SFI Working Paper95-01-001 and CCSR Report, Beckman Institute), and based in part on the lecture "The Second Metamorphosis of Science" given at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg, Austria on July 21, 1995.
“Objective" and “Subjective" Aspets of the Components of Science Initial Phases of the Second Metamorphosis of Science: 4.Transforming Component (I): new sources of scientific information; Projections: new technical means for obtaining scientific information; the logically distinct character of information from different sources; Projections uncovering complex dynamic phenomena; some broad implications.
Transforming Concepts (II): Understanding based on the discovery of relationships between observables, concurrent and sequential; understanding based on "associating" logically distinct forms of information from different sources of information; generalizations and refinements of "scientific methods"; new technical features and complications.
www.santafe.edu /research/publications/wpabstract/199606039   (286 words)

 Cassini-Huygens: Multimedia-Images
The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency.
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the mission for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington, D.C. The Cassini orbiter was designed, developed and assembled at JPL.
The visual and infrared mapping spectrometer team is based at the University of Arizona.
saturn.jpl.nasa.gov /multimedia/images/image-details.cfm?imageID=1709   (415 words)

The New Zealand Association of Science Educators (NZASE) is the national organisation which represents the interests of New Zealand teachers of science.
Early bird registrations to the World Conference on Science and Technology Education in Perth, Australia, 8 - 12th July 2007 close at end of March.
Biolive is the biennial conference for biology teachers run by the New Zealand Association of Science Educators (NZASE).
www.nzase.org.nz   (307 words)

 Adenoviral-Mediated Transfer of a Lysostaphin Gene into the Goat Mammary Gland -- Fan et al. 85 (7): 1709 -- Journal of ...
Adenoviral-Mediated Transfer of a Lysostaphin Gene into the Goat Mammary Gland -- Fan et al.
Department of Animal Science College of Agricultural and Life Sciences University of Vermont, Burlington 05405
Copyright © 2002 by the American Dairy Science Association.
www.dairy-science.org /cgi/content/abstract/85/7/1709   (327 words)

 Scifilm -- Musings, IT CONQUERED THE WORLD (1956)
He fails to see that the alien is bent on conquest for his own reasons.
Beulah (as the vegetable-shaped creature of this movie was named by creator Paul Blaisdell) is one of the silliest monsters from the science fiction movies of the fifties.
As such, the monster does garner quite a bit of affection, and I have to admit that I love it myself.
www.scifilm.org /musings3/musing1709.html   (363 words)

 Crystal structure of an anti-interleukin-2 monoclonal antibody Fab complexed with an antigenic nonapeptide -- Afonin et ...
Articles by Afonin, P. Articles by Pletnev, V. Protein Science (2001), 10:1514-1521.
Crystal structure of an anti-interleukin-2 monoclonal antibody Fab complexed with an antigenic nonapeptide
Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, 117871 Moscow, Russia
www.proteinscience.org /cgi/content/full/10/8/1514   (3276 words)

 RFC 1709 (rfc1709) - K-12 Internetworking Guidelines
Network Working Group J. Gargano Request for Comments: 1709 University of California, Davis FYI: 26 D. Wasley Category: Informational University of California, Berkeley November 1994 K-12 Internetworking Guidelines Status Of This Memo This memo provides information for the Internet community.
Conferences usually are set up to serve the needs of a group of people sharing a common interest.
For example, an on-line conference might be established for teachers to discuss a new science teaching framework or a teacher may establish a conference for the discussion of the Civil War as part of an American History class.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1709.html   (7951 words)

 Department of Geosciences, Stony Brook University
Professor McLennan is a member of the science teams for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover mission (Spirit and Opportunity).
Graduate students Brian Hahn and Nick Tosca and undergraduate Scott Perl are student collaborators on this mission.
Hahn, B. C., McLennan, S. Taylor, G. J., Boynton, W. and 8 others and The Odyssey GRS Science Team (2006) Mars Odyssey gamma-ray spectrometer elemental abundances and apparent relative surface age: Implications for martian crustal evolution.
www.geosciences.stonybrook.edu /people/faculty/mclennan/mclennan.html   (931 words)

 Shifting receptor sensitivity through RNA editing
Sequencing Consortium, 1998, Genome sequence of the nematode C. elegans: a platform for investigating biology, Science 282: 2012-2018.
Lomeli, H. et al., 1994, Control of kinetic properties of AMPA receptor channels by nuclear RNA editing, Science 266: 1709-7113.
Kim, D. et al., 2004, Widespread RNA editing of embedded alu elements in the human transcriptome, Genome Research 14: 1719-1725.
www.cellscience.com /Reviews5/Shifting_receptor_sensitivity_RNA_editing.html   (2609 words)

The following points are made by K.R. Ridderinkhof et al (Science 2004 306:443):
Working memory apparently includes two components: short-term storage (on the order of seconds), and executive processes that operate on the contents of storage.
The following points are made by E.E. Smith and J. Jonides (Science 1999 283:1657):
scienceweek.com /2005/sb050121-4.htm   (1212 words)

 1709   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-15)
Poltava 1709: Russia Comes of Age (Campaign, No 34)
This is a great book to learn all of the basic facts regarding the Battle of Poltava, and the results of the state of Europe afterward.I say it's great for the basic facts, because it packs in what exactly happened leading to the battle to the end result...
Johnson, Detector: As Told by James Boswell (Ipl Library of Crime Classics)
www.freeglossary.com /1709   (518 words)

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