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Topic: 1798 colonial governors

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  List of colonial governors in 1797 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Miguel António de Melo, Governor of Angola (1797-1802)
Cristovao Pereira de Castro, Governor of Macau (1797-1800)
New South Wales - John Hunter, Governor of New South Wales (1795-1800).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_colonial_governors_in_1797   (96 words)

 North Carolina History
The council served as an advisory group to the governor during the proprietary and royal periods, as well as serving as the upper house of the legislature when the assembly was in session.
If a governor or deputy governor was unable to carry on as chief executive because of illness, death, resignation, or absence from the colony, the president of the council became the chief executive and exercised all powers of the governor until the governor returned or a new governor was commissioned.
The governor and other executive officers were elected to four-year terms, while the justices of the supreme court and judges of the superior court were elected to eight-year terms.
statelibrary.dcr.state.nc.us /NC/HISTORY/HISTORY.HTM   (3577 words)

 Tribute to Governors Island
Governors Island with the New York Skyline in the Background.
From 1691 to 1702, the English colonial governors urged fortification of New York Harbor.
It was built in 1708 as the residence for the British governor of the New York colony.
www.geocities.com /Pentagon/1196/governor.html   (1212 words)

 North Carolina Governors
North Carolina's history as an organized governing system led by a governor may be viewed in five chronological stages: the Virginia colony, the southern plantation, the Lords Proprietors, the Royal colony, and the state of North Carolina.
A chronology of governors serving during each of these stages is listed at the bottom of the page.
Theactions of the Virginia governor outpaced his authority under the English Crown, and the Southern Plantation and its Commander were short-lived.
statelibrary.dcr.state.nc.us /nc/stgovt/governor.htm#royal   (958 words)

 State Capitol
Governors lived in their own homes and the Assembly moved from place to place, meeting in private homes, and in courthouses when available.
Construction of Governor Tryon's Palace began in 1767 and was completed in 1771.
Today the governor and lieutenant governor, and their immediate staff, occupy offices on the first floor of the Capitol.
www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us /sections/hs/capitol/stat_cap/default.htm   (930 words)

 [No title]
Charles Foster (1825-1904), Governor of Ohio (1880-84), was Secretary of the Treasury from 1891 to 1893.
Nathaniel Alexander (1756-1808), thirteenth Governor (1805-07), was of Scottish descent.
1848), thirty-second Governor (1896-1900), were-both grandsons of Scots.
www.gutenberg.org /files/15162/15162.txt   (18243 words)

 W. R. Davie   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
From birth in England, early years in the Waxhaw settlement in South Carolina, education at Princeton, and service in the colonial army, William Richardson Davie returned to North Carolina to study law in Salisbury.
He enlisted in the colonial army, became seriously wounded, and organized a troop of cavalry and two companies of mounted infantry.
On the Chapel Hill campus, his role in the founding of the university is noted by the commemorative "Davie poplar" He was elected governor in 1798, to serve one term.
www.itpi.dpi.state.nc.us /governors/davie.html   (195 words)

 R. D. Spaight, Sr.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
As the first native-born governor, Richard Dobbs Spaight, Jr., was born in New Bern, NC in 1758.
Richard Dobbs Spaight served as aide de camp to Governor Richard Caswell when he was a colonial army general.
The Spaight-Stanly duel prompted the NC legislature to pass a law declaring the survivor (and his second) of a duel, in which the opponent was killed, to be subject to the death penalty.
www.itpi.dpi.state.nc.us /governors/SpaightSr..html   (175 words)

 Women Convicts 1798
A Government Order was issued on 7 November 1798 requesting that "every Officer or other Housekeeper in the Colony who may have women servants in their Family" immediately forward the names of such as they employ in their respective Families.
Fourteen of the eighty seven women were recorded as "wife of", whilst research shows that twenty five were actually married to their employer and nine were in a defacto relationship at the time of the report.
In some instances it has proven impossible to came to a final decision particularly in the case of common names: there were five Sarah Smith's in the colony in 1798 and after researching all five it was still unable to prove which one was the servant to Captain John Macarthur as memtioned in 1798 report.
www.ulladulla.info /historian/WC1798.htm   (389 words)

 Archives: Massachusetts Archives Collection
Governor Andros was imprisoned and the government overthrown on April 18, 1689, shortly after the news of the English Glorious Revolution reached Boston.
The governor was the commander-in-chief of the militia and appointed all military officials; he had the right to summon, adjourn, and prorogue the General Court.
The William and Mary Charter was modified in 1725 by the Explanatory Charter, issued by King George I. Further strengthening the position of the governor, this charter gave the governor the sole power to adjourn the House of Representatives and the right to negate the House's choice of their speaker.
www.sec.state.ma.us /arc/arccol/colmac.htm   (3520 words)

 Text Only Version--Charleston's Historic Religious and Community Buildings
Colonial Charleston was the wealthiest of English cities in America, and the city's elite maintained close ties with London.
Philip's might be considered anticipatory of the Colonial Revival movement of the late 19th century, if it were not for the motivation of the conservative vestry and congregation.
In 1902 the Colonial Dames acquired the pre-revolutionary Powder Magazine, one of the oldest remaining structures associated with the permanent settlement of Charleston of 1680.
www.cr.nps.gov /nR/travel/charleston/text.htm   (16956 words)

 National Park Service - Founders and Frontiersmen (Governors Island National Monument)
Governors Island is a 172-acre island whose name dates back to the 1780's when New York was a British colony and the colonial assembly reserved the island for the exclusive use of New York's royal governors.
Towards that end, three fortifications were placed on Governors Island in the years preceding the War of 1812 as part of an extensive coastal defense system.
Jonathan Williams on the northwestern tip of Governors Island, served as a twin fort with Castle Clinton in guarding the channel between Governors Island and New York City.
www.cr.nps.gov /history/online_books/founders/sitea22.htm   (956 words)

 American Colonist's Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
According to Adams, the substance of the Declaration is contained in the in the Declaration of Colonial Rights of the Continental Congress, and the essence of it is contained in The Rights of the Colonists, written before the first Congress met, by Samuel Adams.
On the Mode of Education Proper in a Republic (1798), Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence, emphasizing the religious foundation and goal of all education.
Four Discourses On The General First Principles of Deism (1798), Samuel E. McCorkle, D. The biggest intellectual controversy of the 1790's was called the "deist controversy." On the one side were the followers of Thomas Paine, on the other side were the orthodox Christians as represented here by the Rev. McCorkle.
mark.perkinsfamily.org /tenants/colonial.library.html   (9442 words)

 New Bern, North Carolina: TRYON PALACE ......................................................................ICW.NET NC ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Governor Tryon was appointed governor of the New York colony after occupying the palace for slightly over one year.
Governor Martin succeeded Tryon as the Royal Governor, but did not remain in residence at Tryon Palace for long.
The library is to the left of the entry hall, behind the library is the Council Chamber where the colonial assembly and then the NC General Assembly met.
www.newbern.com /tryon/tryonpalace.htm   (437 words)

 List of colonial governors in 1799 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1798 colonial governors - Events of 1799 - 1800 colonial governors - Colonial governors by year
Angola - Miguel António de Melo, Governor of Angola (1797-1802)
This page was last modified 04:18, 13 November 2005.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_colonial_governors_in_1799   (89 words)

 History Of The United States Of America, Part Two   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Governors also had the power to make appointments, and thus to pack the government with their followers.
Colonists tended to view their elected assemblies as defenders against the king, against Parliament, and against colonial governors, who were attempting to increase their power at the expense of popular liberty.
The established churches of colonial days (Congregationalists in New England, Anglicans—now renamed Episcopalians—further south) declined—in part because they were relatively cold and formal, and also because their status as established churches aroused democratic resentment.
www.history-world.org /history_of_the_united_states2.htm   (7684 words)

 The Project Gutenberg eBook of Scotland's Mark On America, by George Fraser Black. Ph.D.
Of the colonial Governors sent from Britain to the American Colonies before the Revolution and of Provincial Governors from that time to 1789, a large number were of Scottish birth or descent.
Presbyterians in the Colonies, being dissenters, were untrammeled and free to speak their mind in defence of their country's right, and history shows that they did not fail their opportunity: the doctrine of passive obedience never finding favor with them.
Edward Moody McCook, fifth and seventh Governor (1869-73, 1874-75), was of Scottish descent.
www.gutenberg.org /dirs/1/5/1/6/15162/15162-h/15162-h.htm   (16856 words)

 GOVERNORS OF NORTH - Online Information article about GOVERNORS OF NORTH
For the colonial and revolutionary periods there are some excellent studies.
Defence of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence (1909), are perhaps the best of the attempts to prove the same Declaration genuine.
sources are The Colonial Records of North Carolina (Jo vols., Raleigh, 1886-189o) ; and The State Records of North Carolina (vols.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /GOA_GRA/GOVERNORS_OF_NORTH.html   (1088 words)

 Virginia Resolves on the Stamp Act, 1765 May 30
Resolved, That his majesty's liege people, the inhabitants of this colony, are not bound to yield obedience to any law or ordinance whatsoever designed to impose any taxation whatsoever upon them, other than the laws and ordinances of the general assembly aforesaid.
Resolved, That His Majesty's liege people, the inhabitants of this Colony are not bound to yield obediance to any law or ordinance whatever, designed to impose any taxation whatsoever upon them other than the laws or ordinances of the General Assembly aforesaid.
The Virginia Resolves of 1769 again recognized only the right of the Virginia governor and legislature to tax Virginians, condemned the British government for censuring the Circular Letters, and condemned Parliament's notion that dissidents be taken to England for trial.
www.constitution.org /bcp/vir_res1765.htm   (544 words)

As a pashalik of the Ottoman Empire, Egypt had been divided into several provinces, each of which was placed under a Mamluk bey (governor) reponsible to the pasha, who in turn answered to the Porte, the term used for the Ottoman government referring to the Sublime Porte, or high gate, of the grand vizier's building.
The governor general presided over this council, which included the inspector general; the civil, legal, and financial secretaries; and two to four other British officials appointed by the governor general.
But in Britain's bloody colonial history, this was one instance where common sense ruled over imperial greed, the British letting Gordon die, but then, his death forced the hand of the British, and they had to kill more locals.
stevegilliard.blogspot.com /2004/12/colonial-warfare-pt-20.html   (4919 words)

For the sources, see Colonial Records of Connecticut (15 vols., Hartford, 1850-189o); The Records of the Colony and the See also:
Governor Joseph Talcott.; and the Papers (New Haven, 1865 et seq.) of the New Haven Colony Historical Society are extremely valuable for See also:
relating to the colonial and state periods, now in the state library at Hartford, have never been published.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /GOA_GRA/GOVERNORS_OF_CONNECTICUT.html   (588 words)

 Yeomen and Princes
In the freshman class of 1745, William Whipple, son of Deputy Governor Joseph Whipple, was ranked first in his class by the faculty and administration, indicating the social and political position of the family, not just in his hometown or colony but also in the whole of the New England Colonies.
The Honorable Joseph Whipple Junior, Esq, Deputy Governor of the Colony of Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations, was possibly buried in an unmarked grave beside his first wife and their four infant sons.
Genealogical research on colonial Newport is often hampered by the poor state of many surviving documents, which were damaged during the Revolution.
www.whipple.org /charles/yeomenandprinces   (18159 words)

 Early History of Wood County
He was an ardent opponent of slavery throughout his lifetime and served as President of the society for the promotion of abolition of slavery in Virginia in 1801.
Harman Blennerhassett was born in England to a distinguished and wealthy Irish family, graduated from the University of Dubin, and was a noted attorney and respected scholar.
He moved to Marietta, Ohio in 1798 and, being of ample financial means, bought what would be known as Blennerhassett Island and had a nationally famous mansion built for him there.
www.polsci.wvu.edu /wv/Wood/woohistory.html   (939 words)

 The Muster
1798 The fort is named after patriot John Jay, the first chief justice of the Supreme Court, a drafter of the peace treaty with England, and the only Founding Father born and bred in New York.
She creates colonial handcrafts, Civil War memorabilia, and 19th-century weapons, often arranged to transform the exhibition space into that of a historic home or period room.
Emerging from that experience, the Muster on Governors Island is the most complex project she has undertaken thus far, broadening the Civil War metaphor to reflect on current events, and involving potentially hundreds of participants.
www.themuster.com   (2690 words)

 Notable Backuses
Most colonial governors at the time of independence were "tory", or "pro-England".
Jonathan Trumbull is the only governor before the revolution who was a revolutionary and stayed on as governor through the Revolution.
In 1798 he succeeded Oliver Wolcott to the governorship, remaining in office until his death, in Lebanon, Conn., Aug.
members.tripod.com /~ntgen/bw/bkus_fmus8.html   (1449 words)

 continental and colonial currency   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Vellum document dated August 20, 1795 Signed by Thomas Mifflin, Governor and James Trimble, Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and witnessed by the Honorable Edward Shippen, Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court as well as many other fine signatures.
This deed is for the purchase of a tract of land in Franklin County, Georgia from Leroy Pope to Edmund Hall for the sum of twelve thousand pounds.
Thomas Mifflin aide-de-camp to George Washington and a signer of the United States Constitution was elected governor of Pennsylvania for three consecutive terms.
www.macsoldpapermoney.com /money.htm   (1608 words)

 New Jersey Colonial Sites
Colonial house located at the foot of the Palisades near where the British climbed up to attack Fort Lee in 1776.
Colonial house, part of Thomas Whitlock homestead, 1663-1703.
1739 Dutch colonial house confiscated during American Revolution from Tory John Zabriskie and later given to Baron von Steuben.
pirate.shu.edu /~luriemax/new_jersey_colonial_sites.htm   (121 words)

 Colonial and Post Revolutionary America - TaxGaga
The Stamp Act was passed by Parliament in order to cover about £60,000 of the £200,000 required to station troops in the colonies.
The Stamp Act imposed a direct tax on all newspapers printed in the colonies as well as legal documents and other commercial forms of paper products such as playing cards.
The act was seen by Charles Townshend, Chancellor of the Exchequer, as a way to fund the salaries of governors and other colonial administrators in an effort to shift the balance of power in the Colonies.
www.taxgaga.com /pages/c-learnabouttaxes/taxes.html   (910 words)

 Historical Roster of the Governors of Georgia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Elected by Executive Council as both Governor and a Representative to the Continental Congress.
He served 67 days but vacated office when the State Supreme Court ruled that the Constitutional provision under which he was elected was not applicable in that instance and Ellis Arnall's term continued until the next election.
When Melvin E. Thompson was sworn in as Lieutenant Governor, Arnall resigned and Thompson served as Acting Governor until the next General Election.
www.georgiaarchives.org /what_do_we_have/govhisroster.htm   (396 words)

 cherokee land cessions
The first 6 treaties were with the British Government or one of its colonies.
The 7th treaty, in 1775, was with a private individual, Richard Henderson; it was considered illegal by the British Crown, by the colonial governors of VA and NC, and by the successor state governments of VA and NC!
Colonial SC Tract in VA, West VA, northeastern TN and eastern KY Colonial VA Tract in VA, West VA and eastern KY 01 Jun 1773
members.tripod.com /cherokee1838/land_cessions.htm   (417 words)

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