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Topic: 1761 in science

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  Tobacco Timeline: The Eighteenth Century--Snuff Holds Sway
The British market is unimpressed with its quality, and by 1761, Washington is deeply in debt.
1761: SCIENCE: ENGLAND: Dr. Percival Pott notes incidence of cancer of the scrotum among chimneysweeps, theorizing a connection between cancer and exposure to soot.
SCIENCE: Famed physician Benjamin Rush writes on the medical dangers of tobacco and claims that smoking or chewing tobacco leads to drunkenness.
www.tobacco.org /resources/history/Tobacco_History18.html   (1222 words)

  1761 in science
The year 1761 CE in science and technology included many events, some of which are listed here.
See also: 1760 in science, other events of 1761, 1762 in science and the list of years in science.
June 6 - The first transit of Venus since Edmond Halley suggested that its observation could determine the distance from the Earth to the Sun.
publicliterature.org /en/wikipedia/1/17/1761_in_science.html   (254 words)

 Signaling in Sepsis -- 296 (5574): 1761 -- Science
Signaling in Sepsis -- 296 (5574): 1761 -- Science
Find out more about why this message is appearing, and what you can do to make your experience of our site the best it can be.
Normally, the activated protein C has a protective role in sepsis, but the mechanism has not been known.
www.sciencemag.org /cgi/content/short/296/5574/1761r   (177 words)

 James Cook and the Transit of Venus
The size of the solar system was one of the chief puzzles of 18th century science, much as the nature of dark matter and dark energy are today.
An international team did try to time a Venus transit in 1761, but weather and other factors spoiled most of their data.
The mission of Science@NASA is to help the public understand how exciting NASA research is and to help NASA scientists fulfill their outreach responsibilities.
science.nasa.gov /headlines/y2004/28may_cook.htm   (1923 words)

 Northern woods filled with potential drug
This column is provided as a public service by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, in cooperation with the UAF research community.
Ned Rozell is a science writer at the institute.
Saplings of the Alaska paper birch tree produce a sticky resin on new branches that discourages snowshoe hares from eating them.
www.gi.alaska.edu /ScienceForum/ASF17/1761.html   (648 words)

 Gulliver's Travels - Links: Science
Science & Mathematics Eighteenth-Century Resources by Jack Lynch
Galileo Project life and work of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) and the science of his time
The Academy of Lagado: An Early View of Scientific Inquiry essay accompanying an exhibit about Swift's portrayal of science.
www.jaffebros.com /lee/gulliver/sources/science.html   (530 words)

 House Bill 1761
Payment for such care shall be made to the provider of the care according to division directives and supervision.
The amount of nonmedical assistance to be paid on behalf of a recipient living in a boarding home, residential home, or Christian Science facility shall be based on the daily rate established by the division.
The rate for facilities that are referred to in this section and licensed under IC 16-28 may not exceed an upper rate limit established by a rule adopted by the division.
www.in.gov /legislative/bills/1999/HB/HB1761.2.html   (4442 words)

 Duke HR - Job Descriptions
This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties required of personnel so classified.
Work requires knowledge of computer systems usually acquired through a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Business Administration or a related field.
Work requires two years of relevant experience in information technology; including experience in applying Food and Drug Administration guidelines, conducting compliance audits, system validation or change control.
www.hr.duke.edu /jobs/descr_campus/printer.php?ID=1761   (332 words)

 Pharyngula: Old spiders
Category: Evolution • Fossils • Molecular Biology • Organisms • Science
Two short articles in this week's Science link the orb-weaving spiders back to a common ancestor in the Early Cretaceous, with both physical and molecular evidence.
What we have is a 110-million-year-old piece of amber that preserves a piece of an orb web and some captured prey, and a new comparative study of spider silk proteins that ties together the two orb-weaving lineages, the Araneoidea and the Deinopoidea, and dates their last common ancestor to 136 million years ago.
scienceblogs.com /pharyngula/2006/06/old_spiders.php   (1494 words)

 Bone Tumors Committee
In both cases, the abnormalities may further the development of cancer.
The study of these abnormalities may also lead to the development of new anti-cancer strategies, leading to a translation of basic science results into a bedside treatment of young bone tumor patients.
Although osteosarcoma is uncommon in humans, it is found much more frequently in dogs, especially larger breeds like St. Bernards.
www.curesearch.org /our_research/index_sub.aspx?id=1761   (441 words)

 Research Paper: Look for Sources - TeacherVision.com
Create Math Flash Cards for your students and help them learn their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.
Choose from dozens of performance-based science activities and enhance your students' mastery of key concepts.
Each of the printables packets contains a performance-based activity for the student and background/procedures information with scoring rubric for the teacher.
www.teachervision.fen.com /research-papers/teaching-methods/1761.html   (296 words)

 Walking and Sports Participation and Mortality From Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke -- Noda et al. 46 (9): 1761 -- ...
Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Faculty of Human Life and Environment, Nara Women’s University, Nara, Japan
Department of Social Medicine and Cultural Sciences, Research Institute for Neurological Diseases and Geriatrics, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan
Department of Preventive Medicine/Biostatistics and Medical Decision Making, Field of Social Science, Program in Health and Community Medicine, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya, Japan.
content.onlinejacc.org /cgi/content/abstract/46/9/1761   (610 words)

 Innovative Low Temperature And High Magnetic Field Sample Environments For Advanced Cryogenics And A
Creating high performance environments for low temperature and high magnetic field applications in physical science research and process development down to the atomic scale.
The Oxford Instruments NanoScience business has grown from the original core business of Oxford Instruments.
  Since its foundation it has focused on providing the physical science research community with an extensive range of innovative low temperature and high magnetic field sample environments.
www.azonano.com /Details.asp?ArticleID=1761   (440 words)

 PLANETARY SCIENCE: Enhanced: Salty Old Rocks -- Ott 288 (5472): 1761 -- Science
PLANETARY SCIENCE: Enhanced: Salty Old Rocks -- Ott 288 (5472): 1761 -- Science
Home > Science Magazine > 9 June 2000 > Ott, pp.
Small grains of halite in meteorites are generally interpreted as a sign of the former presence of water.
www.sciencemag.org /cgi/content/summary/288/5472/1761   (216 words)

 FirstScience - Science Facts, science trivia, science info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
FirstScience - Science Facts, science trivia, science info
The oldest oak tree in the US is 1,500 years old and its branches span over 160 feet.
A sunbeam setting out through space at the rate of 186,000 miles a second would describe a gigantic circle and return to its origins after about 200 billion years.
www.firstscience.com /SITE/factfile/factfile1761_1780.asp   (310 words)

 Evaluating Maize for Allelochemicals That Affect European Corn Borer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) Larval Development -- ...
of Horticultural Science, 1970 Folwell Ave., St. Paul, MN 55108
Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education
Copyright © 2001 by the Crop Science Society of America.
crop.scijournals.org /cgi/content/abstract/41/6/1761   (321 words)

 Uncorked: The Science of Champagne
Uncorked also provides a colorful history of champagne, tells us how it is made, and asks: could global warming spell its demise?
Bubbly may tickle the nose, but this book tackles what the nose and the naked eye cannot--the spectacular science of that which gives champagne its charm and gives us our pleasure.
To purchase on our web site your browser MUST be set to accept Cookies.
bookstore.ucdavis.edu /Display.cfm?ItemID=1761   (283 words)

 >>> Australia Science and Environment,Search Science and Environment   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Information on coastal business, sport, recreation and science within the state of Tasmania.
Undertakes strategic and tactical research in support of sustainable development of Australia's marine resources and to understand the ocean's role in climate.
Representative body of Tasmanian olive growers and producers.
www.australiagate.com /links/directory/Tasmania/Science_and_Environment/Science_and_Environment.html   (113 words)

 Library and Information Science Graduate Programs outside U.S.A.
Library and Information Science Graduate Programs outside U.S.A. LIBRARY and INFORMATION SCIENCE
Please send an email to and take advantage of our free personalized step by step counseling.
The Graduate School was established in 1967 with 36 departments for the master's program and 27 for the Ph.D. program.
www.gradschools.com /listings/out/library_out.html   (448 words)

 The Women's Museum | Home
Participating institutions include The Women's Museum, The Science Place, Hall of State, Dallas Museum of Natural History, The Age of Steam Railroad Museum, Texas Discovery Gardens, African American Museum and the Dallas Aquarium.
Museum of Nature and Science and TI Founders IMAX Theater
For information on getting around in and to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, visit www.dfwtraveler.com
www.thewomensmuseum.org /site/MessageViewer?em_id=1761.0   (458 words)

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