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Topic: 1766

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Encyclopedia: 1766
John Dalton John Dalton (September 6, 1766 – July 27, 1844) was a British chemist and physicist, born at Eaglesfield, near Cockermouth in Cumberland.
Categories: 1766 January 1 is the first day of the calendar year in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars.
Statue of Frederick V in the center of Amalienborg Frederick V (March 31, 1723 - January 13, 1766) was king of Denmark and Norway from 1746, son of Christian VI of Denmark and Sophie Magdelena, Markgravin of Brandenburg-Kalmbach-Bayreuth.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/1766   (3117 words)

 Impact of Renewable Fuels Standard/MTBE Provisions of S.1766 - Assumptions of this Analysis
Section 818 of S. 1766 calls for elimination east of the Mississippi River of the current 1 pound per square inch waiver of the Reid vapor pressure (RVP) limitation for fuel blends containing gasoline and 10 percent ethanol in areas not suffering from high ozone concentration levels.
1766 is projected to yield carbon emissions from petroleum in the transportation sector which are 4.6 million metric tons lower than those in the Reference Case in 2006, and 7.2 million metric tons lower in 2020.
Neither this case nor the S. 1766 Case account for the additional energy that may be used to produce the additional renewables and their feedstocks.
www.eia.doe.gov /oiaf/servicerpt/mtbe/assumption.html   (3206 words)

 1766 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1763 1764 1765 - 1766 - 1767 1768 1769
1766 was a common year starting on Wednesday (see link for calendar).
January 1 - Bonnie Prince Charlie becomes the new Stuart claimant to the throne of Great Britain as King Charles III and figurehead for Jacobitism.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1766   (471 words)

 1766 Burials
Gabriel Maurer died March 1, 1766, and was buried on the 2nd in the Plantation cemetery.
Martin Lackner died Nov. 12, 1766, and was buried on the 13th in the Town cemetery.
Apollonia Gress died in Bethany in the evening of Nov. 22, 1766, and was buried on the 23rd in the Town cemetery.
www.accessgenealogy.com /scripts/data/database.cgi?file=Data&report=SingleArticle&ArticleID=0025420   (529 words)

 1766 BC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Lee, NH Lee was incorporated in 1766 after separating from Durham.
RFC 1766 Tags for the Identification of Languages.
Broglie, Maurice-Jean de Born in Paris, 5 September, 1766; d.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-1766_BC.html   (110 words)

 RFC 1766 (rfc1766) - Tags for the Identification of Languages   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
RFC 1766 (rfc1766) - Tags for the Identification of Languages
RFC 1766 - Tags for the Identification of Languages
Network Working Group H. Alvestrand Request for Comments: 1766 UNINETT Category: Standards Track March 1995 Tags for the Identification of Languages Status of this Memo This document specifies an Internet standards track protocol for the Internet community, and requests discussion and suggestions for improvements.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1766.html   (1616 words)

 Impact of Renewable Fuels Standard/MTBE Provisions of S.1766 - Introductin
In the S. 1766 Case, all changes from the Reference Case can be attributed to provisions of S. 1766, and in the RFS/No MTBE Ban Case, changes can be solely attributed to the RFS.
1766 does not specify RFS targets after 2012, but requires renewable fuels to maintain the same percentage of transportation fuels that was achieved in 2012.
The S. 1766 Case is projected to result in U.S. annual average gasoline prices that are about 4 cents per gallon (real 2000 dollars) higher, and average RFG prices that are between 9.0 and 10.5 cents per gallon higher than the Reference Case, after the MTBE ban in 2006.
www.eia.doe.gov /oiaf/servicerpt/mtbe/introduction.html   (4757 words)

 [No title]
Section 803 of S. 1766 does not require states to determine the fuel efficiency of vehicles being scrapped or that scrapped vehicles are being replaced by more fuel-efficient vehicles.
Section 803 of S. 1766 ignores the fact that cars turned in for scrappage often barely run or are rarely driven second or third vehicles that have a minimal impact on overall fuel economy.
Section 803 of S. 1766 will diminish the availability of affordable transportation and repair parts to low-income drivers as more and more older cars are crushed.
members.tripod.com /MSchauer/sema/S.1766FederalScrappageFundingAlert-2001.doc   (518 words)

 RFC1766   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
RFC 1766 Language Tag March 1995 chapter 5 of this document.
RFC 1766 Language Tag March 1995 The country codes AA, QM-QZ, XA-XZ and ZZ are reserved by ISO 3166 as user-assigned codes.
RFC 1766 Language Tag March 1995 (NOTE: The MIME specification [RFC 1521], section 7.2, states that headers not beginning with "Content-" are generally to be ignored in body parts.
rfc.net /rfc1766.html   (1710 words)

 [No title]
Gage to Croghan, (April 16, 1766), Gage, Thomas in: Massachusetts Historical Society, Pontiac Miscellanies, 1765-1778 and Brit.
Extract of a Journal, (Mouth of the Siota, June 29 - July 3, 1766), Croghan, George in: (Enclosed in Croghan to Gage, July 6, 1766).
CROGHAN TO JOHNSON, (Sept. 10, 1766), Croghan, George in: Johnson Mss., 13:80 and in Alvord and Carter, British Series, Vol.
www.gbl.indiana.edu /archives/miamis17/miamitoc19.html   (943 words)

 Schiller Theater Place Royale
W.A. Mozart geboren op 27 januari 1756 componeerde als negen en tienjarige jongen in het jaar 1766 welke hij met zijn vader en zus ook Utrecht bezocht het volgende: KV-22 Sinfonie Nr.
De familie moet noodgedwongen langer in Nederland blijven tot hij beter is. In 1766 reizen ze via Amsterdam en Haarlem naar Utrecht.
Leopold maakt zijn zoontje wel een jaar jonger: Wolfgang is in 1766 10 jaar oud.
www.schillertheater.nl /bericht.asp?Id=224   (617 words)

 ST. PATRICK'S DAY IN VIENNA, 1766 by Brian McGinn
In 1766, the capital city of the mighty Hapsburg Empire was a Mecca for musical and military talent.
By March 1766, Philip Browne was the last of this illustrious line of professional soldiers.
By March 1766, the son had eclipsed the famous father, who died in 1755 as Governor of Livonia.
www.illyria.com /irish/mcginn_austria.html   (1449 words)

 George III - Halfpenny - 1766
This coin is an Irish copper halfpenny issued in 1766 by George III.
This coin type was widely counterfeited, at the time of issue or slightly later - quite often with mismatched halves - such as a George II bust coupled with the 1766 date or this bust paired with a later date.
Many of the contemporary forgeries are quite poorly engraved - even the better examples usually exhibit poor quality in the area of the laurel leaves on the bust.
homepage.eircom.net /~johnsl/J01183.HTM   (245 words)

 [No title]
In the tradition of solving only problems that we think we understand, this document specifies an identifier mechanism, and one possible use for it.
The Language tag The language tag is composed of 1 or more parts: A primary language tag and a (possibly empty) series of subtags.
NOTE: The ISO 639/ISO 3166 convention is that language names are written in lower case, while country codes are written in upper case.
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1766.txt   (1679 words)

 PHP Classes - Class: RFC 1766
This class is capable of mapping the identifiers of idioms and country cods defined by ISO standards to the respective english names as recommended in the RFC 1766.
It also has two functions, one to validate RFC 1766 style idiom tags, and one to fetch a human readable name in english for a given idiom tag.
The class may be useful if you want to implement a multilingual system that needs to use the idiom identifier used in the application.
www.phpclasses.org /browse/package/2035.html   (216 words)

 1766 Osceola Mill House Bed & Breakfast - Gordonville / Intercourse (Lancaster County), Pennsylvania - BBOnline.com / ...
he 1766 Osceola Mill House is a limestone Georgian home located on the banks of the Pequea Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
W.E. 1766"), it was built in 1766 by Jacob Ludwick and his wife Elizabeth from stone quarried on the opposite side of the creek.
Today, the 1766 Osceola Mill House sits on approximately one acre next to the original mill and across from the miller's cottage, built in the mid 1800's.
www.bbonline.com /pa/osceolamill/index.html   (502 words)

 1766   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Rachel R. King, 25, and Mitchell R. Robinson, 26, both of 1766 Wales Rd....
Silas Dinsmoor was born in New Hampshire in 1766.
Terminal buildings can be sent to Steven Gayle at sgayle@ co.broome.ny.us or Binghamton Metropolitan Transit Study, 44 Hawley St., PO Box 1766, Binghamton, NY...
www.wikiverse.org /1766   (486 words)

 1766   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
The authors claim that Monro's 1766 case book is a document of considerable...
and covers the period from the reunion of Lorraine to France in 1766 to the end of the reign of Napoleon III, when part of this area...
A regulation of 25 October 1766 required that a register in French--from 22 June 1771 also in...
ansiklopedi.info /1766   (297 words)

 RFC 1766 (rfc1766)
Alvestrand [Page 1] RFC 1766 Language Tag March 1995 2.
- Codes of 3 to 8 letters may be registered with the IANA by anyone who feels a need for it, according to the rules in Alvestrand [Page 2] RFC 1766 Language Tag March 1995 chapter 5 of this document.
The Content-language header The Language header is intended for use in the case where one desires to indicate the language(s) of something that has RFC-822-like headers, like MIME body parts or Web documents.
www.cse.ohio-state.edu /cgi-bin/rfc/rfc1766.html   (1679 words)

 The General Correspondence of James Boswell : 1766-1769, 1768-1769
This is the second and final volume of James Boswell's general correspondence for the years 1766 to 1769.
The richly diverse collection includes the texts of letters between Boswell and 123 correspondents, beginning when Boswell was in the early years of his legal career in Edinburgh and closing shortly after his marriage to his penniless Ayrshire cousin, Margaret Montgomerie.
The correspondence touches on many topics and issues, some public, some private, including Boswell's patronage of struggling playwright William Julius Mickle; the publication and reception of Boswell's Account of Corsica and his efforts to rouse British interest in the Corsican cause; and the aftermath of Boswell's vigorous legal and journalistic involvement in the Douglas Cause.
www.allbookstores.com /book/0300074034   (229 words)

 Letters from Voltaire, 18 July 1766   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
On February 28, 1766, he, d'Etallonde (a friend, who had escaped to Prussia), and Moisnel, a boy of eighteen, were condemned to death, after having their longues cut out and their hands cut off.
On July 1, 1766, la Barre (he was scarcely twenty) died "with the firmness of Socrates," after having been put to the torture.
With his body was burnt, with other contraband works, the first volume of The Philo-sophical Dictionary of Voltaire--who, with many others, had believed up to the last in a reprieve.
humanities.uchicago.edu /homes/VSA/letters/18.7.1766.html   (891 words)

 Ireland 1766 Religious Census
Fragments of the 1766 Religious census, hand written by Tenison Groves many years before this fire survive in fragments and have partially been microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
This index therefore, although not a complete record of the whole of Ireland, does cover over 11,000 heads of households, giving their names, parish and religion.
It helps a researcher to establish where their ancestors were living in the year of 1766.
www.gendir.com /link_detail/1203   (232 words)

 1766 BC Arts News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Looking For 1766 bc - Find 1766 bc and more at Lycos Search.
Find 1766 bc - Your relevant result is a click away!
Look for 1766 bc - Find 1766 bc at one of the best sites the Internet has to offer!
www.colorfulimaginations.com /search/news/1766_BC   (88 words)

 Historic 1766 Salem, North Carolina
The Historic 1766 Salem web site offers photographs and information about the buildings of the restored Moravian town of Salem, North Carolina.
Salem was founded in 1766 by the members of the Moravian Church, or Unitas Fratrum, as the central town of the 98,985 acre Wachovia Tract which the Moravians purchased from Lord John Carteret, the Earl of Granville, in 1753.
Today, the original boundaries of Salem are preserved as the Old Salem historic district of Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina and is the most authentic restoration in the United States.
www.1766salem.org   (115 words)

 Saint Patrick's Day Parade, New York City
The parade marches up 5th Avenue, clan by clan, from 44th to 86th streets starting at noon on March 16th.
The first official parade in the City was held in 1766 by Irishmen in a military unit recruited to serve in the American colonies.
For the first few years of its existence, the parade was organized by military units until after the war of 1812.
www.ny.com /holiday/stpatricks/parade.html   (263 words)

 C CARSTENSEN b 1766 Sonderborg, Dk
Christian Carstensen was born in Sonderborg, Denmark in 1766.
Re: C CARSTENSEN b 1766 Sonderborg, Dk Myron Carstensen 5/04/01
Re: C CARSTENSEN b 1766 Sonderborg, Dk Gene Brown 9/19/04
genforum.genealogy.com /carstensen/messages/29.html   (60 words)

 George Wachter 1766 PA
I was looking for Wachtel and found Wachter in Lancaster Co., PA. In the will of Martin Weidman dated 6/6/1766 and proved 10/11/1768 he names his wife Margretha and several children including Catherine wife of George Wachter.
Re: George Wachter 1766 PA George Wachter 9/01/00
Re: George Wachter 1766 PA Joe Wachter 3/24/00
www.genforum.genealogy.com /wachter/messages/40.html   (64 words)

 C&MS: Comet D/1766 G1
Independent discoveries were made by C. Messier (France) on April 8.85 and C. Cassini de Thury (France) on April 8.86.
Shortly after the Northern Hemisphere observations ended, A. Pingré computed an orbit indicating a perihelion date of 1766 April 17.51.
He suggested the comet be searched for in the morning sky during June.
www.cometography.com /pcomets/1766g1.html   (569 words)

 Ancestry.com - Search Ireland 1766 Religious Census
They are in no alphabetical order nor with any rhyme or reason.
However fragments of this 1766 census remain, Thanks to the transcribing efforts of Tenison Groves, and the microfilming programme of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints some of these records are available to use.
Many other scraps of census material exist in the National Library but are not avail to people overseas.
www.ancestry.com /search/db.aspx?dbid=5990   (405 words)

 Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834).
Thomas Robert2 Malthus was born in 1766, at Dorking, a place just south of London.
Malthus' father, Daniel, in 1759, purchased a "small elegant mansion" and called it "The Rookery." Within two years of our hero's birth (1766), in 1768, "The Rookery" was sold "and the family moved to a less extensive establishment at Albury, not far from Guildford." [Keynes,
One of the tutors was Richard Graves (1715-1804), a writer, who in 1772 wrote
www.blupete.com /Literature/Biographies/Philosophy/Malthus.htm   (4834 words)

 Amsterdam Square View  1766  by Tirion
Note: to see three close-ups of this picture, click on the area you wish to see.
"Gezicht op het Stadhuis langs de noordzyde en van agteren, en op den Onvolbouwden Tooren der Nieuwe Kerke" (view of the City House along the north side and the New Church), issued Amsterdam, 1766 by the prolific and important Isaak Tirion.("Paulus van Liender fec.
A wonderful mid-18th century engraved panoramic view looking into Dam square, which can be seen in the background.
www.portsmouthbookshop.com /MapPage/MapPages533xx/53312amst.htm   (212 words)

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