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Topic: 1858 in South Africa

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  GroblerGrobbelaar - pafg164 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Christiaan Grobler [ Parents ] was born on 16 Aug 1858 in Cape, South Africa.
Gesina Johanna Izaaks was born on 16 Jun 1857 in Tarkastad, Cape, South Africa.
Hendrik Christoffel Ignatius Grobler was born on 21 Jun 1890.
members.freemail.absa.co.za /johann.grobler/pafg164.htm   (918 words)

 THIRD GENERATION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Mary Augusta BOARDMAN was born on 16 Apr 1837 in South Africa, Cape Colony, Grahamstown.
Baptised by the Rev. W.J. Shrewsbury in the Wesleyan Chapel, Grahamstown.
She was married to Philip William BOARDMAN (son of James Hayes BOARDMAN and Elizabeth DIXIE) on 30 Jun 1857 in South Africa, Cape Colony, Middelburg.
homepages.paradise.net.nz /boardman/revwil/d42.html   (119 words)

James BOARDMAN was born on 27 Mar 1858 in South Africa, Cape Colony, Middelburg.
Caroline Frances THOMAS was born on 26 Nov 1841 in South Africa, Cape Province, Grahamstown.
Edith Letitia BOARDMAN was born on 13 Aug 1868 in South Africa, Cape Colony, Barkly East, "Holbrook".
homepages.paradise.net.nz /boardman/revwil/d22.html   (646 words)

 WH Stirk - 024g02.htm - Generated by Personal Ancestral File   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
William Southey STIRK (William Henry) was born on 5 Mar 1858 in Peddie, South Africa.
She died on 30 Oct 1963 in Grahamstown, South Africa and was buried on 2 Nov 1963 in Wesley, Ciskei, South Africa.
was born in Aug 1900 in Hercules, Peddie District, South Africa.
users.iafrica.com /m/mu/muhr/024/024g02.htm   (155 words)

 1859 in South Africa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See also: 1858 in South Africa, other events of 1859, 1860 in South Africa and the Timeline of South African history.
The first railway is started in South Africa.
1 May -- Willem Johannes Leyds, attorney-general of the South African Republic, is born in Java
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1859_in_South_Africa   (91 words)

 Mpumalanga - South Africa
Mpumalanga in South Africa often referred to as "Big Game Country" is the setting for dozens of sanctuaries teeming with wildlife and birds.
The huge diversity of plants includes South Africa's best collection of indigenous ferns, 500 tree species and the rare cycads for which the garden is famous.
South of Pilgrim's Rest, Mount Sheba is best known for it indigenous forest, one of the few left in the region.
www.south-africa-tours.com /mpumalanga.html   (2265 words)

 Alphabetical Index: D TO J: Scott's End   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Donaldson, Elizabeth Johnston South Africa 1882.03.06 1097: Donaldson, Elizabeth Margaret South Africa 1948.10.15 716: donaldson, ethel 1880.01.25 1143:
Donaldson, Leopold Frederick (Boetie) S.A. Donaldson, Lindsay South Africa 1978.02.07 642: Donaldson, Lorna Ann South Africa 1969.06.27 649: Donaldson, Malcolm South Africa 1945 ??
722: Ernst, Johanna Cornelia South Africa 1869.03.09 211: Ernst, Johannes Augustinus South Africa 1884.12.28 1225: Ernst, Magdalena Jacoba Maria South Africa 1887.01.07 727: Ernst, Maria Magdalena South Africa 1872.07.30 728: Ernst, Petrus Gerhardus South Africa 1878.07.31 210: Ernst, Samuel Veit South Africa 1829.10.08 717: Ernst, Samuel Vyt Oertel South Africa 1880.02.07 367:
members.freemail.absa.co.za /mike.sw/ALPHDTOJ.HTM   (1460 words)

 Judaism: Choosing Difference: South African Jewish Writers
English literature began in South Africa during the First British Occupation of the Cape (1795-1803), when the travel memoirs, letters and diaries which generally constitute the beginning of a colonial literature were written.
The history of South African writing in English is therefore a short one; though South African Jewish writers loom large in it at the present day, they are comparatively late arrivals on the scene.
South African antisemitism from 1914 onwards increasingly paralleled European antisemitism in its growth and attitudes.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0411/is_5_49/ai_73180739   (1174 words)

Henning was the Director of the Documentation Centre of the University of Durban-Westville from 1979 to 1995.
Kader Hassim and twelve others were charged with participating in terrorist activities and conspiring to overthrow the government of South Africa in 1970 as members of the African People's Democratic Union of South Africa and of the Non-European Unity Movement.
South African Trials; Court Records of Various Appeal and Criminal Cases, Mostly on Charges of Sabotage or Political Offenses, Heard in the Supreme Court of South Africa (Appellate Division) and other Courts.
sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu /ejab/1/southafrica.html   (6395 words)

 South African Museums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of South Africa (UNISA).
The ever-changing tapestry of South Africa and Kwa-Zulu Natal's cultural record is portrayed in the exhibitions on display at the Natal Museum.
The life in South Africa; roots in Baltic Europe and visions of the future reflect the very essence of the Jewish Community in South Africa.
sunsite.wits.ac.za /mus/sa.htm   (2141 words)

 South African genealogy and family history - how to find your South African roots and where to look for your ancestors
South Africa is one of the few countries where census enumeration records are destroyed (with the exception of an 1857 Cape Census).
The main society in South Africa is the Genealogical Society of South Africa, which was established in June 1964 and has regional branches.
The Genealogical Institute of South Africa was formed in 1998 and is a private research centre, accessible to the public at a fee.
www.rupert.net /~lkool/page2.html   (7087 words)

 History of South Africa
The South African museum's site seeks "to ensure that the history and the memory of forced removals in South Africa endures.....its mission is the documentation and imaginative reconstruction of the history, labouring life and cultural heritage of the District Six community." Has a background to the museum, history of the church, etc. http://www.districtsix.co.za/
From the Gandhi-Luthuli Documentation Centre, at the University of Durban-Westville, South Africa.
Their microfiche collection, South Africa: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1962-1989 (2,500 documents on 439 microfiche, cost U.S. The collection is held by at least 23 U.S. libraries and Oxford U.; check RLIN or the OCLC World Catalog for a list of these.
www.empereur.com /Africa/history/safrica.html   (5423 words)

 Hanover, South Africa
South African author and women's rights pioneer, Olive Schreiner, and husband Cron lived in Hanover from 1900 to 1907 in a typical small iron-roofed Karoo cottage with a "stoep".
Schreiner House, on the corner of Grace and New streets, is one of the village's national monuments.
He met and married her in 1858 while at university where she was studying music.
www.heritage.org.za /karoo/han.htm   (1728 words)

 Photographs of Africa | Picture Africa
Africa 05 is a partnership of the Arts Council, the British Museum and the South Bank Centre.
For South Africa has currency as old as 1896, from 1909 for Angola, British West Africa from 1918, from the Belgian Congo 1914, from French West Africa 1929, from Germa East Africa 1905, from the BCEAO "Banknotes of West African States" 1959, Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1956 and more.
Images for Africa are from the Ashanti War, Gold Coast and one of Fort Beaufort, South Africa.
www-sul.stanford.edu /depts/ssrg/africa/photographs.html   (6631 words)

 Indian Ocean Catalogue Data File ioc31.r.html
Corallina carinata Kützing, 1858: 30, pl. 61: fig.
Corallina flabellata Kützing, 1858: 29, pl. 60: fig.
Corallina intermedia Kützing, 1858: 37--38, 42, pl. 79: fig.
www.botany.uwc.ac.za /clines/IO_CLIN1.HTM   (8831 words)

At the tip of Africa, we are prepared to traverse this mystical continent, rich in natural treasures.
In his journal he wrote "It is the most wonderful sight I have ever witnessed in Africa … scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight." This evening we take a sunset cruise on one of Africa's most beautiful rivers - the great Zambezi.
For millions Africa became the Africa of Ryder Haggard whose keen admirers included Churchill, Jung, Lord Curzon, the Prince of Wales, D.H. Lawrence, Graham Green, Kipling, Hemmingway and the late President Roosevelt who launched his massive safari to Africa in 1909.
www.welcome.co.za /specCape.htm   (2583 words)

 Checklist: South African Cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae)
The cicadas of southern Africa are currently classified into one family, Cicadidae, and two subfamilies that are sometimes treated as families.
Only eight South African species were encountered during the expedition of the Lund University Museum in 1950-1951, and no new taxa were represented (Izzard, 1958).
New taxa of South African platypleurine cicadas (Homoptera: Cicadidae).
www.ru.ac.za /academic/departments/zooento/Martin/cicadidae.html   (1016 words)

1994 South Africa reclaims its seat in U.N. 6 white racists sentenced to death in South Africa
1970 Olaf Kolzig, born in Johannesbourg, South Africa, NHL goalie for the Washington Capitals
1932 Miriam Makeba, born in Johannesburg, South Africa, singer, Grammy 1965
www.brainyhistory.com /topics/a/africa.html   (6200 words)

 South Africa
31 May 1910 Part of the Union of South Africa.
6 Jun 1837 Free Province of New Holland in South-East Africa
17 Dec 1856 Republic of Lijdenburg in South Africa established.
www.worldstatesmen.org /South_Africa.html   (4365 words)

Welcome to FamilyTree.co.za, South Africa's most comprehensive ancestral and genealogical service.
This exceptional collection is now available in a fully searchable electronic text format.
Crest: a hind's head erased or, in the mouth a branch of holly vert, fructed gules.
www.genealogy.co.za   (629 words)

 Ancestors of John & Jane Bethell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Born: Abt 1810 Christened: Died: 18 Nov 1876 - Durban, Natal, South Africa Buried:
Born: 16 Jan 1858 - Durban, Natal, South Africa Christened: Died: 23 Oct 1922 - Pinetown, Natal, South Africa Buried:
Born: 8 Feb 1867 - Durban, Natal, South Africa Christened: Died: 7 Sep 1889 - Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa Buried:
www.btinternet.com /~bethellj/f17.htm   (558 words)

 Bloemfontein South Africa.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
This town was established in 1858 as the
San rock artwork can be seen on the farms
Taken From Veza "Visit and Explore South Africa" Quick Guides.
www.travel-2-africa.com /freestate/Bshf.html   (38 words)

 savoir_F.htm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Joachim MATEU : Two new South American Carabidae belonging to tribes Trechini and Pterostichini (Coleoptera, Carabidae)
Maurizio BIONDI : What is Plectroscelis convexicollis Boheman, 1858 from South Africa ?
José M. ÁVILA y Eduardo ROMERO-ALCARAZ : Aphodius (Loraspis) frater Mulsant and Rey, 1870 present in the south of Spain (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Aphodiidae)
www.nouvelle-revue-entomo.org /E17.1.htm   (259 words)

 WH Stirk - Name Index - Generated by Personal Ancestral File   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Ella Ruth b.1897 - Hercules, Peddie District, South Africa
Lorna Millicent m.1928 - Hercules, Hamburg District, South Africa
Una Lucy b.1900 - Hercules, Peddie District, South Africa
users.iafrica.com /m/mu/muhr/024/index3.htm   (63 words)

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