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Topic: 1782 in architecture

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  Custom Huse Architecture > Federal Style
The Federal style of architecture, employed in many of the public structures erected between 1776 and 1820 can be seen as an Americanization of the classical architecture which preceeded it in Europe and the colonies.
Architecture being one of the fine arts, and as such within the department of a professor of the college, according to the new arrangement, perhaps a spark may fall on some young subjects of natural taste, kindle up their genius, and produce a reformation in this elegant and useful art.
Could we carry into our civil architecture the responsibilities that weigh upon our shipbuilding, we should ere long have edifices as superior to the Parthenon, for the purposes that we require, as the Constitution or the Pennsylvania is to the galley of the Argonauts.
hester.nscc.mass.edu /architecture/federalist   (1091 words)

 Search Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Renaissance art and architecture -> Architecture of the Renaissance During the Renaissance the ideals of art and architecture became unified in the acceptance of classical antiquity and in the belief that humanity was a measure of the universe.
American architecture -> Modern American Architecture Wright, generally acknowledged as one of the greatest architects of the 20th cent., developed a highly original approach to residential design before World War I, which became known as the Prairie Style.
modern architecture -> Form and Materials By 1920 there was an increasingly wide understanding that building forms must be determined by their functions and materials if they were to achieve intrinsic significance or beauty in contemporary terms, without resorting to traditional ornament.
www.encyclopedia.com /searchpool.asp?target=Architect   (579 words)

 Architecture timeline
This page indexes the individual year in architecture pages.
Each year is annotated with a significant event as a reference point.
\n* 1789 - \n* 1788 -\n* 1787 -\n* 1786 -\n* 1785 - \n* 1784 - \n* 1783 -\n* 1782 -\n* 1781 -\n* 1780 -
encyclopedia.codeboy.net /wikipedia/a/ar/architecture_timeline.html   (972 words)

 ► Architecture Adfunk Internet Solutions Article
The earliest architectural monument of Islam that retains most of its original form is the Dome of the Rock (Qubbat al-Sakhrah) in Jerusalem, constructed in 691-92.
The culture of Islamic Spain reached its apogee in Moorish art and architecture, Fa�ence and lacy pierced-stone screens are the hallmarks of its decoration.
In India a distinct style, preserved mainly in architecture, developed after the Delhi Sultanate was established (1192).
www.geocities.com /cursorpointing2/architecture.htm   (653 words)

 Salem Massachusetts Architecture.
This Georgian dwelling was designed by Samuel McIntire and built as a residence for Elias Hasket Derby, but the building was left unfinished when Derby purchased another residence in 1782.
Samuel McIntire remodeled this early Federal dwelling in 1810 in what is believed to be his first major commission.
Built by John Gardner during Salem's most prosperous era, this elegant Federal town house is widely admired in the published history of American architecture for its imposing but balanced and restrained facade.
www.salemweb.com /guide/arch/houses.shtml   (576 words)

 US: Monticello and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville
His architectural works were an integral part of the neoclassical movement, but their adaptation to the convenience, ideals, and requirements of the new nation made them uniquely Jeffersonian.
His architecture reflected his high regard for the classical civilizations of Rome and Greece and was part of the classical trend that swept through Europe in the eighteenth century.
As embodied in Jefferson's architecture, these ideals also were depicted by historian Howard Adams: As the house of the chief architect of the New Republic, Monticello continues to speak openly of those goals Jefferson held for himself, his family, his government, and his fellow countrymen.
www.cr.nps.gov /worldheritage/us-jef.htm   (10471 words)

 garrett - pafg28 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
John GARRETT was born on 24 Jun 1782 in,, Virginia.
Steven GARRETT was born on 29 Jul 1784 in,, Virginia.
Stephen married Martha in 1782 in, Buckingham, Virginia.
members.aol.com /jazzspurs/pafg28.htm   (609 words)

 MSN Encarta - Neoclassical Art and Architecture
The Empire style in architecture is epitomized by such mammoth public works as the triumphal arches at the Carrousel du Louvre, designed by Percier and Fontaine and begun in 1806, and the Champs-Élysées, designed by Jean-François Chalgrin and begun the same year.
Greek-inspired architecture in England is exemplified by such constructions as the Bank of England rotunda (1796) by Sir John Soane and the British Museum portico (1823-1847) by Sir Robert Smirke.
The Greek Revival was modified by the Regency style, notable architectural examples of which are the facades designed by John Nash for Regent Street (begun 1812) in London and his Royal Pavilion at Brighton (1815-1823).
drhanan.com /criticism/Neoclassical.htm   (1546 words)

 Bay Area Architecture, Santa Clara County, California -- National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary
The traditional architectural practices of both the Spanish, and later Mexican, immigrants were easily adopted in Alta California because of the moderate climate and abundance of the familiar adobe material.
In the 1830s a new style of architecture evolved in California that was a unification of these early Spanish-Mexican building practices and the New England architectural traditions that were familiar to the increasing number of American immigrants.
Wright's typical prairie house was long and horizontal in form with low-pitched hip roofs and wide projecting eaves, a central portion of the house rising slightly higher than the flanking wings, with banks of windows and wide-open floor plans and large central hearth.
www.cr.nps.gov /nr/travel/santaclara/bayareaarchitecture.htm   (2031 words)

 [No title]
Since a binary specification shall include information specific 95 to the computer processor architecture for which it is intended, it is not 96 possible for a single document to specify the interface for all possible 97 LSB-conforming implementations.
Architecture: A Specification for a new family of RISC processors.
Linux Standard Base 1940 1941 An LSB conforming implementation shall provide the architecture specific data 1942 interfaces for Time Manipulation specified in Table 1-21, with the full 1943 functionality as described in the referenced underlying specification.
www.linuxbase.org /spec/refspecs/LSB_2.0.0/LSB-Core-PPC64/LSB-Core-PPC64_lines.txt   (6502 words)

 [No title]
In the official lists in sections 6.2 - 6.10, an asterisk (*) next to a protocol denotes that it is new to this document or has been moved from one protocol level to another, or differs from the previous edition of this document.
While they may be proposed as a service protocol at a later stage, and thus become proposed standard, draft standard, and then standard protocols, the designation of a protocol as experimental may sometimes be meant to suggest that the protocol, although perhaps mature, is not intended for operational use.
Sometimes one protocol is replaced by another and thus becomes historic, or it may happen that a protocol on the standards track is in a sense overtaken by another protocol (or other events) and becomes historic (state 5).
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1800.txt   (5190 words)

 Bernard Huet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
In 1971, he founded and presided over the Institute of Architectural and Urban Studies and Research (ILRAU) which in 1986 became the Unit of Research associated with CNRS under the name IPRAUS.
He was the expert consultant for several missions for UNESCO: on the Ivory Coast for the construction of teaching complexes (1970), for the protection of Venice (1978-80), for the city of Rotterdam, he worked with the project "Kop Van Zuid" – (for planning the harbour zone) – from 1990 to 1997.
He is the author of town planning and of mixed house development zone (ZAC) and, this leads him to undertake the work of Chief Architect of ZAC Dessaux in Orleans and of the Cathedral in Amiens.
www.cperspectives.org /Invitees/bernard_huet.htm   (347 words)

The purpose of this article is to present a systematic study of the development of vernacular domestic architecture in three counties in northeastern North Carolina.
The Virginia house, a one-story dwelling with gable-end chimneys and either a one-room or a two-room, hall-and-parlor plan was the first distinctively native style of domestic architecture to emerge in the English colonies.
Perhaps the greatest factor in the decline of vernacular architecture was the displacement in popular esteem of the traditional types of dwellings by ones taken from patterns in builders’ handbooks.
www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us /sections/hp/colonial/Nchr/subjects/lounsbury.htm   (9592 words)

 Table of contents for Architectural theory
Joshua Reynolds from Discourses on Architecture (1786) 119.
John Soane from Royal Academy Lectures on Architecture, V, VIII, and XI (1812-15) Part V The Rise of Historicism in the Nineteenth Century A.
Léonce Reynaud from "Architecture" in Encyclopédie nouvelle (1834) B.
www.loc.gov /catdir/toc/ecip055/2004030886.html   (2605 words)

 Digital Preservation: Architecture and Technology for Trusted Digital Repositories
For digital repositories, high-level architectures have been defined and there is extensive technology available in the form of specific tools and reusable platforms.
This architecture is based on the Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture [3] (Fedora), a framework and implementation funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and available at no cost through an open source Mozilla Public License.
The Fedora architecture meets many of the requirements outlined by Suleman and Fox [4], especially those of modularity and extensibility.
www.dlib.org /dlib/june05/jantz/06jantz.html   (6791 words)

 Art & Architecture of New York
A stunning and haunted architectural tour of the fabulous, faded mansions along the Hudson River Monica Randall's evocative, sepia-tinted photographs capture the architectural splendor of 26 palatial estates many of them truly castles which loom as mysterious ruins along the Hudson River.
Its architectural wealth ranges from nearly one hundred prime examples of colonial-era design and construction to hundreds of splendid examples of modem and postmodern design.
The Architecture ofBergen County, New Jersey presents an accessible overview of the county's architectural history and its historic structures.
www.hopefarm.com /architec.htm   (5885 words)

 Architecture Graduate Programs in United Kingdom and Ireland
It develops the knowledge and skills of people already engaged in architectural practice, to equip them with an understanding of the organisational and legal issues associated with the practice of architecture, and establishes competence for those wishing to enter the profession and register as an architect.
Postgraduate studies are architecturally underpinned by the energy and thrust of a lively undergraduate and graduate programme and stimulated by on-going research into urban and housing design, energy, sustainability and environmental design, digital design and simulation, architectural and inter-disciplinary practice.
Its objectives are to develop your ability as an architectural designer through project-based experimentation, to help you to make a constructive and rigorous intellectual critique of your own work, and to encourage articulate explanation of the quality and value of your designs.
www.gradschools.com /listings/UK/architecture_UK.html   (2462 words)

 Colonial Revival   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The style, which borrowed heavily from early American architecture - particularly Georgian style buildings - was largely an outgrowth of a new pride in America's past and a rapidly growing Interest in historic preservation.
Among the leaders of the movement were the partners at McKim, Mead and White, who had made a tour of New England's historic towns in 1878.
In the early phase, the Colonial Revival style remained the exclusive domain of fashionable architectural firms and was favored for the large residences of wealthy clients.
ah.bfn.org /a/archsty/colrev   (444 words)

 Egyptian architecture - Beni Hasan
Beni Hasan is one of the few Middle Kingdom architectural sites (2040 — 1782 BC, Dynasties XI and XII) that survived the massive reconstruction of the New Kingdom.
The tomb of Khitti is an architectural masterpiece, with its ceiling erected on lotus-shaped columns.
The architecture is organized with two square rooms in from the cliff wall, before ending in a small niche.
www.aldokkan.com /art/hasan.htm   (368 words)

 AllRefer.com - Sir William Chambers (Architecture, Biography) - Encyclopedia
He traveled extensively in the East Indies and in China making drawings of gardens and buildings, many of which were later published.
He studied architecture in France and Italy and established (1755) his practice in England where he designed decorative architecture for Kew Gardens.
He became private architect to King George III and was made (1782) surveyor general.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/C/ChambersSrW.html   (288 words)

In that study he will define the national origins of our culture, note how the elements drawn from European countries were modified and combined in the New World, and trace the final emergence of a distinctly American civilization.
So late as 1782 the basement and the fourth floor were described as "a heap of ruins," while only a few of the rooms on the first and second floors had been repaired for the use of the forty young men then making up the student body.
John Notman, noted as the designer of St. Mark's, the Church of the Holy Trinity, St. Clement and many residences in the Philadelphia region, and of "Prospect" and "Guernsey Hall" in Princeton, was a devotee of the Florentine school of architecture so popular in the fifth and sixth decades of the century.
etc.princeton.edu /CampusWWW/Otherdocs/evolution.html   (2191 words)

 Colonial Williamsburg Journal
A more important purchase was an architecture book bought from a cabinetmaker near the college gate.
They quickened his interests in the world, interests he would apply to the heavens, weather, music, mathematics, paleontology, surveying, gadgets, linguistics, education, literature, physics, metaphysics, architecture, art, history, antiquities, medicine, natural law, religion, government, and scientific agriculture.
"Architecture is my delight," he said, "and putting up and pulling down, one of my favorite amusements." The remodeling was so thorough that the threestory house that stands now on the mountain amounts to the second.
www.history.org /Foundation/journal/jeffart.cfm   (5464 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Internet Architecture Board Standards Track [Page 14] RFC 1880 Internet Standards November 1995 1862 - Report of the IAB Workshop on Internet Information Infrastructure, October 12-14, 1994 This is an information document and does not specify any level of standard.
Internet Architecture Board Standards Track [Page 15] RFC 1880 Internet Standards November 1995 1853 - IP in IP Tunneling This is an information document and does not specify any level of standard.
Internet Architecture Board Standards Track [Page 18] RFC 1880 Internet Standards November 1995 1821 - Integration of Real-time Services in an IP-ATM Network Architecture This is an information document and does not specify any level of standard.
www.faqs.org /rfc/rfc1880.txt   (5715 words)

 K. Edward Lay: "Charlottesville's Architectural Legacy"
Because of this dominance of Federal architecture and the disruption caused by the Civil War, the Greek Revival and Victorian periods had less effect on the area before the next important architectural period, the Colonial Revival, when eclectic classical motifs again became prominent.
By 1782, when the county's population had reached 5,300, the ratio of slaves to whites was five to one.3
Studies suggest that Dinsmore built "Oak Lawn" (fig 5), the Jefferson paradigm patterned after plates in Robert Morris's Select Architecture (1757) and William Halfpenny's Useful Architecture (1752), for Nimrod Bramham in 1822.(22) During his tenure at the University of Virginia Dinsmore was the principal master carpenter for Pavilions III (Fig.
www.iath.virginia.edu /schwartz/cville/Lay.html   (3610 words)

 Workhouse Architecture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Another impetus to the building of workhouses came with Gilbert's Act of 1782 which allowed parishes to combine into a union and erect a workhouse.
The early nineteenth century saw architectural developments that were to become significant in workhouse design.
Kempthorne's model plans were also adopted by another significant figure in workhouse architecture, George Wilkinson.
users.ox.ac.uk /~peter/workhouse/buildings/buildings.html   (2122 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
De Koninck was a Belgian modernist architect who taught at La Cambre, an important school of architecture, for 3 decades.
An Architectural Proposal by Charles Goodman and Text by Wolf Von Eckardt.
With architectural renderings and illustrations by Helmut Jacoby (many in color).
world.std.com /~hlm/fr_am.htm   (1134 words)

 Architecture timeline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Palace of Assembly at Chandigarh, India, is finished, completing largely the design for the civic structures for the new city deisgned by Le Corbusier.
The 1937 World's Fair in Paris showcases Nazi and Soviet architecture and Art Deco.
William Le Baron Jenney opens his architectural practice in Chicago.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/A/Architecture-timeline.htm   (2417 words)

 Jefferson, The Works, vol. 3 (Notes on Virginia I, Correspondence 1780-1782) ToC: The Online Library of Liberty   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Jefferson, a Virginian, was the author of the American Declaration of Independence (1776), an active participant in the Revolution, Governor of Virginia (1779), member of Congress, Minister to France, Secretary of State under President Washington, and president of the United States (1800).
He was a polymath who wrote on and was knowledgeable about science, architecture, music, agriculture, law, education, geography, and music.
oll.libertyfund.org /Home3/HTML.php?recordID=0054.03   (13577 words)

The architectural group, in spite of the renovations, reveals one of the first attempts in Como Romanesque architecture; three naves, with five irreguiar spans, a bell-tower in the apse of the south nave.
The surviving keep, 112 ft. high, is historically connected with the tragic end of Napo Torriani who, defeated at Desio in 1227 by Archbishop Ottone Visconti, was locked in a cage hanging on the wail for 19 months, till his death.
VILLA DELL'OLMO Designed and built in 1782 by Simone Cantoni for Marquis Innocenzo Odescalchi, later became the property of Marquis Raimondi and then of the Viscounts of Modrone who restored it.
www.ewh.ieee.org /soc/im/imtc/imtcur/sites.html   (758 words)

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