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Topic: 1828

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  U.S. presidential election, 1828 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Held on December 2, the U.S. presidential election of 1828 featured a rematch between incumbent President John Quincy Adams and chief rival Andrew Jackson, who was now a candidate under the banner of the new Democratic Party.
Unlike the 1824 election, no other major candidates appeared in the race, allowing Jackson to consolidate a power base and easily win an electoral victory over Adams.
She became ill and died, humiliated, on December 22, 1828.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/U.S._presidential_election,_1828   (627 words)

 The Avalon Project : Treaty With the Potawatami, 1828
The Avalon Project : Treaty With the Potawatami, 1828
Ratified, with the exception of the following paragraph in the third article: "To Joseph Barron, a white man, who has long lived with the Indians, and to whom they are much attached, two sections of land; but the rejection of this grant is not to affect any other part of the treaty.
Schedule of claims referred to in the fourth article of the treaty of the 20th September, 1828, with the Pottawatamie Indians.
www.yale.edu /lawweb/avalon/ntreaty/pot1828.htm   (1165 words)

 1828 DeWitt Colony Census-Surnames H-N
Richard Heath's quarter league land title indicates he arrived in the colony 24 Oct 1828 as a single man and is possibly the first or second settler along with the Smothers in the Lavaca River valley.
In Feb 1833, Hibbins was with a herd of cattle at the camp of John and Margaret Hallet on the east side of the Lavaca River in the Austin Colony.
The marriage record of 30 Oct 1828 of an Ambrose "Tena" and Peggy McCoy is in St. CharlesCo, MO records.
www.tamu.edu /ccbn/dewitt/1828census2.htm   (9744 words)

 EDSITEment - Lesson Plan
Lesson Four: Issues in the Election of 1828 (and Beyond): Two class periods.
Lesson One of the Curriculum Unit: The 1828 Campaign of Andrew Jackson and the Growth of Party Politics
But by 1828, all but two states were choosing electors for president through a popular vote.
edsitement.neh.gov /view_lesson_plan.asp?id=539   (997 words)

 1828 Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Looking For 1828 - Find 1828 and more at Lycos Search.
Find 1828 - Your relevant result is a click away!
Look for 1828 - Find 1828 at one of the best sites the Internet has to offer!
quiltplace.com /encyclopedia/1828   (566 words)

 1828 DeWitt Colony Census A-G
As for all censuses and this early one in particular, it is incomplete and does not enumerate those who from other records potentially could be counted as residents of the colony at the time.
Those individuals who received title for land grants in the DeWitt Colony for which the records indicate an arrival before the end of 1828 are enumerated in DeWitt Colonists 1828 By Land Record with marital status, date of arrival and number in family.
Edward was single so he received one quarter of a sitio of land (1107 acres) located on the east bank of the Guadalupe River eleven miles west of Gonzales between plots granted to Eliza and Green DeWitt.
www.tamu.edu /ccbn/dewitt/1828census.htm   (7517 words)

 Tariff of 1828
Little thought was given to vetoing the tariff; the inclination of the early presidents was to exercise that power only for matters of dubious constitutionality.
The Tariff of 1828 had been purposely drafted to make Andrew Jackson appear as a free trade advocate in the South and as a protectionist in the North.
Memorabilia related to Tariff of 1828 is at auction on eBay.
www.u-s-history.com /pages/h268.html   (268 words)

 Webster's 1828 Dictionary on CD
The 1828 dictionary reflects our nation's Christian heritage, and the Christian philosophy for life, government, and education.
CTI is the first to offer Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary in this unique software program.
We present this magnificent work hoping that it will be a great blessing to all who seek to use it in their studies.
www.storesonline.com /site/994783/product/CTI-WDCD   (359 words)

The election of 1828 was seminal election in American history.
It was the first election which was to be decided by popular vote.
Jackson won the southern and western states which were enough to insure his victory.
www.multied.com /elections/1828.html   (185 words)

 USA-Presidents.Info - John Quincy Adams Fourth State of the Union Address
It may therefore confidently be foreseen that the revenue of 1829 will equal and probably exceed that of 1828, and will afford the means of extinguishing $10,000,000 more of the principal of the public debt.
This new element of prosperity to that part of our agricultural industry which is occupied in producing the first article of human subsistence is of the most cheering character to the feelings of patriotism.
Among the important subjects to which the attention of the present Congress has already been invited, and which may occupy their further and deliberate discussion, will be the provision to be made for taking the 5th census of enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States.
www.usa-presidents.info /union/jqadams-4.html   (4899 words)

 Election of 1828
The Election of 1828 was unique in that nominations were no longer made by Congressional caucuses, but by conventions and the state legislatures.
John Quincy Adams was re-nominated by forces then calling themselves the National Republicans; his running mate was Secretary of the Treasury Richard Rush.
Memorabilia related to Election of 1828 is at auction on eBay.
www.u-s-history.com /pages/h325.html   (339 words)

 1828   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The store was launched in 1828 by Daniel Frisbee and a partner remembered...
the army was wound down to 100,000 men in 1828, during the reign of King George IV.
Vuodet: 1823 1824 1825 1826 1827 - 1828 - 1829 1830 1831 1832 1833
www.tietosanakirja.org /1828   (328 words)

 A brief biography of Andrew Jackson 1767 - 1845: 12
The 1828 presidential election was one of the dirtiest ever, and Jackson believed, with some reason, that his wife Rachel was driven to an early grave by charges of immorality.
The count was 178 to 83 electoral votes, or 647,276 to 508,064 electoral votes.
She seemed to lose much of her will to live from what she knew of the vicious press attacks.
odur.let.rug.nl /~usa/P/aj7/about/bio/jack12.htm   (605 words)

 Webster's 1828 Dictionary
Noah Webster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language was produced during the years when the American home, church and school were established upon a Biblical and patriotic basis.
It is not surprising, therefore, that the 1828 American Dictionary should contain the greatest number of Biblical definitions given in any reference volume.
The 1828 facsimile reprint of the first American Dictionary, published by F.A.C.E., documents the quality of Biblical education which raised up American statesmen capable of forming our Constitutional Republic.
www.storesonline.com /site/994783/product/WDHC   (761 words)

 Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary for PC or Mac (CD)
This 1828 facsimile reprint of the first American Dictionary documents the quality of Biblical education which raised up American statesmen capable of forming our Constitutional Republic.
The CD is based on the original 1828 dictionary and the CD provides the book in a PDF format that can be read with a free copy of Acrobat Reader, which is provided, on the CD.
The dictionary files can be copied from the CD to your hard drive so you can access the dictionary whenever you want to and do not have to start the CD in the drive.
e-learn-aid.com /noahweb18dic2.html   (416 words)

 [No title]
Network Working Group P. Metzger Request for Comments: 1828 Piermont Category: Standards Track W. Simpson Daydreamer August 1995 IP Authentication using Keyed MD5 Status of this Memo This document specifies an Internet standards track protocol for the Internet community, and requests discussion and suggestions for improvements.
Nota Bene: Suggestions are sought on alternative authentication algorithms that have significantly faster throughput, are not patent- encumbered, and still retain adequate cryptographic strength.
There is not yet a known method to exploit these collisions to attack MD5 in practice, but this fact is disturbing to some authors [Schneier94].
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1828.txt   (998 words)

 American President
Promptly he began to gird for a rematch in 1828.
He won easily in 1828, with 56 percent of the vote and 178 electoral votes to Adams's 83.
Despite the new issues and innovations in party organization, the election was essentially a replay of 1828.
www.americanpresident.org /history/andrewjackson/biography/CampaignsElections.common.shtml   (1384 words)

 Ventura County Federation of College Teachers -- AFT Local 1828   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Sign up with Ventura County Federation of College Teachers -- AFT Local 1828
The Ventura County Federation of College Teachers, AFT Local 1828, represents the 1,600 faculty of the Ventura County Community College District who serve the 32,000 students enrolled in the district's three colleges -- Moorpark, Oxnard, and Ventura.
The county is located on the southern coast of California, north of Los Angeles and south of Santa Barbara in the United States of America.
www.unionvoice.org /vcfctaft1828/home.html   (135 words)

 1828   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
While losing candidates today turn to the courts if they don't like vote totals, Bladen County's only governor looked to the dueling ground.
John Owen served as North Carolina's governor from 1828 to 1830.
At least five cars had windows broken out at Brian's Autos, 2505 N. Prospect Road.
www.infothis.com /find/1828   (625 words)

 Grizzard: Construction of UVA: 1996: Abstract
A Dissertation Presented to the Graduate Faculty of the University of Virginia in Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
At the time of its initial phase of construction, from about 1817 through 1828, Thomas Jefferson's Academical Village at the University of Virginia was one of the largest building projects ever undertaken in American history.
Many of the documentary sources surrounding the construction of the university have survived and, when taken together, probably represent the best documented building project from early America, aside from the United States Capitol.
etext.virginia.edu /jefferson/grizzard   (422 words)

 Modern History Sourcebook: William Radcliffe: Power Looms, 1828
Modern History Sourcebook: William Radcliffe: Power Looms, 1828
The principal estates being gone from the family, my father resorted to the common but never-failing resource for subsistence at that period, viz.
No permission is granted for commercial use of the Sourcebook.
www.fordham.edu /halsall/mod/1828looms.html   (771 words)

 Franz Schubert
The son of a schoolmaster, he showed an extraordinary childhood aptitude for music, studying the piano, violin, organ, singing and harmony and, while a chorister in the imperial court chapel, composition with Salieri (1808-13).
But though he gave a full-scale public concert in March 1828 and worked diligently to satisfy publishers - composing some of his greatest music in his last year, despite failing health - appreciation remained limited.
Both identify nature with human suffering, Die schöne Müllerin evoking a pastoral sound-language of walking, flowing and flowering, and Winterreise a more intensely Romantic, universal, profoundly tragic quality.
w3.rz-berlin.mpg.de /cmp/schubert.html   (1046 words)

 From 1604 to 1828 (from dictionary) --  Encyclopædia Britannica
From 1604 to 1828 (from dictionary) --  Encyclopædia Britannica
More results on "From 1604 to 1828 (from dictionary)" when you join.
More from Britannica on "From 1604 to 1828 (from dictionary)"...
www.britannica.com /eb/article-31960?tocId=31960   (703 words)

 Get more info on 1759 1828 at bladesofveeshan.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
We offer the latest news and resources for anyone who wants to know more about 1759 1828.
Read about 1759 1828 in the free online encyclopedia and dictionary.
Pierre-Joseph Dewailly (1759-1828) From VincentWiki Pierre-Joseph Dewailly (1759-1828) As the first superior general since the death of Cayla in 1800, Pierre-Joseph Dewailly had many hurdles to overcome...
bladesofveeshan.org /find/1759-1828.aspx   (271 words)

 The Token (1828-1842): Contents
Sigourney] 1828 To an Aged Elm /p ([W. Peabody]), 113 ['Tis the last of the mighty!
Little] 1828 Montpelier /p ([Lydia H. Sigourney]), 234 [How fair, beneath Virginian skies/ Which of a stranger made a friend.] 1828 Hidden Treasure, The, 236 [Great public excitement, of any kind, is generally followed by moral and intellectual waste...] 1828 Voice of the Soul, The /p ([Grenville Mellen]), 246 [Voice of the viewless Spirit!
Sleep no vision hath more wild,/ The pictured glow of fireside dreams.] 1828 Isle of Shoals, The, 285 [In the Atlantic ocean, near the eastern coast of New Hampshire, is situated a cluster of islands, called the Isle of Shoals.] 1828 To the Evening Star /p ([Lydia H. Sigourney]), 297 [Pure Planet!
www.merrycoz.org /voices/token/tokendx.htm   (3325 words)

 Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: Michael McCarthy b1794Ire. m Cath Reagan went to Canada 1828
The information that I have been able to find is that Michael and Catherine Regan have a son Thomas baptized 18 Oct. 1828 at St. Famile RC church in Bathurst, New Brunswick Canada.
Just prior to the entry for Thomas's baptism, there is a Ann McCarty that is the godmother to Timothy Walsh on 5 June 1828, and there is a Richard McCarthy baptized 18 Mar 1826, son of Richard McCarthy, and Catherine Dois, Richards godparents are Simon Murphy (spelled Morphy), and Anne O'Sullivan.
Also baptized 19 Mar 1826 is Heleine Burke daughter of John Burke and Catherine Collins, and on 2 Nov 1827 there is baptized Thomas Hegarty to Thomas Hegarty, and Bridget Madigan, with godparents Edward Dougherty and Mary Burke.
familytreemaker.genealogy.com /users/m/c/c/Wayne-F-Mccarthy   (1334 words)

 VIRTUAL EMILY 1828-1833   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In later years, Edward followed in his fathers footsteps by taking an appointment as Treasurer at Amherst College and also participating in state and national political arenas.
Edward married Emily Norcross on May 6, 1828.
In his marriage proposal to Emily, he promised "a life of rational happiness" and proceeded to set down the terms of his life, "My life must be a life of business, of labor and application to the study of my profession."
www-unix.oit.umass.edu /~emilypg/1830.html   (446 words)

 Duke of Wellington
He undertook a number of diplomatic visits overseas, including a trip to Russia.
In 1828, after twice being overlooked in favour of Canning and Goderich,
Wellington was finally invited by King George IV to form his own government and set about forming his Cabinet.
www.number-10.gov.uk /output/Page153.asp   (921 words)

 [sword-devel] Webster's 1828 Dictionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
http://elbourne.org ----- Original Message ----- From: "David's Mailing-list and Spam Receiver" To: Sent: Friday, February 28, 2003 7:31 PM Subject: Re: [sword-devel] Webster's 1828 Dictionary > On Thursday 27 February 2003 11:53 pm, Don A. Elbourne Jr.
> > I know there is a module for the 1913 version, but it would be cool to > > have the 1828.
> > A lot of people have been asking about the 1828.
www.crosswire.org /pipermail/sword-devel/2003-March/018188.html   (243 words)

WILL be paid by the citizens of Greensburg, Decatur county, Indiana, for the apprehension of
Said Williams is about 6 feet high, fair complexion, blue eyes, and a little cross-eyed, stoop shouldered, weighs about 175 pounds, surley and quick spoken.
NOTICE is hereby given that application will be made at the next term of the Vigo Circuit Court for a dissolution of the bonds of matrimony, now existing between the above named parties.
home.earthlink.net /~sarahdart/westernregister/id4.html   (1265 words)

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