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Topic: 1843

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  1843 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1840 1841 1842 - 1843 - 1844 1845 1846
1843 was a common year starting on Sunday (see link for calendar).
February 6 - The Virginia Minstrels perform the first minstrel show (Bowery Amphitheatre, New York City).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1843   (596 words)

 GHOST COUNTIES - Your Guide To America's Dead, Forgotten Counties
Kishkekosh County - Created in 1843 and named for a Fox Indian chief, the name was changed in 1846 to Monroe.
Shawano County - Renamed Crawford, naybe in 1843.
Twality County - One of Oregon's original counties, formed in 1843, this was renamed Washington in 1849.
barusa.tripod.com /ghostcounties   (3200 words)

 Oregon In 1843
The children of Charles and Melinda in the 1843 crossing were Lucy Applegate, born 1830; Susan Applegate, born 1831; Ellen Applegate, born 1832; James Applegate, born 1834; Mary Applegate, born 1836; Lisbon Applegate, born 1837; Irene Applegate, born 1839; John Applegate, born 1842; and Albert, born 1843.
Nancy died in 1914 at the age of seventy-eight and was buried with the Hembrees in the Masonic Cemetery in McMinnville, Oregon.
In 1843 Beale was hired by the Applegates as a teamster to drive a wagon containing mainly flour and bacon.
www.oregonpioneers.com /1843.htm   (15556 words)

 1843 Times & Seasons' History of Sidney Rigdon
Those by whom he was opposed, well knew that an honorable and public investigation, would inevitably discover the weakness and fatality of their doctrines; consequently they shunned it, and endeavored, by ridiculing the doctrines which he promulgated, to suppress them.
During this state of unexampled success, the prospect of wealth and affluence was fairly open before him; but he looked upon it with indifference, and made every thing subservient to the promotion of correct principles: and having food and raiment, he learned therewith to be content.
It may be well to observe here, that the Lord greatly encouraged and strengthened the faith of his little flock, which had embraced the fulness [fullness] of the everlasting gospel, as revealed to them in the Book of Mormon, by giving some more extended information upon the scriptures, a translation of which had already commenced.
www.sidneyrigdon.com /Rigd1843.htm   (5846 words)

 1843 articles on Encyclopedia.com
Scotland, Free Church of SCOTLAND, FREE CHURCH OF [Scotland, Free Church of] the secessionist Presbyterian church established as a result of the great disruption of 1843 in the Church of Scotland.
With his family he moved (1821) to Missouri, and there in 1843 he joined the great emigration of more than 900 people over the Oregon Trail?a trek pictured in his Day with the Cow Column in 1843 (ed.
In 1843 he was commissioned to make a group portrait of the 470 clergymen who founded the Free Church of Scotland.
www.encyclopedia.com /searchpool.asp?target=1843   (478 words)

 Oregon Trail: The Great Migration: 1843 Pioneer Wagon Train to Oregon
June 1843 letter-to-the-editor from a trail traveler, describing some of the trail politics and issues.
On the seventeenth day of May, 1843, notices were circulated through the different encampments that on the succeeding day, those who contemplated emigrating to Oregon, would meet at a designated point to organize.
1843 unedited listings include children and the maiden names of female emigrants.
www.peak.org /~mransom/pioneers.html   (1525 words)

 Search Results for "1843"
1843 A confrontation between New Zealand Company settlers and Maori over land took place at Wairau, and 20 settlers were killed in the fighting.
...NUMBER: 1843 AUTHOR: William Shakespeare (1564–1616) QUOTATION: There s beggary in the love that can be reckon d.
...NUMBER: 1843 AUTHOR: Byron R White, Associate Justice, US Supreme Court QUOTATION: The law is constantly based on notions of morality, and if all laws representing...
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=1843   (267 words)

 Search Results for "1843"
1843, Feb. 11 Treaty of friendship between the sultan of Lahij and Britain, in which the sultan finally acquiesced to British control of Aden.
Byron R White, Associate Justice, US Supreme Court.
...NUMBER: 7972 AUTHOR: Sarah Doudney (1843– ?) QUOTATION: The pure, the beautiful, the bright, That stirred our hearts in youth, The impulse to a wordless prayer, The...
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=1843   (267 words)

 USA-Presidents.Info - John Tyler Third State of the Union Address
This has happily succeeded to a great extent, but it is a subject of regret that they suffer themselves in some instances to be imposed upon by artful and designing men and this notwithstanding all efforts of the Government to prevent it.
The receipts into the Treasury for the calendar year 1843, exclusive of loans, were little more than $ 18,000,000, and the expenditures, exclusive of the payments on the public debt, will have been about $23,000,000.
By the act of 1842 a new arrangement of the fiscal year was made, so that it should commence on the 1st day of July in each year.
www.usa-presidents.info /union/tyler-3.html   (4693 words)

 [No title]
arctic explr 1843 farewell to Capt.Booth RS31/11 Franklin,John 1786-1847 kt.Govr.
1843 arrested RS8/E22 Hilder,Richard 1929,1934 Burnie-hist.notes RS7/132 Hill,Walter Consr.Forests SA 1921 letter-eucalyptus RS22/6 Hills,C.Loftus 1948 lecture:geological research Tas.
1843 pardon RS7/78 Spicer,W.W. 1828-1879 clergy,MA 1875-1878 classfn.Gunn's herbm,lectures RSA/H12,A17S Spinks,Thomas 1849 married Mary Jones RS74/1(2) Spode,Josiah 1790-1838 pub.servt.
www.utas.edu.au /library/info/collec/arch/Roy.ascii   (6465 words)

 John E. Page's 1843 "The Spaulding Story"
Note: LDS Apostle John E. Page's 1843 booklet on the "Spaulding Story" was apparently limited to a very small press run.
Only 2 or 3 copies of the 1843 edition survive today and its text is seldom, if ever, cited by students of Mormon history.
In the summer of 1843, the LDS Twelve Apostles were sent to the East on various missions; Heber C. Kimball and Orson Pratt met with John E. Page at Cincinnati on June 23 and there reorganized the LDS Cincinnati branch.
www.solomonspalding.com /docs/Page1843.htm   (15950 words)

 Tall Trees Family History - The Mier Expedition
February 1843 with horse and ammo; recaptured by Mexicans.
February 1843 from drinking too freely of water.
February 1843; recaptured near the Rio Grande and taken to San Fernando and then to Monterrey and Santillo.
members.westnet.com.au /talltrees/resources/Mier-Exp.htm   (1248 words)

 Genealogy, Family History, Mysteries of the Ship Marianne, 1843, Prussia to America(Remaining 85 passenger list names) ...
It is remarkable that most of the passengers on this voyage had been close neighbors on farms in and around the small town of Melle, Kingdom of Hannover, Prussia.
Perhaps the prime factor in selecting the Marianne in 1843, however, was the fact that the Marianne was a brand-new vessel with a sterling record of four previous successful round-trip Atlantic crossings.
A first-hand account of the Autumn 1843 voyage of the Marianne was written by Ernst Bohning, who was almost ten years old in 1843.
members.aol.com /lhchristen/mariann3.htm   (4768 words)

 Seasonal Summary for 1843-1844
Jack Robinson (6) in Binks the Bagman (2 Oct 1843 - 7 Oct 1843); Chaser (12) in Bluejackets (30 Oct 1843 - 18 Nov 1843); Jacques Chalumeau (71) in Bohemians (6 Nov 1843 - 27 Jan 1844); Fusbos (1) in Bombastes Furioso (29 Mar 1844); Mr.
Crimmins (6) in Binks the Bagman (2 Oct 1843 - 7 Oct 1843); Madame Papelard (71) in Bohemians (6 Nov 1843 - 27 Jan 1844); Mrs.
Betsey Bodkin (12) in Bluejackets (30 Oct 1843 - 18 Nov 1843); boatswain (12) in Bluejackets (30 Oct 1843 - 18 Nov 1843); Lolot (30) in Bohemians (6 Nov 1843 - 23 Dec 1843); Distaffina (1) in Bombastes Furioso (29 Mar 1844); Mrs.
www.emich.edu /public/english/adelphi_calendar/m43s.htm   (10955 words)

 Copper I   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The first mineral boom in the United States occurred in 1843 when people from all over the continent began to chase the copper, silver and iron of Michigan’s upper peninsula.
Between 1843 and 1846, thousands of prospectors arrived from the East with the hope of "striking it rich."
Some of the images on this page were taken from an issue of Michigan History magazine, and some were donated by Nate Verhanovitz, a mechanical engineering grad.
www.geo.msu.edu /geo333/copper.html   (1979 words)

 1843 Wagon Train Pioneers
He came out in 1843, took up a land claim and then returned East to bring out his family(wife and about 13 children), his mother, and his younger sister and her family.
He was a free fl from the South, and lived in Missouri several years before coming west on the Oregon Trail in 1843, in one of the earliest years of the wagon trains.
Upon arriving at the end of the trail, he found that the whites already in the Willamette Valley had decided to ban all fls, slave or free.
www.peak.org /~mransom/a2m.html   (3813 words)

 [No title]
A4/C6,D5,A13 Archer,Thomas 1790-1850 Woolmers 1832-1843 letters:family,farm L1/B.345-8,634,C147 Archer,Thomas 1790-1850 Woolmers 1840-1845 business,health A4/C7,D6,A1 Archer,Thomas William 1817-1844 s.Thomas a 1843 acct A4/D7 Archer,William 1789-1879 Brickendon 1845 house,rams L1/C148 Archer,William 1789-1879 Brickendon 1862-1863 lttrs to son A16/10,11 Archer,William 1820-1874 s.Thomas A 1847-1872 diaries,lttr.bks.
W1/66-84,91 Bishop,James 1843 bank lttr,acct A4/C17,D29 Bisset,G.A. acctt 1885 Walch book-keeper-died W1/55(p30) Bjelke-Petersen,Marie Caroline 1874-1969 writer 1915 presented books to Mrs Fuller F6/36 Blackburn,Harvey Stanley Hyde trooper 1901-1902 South African War diary B12/ Blackburn,James 1804-1854 architect 1846-1849 Rosedale, Roads Act.
1843 ltt:Tasmanian Soc.Library M19/16 Gell,P 1862 hospital trustee L1/M239 Gell,Philip Hoskins Baskerville 1853 piano.
www.utas.edu.au /library/info/collec/arch/name.ascii   (8775 words)

 Delacroix's Hamlet lithographs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I have in Shakespeare Illustrated for the most part ignored American and continental artists, but Delacroix's illustrations are of particular interest because they were probably known by Ford Madox Brown and influenced his series of drawings for King Lear (1843-4).
Sixteen lithographs are reproduced here; the ones with dates appeared in the original edition of 1843, but the three without dates were later added to the series.
Delacroix also preserved a pencil sketch of Hamlet reading that was incorporated into the lithograph of Hamlet and Polonius.
www.english.emory.edu /classes/Shakespeare_Illustrated/dh.html   (176 words)

 BSA Troop 1843   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Ladybugs are the members of the "Mother's Patrol" of Troop 1843.
Our purpose is to make new friends and enjoy the company of old friends, as we support our boys in scouting.
(This is where we will put the Troop 1843 By-laws, Committee Guide, and Parent's Guide once they are ratified by the Committee).
myschoolonline.com /PA/BSATroop1843   (181 words)

 Tower Records - 1843 - Galbis   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Later in 2001 he began production on what is now "1843", a three-year work which has yielded tracks taking influences from drum 'n bass, trance, breaks, hip-hop, and rock.
The disc was written over a long period of time and shows the progression of Galbis as a musician from the first song written ("Number 1") on the CD, to the epic "Freedom".
"1843" is now officially on sale through Tower Records, CDbaby.com, online on Apple iTunes, Napster, and numerous other digital retailers.
www.towerrecords.com /product.aspx?pfid=3184707   (267 words)

Smoke and drum signals are believed to have been the earliest form of getting messages from one place to another.
We owe development of fax to a Scottish inventor, Alexander Bain, who was granted a patent for his creation back in 1843.
The principle for facsimile transmission over wires was first patented as early as 1843, seven years after the invention of the electric telegraph, by Scottish psychologist Alexander Bain.
www.hffax.de /html/hauptteil_faxhistory.htm   (3075 words)

 Genealogy, Family History - 1843 Ship Voyage Passenger List - Bremen [Prussia - Preussen - Deutschland] to Baltimore in ...
It begins in the late summer of 1843 when the ship Marianne began a special voyage from Bremen in Prussia, sailing for the port of Baltimore, Maryland in the United States.
Today we are still trying to learn why so many neighboring families simultaneously boarded a ship in 1843 to move half-way around the world.
These electronic pages may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any form without the express written consent of the author and editor, Larry Christensen.
members.aol.com /lhchristen/marianne.htm   (997 words)

 Louisiana Timeline: Year 1843
De la Vergnes returns to New Orleans and eventually becomes a banker and is named president of the Consolidated Bank at Toulouse and Royal.
In 1843 irregularities are found in the bank’s records and he reacts by crossing the river and impaling himself near his ancestor’s graves in Algiers.
Jean-Louis Marciacq, a French immigrant who is white, is the editor of L’Album LittÈraire, Journal des Jeunes gens, amateurs de LittÈrature, a short lived literary journal whose contributors are free men of color.
www.enlou.com /time/year1843.htm   (797 words)

 Directory of the City of Chicago Illinois for 1843
The 1843 Chicago City Directory is transcribed here for your genealogy research.
The 1843 Chicago City Directory was republished in 1896.
The 1896 version contained additional information about the 1843 residents, including information about the death of 1843 residents who had died.
all-ancestors.com /chicago/chicago.htm   (202 words)

 Life in Hawaii - Electronic Edition - Chapter XIX
Eruptions from Mauna Loa The Eruption of 1843 A Visit to it Danger on the Mountain A Perilous Journey and a Narrow Escape.
DURING the night of January 10, 1843, a brilliant light was seen near the summit of Mauna Loa.
In a short time a fiery stream was rushing rapidly down the mountain in a northerly direction toward Mauna Kea.
www.soest.hawaii.edu /GG/HCV/COAN/XIX.html   (1976 words)

 Little Grace, or Scenes in Nova Scotia - An 1840's (1843-1846) Halifax Time Capsule
It was difficult to completely separate Little Grace's present day (1843-1846) from her history (1479-1766) when I was trying to remove the "time capsule" because the reactions and attitudes of the characters in 1843 to the historical events that they discussed were intermixed.
The majority of the story occurs in 1843 and events that the fictional family participated in may have actually taken place with the author's involvement, providing her with material for the book.
Many of the examples about ill treatment of prisoners in 1843 are sports at present: hiking, camping, mountain-climbing, and snow-shoeing.
www.morewood.net /capsule.html   (17108 words)

 Calendar - France - 1843   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The year 1843 is a normal year, with 365 days in total (Gregorian calendar)
Local holidays are not listed, holidays on past calendars might not be correct.
List of years that use the same calendar as 1843
www.timeanddate.com /calendar/?year=1843&country=5   (224 words)

 [No title]
Alligator - sch Sydney - 14 Aug 1843 RW Cook Mrs Cook, Miss Richmond, Mr Rich & 4 passengers in steerage.
- - Apr 1843 Sorrel Black Joke - - East Coast - 14 Sep 1843 Tyrrel Bolina - brq Twofold Bay - 8 Jan 1844 Wm Potter Mrs Potter & Mr Leddes.
1600 barrels oil Mary - sch Wangaroa 2 May 1843 Sambell Bay of Is - gum, pigs & c.
www.geocities.com /wlorac/arrvauck.txt   (273 words)

 DPLS Archive: Liberia Roll of Emigrants, 1820-1843 and Census 1843
DPLS Archive: Liberia Roll of Emigrants, 1820-1843 and Census 1843
The data represent individuals who were brought to the colony by the American Colonization Society.
Variables include place of origin, place of arrival, status of individual, level of literacy, occupation, date of death, cause of death, and name of the ship which carried the emigrant to Liberia.
dpls.dacc.wisc.edu /Liberia   (426 words)

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