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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  1801 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Union Jack, flag of the newly formed United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
1801 (MDCCCI) was a common year starting on Thursday (see link for calendar) of the Gregorian calendar (or a common year starting on Saturday of the 12-day-slower Julian calendar).
July 18 - Napoleon signs the Concordat of 1801 with the Pope.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1801   (655 words)

 Louisiana Timeline: Year 1801
Despite Toussaint’s proclamations the Constitution of 1801 permits a reintroduction of the slave trade because those running the plantations are desperate for labor..
October 1801; Toussaint’s nephew leads a small rebellion in the North in which 300, mostly whites, are killed.
Juan Ventura Morales serves as Intendant from 1801 until the end of the Spanish Era in November 1803.
www.enlou.com /time/year1801.htm   (1253 words)

 [No title]
Kille Experimental [Page 5] RFC 1801 X.400-MHS Routing using X.500 Directory June 1995 Some documents have made useful contributions to this work: o A paper by the editor on MHS use of directory, which laid out the broad approach of mapping the O/R Address space on to the DIT [7].
Kille Experimental [Page 15] RFC 1801 X.400-MHS Routing using X.500 Directory June 1995 9.2.3 Minimal-routing MTA The simplest approach to routing for an MTA is to deliver messages to associated users, and send everything else to another MTA (possibly with backup).
Kille Experimental [Page 54] RFC 1801 X.400-MHS Routing using X.500 Directory June 1995 (Note that this could be an RFC 822 protocol, as well as an X.400 protocol.) o The protocols shall share a common transport community, as described in Section 18.1.
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1801.txt   (14433 words)

 SMVRHM - SMVRR No. 1801 comes to Bitter Creek (BCWRR), 2/15/03
1801 has pulled off the turntable and enters the yard heading for the mainline.
Kevin's pretty excited now that No. 1801 is on the turntable, the engine's running, and he's ready to head out onto the mainline.
1801 approaches the signaled crossing near the entrance to the Bitter Creek Western Railroad.
www.smvrhm.org /030215.html   (354 words)

 Search Results for "1801"
...NUMBER: 1801 AUTHOR: Potter Stewart, Associate Justice, US Supreme Court QUOTATION: It may be assumed that parents have a 1st Amendment right to send their children...
1801, Feb. 9 Treaty of Luneville between Austria and France reaffirmed all cessions Austria had made under Campo Formio and gave the French the grand duchy of Tuscany....
...Concordat of 1801, agreement between Napoleon Bonaparte and Pope Pius VII that reestablished the Roman Catholic Church in France.
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=1801   (251 words)

 1801 - Dutch Church Marriages 1801   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
The Village of Buffalo - 1801 to 1832
1801 Timeline discussed in the Arkansas Encyclopedia of famous Arkansans, landmarks, state events, and historic happenings.
The main terms of the Concordat of 1801 between France and Pope Pius VII included: The French Concordat of 1801 by the Catholic Encyclopedia
ehxj.com /?q=1801   (248 words)

 RCA COSMAC 1801   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
As a footnote it is mentioned that the 1802 is a single chip implementation of the two chip 1801.
The 1801 was introduced in early 1975 and the 1802 in early 1976.
The 1801 microprocessor and the COSMAC architecture were the first based on CMOS chip technology.
www.antiquetech.com /chips/RCA1801.htm   (446 words)

 The 1801 Norwegian Census
The result was the first census to be held in Norway, where the name and other information were collected for each person." Click here for more background on this subject.
The Census of Norway from the year 1801, previously presented in the website of the University of Bergen's Department of History's website, is now included in Digitalarkivet (The Digital Archive of Norway).
The Toten Økomuseum reports that the Myrstuen farm, in Jevnager parish, was the birthplace of Ole Johannessen (born in 1813), a son of the editor's paternal grandmother's maternal great-grandparents (Johannes Olsen and Agnete Evensdatter).
www.renne.com /Paternal/1801cens.html   (564 words)

 Jane Austen -- Letters -- Brabourne Edition -- Letters to Cassandra, 1800, 1801
1801, 1805, 1807, 1808, 1808-1809, 1811, 1813, 1814, 1815-1816.
The twenty-fifth letter is almost entirely taken up with remarks upon the preparations for leaving Steventon and settling at Bath.
But the fact is that she was very little dependent upon the world outside her own family, and carried with her wherever she went occupations and resources of her own which did not require to be supplemented by extraneous assistance.
www.pemberley.com /janeinfo/brablet4.html   (8976 words)

 University of Notre Dame Archives: Calendar (1801)
Ros in his will examined July 29, 1801, left a third of his goods to the Charity Hospital and named as his heir his mother Fran(cis)ca de Moras and Trigoyen as executor.
Census of St. Martin's church for 1801, a total of 1892 souls, an increase of 73 men and 98 women of the whites and 32 men and 48 women of the slaves.
Census of St. Bernard's parish for 1801: A total of 618 souls, an increase of 76 since 1797.
archives.nd.edu /calendar/cal1801.htm   (13449 words)

 1801 Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
X, 1801); Chobunsai Eishi's woodblock print, "Hanogi, Yoshino and Tatsuta from the Ogiya Establishment" (c.
Don't be mislead by Harriot Freke, the clearly evil exaggeration of a Wollstonecraft feminist: Edgeworth is not completely conservative and uses her obvious attack on "Frekish" feminist to hide a lot of criticism of gender relationships in 1801.
This dress was copied by The Ladies Magazine in their February of 1801 issue, but the neckline was raised to cover the nipples.
locutus.ucr.edu:16080 /~cathy/year/1801.html   (557 words)

 AudioReview.com - Ellis Audio 1801 Reviews
This is quite important because the Ellis 1801 are very sensible: a minor modification will make them sound differently.
From this experience, I learnt that the Ellis 1801 are so well designed that you need to spend some time to take their best, and to adapt them to your listening room.
The Ellis 1801 were again completely different, much more aggressive,...
audioreview.com /main,speaker,ellisAudio,1801/prd_125773_1594crx.aspx   (1012 words)

 * salk sound - Ellis 1801
The 1801 can also be built as a slightly smaller 1801s sealed design or a floor-standing 1801f model.
The Ellis 1801 is ideal for either high-end two channel applications or high-end home theater applications when used as left, center, right and rear channels.
But because these are custom produced and you are purchasing direct, you can expect to pay considerably less.
www.salksound.com /1801.html   (291 words)

 1801 - Spanish-French Alliance Flag Proposal 1801 (Spain)
Carnot, Lazare Hippolyte (1801-1888), minister of education in 1848, born at St. Omer, April 6, 1801, the son of Lazare Carnot, known as "organizer of
Largest Total Lunar Eclipse: 1801 Mar 30 Umbra Magnitude = 1.8447 Smallest Local Circumstances at Greatest Eclipse: 1801 to 1900 UT Greatest Saros Pen.
[Flag Proposal 1801 (Spain)] 2:3 by José Manuel Erbez On 29 June 1801 a confidential Royal Order was issued with the aim of investigating the use by
humanbuilder.com /haud/1801.html   (211 words)

 Joseph Price Diary - 1801
March the 2nd 1801 Wind S E and raining 2 wagons Started this Morn for town, Light rain Stoping Leak at Sawmill & Whet the saw and begun to Saw, not Sawd any perhaps this 6 or 8 weeks, afternoon Set off for Paul Jone's Got to School house.
April 25th 1801 wind N E Morning and Cloudy wind Got Round Sun Shun out, the first time I Seen it from the 19th.
July 16th 1801 Wind W. halld my 33 doz oats in after noon Came on a fine Shower, tho not Enough to Soke the Ground, yet will revive the Corn after at Hoskins Geting horse Shod, Stopt at Jont.
www.lowermerionhistory.org /texts/price/price1801.html   (13166 words)

 The Number 1801   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
The Year 1801 AD In the year 1801 AD the Chemical Element Vanadium was first discovered by Andrés Manuel del Río, not verified until 1831.
In the year 1801 AD the Chemical Element Columbium (later renamed Niobium) was first discovered by Charles Hatchett.
In the year 1801 AD Robert Fulton produced the first submarine: The Nautilus.
www.virtuescience.com /1801.html   (128 words)

 DIY speaker reviews - Ellis 1801's - at audioDIYcentral   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
And you can always couple a pair of 1801's with one or more well-integrated subwoofers if you find deep bass to be critical.
As mentioned above, the 1801 crossover is now in its second revision.
The Ellis 1801 have received high praise in the DIY marketplace.
www.audiodiycentral.com /r_1801.shtml   (1355 words)

 Calendar - USA - 1801
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa April 1801
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa July 1801
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa October 1801
www.timeanddate.com /calendar?year=1801&country=1   (245 words)

 Charlston in 1801
In the year of 1801 Charleston was known as "The Antebellum City" because of the rapid expansion of rice and cotton growing along with the fabulous prices that these Commodities brought to the planter.
June 01, 1801- the temperature for the day was as follows:
Please take a moment to let us know what you think about our site.
www.scottishritecalifornia.org /charelston_in_1801.htm   (268 words)

 William Cook (c1735 – 1801)
On 25 April 1801, William Cook and his 26-year old youngest son, Samuel Cook, executed an interesting contract.
William Cook died shortly thereafter, sometime in mid-1801.  He was still alive on 14 May 1801 when he was appointed to a road jury but deceased by 12 August 1801 when his will was proved.  William Cook’s will, signed “William.
Cook Senr.”, was dated two days after the above agreement, on 27 April 1801 and proved on 12 August 1801, when Keziah, William Jr., and Samuel qualified as executors.
www.genfiles.com /cook/williamcook.htm   (4126 words)

 Calendar - 1801
The year 1801 is a normal year, with 365 days in total (Gregorian calendar)
Phases of the moon are calculated using local time in New York
List of years that use the same calendar as 1801
www.timeanddate.com /calendar?year=1801&country=1   (245 words)

 HistoryWiz: The Concordat of 1801   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
This caused great instability and Napoleon was determined to end the discord.
In 1801 he signed an agreement with Pope Pius VII reestablishing the Church in France..
The Church agreed to give up their claim to the lost lands.
www.historywiz.com /concordat.htm   (200 words)

 LoopNet - 1801 Crane Ridge, Office Building, Jackson, MS
LoopNet - 1801 Crane Ridge, Office Building, Jackson, MS 1801 Crane Ridge
Reception, open area, 2 private offices, private restroom, open area can be built to suit.
You and your advisors should conduct a careful, independent investigation of the property to determine to your satisfaction the suitability of the property for your needs.
www.loopnet.com /xNet/MainSite/Listing/Profile/Profile.aspx?LID=13979915&Branding=LoopNet&PopupView=   (180 words)

 Jefferson's First Inauguration, March 4, 1801 (Top Treasure): American Treasures of the Library of Congress
Jefferson's First Inauguration, March 4, 1801 (Top Treasure): American Treasures of the Library of Congress
Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, was the first to be inaugurated in the capital city of Washington, D.C. The ceremonies took place on March 4, 1801, in the Senate wing of the not yet finished Capitol building.
Chief Justice John Marshall administered the oath of office to Jefferson, the first of five presidents-elect he would induct.
www.loc.gov /exhibits/treasures/trt052.html   (214 words)

 From Revolution to Reconstruction: Presidents: Thomas Jefferson: State of Nation 1801
From Revolution to Reconstruction: Presidents: Thomas Jefferson: State of Nation 1801
Fellow Citizens of the Senate and House of Representatives:
The prudence and temperance of your discussions will promote within your own walls that conciliation which so much befriends rational conclusion, and by its example will encourage among our constituents that progress of opinion which is tending to unite them in object and in will.
odur.let.rug.nl /~usa/P/tj3/speeches/tjson1.htm   (1795 words)

 Study the Cane Ridge Revival - 1801   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
At one time I saw at least five hundred swept down in a moment as if a battery of a thousand guns had been opened upon them, and then immediately followed shrieks and shouts that rent the very heavens." - James Finley, later a Methodist circuit rider
Cane Ridge, America's Pentecost This book provides a detailed and rare scholarly description of what happened during the August 1801 revival in Kentucky which has come to be known as the Cane Ridge revival.
It is an honest and unbiased effort to give you a window to the past so you can see what happened and come to your own conclusions.
www.sendrevival.com /history/caneridge   (492 words)

 RFC 1801 (rfc1801) - MHS use of the X.500 Directory to support MHS Routing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
RFC 1801 (rfc1801) - MHS use of the X.500 Directory to support MHS Routing
RFC 1801 - MHS use of the X.500 Directory to support MHS Routing
Next: RFC 1802 - Introducing Project Long Bud: Internet Pilot Project for the Deployment of X.500 Directory Information in Support of X.400 Routing
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1801.html   (14616 words)

 Martha Ballard's Diary, Nov. 1-7, 1801 (T)
Martha Ballard's Diary, Nov. 1-7, 1801 (T) Go To A Date or
I was in to See mrs Black, find her very feeble.
I have been at home, did some mending.
www.dohistory.org /diary/1801/11/18011101_txt.html   (148 words)

 Tons of Toner - Memorex 1801 toner ink ribbon printer copier supply
Tons of Toner - Memorex 1801 toner ink ribbon printer copier supply
/ home / Memorex / 1801 <<< make sure this model is exactly the same as yours!!
Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Tons of Toner User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
www.tonsoftoner.com /products/memorex/1801_listings.htm   (152 words)

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