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Topic: 1808 in literature

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Czech Literature   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Of all Slav literature, with the exception of the Bulgarian, the Czech is the oldest and, until the seventeenth century, was also the richest.
Tendencies of this kind found favour also in Bohemia, and because of their origin in Latin or Roman lands, literature of this period is commonly called romance, The deeds and adventures of the knights were extolled in song and poem after foreign models; the best of these was "Alexandreis", written by an unknown author.
Of all the branches of scientific Bohemian literature the theological is the richest.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/04598b.htm   (2125 words)

 British Theory and Criticism: 3. Romantic Period and Early Nineteenth Century
Like Coleridge and Percy Bysshe Shelley in England, Schiller pointed to the division of labor, institutions, and knowledges that was gradually shattering all forms of the universal, the capacity of man and woman to grasp the totality of their own purposes and acts.
This perspective became the paradoxical foundation of the Romantic theorist's claim for "Culture," an attempt to reinstitute the shattered universals by means of literature, symbol, the aesthetic, and reimaginations of mind and self (Abrams; Williams).
Coleridge's theory formed yet another allegorical account of how literature, by means of criticism or symbolic interpretation, might restabilize the fractural, highly unstable relation of the British state to the social groups and classes of the early nineteenth century.
www.press.jhu.edu /books/hopkins_guide_to_literary_theory/british_theory_and_criticism-_3.html   (2795 words)

 Cardiff Corvey Articles: Database Project: The Flowers of Literature
Coverage of novels the Flowers of Literature was fairly substantial—there were, for example, notices of 28 novels contained in the volume for 1806—despite the fact that Blagdon’s introductory remarks often echo familiar critical discourse on the dubious moral and literary value of the genre.
The Flowers of Literature was published by the London firm of Benjamin Crosby and Co., which operated between 1794 and 1814, from Stationer’s Hall Court on Ludgate Hill and ‘near Paternoster Row’—establishing it firmly in the topographical centre of the London booktrade.
The object of this work is, the laudable one of bringing into contempt the ridiculous and disgusting tenets of modern philosophers, as they prevailed a few years ago, when their progress bid fair to overthrow, with the altar and the throne, the moral system of all civilized nations.
www.cf.ac.uk /encap/corvey/articles/database/flowers.html   (11765 words)

 Read about 1808 in literature at WorldVillage Encyclopedia. Research 1808 in literature and learn about 1808 in ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Read about 1808 in literature at WorldVillage Encyclopedia.
Research 1808 in literature and learn about 1808 in literature here!
other events of 1808, 1809 in literature, list of years in literature.
encyclopedia.worldvillage.com /s/b/1808_in_literature   (131 words)

 [No title]
In this poem, the Tartar prince Kubla Khan, causes a "pleasure - dome" and "elaborate gardens" to be constructed in "Xanadu".
The dream of "Xanadu" itself is an image that expresses the very nature of vision: the fountain that throws up its waters from an underground ocean, therefore, giving birth to the sacred river that stretches five miles long prior to sinking again.
In 1808 he permanently separated from his wife.
webpage.pace.edu /bkirschstein/papers/gina_mazzella.html   (1754 words)

 [No title]
Unfortunately she is disastrously unfamiliar with the relevant literature, primary and secondary, and fills the vacuum with guesswork and misinterpretation.
It is distressing to find, in a study of a major figure in German literature, no awareness that Diderot, Hamann, Herder, Schiller, Baader, and others treated hieroglyphics as a significant topic in the theory of language and aesthetics.
A characteristic of Romantic belief about literature and literary criticism is that no sharp distinction should be drawn between the two activities.
www.amasci.com /~telical/novtxt.html   (5152 words)

 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Although Coleridge had been busy and productive, publishing both poetry and much topical prose, it was not until his friendship with Wordsworth that he wrote his best poems.
He continued his studies and writings on philosophy, religion, contemporary affairs, and literature.
In 1808 he separated from his wife permanently, and from 1816 until his death he lived in London at the home of Dr. James Gilman, who brought his opium habit under control.
www.bartleby.com /65/co/ColeridgST.html   (723 words)

 Princeton University Press Books in British Literature
Excess and the Mean in Early Modern English Literature.
A Literature of Their Own: British Women Novelists from Bronte to Lessing.
Medea: Essays on Medea in Myth, Literature, Philosophy, and Art.
www.pupress.princeton.edu /catalogs/subjects/enll.html   (897 words)

 The Study of American Literature
By that, I don't mean the literature that Americans have written since Americans first existed-whether that is understood to be 1776, or 1607, or 1492, or the dawn of the Cenozoic era.
The phrase 'English Language and Literature' reflects the pamphlet entitled The Needs of the University, which Yale issued in 1871 to rescind its edict of 1828 and recommend the adoption of studies in science, history, and the modern languages.
Not a whit less important than Cox's writings to Dartmouth's recovered standing in the field of American Literature are the appointments made during his tenure, for these new members would do exactly what he had in mind: they would take the study of American Literature in altogether new directions.
www.dartmouth.edu /~library/Library_Bulletin/Nov1996/LB-N96-Spengemann.html   (3276 words)

 4.7 Finnish literature
Lönnrot was under the influence of Homeric ideals and tried to forge the poems into a single epic, adding bits and pieces of his own and altering some parts to make them appear a whole, which they however never have been.
Nevertheless, its role to the development of Finnish literature, arts and identity can hardly be over-estimated, and having been translated to all major world languages and lots of minor ones, it is no doubt the most important contribution of Finland to world literature.
Snellman's chief achievement was in his role as a national awakener, the editor of two newspapers, strongly encouraging literature as part of the process leading to independence.
www.faqs.org /faqs/nordic-faq/part4_FINLAND/section-6.html   (1837 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Joseph-Francois Michaud
Under the Consulate he wrote several pamphlets in which appeared criticisms of Napoleon that led to his imprisonment in the Temple for a time.
After his release from prison he decided to abandon politics for literature.
In 1808 he published the first volume of the "History of the Crusades".
www.newadvent.org /cathen/10277a.htm   (394 words)

 1808 Online Research :: Information about 1808   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
1808 in topic: Art 1808 in architecture - Art - 1808 in literature - 1808 in music Other topics 1808 in Canada - 1808 in rail transport - 1808 in science - 1808 in South Africa - Sport
Lists of leaders: List of colonial governors in 1808 - List of state leaders in 1808
Change of Emperor of the Ottoman Empire from Mustafa IV (1807 -1808) to Mahmud II (1808- 1839)
in-northcarolina.com /search/1808.html   (586 words)

 1808 in literature -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
1808 in literature -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
See also: (additional info and facts about 1807 in literature) 1807 in literature, (additional info and facts about other events of 1808) other events of 1808, (additional info and facts about 1809 in literature) 1809 in literature, (additional info and facts about list of years in literature) list of years in literature.
First part of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's epic poem (An alchemist of German legend who sold his soul to Mephistopheles in exchange for knowledge) Faust is published
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/1/18/1808_in_literature.htm   (379 words)

 NVCC Summer 1998 Class Schedule - Woodbridge Campus - Eng - English   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
ENG 241 SURVEY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE I 3cr 1480 01W M 1830-2150 WC 0108 Bausch, D Prerequisite is ENG 111 and ENG 112 or division approval.
ENG 242 SURVEY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE II 3cr 1482 01W R 1830-2150 WC 0331 Smith, A Prerequisite is ENG 111 and ENG 112 or division approval.
ENG 242 SURVEY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE II 3cr 1484 60W TR 1830-2150 WC 0350 Ryan, A Prerequisite is ENG 111 and ENG 112 or division approval.
www.nv.cc.va.us /schedule/crs983/weng.htm   (815 words)

 90.01.08: Spain and France Influence in Europe and in the New World
From this moment on, the Spanish influence on French literature is established, giving a definite style to the language of the South of France which would be called Langue d’Oc.
The need of new visions for mankind is expressed in literature by a particular breed of poets who call themselves Troubadours.
Canadian Literature was conditioned by the isolation of the colony from the motherland.
www.yale.edu /ynhti/curriculum/units/1990/1/90.01.08.x.html   (5961 words)

 §16. Tory Satirists. IX. The Beginnings of Verse, 1610–1808. Vol. 15. Colonial and Revolutionary Literature; ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Colonial and Revolutionary Literature; Early National Literature, Part I. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes.
The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes
Reference · Encyclopedia · Quotations · Composition · Literature · Government
aol.bartleby.com /225/0916.html   (1058 words)

 Lectures 1808-1819 on Literature by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ISBN 0691098727 And Real Lives: Art Teachers and the ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Lectures 1808-1819 on Literature by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ISBN 0691098727 And Real Lives: Art Teachers and the Cultures of School by Tom Anderson, ISBN 0325002967
Between 1808 and 1819 Samuel Taylor Coleridge delivered to audiences in Bristol and London more than a hundred lectures in twelve courses that may be broadly described as literary.
These two volumes record these lectures, which discussed a variety of topics such as taste, education, superstition, and the Dark Ages in Europe, and which also reflected Coleridge's central concerns as a critic.
forcefreight.com /literaturer.htm   (205 words)

 Chapter Lisa <i>to</i> Little Red Riding-Hood of L by Brewer's Readers Handbook
Literature (Father of Modern French), Claude de Seyssel (1450–1520).
Father of German Literature, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729–1781).
Thomas Moore published, in 1808, a volume of amatory poems under this name.
www.bibliomania.com /2/3/174/1122/14805/1.html   (421 words)

 A biography of Thomas De Quincey by H. S. Davies
The date suggests that he was a Romantic of the second generation, to be placed with Byron, Shelley and Keats; but in fact he was thirty-six sears old when he wrote the Confessions, and had been for the past twenty years an admirer and friend of Wordsworth and Coleridge.
Later in the year, he went up to Oxford, the poorer by the Exhibition which he might have had from Manchester Grammar School, and on an allowance which proved to be much too small.
In 1808, he sat for his final examination, wrote a few papers which are said to have been brilliant, and then fled, as abruptly and more inexplicably than he had fled from school Now, however, there was no question of returning home in disgrace.
www.ourcivilisation.com /smartboard/shop/davieshs/quincey/chap1.htm   (2078 words)

 1808 history events   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
History … go to Historic Documents Index page go to Historic Events Index page go … In 1808, the brothers moved their respective followers to Prophetstown near the …
… It was during this period of Malacca's history that Islam was introduced to … Although they returned the city to the Dutch in 1808, it was … Chronology of Events.
1808, leading up … for military, sporting, and ceremonial events, and was …
www.eevents.ca /1808-history-events.html   (380 words)

 Encyclopedia: 1809 in literature
People who viewed "1809 in literature" also viewed:
See also: 1809 in literature, other events of 1810, 1811 in literature, list of years in literature.
This page indexes the individual year in literature pages.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/1809-in-literature   (852 words)

 SalamIran - Province of Shiraz
This line of poetry by Sa’di, inscribed on the gate leading into the garden surrounding the mausoleum, welcomes all those who enter to pay homage to this unparalleled master of the Persian language and literature.
Even from the very early days after the poet’s death, the mausoleum of Sa’di became a place of pilgrimage to lovers of poetry and literature.
In 1808 AD Karim Khan Zand renovated the mausoleum.
www.salamiran.org /CT/provinces/shiraz.htm   (9852 words)

 Abraham Lincoln Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
In December 1808 the Lincolns moved to a 141-hectare (348-acre) farm on the south fork of Nolin Creek near what is now Hodgenville, Kentucky.
On February 12, 1809, in a log cabin that Thomas Lincoln had built, a son, Abraham, was born.
Many critical evaluations of his life have been published, but they have not diminished his stature, and he remains one of the foremost products of American democracy and an eloquent spokesman for its ideals.
www.classic-literature.co.uk /american-authors/19th-century/abraham-lincoln/abraham-lincoln-biography.asp   (12405 words)

Wealthier Southerners hired tutors to teach classical languages and literature to their sons, and French, drawing, and needlepoint to their daughters.
This was the Pendleton into which, in 1808, Cyrus Stuart was born.
Beginning in 1801, the demands for constitutional reform by a burgeoning backcountry elite amplified throughout South Carolina until, in 1808, the state legislature provided for representation based on population and taxable property.
www.h-net.msu.edu /~shear/s2000.d/pa/FriendCraig.htm   (6998 words)

 Types 1808 and 1808A Relief Valve or Backpressure Regulator - Fisher Regulators
The Type 1808 globe-style and 1808A angle-style pilot-operated backpressure regulators or relief valves are economical, compact devices used in gas or liquid service to maintain pressure on oil and gas separators, and in pressure relief applications in gas distribution systems.
If you would like access to downloadable CAD drawings, please login or register.
For additional technical information, contact your local Sales Office or refer to the product bulletin and/or instruction manual.
www.fisherregulators.com /products/literature/1808   (117 words)

 NVCC SUMMER 2003 Class Schedule - Manassas Campus - Eng - English   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
ENG 241 SURVEY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE I 3cr 1904 40M MW 1830-2210 MH 0214 Lesman, R ENG 112 is a prerequisite for ENG 241 and 242.
ENG 242 SURVEY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE II 3cr 1905 60M MW 1830-2210 MH 0208 Como, R ENG 112 is a prerequisite for ENG 241 and 242.
www.nv.cc.va.us /schedule/crs033/meng.htm   (591 words)

 21 Oct History: This Date
1976 The Nobel Prize for Literature is announced to go to Saul Bellow, the first US author thus honored since John Steinbeck in 1962.
In Le Génie du Christianisme (1802) Chateaubriand tried to rehabilitate Christianity from the attacks made on it during the Enlightenment by stressing its capacity to nurture and stimulate European culture, architecture, art, and literature over the centuries.
Coleridge supported himself for a decade with successful lecture series on literature, beginning in 1808.
ojourdui.ifrance.com /history/h4oct/h4oct21.html   (8218 words)

 Ralph Dumain: "The Autodidact Project": "Irony" by Norman D. Knox
In the early eighteenth century, the omnipresence of French and English satiric literature brought the idea of irony, so called, out of the classroom into the intellectual marketplace; during the intervening twenty centuries it lived in, or on the edge of, rhetorical theory, the two chief fountains of which were Cicero and Quintilian.
Such irony, A. Schlegel said, was a defense against "overcharged one-sidedness in matters of fancy and feeling." He assumed that all intelligent people were relativists: by constant ironic qualification Shakespeare "makes a sort of secret understanding with.
In literature, as in life, they would reside in the comprehensiveness of the author’s activity: a perfected work might be "limited at every point," but in its inclusion of all contradictions it would be "without limitation and inexhaustible." (For authoritative discussions of and references to F. Schlegel’s scattered pronouncements, see Immerwahr, Wellek, and Muecke.)
www.autodidactproject.org /other/ironydhi.html   (4832 words)

 A Proper Garden: On Perennials in the Border by Elisabeth Sheldon, ISBN 0811707113 And Lectures 1808-1819 on Literature ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
A Proper Garden: On Perennials in the Border by Elisabeth Sheldon, ISBN 0811707113 And Lectures 1808-1819 on Literature by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ISBN 0691098727
A Proper Garden: On Perennials in the Border by Elisabeth Sheldon, ISBN 0811707113
Lectures 1808-1819 on Literature by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ISBN 0691098727
stiletech.net /elisabeth.htm   (199 words)

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