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Topic: 173rd Airborne Brigade

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In the News (Mon 25 Mar 19)

  173d Airborne Brigade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 173d Infantry Brigade was constituted on 1917-08-05 as an infantry brigade and organized on 1917-08-25 at Camp Pike, Arkansas, as an element of the U.S. 87th Infantry Division.
On 1951-12-01 at Birmingham, Alabama, the 173d was inactivated and released from its assignment to the 87th Infantry Division.
On 1963-03-26, the 173d Airborne Brigade (Sep) was allotted to the Regular Army and activated on Okinawa.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/173rd_Airborne_Brigade   (1363 words)

 Airborne forces - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Conversely, airborne forces typically lack the supplies and equipment for prolonged combat operations, and are therefore more suited for airhead operations than long-term occupation; furthermore, parachute operations are particularly sensitive to adverse weather conditions.
Operation Giant II Operation Giant II was a planned drop of the 82nd Airborne on the outskirts of Rome, with the objective of seizing the Italian capital alongside four Italian divisions that were presumed to be friendly to the Allied cause.
Their strategic capabilities have ensured that Airborne forces are still a part of armies today with the 82nd Airborne Division being the largest formation of paratroopers in the world.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Airborne_forces   (3580 words)

 173d Airborne Brigade Lineage
The 2nd Airborne Battle Group, 503rd Infantry was assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade when it was activated on the island of Okinawa on March 26, 1963.
The Brigade and the 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry was relieved of assignment to the 173rd Airborne Brigade on January 14, 1972 and assigned to the 101st Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.
On December 16, 2001 the 2nd Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry was assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade and reactivated on January 25, 2002 in Vicenza, Italy.
www.corregidor.org /heritage_battalion/173rd/173rd_lineage.htm   (1008 words)

 173rd Airborne Brigade History
The Brigade originally was activated in 1917 as the 173rd Infantry Brigade and assigned to the 87th Infantry.
The 173D Airborne Brigade (Separate) was activated on the island of Okinawa on March 26, 1963.
The Brigade was Deactivated on 14 January 1972 at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
www.rat173rdabn.com /history/173rd_history.htm   (392 words)

 173d Airborne Brigade
The brigade mission is to operate as a separate, independent brigade; to fall in on a division as an organic brigade; and to operate as the Army Forces component in a Joint task force.
The 173D Airborne Brigade was activated on the island of Okinawa on March 26, 1963.
The Brigade was deactivated on January 14, 1972 at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/agency/army/173abnbde.htm   (2063 words)

 173RD AIRBORNE BRIGADE U   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Among the brigade's responsibilities are: conducting training to upgrade Vietnamese armed forces- particularly Regional and Popular Forces, Rural Development Cadre and People's Self Defense Forces, helping provide security for key populated areas, reducing the VC infrastructure, increasing the number of Hoi Chanhs and securing a portion of Highway QL 1, Vietnam's only major north-south highway.
The brigade received the Presidential Unit Citation for distinguishing itself in the battle of Dak To during November 1967.
Brigade elements fought with an entrenched North Vietnamese Army regiment on Hill 875, and in some of the most bitter fighting of the war, captured the hill on Thanksgiving Day.
www.skytroopers.org /173rdair.htm   (170 words)

 Welcome to 173rd Airborne Brigade   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The 173d Airborne Brigade was constituted 5 August 1917 as an infantry brigade and organized 25 August 1917 at Camp Pike, Arkansas as an element of the 87th Division.
In 1963 it was allotted to the Regular Army and activated on Okinawa 26 March 1963 as the 173d Airborne Brigade (Sep).
The 173d Airborne Brigade was then reactivated on 12 June 2000 on Caserma Ederle in Vicenza, Italy, where it serves as European Command's only conventional airborne strategic response force for the European Theater.
www.military.com /HomePage/UnitPageFullText/1,13476,100135,00.html   (726 words)

 173rd History
In September 1971 the Brigade was redeployed to Fort Campbell, Kentucky and subsequently on January, 14, 1972 was deactivated.
The brigade's mission was to prevent the rice harvest in the area from falling into the hands of the VC.
The Brigade left 85 enemy dead in the rice paddies and jungle of the Triangle-"E" Troop of the 17th Cavalry alone accounted for 73 VC killed in action.
www.173rd.com /history.htm   (3346 words)

 History for 173rd Airborne Brigade   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
They were attached to Brigade and their mission changed to "Attached for all purposes." Because of this type of attachment, the Cowboys were allowed to wear the 173d insignia on their uniforms.
The Brigade's Three maneuver battalions (1st, 2nd, and 4th of the 503d Airborne Infantry Battalions) were assigned areas of operation north of Qui Nhon along the coastal highlands and QL 1 north to the I Corp-II Corps border.
Major Silvey?s Summary: The 173rd Airborne Brigade was one of the finest units with which I served and it was made better by the fine soldiers and aviation personnel who made up Casper.
www.military.com /HomePage/UnitPageHistory/1,13506,100135|799540,00.html   (5626 words)

 CNN.com Specials
A paratrooper of the 173rd Airborne Brigade maintains a defensive fighting position with his M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon on the streets of Al Hawijah, Iraq, in December 2003.
173rd Airborne soldiers fought in World War II and Vietnam but the unit was deactivated in 1972.
In June 2000, the brigade was reactivated under U.S. European Command, giving the command the ability to provide an immediate response to crisis situations throughout Europe.
www.cnn.com /SPECIALS/2003/iraq/forces/coalition/deployment/army/173rd.airborne.html   (204 words)

 Army - 173rd Airborne Brigade (U.S.)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
U.S. Army separate airborne and infantry brigades are "brigade battle groups." In addition to the three airborne infantry or infantry battalions found in brigades of divisions, they contain a field artillery battalion, a combat engineer company and various other support units.
The flags are similar to those for brigades of divisions but the order of the vertical stripes is reversed, with national flag blue rather than scarlet at the hoist.
The symbolism of the SSI of the 173rd Airborne Brigade is self-evident.
www.fanshop-online.de /fahnen-flaggen-infos/us^173a.html   (133 words)

 Association of the United States Army: 173rd Airborne Brigade in Iraq   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The airborne assault to seize the airfield represents a crowning achievement for the soldiers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade.
Formerly known as the SETAF (Southern European Task Force) Infantry Brigade, the unit was redesignated as the 173rd Airborne Brigade in June 2000.
The airborne assault by the Sky Soldiers, the result of several weeks of preparation at Central Command, CFSOCC, USAREUR and other commands, succeeded in placing a viable threat at the doorstep of the Iraqi regime and underscored the Army’s ability to project combat power decisively.
www.ausa.org /webpub/DeptArmyMagazine.nsf/byid/CCRN-6CCS8Y   (1128 words)

 173rd Airborne ending Afghan tour
Command Sgt. Major Arthur McCann, left, and Col. Kevin Owens furl the colors of the 173rd Airborne Brigade during a transfer of authority ceremony Tuesday at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.
The brigade’s tour, featuring months of heavy fighting in the territory it was responsible for, officially ended in a transfer of authority ceremony Tuesday.
Kevin Owens, who commands the brigade, said Task Force Bayonet made headway across a number of fronts, though most attention has focused on a series of battles regarded as some of the fiercest fighting since the 2001 invasion that drove the ruling Taliban from power.
www.paratrooper.net /commo/Topic190821-2-1.aspx   (567 words)

 Special Forces Search Engine : Airborne/173rd Airborne Brigrade - Powered By The FOGs at The Swamp Team House   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Rate It For the boys of Co C 4Bn 503 Airborne Inf, we are proud veterans of the original 173rd Airborne Brigade during the Vietnam War.
Rate It The 173d Airborne Brigade jumped the first US combat parachute assault in the war against the enemy in South Vietnam.
Rate It March 26, 1963 -- On the island of Okinawa, the only separate Airborne Brigade to exist in the history of the US Army was activated.
www.sfahq.com /Airborne/173rd_Airborne_Brigrade   (389 words)

 Airborne Operations - Recent
During the opening days of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the 82nd's paratroopers had planned to conduct an airborne assault, and the units had begun to rig their equipment and vehicles for a heavy drop.
On March 26, 2003, the 173rd Airborne Brigade conducted a jump into Northern Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the largest airborne assault since D-Day.
In early 2004 the March 26, 2003 jump was classified as a combat jump, and the paratroopers who participated in it can stick their chests out with pride showing off the gold star, or “mustard stain,” that crowns their parachutist wings.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/ops/airborne4.htm   (930 words)

 173rd Airborne Brigade in Iraq (#242)
Members of the US 173rd Airborne Brigade attend a welcome ceremony at the sport grounds of the Ederle barracks in Vicenza, northern Italy.
William Gunter, uncasing the brigade’s colors and attaching the newest battle streamer—representing the brigade’s participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The 173rd Soldiers helped establish an independent civilian government, a new police force, and they restored basic services to the people of Kirkuk, improving their daily lives,” said Turner.
www.anysoldier.com /Brian/Iraq/242.html   (910 words)

 USAREUR Public Affairs News Release
Although the exact location of the brigade’s drop zone has not been released, initial reports from the unit indicate that the jump was largely unopposed.
In one of the largest airborne operations since World War II, several hundred paratroopers jumped in to seize an airfield in the northern region of Iraq that will be used to support military and humanitarian relief operations.
The brigade’s nickname originated with Chinese nationalist paratroopers, who dubbed it “Tien Bien” (Sky Soldiers) during service as the quick reaction force for the Pacific Command in the early 1960s.
www.hqusareur.army.mil /htmlinks/Press_Releases/2003/Mar2003/27Mar2003-03.htm   (294 words)

 173rd Airborne Brigade in Iraq (#186)
Operation Bayonet Lightning is a 173rd Brigade level joint cordon operation to locate and question persons of interest and a show of force in the city.
Soldiers with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, pull security on the streets of Al Hawijah, Iraq, during Operation Bayonet Lightning, Dec. 2, 2003.
The operation by 1200 troops from the 173rd Airborne Division was concentrated on Hawijah and the village of Rashad, 60 kilometres to the south of Kirkuk.
www.anysoldier.com /Brian/Iraq/186.html   (1026 words)

 Purple Heart Austin War Stories - Milton B. (Milt) Carr
The 173rd Airborne Brigade, officially nicknamed "the skysoldiers", unofficially “the herd"; occupied a Base Camp that doubled as part of the perimeter defense of the Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF) Base at Bien Hoa, about 25 miles North of Saigon.
The Brigade only had two battalions of paratroopers, 1/503 and 2/503, so General Williamson had attached a battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) with a battery of Royal New Zealand Artillery (RNZA) to make the 173rd a more robust force.
Six weeks later, the 173rd Brigade was operating elsewhere in War Zone "C" and as usual, I was with the headquarters' Tactical Operations Center (TOC) which at that time was at the Minh Thahn rubber plantation.
www.purpleheartaustin.org /carr.htm   (976 words)

 --- Sky Soldier ---
The Homepage of the 173d Airborne Brigade Association is a Historical Site trying to preserve the History of the 173D Airborne Brigade which was formed in Okinawa, sent to the Republic of South Vietnam as the first American Army Unit deployed to the War Zone.
The 173d Airborne Brigade was reactivated on June 12, 2000 on Caserma Ederle in Vicenza, Italy.
We have established a Scholarship fund for the children and grandchildren of all those who served in the 173d Airborne.
www.skysoldier.org   (163 words)

 Winter Soldier Investigation: 82d & 101st Airborne Divisions & 173d Airborne Brigade, Part I
I was the platoon leader of the 2nd MP Platoon which supported the 2nd Brigade of the 101st at LZ Sally.
It was kind of a sorry sight to see, but the brigade XO who was in charge of LZ Sally was interested in keeping these people away from LZ Sally for security reasons, since they were only 200 yards outside of the perimeter.
I've always worked in a free fire zone, and the policy was if we found any villages, hootches, houses or any animals, we were to destroy the houses and destroy all structures.
lists.village.virginia.edu /sixties/HTML_docs/Resources/Primary/Winter_Soldier/WS_42_82Airborne.html   (4951 words)

 www.wintersoldier.com - 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions and 173rd Airborne Brigade   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
What we have here right now is testimony of the 101st, the 82nd and the 173rd Airborne units in Vietnam.
When I was back with the brigade again, my platoon was given the assignment one month to implant a series of six sensor fields out in the mountains in an uninhabited area.
I was a sergeant in a Scout Dog Unit in the 1st Brigade of the 101st.
ice.he.net /~freepnet/kerry/staticpages/index.php?page=2004031620035748   (10521 words)

 history - 173rd Airborne Brigade
On March 26, 2003, the 173d added to its distinguished history by making the largest mass combat jump since WWII when the brigade’s Soldiers landed in the Bashur Drop zone effectively opening a northern front in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The remainder of the brigade deployed to Regional Command South, with all elements of the brigade demonstrating unparalleled bravery fighting anti-coalition forces in the bloodiest spring since original invasion in 2001.
The brigade excelled in all aspects of the deployment to include facilitating a peaceful parliamentary election process in the fall of 2005.
www.173abnbde.setaf.army.mil /history.htm   (925 words)

 Boston.com / News / World / Europe / Airborne Brigade celebrates return   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Jason Avery and 1,600 of his fellow soldiers received a hero's welcome on their return to their home base in Italy on Friday, a year after parachuting into northern Iraq in the biggest U.S. airdrop since World War II.
Paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade passed before their commanders in review in Vicenza, northern Italy, where they are based.
Over the past year, the 173rd's job was to control Kirkuk, an oil-rich city 180 miles north of Baghdad where Kurds, Arabs and other ethnic groups have been competing for domination.
www.boston.com /news/world/europe/articles/2004/03/13/airborne_brigade_celebrates_return   (374 words)

Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky as a Rifleman.
Ranger Brown volunteered for LRRP and was assigned as a team leader and immediately put his Ranger skills to work with a five man team.
Airborne Division was alerted to go to Vietnam four months later and Ranger Brown volunteered to return with the Division.
www.allamericanrecycling.com /ranger_roger_b.htm   (694 words)

 Airborne’s Sports Map Promotes Camaraderie - DefendAmerica News Article
U.S. Army soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 173rd Airborne Brigade, spent weeks choosing and painting team logos of their favorite sports teams on the wall of their command post on Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.
U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Laferrel Evans (left), Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 173rd Airborne Brigade, surveys the defense while playing quarterback during a game of touch football at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, Feb. 5, 2006.
U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Christopher Ellis, a Kentucky Wildcats fan and Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 173rd Airborne Brigade operations noncommissioned officer in charge, was a main contributor to the project and agrees it was a good way to take his mind off of things.
www.defendamerica.mil /articles/feb2006/a021706wm1.html   (818 words)

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