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Topic: 1873

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Panic of 1873
In addition to the ruined fortunes of many Americans, there developed from the Panic of 1873 bitter antagonism between workers and the leaders of banking and manufacturing.
The financial panic of 1873 The most important event of President Grant's second term in office was the severe financial depression by which it was marked.
The era of high prices and business activity which had followed the war yipanic of 1873 The most important event of President Grant's second term in office was the severe financial depression by which it was marked.
www.u-s-history.com /pages/h213.html   (439 words)

Ebert, Henry M born September 07, 1873 parents: Henry and Magdela Ebert.
Feaster unnamed female born December 15, 1873 parents: C and Mary C. Feaster.
Moreland, Lucinda born October 07, 1873 parents: Isaac and Rebecca Moreland.
www.geocities.com /gchgs/GrantCountyBirths1873.html   (1510 words)

 Training Depots, 1873-1881 [UK]
Regiments which since 1873 had developed territorial ties incongruous with their 1782 county titles were retitled more appropriately.
The odd number of battalions was addressed in 1873 by placing the 17th Regiment (2 battalions) and 45th Regiment (1 battalion) in the same depot.
All the 1873 Scottish pairings were reshuffled, and the 79th Regiment became the odd one with a single battalion.
www.regiments.org /regiments/uk/depot/1873.htm   (357 words)

 Louisiana Timeline: Year 1873   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
On April 13, 1873 the Colfax Riot occurrs in which three white men and 150 fls were slain.
This event and its fallout marks the beginning of the end of the carpetbag misrule in the South.
The panic of 1873 causes additional turmoil in the state.
www.enlou.com /time/year1873.htm   (360 words)

 1873: The Bakuninists at Work
They weakened the republican camp by forcing Pi y Margall to resign on July 18, 1873, and thus paved the way for the establishment of a military dictatorship in Spain early in 1874 and then for the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy.
He was compelled to resign, [July 18, 1873] and was replaced by pure republicans like Castelar, undisguised bourgeois, whose primary aim was to crush the working-class movement, which they had previously used but which had now become a hindrance to them.
6 A reference to the congress, held in Geneva from September 1 to 6, 1873, of representatives of the anarchist and reformist organisations which had challenged the resolutions of the Hague Congress and thereby placed themselves outside the International, as stated in the decisions of the General Council of January 26 and May 30, 1873.
www.marxists.org /archive/marx/works/1873/bakunin/index.htm   (7056 words)

 S. 1873: American Missile Protection Act
The findings section of S. 1873 disputes the Administration's view that there is no current or emerging threat to the United States from ballistic missile attacks.
The question is when." The Committee believes that S. 1873, by committing to deployment of NMD, will ensure the United States is prepared to meet the current and impending threat of limited ballistic missile attack.
Administration objections to S. 1873 are outlined in letters from Secretary of Defense Cohen and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Shelton.
www.senate.gov /~rpc/releases/1998/63-missiledef.htm   (1942 words)

 Charles Daly - 1873 Single Action Revolvers
This classic revolver design emerged in 1873, two years before the name Charles Daly first appeared on a firearm.
The Charles Daly Classic 1873 single action revolver is the most authentically faithful reproduction that meets the demand of today's cowboys: reliable, durable and authentic.
Skilled workers with the passion of the old west create Charles Daly Classic 1873 single action revolvers, fitting, polishing, assembling and final checking are all done by hand.
www.charlesdaly.com /html/products/firearms/revolvers/1873/1873.asp   (354 words)

 Breaking News -- Senate Bill 1873: Prescription for Tyranny
Nicknamed BioShield Two, after a related measure passed and signed into law last year [PL 108-296], S 1873 is a “drug company stockholder’s dream and a consumer’s worst nightmare,” says Barbara Loe Fisher, president of NVIC, in a hard-hitting press release.
Burr told the committee that S 1873 “creates a true partnership” between the federal government, the pharmaceutical industry and academia to walk the drug companies “through the Valley of Death” in bringing a new vaccine to market.
NOTE: All versions of S 1873 and any other legislation are linked to the House of Representatives website.
www.newswithviews.com /BreakingNews/breaking37.htm   (1532 words)

 The Crime of 1873 : the Crime itself
What is known in Populist rhetoric of the late XIX century as The Crime of 1873 was the demonetization of silver enacted by the Coinage Act of 1873.
Immediately after the United States went for a gold standard regime in 1873, the market price of gold in term of silver began to rise, starting from about 15 in 1870 to reach a maximum of about 40 in 1900.
Between 1873 and 1896 the strong worldwide deflation struck especially hard in the US, with a 1% annual decline in the general CPI for the whole period.
www.micheloud.com /FXM/MH/Crime/crime.htm   (1167 words)

 USA-Presidents.Info - Ulysses S. Grant Fifth State of the Union Address
The constant and rapid extension of our postal service, particularly upon railways, and the improved facilities for the collection, transmission, distribution, and delivery of the mails which are constantly being provided account for the increased expenditures of this popular branch of the public service.
The total number of post-offices in operation on June 30, 1873, was 33,244, a net increase of 1,381 over the number reported the preceding year.
Fifty-nine railway post-office lines were in operation June 30, 1873, extending over 14,866 miles of railroad routes and performing an aggregate service of 34,925 miles daily.
www.usa-presidents.info /union/grant-5.html   (6481 words)

Augustus Koch’s view of Brenham in 1873 shows a city that emerged from the throes of the Civil War and Reconstruction with some confidence that it would continue to prosper.
The small structures at the far east end of Sandy Street might, in fact, be the beginnings of Camp Town, a community of former slaves that grew up in the area near where the federal soldiers established their camp during Reconstruction.
Koch’s view is, in some respects, a unique historical record of the city, because fire destroyed a large part of the downtown area later in 1873.
www.birdseyeviews.org /zoom.php?city=Brenham&year=1873&extra_info=   (290 words)

 Gilded Age: 1873-1876: The Panic of 1873
Just as the Panic of 1873 unfolded, Chicagoans had hosted an Inter-State Industrial Exposition to call attention to their rapid rebound from the great fire.
In 1873 Chicagoans, some Germans outraged by Republicans' temperance legislation and some speaking for other, increasingly mobilized groups of immigrants and workers, elected a People's Party candidate mayor of Chicago and controlled the city council.
In December of 1873 they organized a march of five thousand unemployed upon City Hall, where they demanded that the newly elected People's Party administration either provide public works jobs for the unemployed or force charitable organizations to disburse the remainder of the fire relief funds.
dig.lib.niu.edu /gildedage/narr3.html   (1168 words)

 SparkNotes: Reconstruction (1865–1877): The End of Reconstruction: 1873–1877
As the Depression of 1873 wore on into the mid-1870s, northern voters became decreasingly interested in southern Reconstruction.
The Depression of 1873, along with continued pressure from the Ku Klux Klan, drove most white Unionists, carpetbaggers, and scalawags out of the South by the mid-1870s, leaving fls alone to fight for radical legislation.
Northerners were tired of a decade of Reconstruction efforts and had become less interested in the South with the rise of speculation and profit-making in the Gilded Age and then the hardships of the Depression of 1873.
www.sparknotes.com /history/american/reconstruction/section6.rhtml   (1464 words)

 Benelli 1873 .45 Colt Sporting Rifle
The Benelli/Uberti Model 1873 is chambered for.45 Colt, permitting a "carry pairing" with the Colt Single Action that was never possible before.
But for the equally famous Winchester Model 1873--which also had its birth in 1873 and remained in production until 1919--it was undeniably the.44-40 that held the reins, far outdistancing the other chamberings of.32-20,.38-40 and the rarer.22 rimfire.
Yet, I was so used to seeing the Uberti 1873 in.44-40, when I received my test gun I automatically gathered up some boxes of.44-40 ammo.
www.gunsandammomag.com /long_guns/uberti_102505   (989 words)

 Marriages1873   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
1873 Sept 3rd at Balfour House Parish of Birse (Est.)
1873 Sept 6th at Turf Gate of Finzean Parish of Birse (Est.)
1873 Sept 19th at Balnahard Parish of Birse
www.geocities.com /sharemslie/Marriages1873.html   (953 words)

 1873 Winchester Rifle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Late production of this extremely reliable rifle was a favorite south of the border to the very end of production in 1923, when more than 20,000 were produced.
of the famed 1873 Winchester Rifle in two barrel lengths (20" and 24") and a choice of calibers, all at an affordable price.
EMF Company's historically accurate, collectible quality lever action rifles and carbines of the Old West, Cowboy and Civil War eras match the originals in appearance, construction and function, but are much lower in price.
www.emf-company.com /1873-lever-action-rifle.htm   (301 words)

 Coin Community | US 1873-1874 Seated Liberty With Arrows Dime History
After three years of postponements, innumerable revisions and committee conferences, the Mint Act of 1873 was finally passed on February 12, 1873.
This same Mint Act was to be referred to in later years as the "Crime of `73", because it was alleged to have been passed by a sleepy Congress with no debate and little consideration.
The facts were that the value of minor coinage was independent of its actual weight in bullion, and such small denomination coins only circulated in countries where they could be exchanged for what is known as "standard money," that is, currency, silver dollars and gold coins.
www.coincommunity.com /coin_histories/dime_1873_seated_liberty_with_arrows.asp   (1291 words)

 Marriage Records: 1851 - 1873
There were several thousand marriages between 1851 - 1873.
I am working on consolidating the 1851 - 1873 marriage records and dividing them alphabetically instead of by year.
The marriage records for 1873 - 1905 have been published and may be purchased through the Jefferson County Historical Society.
myindianahome.net /gen/jeff/records/marriage   (445 words)

 CoinResource - Seated Liberty With Arrows Dimes 1873-1874 Coin Guide
Two of the legislators responsible for the Mint Act of 1873 were Senator John Sherman and Representative William Kelley.
However, regardless of whether they were punched in higher or lower relative to the date, dimes of 1873 always have the arrow-points level, while they point upward on 1874 coins.
Though 800 proofs were coined for 1873, the 1874 edition, with its lower mintage of 700 pieces, is more often seen.
www.coinresource.com /guide/photograde/pg_10cSeatedLibertyArrows2Dime.htm   (1240 words)

 RFC 1873 (rfc1873) - Message/External-Body Content-ID Access Type
Network Working Group E. Levinson Request for Comments: 1873 Accurate Information Systems, Inc. Category: Experimental J. Clark December 1995 Message/External-Body Content-ID Access Type Status of this Memo This memo defines an Experimental Protocol for the Internet community.
This memo does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.
Previous: RFC 1872 - The MIME Multipart/Related Content-type
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1873.html   (506 words)

Austin had been designated the permanent capital of the state just a few months before Augustus Koch, one of the most prolific of the itinerant city-view artists, arrived in town in January 1873, and the city was experiencing a boom.
Koch’s view showed the city from the southwest, clearly delineating Edwin Waller’s original design: the city fronts on the Colorado River between two of its tributaries, Shoal Creek on the west and Waller Creek on the east.
Perhaps he and the city fathers wanted to focus on the fact that Austin was now the permanent capital of the state.
www.birdseyeviews.org /zoom.php?city=Austin&year=1873&extra_info=   (228 words)

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