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Topic: 1839

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  Modern History Sourcebook: Commissioner Lin: Letter to Queen Victoria, 1839
Modern History Sourcebook: Commissioner Lin: Letter to Queen Victoria, 1839
You, the queen of your honorable nation, sit upon a throne occupied through successive generations by predecessors, all of whom have been styled respectful and obedient.
No permission is granted for commercial use of the Sourcebook.
www.fordham.edu /halsall/mod/1839lin2.html   (1938 words)

  1839 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1836 1837 1838 - 1839 - 1840 1841 1842
1839 was a common year starting on Tuesday (see link for calendar).
Half of the Limburg province of Belgium was added to the Netherlands, since 1839 there is a Belgian Limburg and Dutch Limburg.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1839   (638 words)

 1839 Constitution of Liberia
Known otherwise as the "Constitution of the Commonwealth of Liberia" as adopted by the board of directors of the American Colonization Society (ACS) on January 5, 1839.
It represented an improvement over both the 1820 understanding and the 1824 plan of government, the latter reluctantly accepted by the ACS because of its curtailment of the powers of the society.
I hereby certify the above twenty eight articles to be a true copy of a Constitution of the Commonwealth of Liberia, adopted by the Board of Directors, of the American Colonization Society, on the fifth day of January in the year Eighteen Hundred and Thirty Nine.
www.onliberia.org /con_1839.htm   (1049 words)

 The Daguerreian Society: Texts: The first two years (1839-1840)
"Remarkable Invention" Perhaps the earliest report of the daguerreotype in the U.S. press from the Boston Daily Advertiser of February 23, 1839.
The Daguerotype" An early announcement of the daguerreotype, speculating on its impact in the Arts.
"Principle of the Daguerreotype" The initial English-language report of the 19 August 1839 disclosure of Daguerre's process.
www.daguerre.org /resource/first2.html   (359 words)

 First Carlist War 1833-1839
Cabrera refused to recognize the Convention of Vergara (1839), which ended the war in the Basque provinces, but in 1840 was driven with 10,000 soldiers over the French border.
The Carlist wars...The dynastic war between Isabelline liberalism and Carlism was a savage civil war between urban liberalism and rural traditionalism, between the poorly paid and equipped regular army of the liberal governments, supporting Isabella, and the semi-guerrilla forces of the Carlists.
In 1839 the Carlist commander staged a mutiny against the clerical court of Don Carlos and came to terms with Baldomero Espartero, the most successful of Isabella's generals.
www.onwar.com /aced/data/sierra/spain1833.htm   (906 words)

 Theatre 1839
Theatre 1839, is the debut of a series of live Jerry Garcia vault releases called Pure Jerry.
Theatre 1839 is a compilation of two performances of the Jerry Garcia Band at Theatre 1839 in San Francisco, CA from July 29 and 30, 1977.
Theatre 1839 is a recommended addition to a collection of live Jerry Garcia material, and offers a great selection of diverse material of primarily cover songs.
www.thebestofwebsite.com /Bands/Jerry_Garcia/Theatre_1839.htm   (731 words)

 Amistad Mutiny
In 1839 Jose Ruiz purchased 49 slaves in Havana, Cuba.
On the 27th of June 1839, the schooner Amistad, being the property of Spanish subjects, cleared out from the port of Havana, in the island of Cuba, for Puerto Principe, in the same island.
And instead of intelligent and comparatively civilized men, languishing in captivity and suffering under the restraints of the prison, he found them the veriest animals in existence, perfectly contented in confinement, without a ray of intelligence, and sensible only to the wants of the brute.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /USASamistad.htm   (1827 words)

 Seasonal Summary for 1839-1840
Teadust (6) in Beadle of the Parish (4 Nov 1839 - 9 Nov 1839); Doggrass (4) in Black-Eyed Susan (6 Apr 1840 - 11 Apr 1840); Pompey Duckellegs (6) in Bone Squash Diablo (7 Oct 1839 - 12 Oct 1839); Mr.
Freeman (6) in Kentuckian (30 Sep 1839 - 5 Oct 1839); Cosmo Ruggieri (30) in Knight of the Dragon and the Queen of Beauty (18 Nov 1839 - 21 Dec 1839); principal characters (1) in Luke the Labourer (10 Feb 1840); Mr.
Knobbs (6) in Beadle of the Parish (4 Nov 1839 - 9 Nov 1839); Junietta Duckellegs (6) in Bone Squash Diablo (7 Oct 1839 - 12 Oct 1839); Mrs.
www.emich.edu /public/english/adelphi_calendar/m39s.htm   (10048 words)

 TAKE ONE: 15 Fevrier 1839. - Review - movie review
The movie opens on February 14, 1839, the day when leader Marie Thomas Chevalier De Lormier and his comrade--in--arms, Swiss--born rebel Charles Hindelang are told they will hang in 24 hours.
15 fevrier 1839 is Falardeau's dream project, the one obviously meant to be a mystical touchstone that illuminates his other work.
The disquieting thing about 15 fevrier 1839 derives from the picture's echoes of buzzwords and issues that are in the air presently, at the beginning of the 21st century.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0JSF/is_32_10/ai_76497148   (1215 words)

 April, 1839
Lincoln writes on margin of Sangamon County mortgage record: "We do hereby enter full satisfaction on the within mortgage this 4th April 1839 Stuart and Lincoln attorneys for the administrator of Nicholas Sintz, deceased." St. Clair Chrisman gave mortgage to Nicholas Sintz April 5, 1836, in consideration of $1,200.
Notice appears in today's "Sangamo Journal" which is probably from Lincoln's pen: "We, a portion of the Sangamon delegation learning that great disatisfaction prevails among you, relative to the New Revenue Law, ask the favor of you, to attend a public discussion.
Leroy L. Hill gives Lincoln and Benjamin Talbott, trustees of A. Herndon, trust deed to tract containing 79.48 acres, and to lot in Springfield in consideration of loan of $350 for 12 months at 12 per cent.
www.stg.brown.edu /projects/lincoln/month.php?date_value=1839-04-25   (547 words)

 Fernando Sor (1778 - 1839) by Andrew Daly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
He himself suffered from cancer of the tongue and died in great pain on July 8th 1839.
Buried in the cemetery of Montmartre, Paris, in the tomb of a friend, with no inscription, the last resting place of the greatest guitar composer of the nineteenth century was not identified until1934.
Naxos is currently in the process of recording all of Fernando Sor’s guitar works by various guitarists and should be explored by every serious guitar student.
www.musicweb-international.com /sor   (1827 words)

 CoinResource - Braided Hair Cents 1839-1857 Coin Guide
By 1839, few people inside or outside the U.S. Mint were satisfied with the large cent design, least of all its creator, Chief Engraver Christian Gobrecht.
Issues of 1839 through early 1843, now generally called the Petite Head, show Liberty leaning forward and feature a younger-looking version than Gobrecht's later rendition, on which the head is upright and poised more gracefully in the field.
Proofs are known of all dates except 1839, 1851 and 1853, and all are rare to extremely rare.
www.coinresource.com /guide/photograde/pg_01cBraidedHairCent.htm   (1229 words)

 Re: 1839 Invention   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Gerald, I think the original question dealt with something "invented" in 1839 that changed the course of warfare on the plains.
Actually, 1839 was the patent year for improvements on the earlier invention.
The events in 1839 that you listed probably contributed in many ways to changes, but I don't view them as "inventions".
www.dallashistory.org /cgi-bin/webbbs_config.pl?read=7143   (208 words)

 Emigrants to Oregon in 1839
As Rev. Clarke could not overtake the brigade of the American Fur Company that started in 1839, he traveled to Quincy late that winter and induced Mr.
DALCOURT, Jean Baptiste dit Champagne was recorded in Vancouver in June of 1839; employee of Hudson Bay Co; hunter from the prairies of the north; retired to French Prairie with his wife Agathe Khossa and several children; settled on bend of river below fairfield.
1839 Desire Smith; attended schools and seminaries in New England and Ohio and was finished in Oberlin; ordained in the Congregational Church; the church of Litchfield county, CT.
www.oregonpioneers.com /1839.htm   (1315 words)

 1839 Musket Boxes
The tins are double tins with a divider in the top of each tin which hold 10 loose cartridges and a space in lower half for a complete package of ten cartridges.
This example shows the Pattern of 1839 as originally designed and with the earlier style finial which is more flat than round.
The next photos (above) show a Pattern of 1839 box that attempts to comply with the Order from the Ordnance office of April 15 1861, that all boxes were to have waist belt loops.
www.jarnaginco.com /39box.html   (504 words)

 August, 1839
Lincoln, in name of Stuart and Lincoln, gives David Prickett receipt for $250 to be applied on judgment in Sangamon Circuit Court against Prickett, awarded Kerr and Co. for $513.49 July 13, 1839.
Lincoln's letter written yesterday to Thomas Bohannan of Louisville, Kentucky is postmarked August 8, 1839.
Stuart and Lincoln file notice that on September 11, 1839 they will take depositions of two witnesses, in Thomas Moffett's office, for use in Orendorf et al.
www.stg.brown.edu /projects/lincoln/month.php?date_value=1839-08-05   (301 words)

 1839 Matilda Spalding Davison Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Note 1: The majority of the sentences in the "Origin of the 'Book of Mormon" section of this article can hardly be the exact words of a "woman in private life," as Parley P. Pratt noted in 1839.
Parley P. Pratt, in his 1839 letter, mentions the defection of "the deacon of his [Storrs'] church." A follow-up interview was conducted with Spalding's widow by Jesse Haven in 1839.
The probability this particular Jesse Haven and his sister "Elizabeth" were Mormons is supported by the comments of Charlotte Haven in her 1843 letters from Quincy and Nauvoo (where a sister "Elizabeth" and a family of Mormon Havens are spoken of).
home1.gte.net /dbroadhu/RESTOR/Lib/New1839a.htm   (4460 words)

 Search Results for "1839"
Byron R White, Associate Justice, US Supreme Court.
...NUMBER: 1839 AUTHOR: Byron R White, Associate Justice, US Supreme Court QUOTATION: The risk of racial prejudice infecting a capital sentencing proceeding is especially...
1839, Jan Durham's famous Report on the Affairs of British North America was published.
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=1839   (268 words)

 CoinResource - Seated Liberty No Motto Half Dollars 1839-1866 Coin Guide
Well into 1839, new fifty-cent pieces continued to bear the Capped Bust likeness of Liberty long viewed with affection by collectors.
Since 1836, however, Capped Bust halves had lost a key part of their earlier distinctiveness and charm because they were being made on a steam press and with reeded edges, rather than the old-style lettered edges.
Coins produced from the very first obverse die show a larger rock upon which Libery is seated and no trace of drapery at the crook of her elbow, while subsequent strikes all exhibit a fold of drapery there (unless they have undergone excessive wear).
www.coinresource.com /guide/photograde/pg_50cseatedlibertynomotto.htm   (1173 words)

 1839-O Capped Bust Half Dollar
The obverse die used for their production was a new one shipped that year from Philadelphia, but the reverse was one of the two dies shipped in 1838.
It is very possible, therefore, that the 1838`O' Proofs and the 1839`O' Proofs were struck during the same short time frame, since the 1838`O' obverses were defaced on June 21, 1839.
The 1839`O' Proofs seem to have been struck before the business strikes from the same dies, as the reverse breaks visible on the Stack's September, 1992 piece are not as advanced as those so far seen on 1839`O' business strikes from the same dies.
www.coinfacts.com /half_dollars/capped_bust_half_dollars/1839_half_dollars/1839o_capped_bust_half_dollar.htm   (537 words)

 Meggett Papers 1839-1951, McIntyre Library, UW-Eau Claire   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Alexander A. Meggett, son of Alexander and Sarah Meggett, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, 26 March 1824, and emigrated to Uxbridge, Massachusetts, with his parents when three years of age.
Although Alexander A. Meggett Papers cover, a span of years from 1839 to 1947, there are many periods for which there are no manuscripts.
The correspondence from 1843 to 1846 in composed of letters exchanged between Meggett and his parents, and between Meggett and Mary C. Taber, who became his first wife.
www.uwec.edu /library/spcoll/meggett.html   (692 words)

 Document 185, Table of Contents   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
I communicate to the House of Representatives a report from the Secretary of State, with documents containing the information called for by their resolution of the 23d instant.
Acting Secretary of State to Chevalier de Argaiz, 22d November, 1839.
Staples and Sedgwick to the President, 13th September, 1839.
amistad.mysticseaport.org /library/diplomacy/doc.185.contents.html   (115 words)

 Untitled Document
25 September 1839 The was a very bad fire about 20 minutes of 3 this morning at a factory for printing calico below the Navy Yard.
Francis Erwin, Phila., Pa., married H.B. Jones; p.415, 1839, Eliza Roberts, b.
Lewis S. Ware; 1839, Anna F. Roberts, b.
www.brynmawr.edu /iconog/jwe/1839.html   (18692 words)

 University of Notre Dame Archives: Calendar (1839)
(This letter is a copy of the one enclosed in the January 9, 1839 letter of John Baptist Le Gros to Blanc).
It is not the hope of gain that makes him do this; his fees here bring him almost 3,000 "gourdes." He regrets he did not follow the advice of Father Benard, pastor of St. Francis at Havre and his assistant, who directed him to New Orleans and offered him letters to (Blanc).
On November 1, 1839, Blanc will pay to the order of C(harles) Ragozzy, 1100 piastres for value received.
archives.nd.edu /calendar/cal1839.htm   (19577 words)

 Scott v Dight, 1839
FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1839 -- Before Mr Justice Willis and a Special Jury.
Counsel for the plaintiffs, the Attorney General and Mr.
See also Sydney Gazette, 26 March 1839; Australian, 26 March 1839.
www.law.mq.edu.au /scnsw/Cases1838-39/html/scott_v_dight__1839.htm   (295 words)

 Obit: Gillard, James H. (1839 - 1923)
He has been an invalid for over eight years as the result of a stroke of paralysis.
He was born in Erie County, New York, December 1, 1839 and was therefore in his 84th year of his age.
He came to La Crosse in 1859 and came up to work in logging camps on the Cunningham Creek that winter, and worked in this vicinity till 1861, when he enlisted in the First Wisconsin Infantry and served three years in the Civil War.
www.usgennet.org /usa/wi/county/clark/webbbs/records/index.cgi?read=11055   (374 words)

 The Cherokee Trail of Tears - Timeline 1838-1839   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Ross party of sick and infirm travel from Kentucky by riverboat.
More than 3000 Cherokee die on Trail of Tears, 1600 in stockades and about the same number en route.
Cherokee Act of Union brings together the eastern and western Cherokee Nations on July 12, 1839.
rosecity.net /tears/trail/timeline.html   (401 words)

 Baltimore-View of 1839 Prints by William Henry Bartlett at AllPosters.com
Baltimore-View of 1839 Prints by William Henry Bartlett at AllPosters.com
This print is individually painted using traditional European methods.
Simply enter your email address and you can save items to Your Gallery.
www.allposters.com /-sp/Baltimore-View-of-1839_i143869_.htm?aid=398737   (89 words)

 Calendar for 1838-1839
Like the shows written for the Bayaderes, these plays were acknowledged by the press to be vehicles for the "display of Rice's peculiarities" (unidentified review on a New York bill 31 December 1838).
Mary Ann Keeley apparently played Oliver adequately, despite Dickens' warnings in an earlier letter to Yates that the part, "if it be played by a female, it should be a very sharp girl of thirteen or fourteen" (Letters of Charles Dickens, I, 388).
After a benefit for Elizabeth Yates on 21 March, Yates and Gladstane closed the Adelphi for the season on 23 March 1839.
www.emich.edu /public/english/adelphi_calendar/m38d.htm   (10100 words)

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