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Topic: 1808 in science

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Preface to the second volume of the US edition of Reason in Revolt
The French philosopher Descartes has a strong claim to be the founder of the modern scientific method, while Bacon in England pioneered the method of experimental science and induction (generalizing on the basis of observed facts).
The obsession of the positivists with an imaginary “structure of science”, the fiddling and fussing about meaning and semantics all strikingly resembled the rarified atmosphere and convoluted debates of the medieval Schoolmen.
However, startling developments in modern science have provided the most striking confirmation of the dialectical method, which turns out to have a very great relevance to all aspects of science, and particularly to the cutting edge of modern science.
www.marxist.com /reason-in-revolt-america040403.htm   (0 words)

  Exact Science?
Hence, astronomy and physics may be considered as reasonably exact sciences, though even here when we approach infinite magnitude, as of distance in astronomy, or infinite smallness, as of electrons in physics, and our measuring devices are not sufficiently acute, we discover a wide margin of inexactitude.
Sciences which relate wholly or in part to human nature are considered the least exact.
Genealogy, as one of the sciences in which human nature is a factor, is considered to be one of the less exact sciences.
www.progenealogists.com /exactscience.htm   (1792 words)

 What Is Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
John Dalton in 1808 first saw the structure of matter as we do today, and what he took from the ancients was not their theory but something richer, their image: the atom.
Science, like art, is not a copy of nature but a re-creation of her.
We have concluded that science is the search that leads to discovery of hidden likenesses in nature and the organizaition of what is learned in such a way that it commands more of the hidden potential of nature.
www.lcsc.edu /cascade/ns150matthews/WhatSci.htm   (6093 words)

 RFC 1808 - Relative Uniform Resource Locators. R. Fielding.
RFC 1808 Relative Uniform Resource Locators June 1995 It is the responsibility of the distributor(s) of a document containing relative URLs to ensure that the base URL for that document can be established.
RFC 1808 Relative Uniform Resource Locators June 1995 There is an ambiguity in the semantics for the ftp URL scheme regarding the use of a trailing slash ("/") character and/or a parameter ";type=d" to indicate a resource that is an ftp directory.
RFC 1808 Relative Uniform Resource Locators June 1995 A parser reading the example document should interpret the given relative URL "../x" as representing the absolute URL regardless of the context in which the example document was obtained.
rfc.sunsite.dk /rfc/rfc1808.html   (4340 words)

 HOS: 1. What is Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Neither will science be understood to be abstract theories such as found in astrophysics or elementary particle physics that are practically beyond understanding by anyone outside the few specialists working at the frontiers of these specializations.
Then can science be defined by looking at the range of activities "scientists do." Many of us would be hard-pressed to say much more about the nature of science than that science is whatever it is scientists do for a living.
A descriptive definition was said to be that science is what is "accepted by the scientific community" and is "what scientists do." The obvious implication of this description is that, in a free society, knowledge does not require the imprimatur of legislation in order to become science.
www.rit.edu /~flwstv/hoswhatsci.html   (8638 words)

 The Tom Bearden Website
Science had the courage to publish the peer-reviewed results of a tabletop sonoluminescence experiment that apparently produces nuclear reactions.
This action by Science is a shining beacon to remind the scientific community that science is based on experimental method, and that prevailing theories cannot refute new experiments that contradict them.
Also, in response to the Science editorial by Editor Emeritus Philip Abelson, urging government action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, the real cause for such dependence is a serious error perpetuated by the scientific community now for decades, but seldom mentioned or discussed.
www.cheniere.org /correspondence/042803.htm   (679 words)

If you want to understand, if you want to come to a picture of what science is, what knowledge is, it could be a good start to try to become clear about the general content of the concept.
The historian of science Northrop also distinguishes, but from a somewhat different perspective, between a "functionalistic" (aristotelian) and a "physicalistic" theory of nature as two of three basic theories of nature during the period of greek science (ref by Törnebohm 1977).
The other, termed "science ideal", refers to that science, which within a paradigm is considered to be the best expression/reflexion of what science "is" and should be.
cdcp.free.fr /cdcp_en/whatiscience/whatiscience.htm   (4378 words)

 New Space Science
That’s why it took me 20 years of research and experiments to discover the right Physics and Science, together would allow us to build a vehicle to reach the stars.
I’m planning a Seminar to those qualified individuals on the science and details of this invention.
What your interest is in this science and what you may be able to contribute to this venture.
www.newspacescience.com /index.html   (0 words)

 Brazil Imperial Science
The "imperial science" period lasted from 1808, when the seat of the Portuguese crown moved to Rio de Janeiro because of the Napoleonic Wars, until the beginning of the republican period in 1889.
The first higher education schools--a military academy in Rio de Janeiro, two medical schools, and two law schools--were created in the first years of the "imperial science" period, and a few scientific institutions started to appear.
The kind of science being developed in Brazil in those years, although similar to that being developed in Europe, was not subject to the same standards of quality as its European model.
www.floridabrasil.com /brazil/about-brazil-science-technology-imperial-science.htm   (293 words)

 "WHAT IS SCIENCE?"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Especially when you try to come closer to an understanding of what "an anthroposophically fertilized art of healing" could mean, but also "anthroposophical natural science" in general, it becomes important to become clear about the different aspects of the concept and the problems with which it is connected.
They are: a definite picture of the world, a specific concept of what science is, a special ideal of science, a number of aesthetic ideals, a certain ethic and also a certain "self perspective"; an opinion of the role of the researcher in research (Törnebohm 1974, Wallén 1974, Lindström 1974).
The other, termed "science ideal", refers to that science, which within a paradigm is considered to be the best expression/reflection of what science "is" and should be.
hem.passagen.se /thebee/SCIENCE/Science.htm   (4317 words)

 RFC 1808 (rfc1808)
Fielding Standards Track [Page 5] RFC 1808 Relative Uniform Resource Locators June 1995 We recommend that new schemes be designed to be parsable via the generic-RL syntax if they are intended to be used with relative URLs.
Fielding Standards Track [Page 9] RFC 1808 Relative Uniform Resource Locators June 1995 It is the responsibility of the distributor(s) of a document containing relative URLs to ensure that the base URL for that document can be established.
Fielding Standards Track [Page 13] RFC 1808 Relative Uniform Resource Locators June 1995 There is an ambiguity in the semantics for the ftp URL scheme regarding the use of a trailing slash ("/") character and/or a parameter ";type=d" to indicate a resource that is an ftp directory.
www.cse.ohio-state.edu /cgi-bin/rfc/rfc1808.html   (4360 words)

 1808 Online Research :: Information about 1808   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
1808 in topic: Art 1808 in architecture - Art - 1808 in literature - 1808 in music Other topics 1808 in Canada - 1808 in rail transport - 1808 in science - 1808 in South Africa - Sport
1808 was a Leap year starting on Friday (see link for calendar).
Change of Emperor of the Ottoman Empire from Mustafa IV (1807 -1808) to Mahmud II (1808- 1839)
in-northcarolina.com /search/1808.html   (586 words)

 From genomics to the clinic: the challenge for molecular science?
The theme that emerges is that molecular-scale science will play an important role in the advancement of many of the pharmaceutical science disciplines and is essential for the future of health care.
Such is the pace of these developments that it is a far from fanciful idea that patients could visit their local hospital or pharmacy for rapid analysis of drug levels or genetic markers to establish their ability to metabolise a particular drug or to identify an appropriate course of therapy.
Such nano-scale bioscience is an interesting mix of cell biology, material science and nanotechnology, and is a key feature of novel cell engineering strategies in the development of polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering applications such as nerve regeneration and whole organ creation in the laboratory.
www.pharmj.com /Editorial/20000916/society/genomics.html   (3575 words)

 Poultry Science Department Research Publications
Two studies were conducted in environmental chambers to evaluate different dietary modifications on the incidence or severity of ascites, leg disorders, and sudden death syndrome in males of two commercial broiler strains and their reciprocal crosses.
A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of combinations of antibiotics, mannan oligosaccharides, and organic forms of copper in the diet of broilers.
A study was conducted to evaluate the use of Bio-Mos®, a mannan oligosaccharide derived from the cell wall of yeast, as a potential replacement for growth promoting antibiotics in the diet of growing turkeys.
www.msstate.edu /dept/poultry/respub09.htm   (7767 words)

 Taleyarkhan et al., Evidence for Nuclear Emissions During Acoustic Cavitation
In the 8 March 2002 issue of Science, we present the research article by Taleyarkhan et al.
Becchetti, Evidence for Nuclear Reactions in Imploding Bubbles, Science 295, 1850 (2002)
Kennedy, To Publish or Not to Publish, Science 295, 1793 (2002)
www.sciencemag.org /feature/data/hottopics/bubble/index.dtl   (0 words)

 New Space Science
Over 50% of the science world believes in the UFO or Flying Saucer Visitations.
I’m planning a Seminar to those qualified individuals on the science and details of this invention.
What your interest is in this science and what you may be able to contribute to this venture.
www.newspacescience.com   (819 words)

 History Astronomy Science
The Star of Bethlehem - An investigation of the science and history which bear on the mysterious star said to have accompanied the advent of Christ.
A Science Odyssey - Physics and Astronomy - PBS articles about 20th century astronomy and physics.
Starry Messenger - Phase I of the Electronic History of Astronomy, developed in the Whipple Museum of the History of Science at Trinity College, Cambridge.
www.sydbusiness.com /History_Astronomy_Science.html   (956 words)

 Women in Science
Note, however, that women have been involved in science in many different ways, not just as laboratory or field scientists, but also in other roles such as translators and writers whose influence was very significant at a particular time.
A study of their lives and their different roles is a good way to gain insights into wider aspects of 'doing science' and into the social contexts in which it has been pursued.
One of these is 'Women in Science', beginning with Hypatia of Alexandria and women are well represented in the other chapters also.
www.bshs.org.uk /educ/women.htm   (1325 words)

 RFC 1808 (rfc1808) - Relative Uniform Resource Locators
Network Working Group R. Fielding Request for Comments: 1808 UC Irvine Category: Standards Track June 1995 Relative Uniform Resource Locators Status of this Memo This document specifies an Internet standards track protocol for the Internet community, and requests discussion and suggestions for improvements.
Author's Address Roy T. Fielding Department of Information and Computer Science University of California Irvine, CA 92717-3425 U.S.A. Tel: +1 (714) 824-4049 Fax: +1 (714) 824-4056 EMail: fielding@ics.uci.edu 10.
Appendix - Embedding the Base URL in HTML documents It is useful to consider an example of how the base URL of a document can be embedded within the document's content.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1808.html   (4233 words)

 WebSites: Science
This would be beneficial to use for science students that are studying the periodic table as part of their physcial science area.
This site would be useful for those students who are still searching for a science fair topic, as well as teachers needing background information for many of the physical science topics they still have to cover.
The Science of Ballooning is hosted by PBS and is suitable for Science students in grades 3-12 and is located at:
www.sd36.bc.ca /sites/challenge/WebSitesScience.html   (2100 words)

 Medicine and Science
From 1863 to 1867 he taught chemistry and natural science at Queen's University, but it was his connection with the Geological Survey of Canada, one which went back as far as 1857, which dominated his professional life.
Their scope in terms of dates, geographical areas and subjects are inevitably broad, reflecting the collector's intent to cover the whole of the history of medicine (forming the largest section), and the history of science (being only scantily represented).
This journal is published by the Bureau of Science of the Government of the Philippine Islands and its first issue was published in 1906.
www.archives.mcgill.ca /resources/guide/vol2_3/gen04.htm   (13910 words)

The different branches of science deal in the main with the different levels of organisation of physical substance.
Fields like psychology, anthropology, and sociology move away from the boundaries of science altogether.
There is so much material on different branches of science on the web that it is pointless citing links to individual pages.
www.kheper.net /topics/science/science.htm   (1958 words)

 History of Croatian Science
Together with the theory of forces due to Rudjer Boskovic, this is probably the greatest achievement in the history of Croatian science.
Franz Leopold Jelacic (1808 Dorpat-Tartu / Estonia - 1888 Kazan / Russia) is a descendant of noble Croatian family of Jelacic (Russian branch).
He was director of International school for history of science in Naples, Ischy, Annecy, president of European center for history of medicine in Strasbourg, editor or editor-in-chief of several professional international science lexicons, author of about thirty books.
www.hr /darko/etf/et22.html   (11596 words)

 Important Dates in Vision Science
There are many well known accounts of the history of visual science (some references are given below) but it seems hard to find a simple chronological listing of major events.
In addition, for completeness sake, there is a brief preliminary section that sketches the history of visual science before 1600.
Comments as to the accuracy and importance of the events listed will be very welcome, as will additions to the list.
www.socsci.uci.edu /cogsci/vision/yellott_dates.html   (1484 words)

 An example HTML document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Absolute URLs contain a great deal of information which may already be known from the context of the base document's retrieval, including the scheme, network location, and parts of the URL path.
However, there is enough uniformity in the use of URLs to allow a parser to resolve relative URLs based upon a single, generic-RL syntax.
Step 4: If the embedded URL path is preceded by a slash "/", the path is not relative and we skip to Step 7.
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1808.txt   (4360 words)

 Computer Science Bibliographies
A collection of bibliographies in various fields of computer science is available via anonymous ftp and the World Wide Web.
It is organized in files containing references to a (more or less) specific area within computer science.
Table 1 : This table shows the number of references for each area within computer science and the number of those references which contain abstracts or keywords.
csg.uwaterloo.ca /~dcowan/csbblio.htm   (240 words)

 Science & Engineering Library New Books
Antient metaphysics, or, The science of universals : with an appendix, containing an examination of the
The new role of the academies of sciences in the Balkan countries
Studies in the history of science, technology and medicine ; v.
sciweb.lib.umn.edu /issues/July.html   (4617 words)

 Cichlid Fish Diversity Threatened by Eutrophication That Curbs Sexual Selection -- Seehausen et al. 277 (5333): 1808 -- ...
Find out more about why this message is appearing, and what you can do to make your experience of our site the best it can be.
Home > Science Magazine > 19 September 1997 > Seehausen et al.
Institute of Evolutionary and Ecological Sciences, University of Leiden, Post Office Box 9516, NL-2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands.
www.sciencemag.org /cgi/content/abstract/277/5333/1808   (0 words)

 Naturhistorisches Museum - Science
This collection was later given to the City of Bern.
When the museum was officially founded in 1832 (still at the Library location) it inherited the earth science collections of the City Library.
You may be interested in the names, fields of interest and terms of responsibility of the curators responsible for the Earth Science Collections during the past 200 years.
www-nmbe.unibe.ch /deutsch/510_1.html   (674 words)

 March 2000 P&M
In 1808 Naoma Wise was murdered in Randolph County, North Carolina, probably by a young man named John Lewis.
In reality, an event in 1808 entered oral tradition; a text (Woody, 1917) and a pamphlet (Craven, 1824) were published, distributed, and re-published numerous times; and, more than one hundred years later, a song version of the story was commercially recorded by various artists and reentered oral tradition in West Virginia.
With greater emphasis on national testing, teachers spend much time preparing their students for the SAT test that must be taken in the spring.
www.wvhumanities.org /Jun00.htm   (8587 words)

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