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Topic: 1831

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  1831 Report of Deane and Kavanagh on the Madawaska Settlement
In the summer of 1831 the governor of the State of Maine, under direction from the legislature, sent John G. Deane and Edward Kavanagh to survey the Madawaska Settlement, at that time in a territory disputed between the United States and Great Britain (at the time New Brunswick was a British colony).
In the early part of the year 1831, the award of the King of the Netherlands was received [he had been commissioned as an arbitrator to decide where the border between the US and the British territories actually ran].
in 1831 was appointed, with John G. Deane, to visit and report upon the condition of settlement of the 'disputed territory,' on the head waters of the River St. John and its tributaries.
www.upperstjohn.com /aroostook/deane-kavanagh.htm   (1966 words)

 Search Results for "1831"
1831, June 4 The Belgians, after first attempting to make the duke of Nemours (son of Louis-Philippe) king, elected Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg as king.
1831 The first modern population census in the empire.
It was completed in 1838, and counted the adult male population in most parts of the empire (total 3.6 million)....
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=1831   (267 words)

 The English Novel, 1830–36: 1831
LG 769: 670 (15 Oct 1831); ER 54: 559 (Dec 1831); ECB 233 (Oct 1831).
BP (24 Sept 1831); LG 766: 621 (24 Sept 1831); ER 54: 559 (Dec 1831); ECB 547 (1831).
BP (15 Oct 1831); LG 769: 670 (15 Oct 1831); ER 54: 559 (Dec 1831); ECB 134 (Oct 1831).
www.cf.ac.uk /encap/corvey/1830s/1831.html   (8804 words)

 Timeline 1831-1840
1831 Nov 11, Nat Turner was hanged and skinned in Southampton county, Va. Hysteria surrounded this rebellion and over 200 slaves, some as far away as North Carolina, were murdered by whites in fear of a generalized uprising.
1831 New York Senator William L. Marcy made the statement, "To the victor belong the spoils of the enemy," on the floor of the U.S. Senate in 1831.
1831 In London a 9-bedroom residence was built for a nobleman that in 1931 became the Abbey Road recording studio.
timelines.ws /1831_1840.HTML   (14921 words)

 The Adelphi Theatre 1806-1900: The 1831 Summer Season
In the summer of 1831, the English Opera Company, under the management of Samuel J. Arnold, occupied the Adelphi theatre for its second season due to "circumstances still preventing Mr.
The capabilities of the house are not sufficient for the performance of legitimate opera, and it is, therefore, far better not to attempt it" (6 July 1831).
As the season ended on 28 September 1831, the Theatrical Observer noted that it had "proved a profitable one, which is mainly to be attributed to the very great attraction of...
www.emich.edu /public/english/adelphi_calendar/hst1831s.htm   (709 words)

 Amazon.com: 1831: Year of Eclipse: Books: Louis P. Masur   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
1831 saw the testing of the first reaping machine, and a boom in the railroads.
Masur amply shows that America in 1831, the promises of the revolution were being enacted in ways the Founding Fathers could not have foreseen and would not have endorsed.
1831 was a watershed year, a year in which some sluices were opened and others closed, a time when the roiling waters of liberty and democracy were undermining the foundations of elites, when the promises of revolutionary America were being extended to, revoked from, or taken up focibly by its people.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0809041197?v=glance   (2014 words)

 "Great" Polish political Emigration (1831 - 1870)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The 1831 emigres played a major role in preparations for the 1846 and 1848 revolutions in Poland and also supported, and frequently fought, in revolutions of 1848 - 1849 in France, German and Italian lands, Austria, Hungary, and the Danube principalities.
The Polish emigration of 1831 was, in the 19th century terms, a massive one, but its importance lies predominantly in the fact that, in intelectual terms, it played a paramount role in the history of post-Partition Poland.
Between 1831 and 1870, there were more than 50 political committees and associations and about 70 scientific, educational, cultural, welfare, military and social societies.
www.ohiou.edu /~Chastain/dh/emigpol.htm   (2518 words)

 [No title]
Servers Srinivasan Standards Track [Page 8] RFC 1831 Remote Procedure Call Protocol Version 2 August 1995 that support broadcast protocols usually respond only when the call is successfully processed and are silent in the face of errors, but this varies with the application.
Note that these two items are Srinivasan Standards Track [Page 10] RFC 1831 Remote Procedure Call Protocol Version 2 August 1995 historically separate, but are always used together as one logical entity.
Srinivasan Standards Track [Page 15] RFC 1831 Remote Procedure Call Protocol Version 2 August 1995 APPENDIX A: SYSTEM AUTHENTICATION The client may wish to identify itself, for example, as it is identified on a UNIX(tm) system.
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1831.txt   (4347 words)

 HistoryBuff.com -- History Library -- Southampton Slave Revolt
Early in the morning of August 22, 1831, a band of eight Black slaves, led by a lay preacher named Nat Turner, entered the Travis house in Southampton County, Virginia and killed five members of the Travis family.
Nat Turner was born a slave in Virginia in 1800 and grew to become a slave preacher.
Despite a large-scale manhunt and a continuing stream of newspaper accounts of his escape or capture, he was able to hide in the woods of Southampton, not far from where the rebellion had begun.
www.historybuff.com /library/refslave.html   (957 words)

 Pages 10-11--Joseph Smith's 1831 Polygamy Revelation, A Response to the Anonymous LDS Historian, Jerald and Sandra ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In 1831 a Mormon defector wrote that Joseph Smith had given a revelation concerning polygamy, and in 1861 an early Mormon wrote a letter to Brigham Young in which he gave the text of that revelation.
The claim that we suppressed knowledge concerning the 1831 revelation is about as far from the truth as it is possible to be.
Dr, Clandestine's work on the 1831 revelation seems to show that he is the one who does not want the full truth about the 1831 revelation to come out.
www.xmission.com /~country/reason/clndest2.htm   (2300 words)

 The Depot: 1831
Licensing Status unknown (though 1831 is one of the years reserved by Hartland Trefoil, and is mentioned on the box of 1825
This title is set in the same general area as 1830, with a little wider scope and a lot of extra chrome.
Not to be confused with the 1830 variant by Auke Stegink and Han Heidema, 1831
www.geocities.com /TimesSquare/Arena/5276/depot/1831.htm   (655 words)

 Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel [ˈgeːɔrk ˈvɪlhɛlm ˈfriːdrɪç ˈheːgəl] (August 27, 1770–November 14, 1831) was a German philosopher born in Stuttgart, Württemberg, in present-day southwest Germany.
His influence has been widespread on writers of widely varying positions, including both his admirers (F.
In 1831, Hegel was not spared by the cholera epidemic, and he died in his sleep.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hegel   (4147 words)

 G.W.F. Hegel -- Social and Political Thought [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Apart from his philosophical works on history, society, and the state, Hegel wrote several political tracts most of which were not published in his lifetime but which are significant enough in connection to the theoretical writings to deserve some mention.
Moreover, Hegel is not uncritical of the King's constitutional provisions and finds deficiencies in the exclusion of members of professions from the Estates Assembly as well as in the proposal for direct suffrage in representation, which treats citizens like unintegrated atomic units rather than as members of a political community.
The last of Hegel's political tracts, "The English Reform Bill," was written in installments in 1831 for the ministerial newspaper, the Preussische Staatszeitung, but was interrupted due to censure by the Prussian King because of the perception of its being overly critical and anti-English.
www.utm.edu /research/iep/h/hegelsoc.htm   (14441 words)

 How the cholera epidemic of 1831 resulted in a new technique for fluid resuscitation -- Foëx 20 (4): 316 -- ...
How the cholera epidemic of 1831 resulted in a new technique for fluid resuscitation -- Foëx 20 (4): 316 -- Emergency Medicine Journal
How the cholera epidemic of 1831 resulted in a new technique for fluid resuscitation
On the 3 December 1831 a Dr W B O’Shaughnessy delivered
emj.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/extract/20/4/316   (220 words)

 Journal of Three Voyages along the Coast of China in 1831
Journal of a third voyage along the coast of China, andc.
Journal of three voyages along the coast of China in 1831, 1832, and 1833, with notices of Siam, Corea, and the Loo-Choo islands.
To which is prefixed, An introductory essay on the policy, religion, etc. of China, by the Rev. W.
www.lib.nus.edu.sg /digital/3voyage.html   (125 words)

 Alveley - 1831   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
BROOKS GEORGE (aged twenty-five) is a mason at The Hay.
GROVE ANN (aged twenty-five) is a servant at The Hay.
WILLIAMS WILLIAM (aged fifteen) is a servant at The Moor House.
www.sheridansweep.freeserve.co.uk /alveley1831.htm   (211 words)

 Post Expedition 1831 - 1840
Georgia that the Cherokee are not a "foreign nation" within the meaning of the Constitution, but a "dependent nation." Between 1831 and 1839, the Five Civilized tribes of the Southeast are forcibly relocated to Indian Territory (Oklahoma).
William Lloyd Garrison begins publication of The Liberator, marking the beginning of an organized, nation-wide abolitionist movement.
The U.S. census reports that approximately 40,000 Indians from the "Five Civilized Nations" of the East have been resettled in the Trans-Mississippi West.
www.nps.gov /jeff/LewisClark2/Timelines/PostExpedition/1831to1840.htm   (1362 words)

 [No title]
In 1831, a fever (measles?flu?) killed many Indians of inland Oregon all the way from the coast to the Walla Walla Valley.
In 1831, a Nez Perce and Flathead delegation went to the mouth of the Kaw (Kansas) River in western-most Montana.
Iroquois who had retired from the HBC and the Northwest Fur Company had settled there and were ministered to by a priest from St. Louis.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Ithaca/5531/oregontrailsecond.html   (13253 words)

 Studio 1831 -- Events
Valerie Rushmere will draw from her extensive background in Dance, Yoga, Fitness and Pilates to give you a personalized approach to opening and aligning the body.
Students will have a chance at the end of the workshop to bring attention to their own specific movement challenges.
Studio 1831 is located at 1831 Brandywine Street, one block north of Spring Garden St. in Philadelphia, PA. (If you want to find directions online, use www.mapquest.com; search for 1831 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130.)
www.studio1831.com /events.html   (512 words)

 Battle in the rue de Rohan, 28th July 1830, 1831 Giclee Print by Hippolyte Lecomte at AllPosters.com
Battle in the rue de Rohan, 28th July 1830, 1831 Giclee Print by Hippolyte Lecomte at AllPosters.com
Battle in the rue de Rohan, 28th July 1830, 1831 by Hippolyte Lecomte
Battle in the rue de Rohan, 28th July 1830, 1831
www.allposters.com /-sp/Battle-in-the-rue-de-Rohan-28th-July-1830-1831_i1344180_.htm?aid=974174   (161 words)

 Metternich on Modena, 1831
The new dynasty is already provided, as is proved by the proclamation which has been so freely spread in the north and centre of Italy.
I will send you by the first courier (and they will succeed one another very rapidly) some curious proofs of the earnestness with which the Bonapartists are intriguing in our midst.
There is little need for me to tell you that no reply whatever has been made to these overtures.
www.h-net.org /~habsweb/sourcetexts/modena.htm   (2010 words)

 Calendar for 1831-1832
Indeed, the conditions of the house seem to have had very little bearing on the theatre's popularity, for this was to become one of the Adelphi's most successful seasons.
Liston (Theatrical Observer, 14 December 1831), nothing came of this arrangement and Mathews remained in partnership with Frederick Yates.
Yates was in treaty with the pantomime actor (M. Martin), for himself and his beasts, before there was any notion of bringing them out upon a stage supposed to be dedicated to the legitimate drama, and.
www.emich.edu /public/english/adelphi_calendar/m31d.htm   (8797 words)

 Boston Tax List, 1831 - New England Historic Genealogical Society
This database is useful for tracing tax information and it can help establish dates of death where the heirs or estate administrators of individuals are paying the taxes.
To locate additional genealogy and local history resources, search our library catalog.
Boston Assessing Dept., List of persons, co-partnerships, and corporations, who were taxed twenty-five dollars and upwards, in the city of Boston, in the year 1831 : specifying the amount of the tax on real and personal estate, severally, conformably to an order of the City Council, 1832).
www.newenglandancestors.org /research/database/boston_tax   (170 words)

 Studio 1831 -- Belly Dance
Enjoy the mystery and sensuous beauty of an age-old performance art by learning to belly dance, also known as danse orientale, danse du ventre, raqs sharqi, etc. Below are descriptions of classes offered by Studio 1831.
From hardwood workout rooms in city fitness centers to tapestry-draped dance studios in the suburbs, teenagers and senior citizens alike are learning to wriggle and whirl.
"It's more mainstream," said Valerie Rushmere, a dancer for 23 years who teaches at Studio 1831 in Center City and who has noticed an increasing interest from a variety of women.
www.studio1831.com /bellydance.html   (751 words)

 US CODE: Title 12,1831. Separability of certain provisions of this chapter
TITLE 12 > CHAPTER 16 > § 1831
The provisions of this chapter limiting the insurance of the deposits of any depositor to a maximum less than the full amount shall be independent and separable from each and all of the provisions of this chapter.
LII has no control over and does not endorse any external Internet site that contains links to or references LII.
www4.law.cornell.edu /uscode/12/1831.html   (65 words)

 Obit: Miller, Benjamin (1831 - 1914)
Benjamin Miller, an old resident of this vicinity (Humbird, Clark County, Wis.), died at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
Miller was born in Madison Co., N.Y., March 5, 1831, and came west with his parents, settling on a farm in Sauk Co., moving to Tomah in 1854, where he married Miss Catherine Weaver.
They settled on a farm there, which they afterwards sold and located on a farm in Houghtonburg.
www.usgennet.org /usa/wi/county/clark/webbbs/records/index.cgi?read=9760   (337 words)

 An Albanian, 1831 Giclee Print by Erwin Speckter at AllPosters.com
An Albanian, 1831 Giclee Print by Erwin Speckter at AllPosters.com
This art print was created using a sophisticated digital printer.
Simply enter your email address and you can save items to Your Gallery.
www.allposters.com /-sp/An-Albanian-1831_i1343428_.htm?aid=974174   (90 words)

 1802-1831 Timeline - Whitman Mission National Historic Site
For the term ending September 28, 1831 the tuition accounts of Franklin Academy show Henry Harmon Spalding and Narcissa Prentiss enrolled.
Black Eagle died in St. Louis and was buried October 31, 1831; Ka-ou-pen also died in St. Louis and was buried on November 17, 1831.
Rabbit Skin Leggins joined a portion of his tribe in buffalo country, but before reaching home he died in a battle with the Blackfeet Indians near what is now Salmon City, Idaho
www.nps.gov /whmi/history/timeline1.htm   (1361 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
TITLE: GCN GRB OBSERVATION REPORT NUMBER: 1831 SUBJECT: IPN triangulation of GRB030119 (two large error boxes) DATE: 03/01/21 17:35:17 GMT FROM: Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL
Hurley, on behalf of the Ulysses GRB team, E.
This localization may be improved, but a small error box cannot be obtained for this burst.
gcn.gsfc.nasa.gov /gcn/gcn3/1831.gcn3   (160 words)

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