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Topic: 1768 in science

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Early death may benefit bear-pressured salmon
This column is provided as a public service by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, in cooperation with the UAF research community.
Ned Rozell is a science writer at the institute.
While snorkeling in Alaska’s largest lake a few years ago, Stephanie Carlson watched sockeye salmon change from aggressive red creatures with wolfish jaws to drab, lethargic slugs.
www.gi.alaska.edu /ScienceForum/ASF17/1768.html   (635 words)

  Kant's Philosophy of Science (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
It is of interest to contemporary philosophers of science primarily because of the way in which Kant attempts to articulate a philosophical framework that places substantive conditions on our scientific knowledge of the world while still respecting the autonomy and diverse claims of particular sciences.
The feature of Kant's conception of natural science proper that is most immediately striking is how restrictive it is. It requires that cognition (i) be systematically ordered (ii) according to rational principles and (iii) be known a priori with apodictic certainty, i.e., with "consciousness of their necessity" (4:468).
Kant then uses the claim that science proper requires the construction of the concept of the object in a priori intuition to exclude the possibility that chemistry and psychology, at least as they were practiced at that time, could count as science proper.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/kant-science   (7193 words)

 Review: Girls' rights to science - 11 May 1991 - New Scientist
Science and Technology in the Early Years edited by Naima Browne, Open University Press, pp 160, £9.99
The results were predictable, depressingly so for those who hope that women's attitudes to science and technology are changing.
The toys young children choose to play with demonstrate attitudes to science,...
www.newscientist.com /article/mg13017686.000-review-girls-rights-to-science-.html   (274 words)

  Mars Pathfinder - Science Results Directory
The combination of spectral imaging of the landing area by the lander camera, chemical analyses aboard the rover, and close-up imaging of colors, textures and fabrics with the rover cameras offered the potential of identifying rocks (petrology and mineralogy).
The 3 instruments and rover allowed seven areas of scientific investigation: the geology and geomorphology of the surface, mineralogy and geochemistry of rocks and soils, physical properties of surface materials, magnetic properties of airborne dust, atmospheric science including aerosols, and rotational and orbital dynamics of Mars.
If the (iron-enriched) Shergottite meteorites are typical of the mantle composition, then the mantle must be warmer than Earth's (for the same pressure level) and the core radius must be larger than ~1300 km (but no larger than ~2000 km for other mantle compositions).
mars.jpl.nasa.gov /MPF/science/science-agu-matgol.html   (1764 words)

 Swedenborg & Science
In this article, I will briefly describe the stages in Swedenborg's life, and outline his mature teachings with particular relevance to what is relevant to the concerns of contemporary science, and to the concerns of those wishing to extend that science.
My task here is not to explain his ideas about ethics, religion and theology, although he would see those as central to his understanding, but to give an introduction to some of the consequences of his teachings with particular relevance to current topics of concern.
Swedenborg gives us the beginning of a detailed theory of psycho-physical correspondences, a branch of science which should be compatible with all the observations of neurophysiology and of psycho-physical connections.
www.theisticscience.org /papers/smn3b.html   (3105 words)

 ScienceDaily: 2006 Is Sixth Warmest Year On Record, Estimates Show
Science Daily — The global mean surface temperature in 2006 is currently estimated to be + 0.42°C above the 1961-1990 annual average (14°C/57.2°F), according to the records maintained by Members of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
The year 2006 is currently estimated to be the sixth warmest year on record.
In many countries it was the warmest autumn since official measurements began: records in central England go back to 1659 (1706 in The Netherlands and 1768 in Denmark).
www.sciencedaily.com /releases/2006/12/061218130705.htm   (2355 words)

 CO2 Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The authors analyzed four discontinuous sets of high-water data from the Liverpool waterfront that span the period 1768-1999, looking for changes in annual maximum high water (tide plus surge), surge at annual maximum high water (surge component of annual maximum high water), and annual maximum surge-at-high-water.
There were no significant trends in the first two parameters over the period of study.  However, the annual maximum surge-at-high-water declined at a rate of 0.11 ± 0.04 meters per century.
Science for all your greenhouse gas reporting needs.
www.co2science.org /scripts/CO2ScienceB2C/articles/V5/N36/C1.jsp   (154 words)

 Strange Science: Timeline
1720-René Réaumur submits a report to the Paris Academy of Sciences proposing that a brief Noachian flood cannot account for the thick sedimentary layers (composed largely of broken shells) underlying the region of Tours.
1723-Antoine de Jussieu addresses a paper to the Académie des Sciences suggesting that an ancient object, e.g., a stone tool, made of the same material and by the same process as those used by a modern population probably has the same function.
This single monograph increases tenfold the formally described vertebrates known to science.
www.strangescience.net /timeline.htm   (12181 words)

The electronic states in quantum dots can be probed by transport when a small *tunnel coupling is allowed between the dot and nearby source and drain leads.
Cronenwett et al (Science 1998 281:540) reported the realization of a tunable Kondo effect in small quantum dots, with the capability of switching a dot from a Kondo system to non-Kondo system as the number of electrons on the dot is changed from odd to even.
The Kondo temperature can be tuned by means of a gate voltage as a single-particle energy state nears the Fermi energy.
scienceweek.com /2004/sc040723-2.htm   (1205 words)

 1769 in science - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The year 1769 in science and technology included many events, some of which are listed here.
See also: 1768 in science, other events of 1769, 1770 in science and the list of years in science.
June 3 - Transit of Venus is observed from many places in order to obtain data for measuring the distance from the Earth to the Sun.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1769_in_science   (156 words)

 James Cook and the Transit of Venus
The island had been "discovered" by Europeans only a year before in the South Pacific, a part of Earth so poorly explored mapmakers couldn't agree if there was a giant continent there...
The size of the solar system was one of the chief puzzles of 18th century science, much as the nature of dark matter and dark energy are today.
The mission of Science@NASA is to help the public understand how exciting NASA research is and to help NASA scientists fulfill their outreach responsibilities.
science.nasa.gov /headlines/y2004/28may_cook.htm   (1923 words)

 Department of Fisheries Science, Introduction
Today, the Department of Fisheries Science includes faculty with a broad variety of research interests including: finfish, mollusc, crustacean, shark, turtle and marine mammal biology, pathology, parasitology, genetics, and economics.
Students interested in graduate study in Fisheries Science should have substantial undergraduate coursework in biology including: physiology, biochemistry, comparative morphology or developmental biology, genetics, ecology and related topics, and evolutionary biology.
In addition to the core courses required of all SMS graduate students, Fisheries students are required to take Marine Fisheries Science (MSCI 528) and an additional quantitative course such as Multivariate Analysis and Time Series (MSCI 625), Experimental and Quantitative Ecology (MSCI 667), Stock Assessment Methods (MSCI 670), or Applied Regression and Forecasting (MSCI 672).
www.fisheries.vims.edu   (450 words)

 USC Libraries :: Political Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The library also acquires and maintains a substantial collection of materials produced by the United Nations and many other National Government Organizations.
To schedule a class taught by the Political Science specialist, select "Request-A-Class" below.
To inquire about tours for guests or orientations for new faculty or students, E-mail Political Science specialist.
www.usc.edu /libraries/subjects/political_science   (144 words)

 Genomic Islands and the Ecology and Evolution of Prochlorococcus -- Coleman et al. 311 (5768): 1768 -- Science
Find out more about why this message is appearing, and what you can do to make your experience of our site the best it can be.
Home > Science Magazine > 24 March 2006 > Coleman et al.
AAAS is a partner of HINARI, AGORA, PatientInform, CrossRef, and COUNTER.
www.sciencemag.org /cgi/lookup?vol=311&fp=1768&view=abstract   (452 words)

 Garden Botanika, home for natural beauty care products, beauty's source for natural make up, cosmetics, bath and ...
Since 1989, Garden Botanika has remained true to its mission of creating products that are: botanically based, a careful blend of nature and science, cruelty-free, gentle to the environment and 100% guaranteed.
That's why we strive to make it simple and affordable for you to nourish your skin daily with the best nature and science has to offer.
All of our products are carefully researched and developed to ensure only the finest, most effective botanically based formulas.
www.gardenbotanika.com /jump.jsp?itemID=1768&itemType=PRODUCT&iProductID=1768   (295 words)

 Science With Magnets Kit - Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories
Catalog :: Cool Science :: Magnetism :: Magnetism Kits :: Science With Magnets...
Set includes a compass, ceramic horseshoe magnet, a ceramic bar magnet, paperclips and a ceramic disc magnet to conduct simple experiments.
Science Kit(R), TheSKope(TM), Boreal(R) and Teacher Developed-Classroom Tested(TM) are trademarks of Science Kit, LLC(R).
sciencekit.com /category.asp_Q_c_E_737957&cr=1768   (137 words)

 The Graduate School
The academic programs offered within The Graduate School are designed for educators, scientists, home economists, dietitians, counselors, religious education directors, nurses, pastoral ministers, specialists who work with the elderly, and others desiring to begin or complete a course of advanced study.
Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Connecticut Board of Higher Education, the programs lead to a Master of Arts or a Master of Science degree.
Continuing education and professional development courses are also available for in-service educators looking to renew their teaching or administrators licenses.
www.sjc.edu /content.cfm/pageid/1768   (579 words)

 Jacqueline Floyd Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
A study of the hydrothermal evolution of the upper oceanic crust south of the intermediate-rate spreading Costa Rica Rift from multichannel seismic reflection imaging and borehole data from ODP Site 504B.
Floyd, J. S., Tolstoy, M., Mutter, J. C., and Scholz, C. H., 2002, Seismotectonics of Mid-Ocean Ridge Propagation in Hess Deep, Science, 298, 1765-1768.
Cover of the Novenber 29, 2002 issue of Science for the Hess Deep article "Seismotectonics of Mid-Ocean Ridge Propagation in Hess Deep," by Jacqueline Floyd, Maya Tolstoy, John Mutter, and Chris Scholz, all of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University.
www.ldeo.columbia.edu /~jsfloyd   (198 words)

 Science and Earth History
What is the relationship between the Bible and science?
The Central Question: What is the relation between the Bible and science?
It may surely be said that the Genesis accounts of creation are not in conflict with scientific and historical knowledge.
www.northave.org /MGManual/Erthhis/Erthhis1.htm   (802 words)

 Science - Planetary Science & Life Detection: People: Albert Haldemann
NASA's twin robot geologists, the Mars Exploration Rovers, launched toward Mars on June 10 and July 7, 2003, in search of answers about the history of water on Mars.
Haldemann, A.F.C., et al., FIDO science payload simulating the Athena Payload, Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets, 107 (E11), art.
Rover-Team, Characterization of the Martian Surface Deposits by the Mars Pathfinder Rover, Sojourner, Science, 278, 1765-1768, 1997.
science.jpl.nasa.gov /people/Haldemann   (949 words)

 HISTORY OF PHYSICS: ON RENORMALIZATION IN QED   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This was the first serious meeting of physicists who had played leading roles in World War II and then returned to the pursuit of peaceful science.
The Shelter Island Conference succeeded in its purpose: It set the direction for physics for the next 30 years.
Cronenwett, T. Oosterkamp, L. Kouwenhoven, Science 281, 540 (1998)
scienceweek.com /2005/sw051104-2.htm   (1820 words)

 ESA Science & Technology: International Meteor Organization - Science note on the Leonids 2000
ESA Science & Technology: International Meteor Organization - Science note on the Leonids 2000
International Meteor Organization - Science note on the Leonids 2000
The Leonids are caused by a stream of predominantly very small particles, less than 1 mm in size, which orbit the Sun with a period of 33 years, together with their parent comet, Tempel-Tuttle.
sci.esa.int /science-e/www/object/index.cfm?fobjectid=37816&fbodylongid=1768   (178 words)

 BLM - Environmental Education - Science in Process: Discovering the Past at Santa Cruz
When the Spanish explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado passed through the San Pedro River valley in 1540, he entered a land already inhabited by people for at least 11,000 years.
Research the cultural heritage of your community to learn what various groups have contributed in terms of language, customs, values, religion, building styles, art forms, government, education, and occupations.
Back to the Science in Process: Discovering the Past at Santa Cruz Homepage
www.blm.gov /education/00_resources/articles/science_in_process/article.html   (3835 words)

 Forensic Science Communications - July 2004
Steganalysis, the detection of steganography by a third party, is a relatively young research discipline with few articles appearing before the late-1990s.
The art and science of steganalysis is intended to detect or estimate hidden information based on observing some data transfer and making no assumptions about the steganography algorithm (Chandramouli 2002).
Technical Report TR2001-412, Dartmouth College, Computer Science Department, 2001.
www.fbi.gov /hq/lab/fsc/backissu/july2004/research/2004_03_research01.htm   (8832 words)

 NEW PRODUCTS -- 316 (5832): 1768 -- Science
Jump to: Page Content, Section Navigation, Site Navigation, Site Search, Account Information, or Site Tools.
Home > Science Magazine > 22 June 2007 > p.
© 2007 American Association for the Advancement of Science.
www.sciencemag.org /cgi/content/summary/316/5832/1768   (137 words)

 State Information Service-Publications
Through his diplomatic work, he participated in presenting Egypt's viewpoint towards human rights in particular and defending human rights in the world in general.
Galal is a holder of a Ph.D. in political science, the author of a number of books and writer of many articles and studies in specialized periodicals on vital political issues.
The book consists of seven chapters and a conclusion.
www.sis.gov.eg /En/Publications/909/1760/1768/1781.htm   (846 words)

 Forensic Science Communications - July 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Steganalysis, the detection of steganography by a third party, is a relatively young research discipline with few articles appearing before the late-1990s.
The art and science of steganalysis is intended to detect or estimate hidden information based on observing some data transfer and making no assumptions about the steganography algorithm (Chandramouli 2002).
Detection of hidden data may not be sufficient.
www.au.af.mil /au/awc/awcgate/fbi/2004_03_research01.htm   (8832 words)

 Tree Seeds Assortment - Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories
Catalog :: Elementary Science :: Life Science - Plants :: Trees and Leaves :: Tree Seeds Assortment
Contains 9 packets of 10 seeds each: Cotton Gum, Red Oak, Tulip Tree, American Plum, European Filbert, Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Flowering Dogwood, and Black Ash.
Copyright(C) 2007, 2003, 2001 • Science Kit, LLC(R).
sciencekit.com /category.asp_Q_c_E_433973&cr=1768   (167 words)

 INTERview: Anthony Gierzynski : UVM The View
This term, the court will hear a Vermont case that directly challenges that restrictive precedent.
The decision that emerges from those deliberations, says Anthony Gierzynski, associate professor of political science and author of the campaign finance book Money Rules, could potentially have a bigger impact than the much-ballyhooed McCain-Feingold because it could dramatically open (or restrict) the ability of government to regulate campaign fundraising.
Gierzynski’s own research is a crucial part of the legal mix: Two extensive expert reports he prepared analyzing the effect of spending and contribution limits in Vermont and New Mexico are key part of the factual holdings that underlay the legal defense of the laws.
www.uvm.edu /~uvmpr/theview/article.php?print=true&id=1768   (1468 words)

 Shivanand Patil (www.whonamedit.com)
If you, or anybody close to you, is affected, or believe to be affected, by any condition mentioned here: see a doctor.
Hypography is an open community about science and all things related
An X-linked mental retardation syndrome associated with coarse facies.
www.whonamedit.com /doctor.cfm/1768.html   (77 words)

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