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Topic: 1774 in science

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  Faith and Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Theology's academic classification among the theoretical sciences or arts began in the 12th century in the west and is due to the shift of theology into metaphysics.
The use of the intellect in the field of science leads unavoidably to the rejection of the supernatural as incomprehensible, and its use in the field of faith can lead to the rejection of science when it is considered to be in conflict with faith.
But the use of science in a metaphysical struggle against faith, as was practised in the West, and as was transferred to the East, is opposed quite rightly by the traditional theologians of the 18th and 19th century.
www.antiochian.org /print/1105757921   (6643 words)

For Double Award science, the final assessment total for any student will be made up of the best marks drawn from a minimum of three separate activities, covering all three content Attainment Targets.
These syllabuses and their associated teaching support materials provide an approach to teaching and learning in science which begins with familiar materials, phenomena and issues and leads on to consider the scientific ideas, principles and theories which will enable candidates to understand and explain the world around them.
The science content, theories and principles required by the syllabus are then introduced to help students to understand the work they are doing.
www.colchsfc.ac.uk /library/meg/pages/sci/1774/1774s.htm   (4258 words)

His memoir on the classification of the family of Ranunculaceæ (1773) led to his election to the Academy of Sciences.
All our knowledge concerning the natural system of his uncle we owe to him; consequently it is not possible to make a clear distinction between the work of the two men.
As early as 1774, during the lifetime of the uncle, appeared the treatise "Exposition d'un nouvel Ordre des Plantes, adopté dans les démonstrations du Jardin royal", in the "Mém.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/08569a.htm   (1896 words)

 HPS 297 Syllabus Winter 97
This course adopts an interdisciplinary approach--drawing on cultural history, anthropology, gender studies, and philosophy--to the study of Chinese science, technology, and medicine analyzed in its intellectual, social, and cultural context.
Science' in China: The Concept of Science and Its Application in Modern Chinese Thought," reprinted in Tani E. Barlow, ed., Formations of Colonial Modernity in East Asia (Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 1997).
In this final week we will read several conference papers from "Intersecting Areas and Disciplines: Cultural Studies of Chinese Science, Technology and Medicine," to be held at the Center for Chinese Studies, UC Berkeley, February 27-28, 1998.
www.stanford.edu /dept/HPS/297_syl97.html   (1959 words)

 1809 in science - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The year 1809 in science and technology included many events, some of which are listed here.
October 11 - Meriwether Lewis, explorer (* 1774)
This page was last modified 11:22, 9 June 2005.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1809_in_science   (66 words)

 Origins of Solar Systems Program
It is proposed to consider both in situ surface variability and remotely-sensed middle atmospheric variability, in order to improve the characterization of short-period weather (e.g.,diurnal and semidiurnal components), as well as longer period (e.g., day-to-day and seasonal) variations.
To investigate the surface variability in the lander data, a suite of data analysis tools will be employed that are effective at determining the dominant periods of variabilty and in discriminating between periods having little spectral separation.
Science [278, 1734-1774, 1997] and a special issue of the Journal of Geophysical Research in late 1998.
research.hq.nasa.gov /code_s/nra/current/NRA-98-OSS-06/winners.html   (15357 words)

 NIEHS Superfund Basic Research Program
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.
Long-distance root-to-shoot transport of phytochelatins and cadmium in Arabidopsis.
A unified theory of carcinogenesis based on order-disorder transitions in DNA structure as studied in the human ovary and breast.
www-apps.niehs.nih.gov /sbrp/about/about7_s3.cfm   (2674 words)

 Seasonal Salts Could Rub Mars Raw
Possibility of the Seasonal Existence of Salt Solution in the Martian surface regolith and their morphological effect.
A Science Abstract by Kuzmin R.O. and E.V. Zabalueva
The presence of the water-soluble salts in the Martian regolith [1, 2, 3] may influence on the phase state of the ice-containing regolith in the areas where the ice in the regolith is stable on the surface.
www.spacedaily.com /news/mars-water-science-00a.html   (1304 words)

 WWW-VL: US Military History: American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783
Massachusetts Provincial Congress - from Worchester Polytechnic Institute, Department of Military Science
Capture of Fort William and Mary: 1774 - University of New Hampshire
Battles of Lexington and Concord - Worchester Polytechnic Institute, Department of Military Science - Extremely thorough with many supplementary links.
www.kwanah.com /vl/002.htm   (501 words)

 Conservation Ecology: Sustainability science for tropical forests
It might be useful to examine some core issues of sustainability science (Kates et al.
In conclusion, I would reiterate that tropical forests are vital for social, economic, and ecological reasons.
We need to explore the core questions of sustainability science in the context of tropical forests and design robust policy and practice for adaptive tropical forest management if we are to mitigate the negative effects of human intervention in these ecosystems.
www.ecologyandsociety.org /vol6/iss1/resp13   (1471 words)

 Mars Pathfinder - Science Results - Mineralogy and Geochemistry
Note: The compositions plotted in the following 5 figures have been superseded by the results presented in: Rieder, R., et al., 1997, The chemical composition of the Martian soil and rocks returned by the mobile Alpha Proton X-ray Spectrometer: Preliminary results from the X-ray mode, Science, 278: 1771-1774.
In this diagram, preliminary Pathfinder APXS analyses of soils (yellow dots) extend the range of Viking soil analyses.
This suggests that the "stripe" is actually an accumulation of soil deposited in a crack in the rock face.
mars.jpl.nasa.gov /MPF/science/mineralogy.html   (1865 words)

 ISCID - Forrest M. Mims III
Forrest also teaches experimental Earth science once or twice a year at the University of the Nations at their campuses in Kona, Hawaii, and Lausanne, Switzerland.
In 1993, he was named a Laureate in the Rolex Awards for Enterprise competition for his efforts in establishing a global ozone measuring network that used instruments of his own design.
He is currently working with the Space Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin to compare measurements of atmospheric water vapor made from satellites and the surface.
www.iscid.org /forrest-mims.php   (1685 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A.,  98(10): 5446-5451, 2001.  Courchamp, Franck;   Langlais, Michel;   Sugihara, George   Rabbits killing birds: modelling the hyperpredation process.
Science, 288(5473): 2040-2; 2000 Jun 16 Comment in: Science.
Science, 287(5459): 1770-4; 2000 Mar 10; Dunn, Peter O.; Winkler, David W. Climate change has affected the breeding date of tree swallows throughout North America.
courses.washington.edu /vseminar/Esc450-1/lect1refs.doc   (2296 words)

 Robert B. Jackson
He leads research projects for two core projects of the International Geosphere Biosphere Programme, Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems (GCTE) and Biosphere Aspects of the Hydrological Cycle (BAHC), and is Director of Duke's Ecology Program and new stable isotope mass spectrometry facility (http://www.biology.duke.edu/jackson/devil).
In 1999 Jackson received a Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering from the National Science Foundation (one of 19 scientists honored at the White House).
He has more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications and is co-editor of the book "Methods in Ecosystem Science" (Springer, 2000).
www.ecology.duke.edu /faculty/jackson.html   (230 words)

 Science -- Sign In
Lan et al., Hematotoxicity in Workers Exposed to Low Levels of Benzene, Science 2004 306: 1774-1776
If you don't use cookies, sign in here.
Join AAAS and subscribe to Science for free full access.
www.sciencemag.org /cgi/content/abstract/306/5702/1774   (111 words)

 Superfund Basic Research Program - UC Berkeley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Study on the harmful affects of low-doses of benzene exposure published in Science
Summary: Science publishes Martyn T. Smith's paper on the affect of low-doses of benzene on blood cells in the December 2, 2004 issue.
Abstract: Benzene is known to have toxic effects on the blood and bone marrow, but its impact at levels below the U.S. occupational standard of 1 part per million (ppm) remains uncertain.
superfund.berkeley.edu /news/041203.htm   (222 words)

H.M. Stoll and D.P. Schrag, Glacial control of rapid sea level changes in the Early Cretaceous, Science, 272, 1771-1774, 1996.
Schrag, D.P., G. Hampt, D.W. Murray, The temperature and oxygen isotopic composition of the glacial ocean, Science, 272, 1930-1932, 1996.
Guilderson, T.P. and D.P. Schrag, Abrupt shift in subsurface temperatures in the Eastern Tropical Pacific associated with recent changes in El Niño, Science, 281, 240-243, 1998.
www.eps.harvard.edu /people/faculty/schrag   (1879 words)

 Books on Science & Mathematics - Postscript Books by Mail - New Arrivals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
These six lectures - three by the 'positivist' Hawking and three by the 'Platonist' Penrose - were delivered in 1994 at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge.
Definitions, with sources and notes giving more detail where appropriate, for 6,000 terms used to characterize the concepts, phenomena and artefacts associated with biomaterials science and related disciplines.
A significant contribution to the ecological study of industrial regions, this book examines the interactions between humans and other living organisms in one of first regions to feel the full impact of industrialization and urbanization.
www.psbooks.co.uk /Science&Mathematics_Rec.asp?pgn=8   (1046 words)

The different branches of science deal in the main with the different levels of organisation of physical substance.
Fields like psychology, anthropology, and sociology move away from the boundaries of science altogether.
There is so much material on different branches of science on the web that it is pointless citing links to individual pages.
www.kheper.net /topics/science/science.htm   (1958 words)

 David M. Lodge • Faculty • Department of Biological Sciences • University of Notre Dame
David M. Lodge • Faculty • Department of Biological Sciences • University of Notre Dame
Thus, in the last few years, we have been conducting research at both very specific levels of policy (how much should society invest in preventing the further spread of zebra mussel?) and at the more general levels of intersection of science, theology, and environmental ethics.
Additional information, including instructions for prospective graduate students, is available on the Lodge Lab web site.
biology.nd.edu /lodge.shtml   (1109 words)

 IGAC | Isotopic discrimination during nitrous oxide loss processes
Kim, K.-R., and H. Craig, Nitrogen-15 and oxygen-18 characteristics of nitrous oxide: A global perspective, Science, 262, 1855-1857, 1993.
Prasad, S. Zipf, and X. Zhao, Potential atmospheric sources and sinks of nitrous oxide 3: Consistency with the observed distributions of the mixing ratios, J.
Yung, Y. L., and C. Miller, Isotopic fractionation of stratospheric nitrous oxide via photolysis, Science, 278, 1778-80, 1997.
www.igac.noaa.gov /newsletter/16/n2O_16.php   (2625 words)

 EVOLUTION UPDATE -- 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
News relating to evolution from American Scientist, Nature, Science,and Scientific American are listed.
Davis, 2005 May-Jun. Science and Religious Fundamentalism in the 1920s.
For some it bridges the gap between science and faith, for others it goes beyond the pale.
users.mstar2.net /spencersa/evolutus/news05.html   (2437 words)

 1774 in science -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
1774 in science -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
The year 1774 in (A particular branch of scientific knowledge) science and (The practical application of science to commerce or industry) technology included many events, some of which are listed here.
February 4 - (Click link for more info and facts about Charles Marie de La Condamine) Charles Marie de La Condamine, French geographer (born (Click link for more info and facts about 1701) 1701)
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/1/17/1774_in_science.htm   (203 words)

 Ioannis Papaefstathiou: Curriculum Vitae
Graduated in Computer Science in 3 years (4 is normal).
Part of a group of 14 engineers and computer scientists, I designed certain circuits for ATLAS single chip network switch, and developed the high-level model for testing it, within the ASICCOM project.
Part of a group of 8 engineers and computer scientists, I developed the software needed for transferring data to and from the Telegraphos II single chip switch, within the Telegraphos project.
www.ics.forth.gr /~ygp/cv.htm   (1363 words)

 Nat' Academies Press, Global Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights in Science and Technology (1993)
IV Scientific and Technological Advance and Its Impact on..., pp.
Please use the page image as the authoritative form to ensure accuracy.
In Intellectual Property Rights In Science, Technology, and Economic Performance, F. Rushing and C. Brown, eds.
www.nap.edu /books/0309048338/html/143.html   (728 words)

 Guest editorial   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Hermann von Helmholtz and Ewald Hering, two giants of nineteenth century visual science, spent most of their careers in acrimonious debate, with Helmholtz the empiricist pitted against Hering the nativist.
Cooper M L, Pettigrew J D, 1979 ``A neurophysiological determination of the vertical horopter in the cat and owl'' Journal of Comparative Neurology 184 1--26
Kerr K E, 1998 ``Anomalous correspondence - the cause or consequence of strabismus'' Optometry and Vision Science 75 17--22
www.perceptionweb.com /perc0599/editorial.html   (3428 words)

 Scaling the Hill of Vision: The Physiological Relationship between Light Sensitivity and Ganglion Cell Numbers -- ...
Scaling the Hill of Vision: The Physiological Relationship between Light Sensitivity and Ganglion Cell Numbers -- Garway–Heath et al.
Articles by Garway–Heath, D. Articles by Hitchings, R. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science.
Department of Visual Science, Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London, United Kingdom.
www.iovs.org /cgi/content/abstract/41/7/1774   (633 words)

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