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Topic: 1765 in music

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  Encyclopedia: 1765 in music
See also: 1765 in music, other events of 1766, 1767 in music, list of years in music.
W. Mozart, 1790 portrait by Johann Georg Edlinger Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (January 26, 1756 – December 5, 1791) is considered one of the greatest composers of European classical music (especially, of the Classical music era).
Years in music January 4 is the 4th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/1765-in-music   (689 words)

 Encyclopedia: 1765
The year 1765 in science and technology See also: 1764 in science, other events of 1765, 1766 in science and the list of years in science.
A portion of the original text printed in 1765 The Stamp Act 1765 was the fourth Stamp Act to be passed by the British Parliament and required all legal documents, permits, commercial contracts, newspapers, pamphlets, and playing cards in the American colonies to carry a tax stamp.
Category: 1765 Jump to: navigation, search March 3 is the 62nd day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar (63rd in leap years).
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/1765   (3719 words)

 Moravian Music Foundation Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Moravian musical heritage is an important piece of musical and cultural history for several reasons: First, because of its craftsmanship, musicality, and sincere portrayal of spiritual values.
Other festivals and seminars followed, and in 1956 the Moravian Music Foundation, an independent 501 (c) (3) nonprofit institution, was chartered for the purpose of preserving the music, preparing modern editions for publication and performance, and generally making it available for performers, churches, researchers, and scholars worldwide, as well as to encourage contemporary composition.
The Moravian Music Foundation was founded and chartered in North Carolina in 1956, to preserve, study, edit and publish the music retained in the Archives of the Moravian Church in America, Northern and Southern Provinces.
www.moravianmusic.org /info.htm   (1857 words)

 Authentic performance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The effect of these instruments in their original form is particularly noticeable when they play together in orchestras, since not only do the musical lines sound different, but their relationship to one another is altered by the difference in relative volume (wind instruments generally being louder relative to the strings).
Particularly in Baroque music, music written in even rhythm is sometimes performed rather as if the notes were dotted or in triplets, in a practice known as notes inégales and similar to the swing feel of jazz.
In Renaissance music, musica ficta are employed; these are accidentals (sharps and flats) not written in the score, but rather inferred using the performer's judgment or via rules laid down by theorists.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/A/Authentic-performance.htm   (3567 words)

 List of musical events Information - TextSheet.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
2004 in music - The Offspring releases Splinter
1913 in music - near-riot at premiere of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring
1786 in music - Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro
www.textsheet.com /encyclopedia/l/li/list_of_musical_events.html   (1303 words)

 Learn more about List of musical events in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
1967 in music - The Beatles release Sgt.
1918 in music - Ella Fitzgerald, Leonard Bernstein born
1869 in music - Ricard Wagner's Das Rheingold
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /l/li/list_of_musical_events.html   (1359 words)

 Stringed Keyboards 17th-18th Century
The stern young son is seated at the harpsichord, with one hand on the music.
She is accompanied by a clutch of musical putti.
She is at a very partly visible keyboard instrument, with music on the rack and draped on the keyboard.
www.unh.edu /music/Icon/iskns.htm   (8888 words)

 kallisti.html   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
We hold our pedagogical publications to the same standards as our "concert" music, and take pride in offering educational pieces good enough to be worthy of professional performance.
music notation software, and anyone submitting work to us must have access to Finale in order to put the music in publishable form.
If the music is already available in some other publication, explain what will be different about your edition.
pw1.netcom.com /~kallisti   (587 words)

 Instruction Resources - Summer Camp Directory
Music: composition, jazz studies, music education, private practice sessions, weekly seminars in listening, performance anxiety, applying to college, the art of auditioning, and chamber music
Music: orchestra, jazz ensemble, piano and organ, beginning through advanced instrument instruction, chorus, music theory, chamber music, computer music, jazz improvisation, vocal technique, classical guitar, and composition.
Music: classroom and individual instruction, Composers Forums, recitals and concerts, and special events presented by guest artists, musicianship, composition, and chorus, computer music, music history, notation, instrumentation, and a variety of elective courses concerts
www.metronomehome.com /SummerCampDirectory.htm   (501 words)

 1765 in music - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
1765 in music - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
This encyclopedia, history, geography and biography article about 1765 in music contains research on
1765 in music, Events, Popular music, Opera, Classical music, Births and Deaths.
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/1765_in_music   (114 words)

 1765 Definition / 1765 Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Act was enacted in order to defray the cost of maintaining the military presence protecting the colonies.
The Act passed unanimously on March 22, 1765 and went into effect on November 1 of that year.
1765 - American Revolutionary War: The Kingdom of Great Britain passes the Quartering Act that requires the 13 American colonies to house British troops.
www.elresearch.com /1765   (1480 words)

 Amateur Musicians in America - Violin Pedagogy
Wealthy young ladies (and gentlemen) for whom music was primarily a social accomplishment.
Music was of more importance to some than to others, but for all it was a valued part of life, a pleasure well worth its cost in time, effort, and money.
In addition to providing music for their own families, some of these players would have been members of social orchestras, playing quicksteps, waltzes, polkas, quadrilles, galops, marches, and contradances for special social occasions.
www.violinonline.com /amateurmusiciansinamerica.htm   (403 words)

 Music in Charlottetown PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Canada - Pagelite Search The Canadian Web Directory
From Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island acoustic blues.....bands and was heavily involved in music.
1765 in art 1765 in literature 1765 in music 1765 in...
The establishment of the Music Dept at the...
search.pagelite.ca /canada/PRINCE%20EDWARD%20ISLAND/Charlottetown/Music%20in   (747 words)

 1765 in music -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
1765 in music -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
See also: (additional info and facts about 1764 in music) 1764 in music, (additional info and facts about other events of 1765) other events of 1765, (additional info and facts about 1766 in music) 1766 in music, (additional info and facts about list of years in music) list of years in music.
The (German baroque organist and contrapuntist; composed mostly keyboard music; one of the greatest creators of Western music (1685-1750)) Bach- ((Old Testament) Cain and Abel were the first children of Adam and Eve born after the Fall of Man; Abel was killed by Cain) Abel concerts are founded.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/1/17/1765_in_music.htm   (248 words)

 Musick Family Geneology
Our family, both Music and Musick, is widely believed to be of Welsh descent, and that has been written for a long time.
He later lived three miles from Charlottesville, left there in 1763, moved to South Carolina in 1765, and then to Rutherford, North Carolina, He and his sons Lewis, William and David fought at the Battle of Cowpens in the Revolution.
Daniel was born in 1734 at Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and probably moved to Georgia or the Carolinas, or maybe to Pennsylvania or north of Virginia.
www.musickfamily.com   (793 words)

 Chamber Music Mobile, AL - Mobile, Alabama Chamber Musicians, Mobile Chamber Musicians
Yimin Cai is the former Principal Harpist for the world-famous Shanghai Opera House in China and a graduate of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.
The music for your function needs to reflect the elegance and class of that special occasion.
A vast repertoire covering almost all musical genres will be played for you by versatile musicians who have performed extensively, and who currently play with major orchestras in the Metroplex.
www.gigmasters.com /ChamberMusic/ChamberMusic_Mobile_AL.asp   (925 words)

 Composer Biography - Gluck, Christoph
It also has a simple, direct plot, based on straightforward human emotions, which could appeal to an audience as the complicated stories used in contemporary opera seria, with their intrigues, disguises and subplots, could not.
His music can have driving energy, but also a serenity reaching to the sublime.
His historical importance rests on his establishment of a new equilibrium between music and drama, and his greatness on the power and clarity with which he projected that vision; he dissolved the drama in music instead of merely illustrating it.
www.sfsymphony.org /templates/composer.asp?nodeid=253&strchar=F   (579 words)

Most of the records contain music you won’t find anywhere else.
I like to think of it as exciting, unusual and interesting music—music to really listen to—that demands attention and, one hopes, rewards that attention—music, as Charles Ives put it, to "stretch your ears," and also engage your mind and your heart.
Stuart Dempster: In the Great Abbey of Clement VI Complete Studies for Player Piano: The Music of Conlon Nancarrow, Vol.
www.mutablemusic.com /history.html   (248 words)

 New York Post Online Edition: music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Alone, each of these singers is considered one of the fastest and finest draws in R&B. Together, they completely complement one another.
Gill is the romantic - when he's in the lead, there's a built-in sensuousness to the music.
Sweat is an old-fashioned soul singer who specializes in ballads.
www.nypost.com /music/1765.htm   (219 words)

 1764 in music - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
This page was last modified 16:53, 5 May 2005.
This encyclopedia, history, geography and biography article about 1764 in music contains research on
1764 in music, Events, Popular music, Opera, Classical music, Births and Deaths.
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/1764_in_music   (146 words)

 Music List on Almondnet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Over 2,600 free music videos, over 50 free radio stations, breaking news, reviews, the latest charts, video interviews and performances.
Only $14.95 for unlimited music, MP3, song, video, movie, and software file downloads for one whole year.
Enjoy music downloads without getting in trouble by downloading the legal music, MP3's and songs.
www.choochoorecords.co.uk /trance/_music_list.html   (360 words)

 The Lied and Art Song Texts Page: Texts and Translations to Lieder, Mélodies, Chansons and other Vocal Music
Please visit Artsconverge, a Lieder-related web-project on which I once did some work.
Music, wine and Love agree, True, true, true!
Search sheetmusicplus.com for Music, Love and Wine, Art song, Lieder, chansons, or works for solo voice
www.recmusic.org /lieder/get_text.html?TextId=23412   (322 words)

 Books / Brass   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
There is no tab in the book so you need to know how to read standard music notation to learn the pieces.
Music Space - #1 Source For As Seen On TV Music & Videos
Musical Instruments @ Guaranteed Lowest Prices @ Music123!
www.buymusicposters.com /music/index/mode_1765/type_browse/first_9/index.html   (361 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Subject: Milkman music please Does anyone have the music/chords/etc. to the Milkman of human kindness?
Subject: Re: Milkman music please Ivan - Ask and ye shall receive.
It is a video grab from family home videos and was taken off AP, I have another if anyone would like to see it where he's target practicing under adult supervision...
www.things.org /music/billy_bragg/digest_archives/v01.n1765   (891 words)

 DDM Classical   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Instrumental Music at the Electoral Court in Munich from 1750 to 1800.
Music and Musicians in the German Stammbücher from circa 1750 to circa 1815.
Music and Drama in the Opera Buffa Finale: Mozart and His Contemporaries in Vienna, 1781-1790.
www.music.indiana.edu /ddm/Classicalold.html   (9431 words)

 70's Music Billings, MT - Yellowstone, Montana 70's Bands, Billings 70's Bands
SOLO, TRIO or 4 PIECE BAND specializing in the music of the 50s, 60s and 70s.
INCLUDING THE MUSIC OF: James Taylor, John Denver, Buddy Holly, Jim Croce, Sam Cooke, The Beatles, Cat Steve...
Formed in 1998, the Mud Dogs currently consist of five multi-talented musicians that play a variety of music.
www.gigmasters.com /70s/70sMusic_Billings_MT.asp   (892 words)

Disclaimer: The contents on this website may become out of date and are subject to change without notice.
www.bcc.ctc.edu /ArtsHum/materials/Fall2002/MUSIC.asp   (95 words)

 New Artist (1765) - Last.fm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Listen to music, see charts for New Artist (1765) - Track 09, New Artist (1765) - Secret, New Artist (1765) - Maroon 5-Secret
We don't have an image for New Artist (1765) yet.
32 people recently listened to New Artist (1765).
www.audioscrobbler.com /music/New+Artist+%281765%29   (62 words)

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