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Topic: 1825

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  The State Hermitage Museum: Hermitage History
1825: Emperor Nicholas I's accession to the throne
Constantine, however, rejected the throne and thus the younger brother, Nikolay, was to be the new Emperor.
The ceremony of swearing loyalty to Nicholas I was to take place on Senate Square on 14 December 1825, but Nicholas was renowned for his severity and extremely conservative political views and a large number of young officers of aristocratic birth sought to prevent his ascension to the throne.
www.hermitagemuseum.org /html_En/05/hm5_1_14.html   (220 words)

 1825 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1822 1823 1824 - 1825 - 1826 1827 1828
1825 was a common year starting on Saturday (see link for calendar).
January 4 - King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies dies and is succeeded by his son Francis I of the Two Sicilies.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1825   (529 words)

 [No title]
Atkinson Standards Track [Page 1] RFC 1825 Security Architecture for IP August 1995 Non-repudiation The property of a receiver being able to prove that the sender of some data did in fact send the data even though the sender might later desire to deny ever having sent that data.
Atkinson Standards Track [Page 4] RFC 1825 Security Architecture for IP August 1995 If there are no security gateways present in the connection, then two end systems that implement ESP may also use it to encrypt only the user data (e.g., TCP or UDP) being carried between the two systems.
The increased latency is primarily due to the calculation of the authentication data by the sender and the calculation and comparison of the authentication data by each receiver for each IP datagram containing an Authentication Header (AH).
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1825.txt   (7394 words)

 RFC1825   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
RFC 1825 Security Architecture for IP August 1995 Non-repudiation The property of a receiver being able to prove that the sender of some data did in fact send the data even though the sender might later desire to deny ever having sent that data.
RFC 1825 Security Architecture for IP August 1995 If there are no security gateways present in the connection, then two end systems that implement ESP may also use it to encrypt only the user data (e.g., TCP or UDP) being carried between the two systems.
RFC 1825 Security Architecture for IP August 1995 or more unique session keys for its traffic destined for host 2; such session keys are not shared with other users on host1.
rfc.net /rfc1825.html   (7195 words)

 Antique Women's Fashions 1825-1840
April 1827...Anna C is here, she says the dresses are full all around the skirt...Anna says the only trimmings worn are large tucks and broad hems, two are silk one satin rouleau at the bottom — it is a convenient fashion...
Other historians see the changes in fashion which began around 1825 as the beginning of the modern dark ages for Western women since after the respite of the 18teens womens clothes again became confining and some styles were injurious to the health.
For many women alive in 1825 to 1840, however, the changing clothing styles were a delight and period diary and letter references indicate that most women enjoyed the challenge of each season's innovations.
www.victoriana.com /lady/palmer.html   (2142 words)

Even though the 1829 branch of the 18xx family (including 1825, 1829, and 1853) has a reputation for being for the "engineers" (i.e., route-builders), as opposed to 1830's (including 1856 and 1870) "financiers" (share manipulators), 1825 strikes me as a much truer investment game.
Plus, 1825 can be played and enjoyed even if you only play occasionally, because it has the lowest rules overhead and is the most intuitive as tactics don't revolve so much around funky train-swapping that you couldn't possibly figure out without playing a few times.
As a final bonus, 1825 does a great job of solving the variability problem with a bunch of expansion kits that you can use to change the company, train, and track mix, or lengthen the game into something a bit meatier.
homepage.mac.com /c_farrell/iblog/C2097221587/E1414730976   (562 words)

 Russia Uprising 1825
Several clandestine organizations were preparing for an uprising when Alexander died unexpectedly in 1825.
Following his death, there was confusion as to who would succeed him because his heir, Constantine, had relinquished his right to the throne.
A group of officers commanding about 3,000 men refused to swear allegiance to the new tsar, Nicholas I, and proclaimed their loyalty to "Constantine and Constitution." Because these events occurred in December 1825, the rebels were called Decembrists.
www.onwar.com /aced/data/romeo/russia1825.htm   (408 words)

 HeritageQuest - Georgia Marriages Index, 1801 to 1825,1 Vol.
Georgia Marriages, 1801 to 1825 compiled by Liahona Research provides an index to marriages from county courthouse records with over 44,680 entries of brides and grooms.
Includes the requirements for marriage 1801 to 1825 and the film numbers for the original records from the Family History Library.
District of Columbia Marriages Index, Early to 1825, 1 Vol.
www2.heritagequest.com /hq/bk.asp?Z_id=X418   (103 words)

 Blackwater Station : 1825 Comment
But please remember that this is only my viewpoint, some do like 1825 as a short or introductory 18xx game, but for me there are other, better designs more worthy to play.
The below was obtained by comparing an 1825 acquired around Christmas 1995 (with a serial number of 29061 on the box) and another acquired (serial number 29132) a few months later.
It has been noticed that the first batch of 1825 games released had a error in the form that an incorrect amount of Player Money and Company Credits was included.
freespace.virgin.net /chris.lawson/18xx/1825/1825c.htm   (707 words)

 1825 Goldsmith Map of England & Wales
Description: This hand colored map is a steel plate engraving, dating to 1825 by the obscure English mapmaker Rev. J.
This stunning map is a steel plate lithograph which has been hand-colored in wonderfully intense reds, greens, blues and yellows.
These fine maps were once part of the 1825 Atlas and Geography by the little known English mapmaker Goldsmith.
www.antiqnet.com /detail,1825-goldsmith-map,258907.html   (249 words)

 SCGenWeb Mills' 1825 Atlas
Third, in the fall of 1821 the first 50 copies of Wilson's Map of the State were printed and another 2,500 were printed in April 1882.
The Atlas was published in 1825 and first distributed in 1826.
By December 1825, a new contract had been made and the State was to receive 80 atlases for $1,200.
www.geocities.com /Heartland/Hills/3837/SCGW_Mills1825.html   (921 words)

 Peter Robinson Settlement of 1825
In "The Peter Robinson Settlement of 1825", author Bill LaBranche says, "In the year 1823 Robinson was to lead an emigration from poverty stricken Ireland to Canada bringing over 182 families in that same year, Robinson opened and settled much of the Ottawa Valley.
By May, 1825, the problem had not resolved itself and once again, Robinson, as Superintendent, hustled his Settlers onto the nine ships that awaited them.
Before the winter of 1825 had arrived, virtually all the immigrants, excepting, of course, those few who remained behind to form the village of Scott's Plans, were located on their lands.
www.kinsella.org /genealogy/research/robinson.htm   (684 words)

 The Depot: 1825   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
A summary of the production problems with 1825 and some proposed remedies.
A press release for 1825, detailing planned expansions.
There has been some comment on the components that come with 1825.
www.geocities.com /TimesSquare/Arena/5276/depot/1825.htm   (87 words)

 Romantic Era, Fashion and Costume 1825-1835
The neo-Gothic influence in dress fashions was at its peak during the Romantic Era between 1825 and 1835.
After 1825 the decade saw sleeves billow to huge proportions by 1833.
Women's hair between 1825 an 1845 was elaborate and ingenious.
www.fashion-era.com /romantic_era.htm   (1739 words)

 RFC 1825
RFC 1825 Security Architecture for IP August 1995 1.3 Typical Use There are two specific headers that are used to provide security services in IPv4 and IPv6.
RFC 1825 Security Architecture for IP August 1995 4.6 IP Key Management Requirements This section defines key management requirements for all IPv6 implementations and for those IPv4 implementations that implement the IP Authentication Header, the IP Encapsulating Security Payload, or both.
RFC 1825 Security Architecture for IP August 1995 5.1 USE WITH FIREWALLS Firewalls are not uncommon in the current Internet [CB94].
www.ictp.trieste.it /~radionet/nuc1996/ref/rfc/rfc1825.htm   (7306 words)

 R v Cresswell, 1825
Leary, 25 November 1825 (Sydney Gazette, 28 November 1825), Leary was sentenced to death on two counts: breaking and entering with intent to steal, and with intent to commit rape.
He committed the rape in the presence of the woman's husband but took no property; he was sentenced to death without recommendation for mercy.
On 24 December 1825, Thomas James was also sentenced to death for rape, with a suggestion that clemency might be granted: Sydney Gazette, 29 December 1825.
www.law.mq.edu.au /scnsw/html/r_v_cresswell__1825.html   (253 words)

 1825 Overhead Projector (3M-1825) - PriceGrabber.com
Description: The 3M Overhead Projector Model 1825 offers the utmost in brightness, from a minimum output of 3,600 lumens (on the low setting) to a maximum of 4,300.
The Overhead Projector Model 1825 also boasts a brand new look of tough sophistication that fits any meeting-room or classroom environment.
Features include a thermostat that prevents the unit from overheating, a lamp ejector that makes the task of changing lamps easy, a high-to-low dimmer switch that conserves lamp life, a fold-down post that makes moving and storing simple and a power-cord wrap.
www.pricegrabber.com /search_getprod.php/masterid=3140849   (225 words)

 Model 1825 Low Cost RF Power Sensor Calibrator - TEGAM INC.
The Model 1825 includes an internal thermistor power standard complete with heater and a Type IV Bridge Circuit for detection of RF power.
Since measurements are taken with an external DVM, the 1825 could be integrated into an automated workstation depending on the DVM used and the customer's ability to provide the appropriate software.
To calibrate a power sensor, the operator connects the output from the customer-supplied RF signal generator to the RF INPUT of the 1825 and the + and - input of the customer-supplied voltmeter to the VOLTMETER red and fl binding posts on the 1825.
www.tegam.com /html/1825.htm   (476 words)

 Louisiana Timeline: Year 1825
During his visit to New Orleans, his popularity was evidenced by resounding cheers of Vive Lafayette!.
College of Orleans fails and state support is shifted to the College of Louisiana in Jackson, which will become Centenary College, The college was transferred to the Methodist Church in 1845 and relocated at Shreveport in 1908, Centenary is the oldest privately operated liberal arts college west of the Mississippi.
Mary Parish is established by Pierre Simeon Patout in 1825.
www.enlou.com /time/year1825.htm   (398 words)

 Twin Councils:1825
Consequently, in another letter, dated 2 June 1825, Bathurst held that the time was now expedient.
NSW Governor Ralph Darling left Hobart for Sydney in December 1825 and had to repeat the formal process of establishment there.
Gazette Notice of formal taking of oaths required by the British Government plus the reading of the June 1825 O-In-C. Ceremony held at 1’o clock Saturday, which was to be a public ‘holyday’, and Royal Salute was to be fired from Mulgrave Battery.
www.parliament.tas.gov.au /php/ExC1825.htm   (572 words)

 The Peter Robinson Irish Emigrations to Canada (1823 & 1825)
The second wave of emigration was launched in 1825.
Included are: original ships lists, ship surgeon reports, Robinson's correspondence, embarkation certificates, applications and letters of recommendation for all 1825 settlers, account books listing all provisions supplied to the settlers, broadside posters advertising the emigration of 1825 and more.
Prior written permission to publish, or otherwise use images and text found on this website, must be obtained from the PCMA which is a part of the Corporation of the City of Peterborough.
www.pcma.ca /robinson.htm   (914 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo: Orange - Pay As You Go - Text Saver - 1825 Text   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Send 1,825 inclusive text messages a year, that's five every day at less than 1p per message (after your inclusive daily messages have been used up, they cost 12p each) and get an extra £5 talk time.
The offer is that for a one off sum of £12.99 you get 1825 txt's per year with the only downside is that they are limited to 5 a day, but still its an incredible offer, as the standard txt rate is 10p, 1825 txts would equal a sum of around £182.50!
And as well as the 1825 texts you get £5 credit so for £12.99 you get £5 credit and 1825 texts which work out to be 1/4 of a pence each!!
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000C05JY   (684 words)

 1825   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
parishes in New South Wales between 1811 and 1825 differentiated between married and unmarried...
Between 1811 and 1825 these local clergymen recorded a total...
In May of 1825, the coalition of city banks, having all...
ensiklopedie.com /1825   (318 words)

 William H. Ashley's 1825 Rocky Mountain Papers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Ashley left two documents describing the events of 1825: One is what appears to be his field diary, containing daily entries.
These two documents are mostly consistent, although the narrative appears to have been written from memory because in some cases, details are different from those recorded in the contemporaneous diary.
The diary was kept from March 25 to June 27, 1825.
roxen.xmission.com /~drudy/mtman/html/ashintro.html   (365 words)

 LawRoom: AB 1825
The new law, effective January 2005, requires employers with 50 or more employees to provide at least two hours of "classroom or other effective interactive training" to all supervisory employees on the prevention of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation.
While AB1825 does not define "supervisor," it’s broadly defined elsewhere in the FEHA: anyone who directs other employees, or has the authority (or significant influence) to hire, transfer, suspend, layoff, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward, adjust grievances, or discipline other employees.
And, if an employer complies with the new law, it does not insulate the employer from liability for sexual harassment of any current, former employee or applicant.
www.lawroom.com /ab_1825.asp   (921 words)

 FR Doc 03-31407
Accordingly, 48 CFR parts 1819, and 1822 through 1825 are amended as follows: 1.
The authority citation for 48 CFR parts 1819, and 1822 through 1825, continues to read as follows: Authority: 42 U.S.C. 2473(c)(1).
Amend part 1825 by-- (a) In section 1825.103, removing paragraph (a)(i) and redesignating paragraphs (a)(ii) and (a)(iii) as (a)(i) and (a)(ii), respectively; and (b) Removing section 1825.903, and subparts 1825.10 and 1825.70.
a257.g.akamaitech.net /7/257/2422/14mar20010800/edocket.access.gpo.gov/2003/03-31407.htm   (933 words)

 Kupferkessel Co, 1825 - Unit 2, Domaine
Kupferkessel Co: Kim and I showed up a few minutes late so missed out on getting into the first game, so we played a quick round of this.
Next up was 1825 Unit 2 with 4 players.
For some reason I had remembered this unit as being ideal with 3 and a little thin with 4 players just on the number of companies, so I threw in my recently-acquired kit K5, with the Furness and North Staffordshire minor railways.
homepage.mac.com /c_farrell/iblog/C2097221587/E1038844812   (438 words)

 Rendezvous in the Rocky Mountains, 1825-1840   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Ashley, William H. Letter to Gen. Atkinson, 1825.
Ashley, William H. Diary, March 25 to June 27, 1825 Ends before rendezvous, but covers events leading up to it.
A Narrative of Colonel Robert Campbell's Experiences in the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade from 1825 to 1835.
roxen.xmission.com /~drudy/mtman/html/voushort.html   (630 words)

 Anderson-davis, Inc.
It is AB 1825 compliant.Learn how we use ‘Live Theater’ dramatizations in this and our investigation, respectful workplace and diversity training programs.
Our supervisors’ course meets AB 1825 training requirements, is Gov’t Sec.
Stephen Anderson was appointed to the Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee to review and draft language for AB 1825 regulations.
www.andersondavis.com   (165 words)

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