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Topic: 1792

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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  Louisiana Timeline: Year 1792
The 1792 Spring floods innundate most of the Tchoupitoulas district upriver from the city along the abandoned lands as before.
June 1792; Upon the death of Luis Toutant Beauregard his heirs quarrel over the post of Alcalde Mayor Provincial.
In 1792 lower Louisiana is again suffering from bands of fugitive slaves committing crimes.
www.enlou.com /time/year1792.htm   (1303 words)

 Lewis and Clark Model 1792
Manufactured until about 1809, the 1792 was offered in different calibers and underwent a number of modifications including, at one point, a standard lock similar to that on the U.S. Model 1803 and the addition of sling swivels.
The 1792 is being offered by Village Restorations and Consulting Inc. on a wider scale, though, like the original, the gun is still being handmade by several different gunsmiths and will be limited to 200 sets.
The 1792, while not as graceful as many of the fancier Kentuckies, was a more rugged military and hunting arm.
www.gunsandammomag.com /long_guns/lcm92_081205   (913 words)

 History of the U.S. Mint - 1792
An act passed by Congress, April 2, 1792, ordained "That a Mint for the purpose of a national coinage be and the same is established; to be situate and carried on at the seat of the government of the United States, for the time being."
In May, 1792, President Washington provided for the purchase of an L-shaped plot of ground on Seventh Street, Philadelphia, near Market Street, together with three small buildings of different size and shape.
The property was paid for and deeded to the United States of America for a consideration of $4266.67 on July 18, 1792.
www.coinfacts.com /mint_history/mint_history_1792/mint_history_1792.htm   (2037 words)

 Welcome to Barton Brands: 1792 Ridgemont Reserve
The Toast of Kentucky™, 1792 Ridgemont Reserve is a distinctively smooth, handcrafted small-batch bourbon, patiently aged 8 years in new charred oak barrels in Bardstown, Kentucky.
This 93.7 proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was named for the year Kentucky became a state.
1792 Ridgemont Reserve is in limited distribution and is currently available at fine retailers in Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, Delaware, Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio and Kansas.
www.bartonbrands.com /1792.html   (116 words)

 President Elect - 1792
If you would like to submit an analysis of this election, an article about a candidate, or write about any other aspect of this or any other election, please see our submission guidelines.
In 1792, 132 electoral votes were available to a candidate; 67 votes were needed to secure the win.
In 1792, 132 electoral votes were available to a candidate;
www.presidentelect.org /e1792.html   (337 words)

 The Project Gutenberg eBook of A Residence in France,
The Project Gutenberg EBook of A Residence in France During the Years 1792, 1793, 1794 and 1795, Part I. 1792, by An English Lady This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.
In all the various constitutions which have been successively adopted in that devoted country, the welfare of the people has been wholly disregarded, and while they have been amused with the shadow of liberty, they have been cruelly despoiled of the substance.
It cannot then, I conceive, be contended, that a treaty with a government still professing principles which have been repeatedly proved to be subversive of all social order, which have been acknowledged by their parents to have for their object the methodical demolition of existing constitutions, can be concluded without danger or risk.
www.gutenberg.org /dirs/1/1/9/9/11992/11992-h/11992-h.htm   (12759 words)

 TNW 1792 Variant
This variant allows players to explore the 10 years of war prior to the Treaty of Amiens, beginning with the end of the French Revolution and concluding with Napoleon’s rise to power.
The 1792 Deck: The 1792 Variant requires players to substitute 9 cards in the deck.
Another new type of piece is introduced in the 1792 Variant – the Duchy marker.
www.alanemrich.com /Games_Archive_pages/TNW_1792.htm   (793 words)

 RFC 1792 (rfc1792) - TCP/IPX Connection Mib Specification
RFC 1792 (rfc1792) - TCP/IPX Connection Mib Specification
Network Working Group T. Sung Request for Comments: 1792 Novell, Inc. Category: Experimental April 1995 TCP/IPX Connection Mib Specification Status of this Memo This document defines an Experimental Protocol for the Internet community.
This does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1792.html   (691 words)

 1792 Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
You can examine this rather eccentric page, Catholic Deaths in West Prussia of 1792, or the 1792 Tax Roll of Clark County, Kentucky or Spain's 1792 Census of the Natchez District, Mississippi Territory
Left, actual shoes dated to 1792 based on the political significance of the colors of the rosettes; a pair of French Women's Mules
See particularly the portrait of Princess Sophia in the July issue; she is wearing a hat similar to the ones in the 1790 and 1792 volumes of Le Journal de la Mode et du Goût
locutus.ucr.edu /~cathy/year/1792.html   (176 words)

 Learn more about 1792 in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Learn more about 1792 in the online encyclopedia.
Enter a phrase or search word in the box below.
Years: 1787 1788 1789 1790 1791 - 1792 - 1793 1794 1795 1796 1797
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /1/17/1792.html   (734 words)

 Romantic Chronology (1792-1793)
Marriage of Heaven and Hell (The poem was dated by Blake 1790, but until recently various critics have believed that he did not finish etching the plates for this work until 1792 or alternately 1793; recent evidence confirms the 1790 date.
Thomas Spence, One Pennyworth of Pig's Meat (entitled in response to Edmund Burke's use of the phrase "the swinish multitude" to refer to the lower classes)
Festival of Republican Reunion; Montagnards (radical Jacobins) and sans-culottes (more of a working-class group than a political party) celebrate their collective victory over the king in 1792 and over the Girondins now
www.english.ucsb.edu:591 /rchrono/chrono4a.htm   (1614 words)

 Modern History Sourcebook: La Marseillaise, 1792
La Marseillaise, the French national anthem, was composed in one night during the French Revolution (April 24, 1792) by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle, a captain of the engineers and amateur musician stationed in Strasbourg in 1792.
It was played at a patriotic banquet at Marseilles, and printed copies were given to the revolutionary forces then marching on Paris.
No permission is granted for commercial use of the Sourcebook.
www.fordham.edu /halsall/mod/marseill.html   (356 words)

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