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Topic: 1887

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  Our Documents - Interstate Commerce Act (1887)
Approved on February 4, 1887, the Interstate Commerce Act created an Interstate Commerce Commission to oversee the conduct of the railroad industry.
In 1887 Congress passed the Interstate Commerce Act, making the railroads the first industry subject to Federal regulation.
The most successful provisions of the law were the requirement that railroads submit annual reports to the ICC and the ban on special rates the railroads would arrange among themselves, although determining which rates were discriminatory was technically and politically difficult.
www.ourdocuments.gov /doc.php?flash=true&doc=49   (609 words)

  Timeline 1887-1890
1887 Nov 8, Doc Holliday, who fought on the side of the Earp brothers during the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral sixty years earlier, died of tuberculosis after waking from a 57 day delirium in Glenwood Springs, Colo. He downed a glass of whiskey and said: "I’ll be damned!" and died.
1887 Albert Michelson and Edward Morley compared the speed of light in the direction of earth’s orbit with the speed of light at right angles to earth’s motion and found it is the same.
1887 Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum (1887-1979) founder of the Satmar Hassids in Satu Mare, Romania, was born.
timelines.ws /1887_1890.HTML   (14653 words)

 Search Results for "1887"
1887, March Stambolov suppressed revolts in the Silistria, Russe, and Varna garrisons.
1887 Unwilling to concede ground to each other, Britain and France asked their Pacific naval commanders to cooperate to maintain order in New Hebrides and oversee...
1887 The British East Africa Company secured from the sultan of Zanzibar a 50-year lease along the coast between the Umba and Tana Rivers.
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=1887   (281 words)

 1887 Lincoln County Kansas Obituaries
Fell asleep, on Sunday, Sept. 25, 1887, at 3 p.m., at the family residence in Lincoln Center, Kansas, William T., son of Rev. J.S. Henry and wife, aged 15 years, 6 months and 17 days, of paralysis caused by disease of the spine.
March 7, 1887, at her home in Indiana township, Selma Charlotte Nelson, aged 11 years, 2 months and 27 days, of diphtheria.
Saturday night, June 18, 1887, at the home of her parents, near Lincoln, Mary Florence, daughter of J.T. Smith and wife, aged 6 years and 2 months, lacking 2 days.
skyways.lib.ks.us /genweb/lincoln/obittext1887.htm   (4678 words)

 BALALAIKA MADE IN 1887   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Currently New York based Russian folk music and dance enesemble Barynya is working on a new balalaika compact disk that will be recorded using the oldest known to us balalaika (made in 1887) with the participation of other Barynya's musicians and singers.
In 1979 I went on a BDAA tour of the Moscow museum and was unimpressed, because their oldest one looked newer than mine, but had 3 strings only.
At the Atlanta convention, I brought the instrument and showed it to the two Russian guests, who immediately and unequivocally said it was 1887 within a couple of years and of the type very commonly sold in shops everywhere.
www.barynya.com /balalaika_1887.stm   (1071 words)

 Darling Downs Obituaries, 1887.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sergeant Hicks was informed of the occurrence, and on proceeding to the spot found the unfortunate man's body lying on the ground, covered with ants, and presenting altogether a sickening spectacle.
The engagement at Rorke's Drift is a matter of history, and the gallant defence made by the comparative handful of men against a horde of blood thirsty savages has been made the plot for thrilling dramas and the chief attraction at dioramas, exhibitions, and lectures.
He was in town on Saturday, and left for home, accompanied by a man named Radford, and after passing Waurn Ponds bridge the vehicle in which deceased was seated passed over a heap of stones, was upset, and, falling on Harwood, killed him on the spot.
www.default.aunz.org /~tfoen/ddobits2.htm   (15859 words)

 1887 Newspaper Article on Michael William Shanahan
So this article is giving Michael's date of death as 27 May 1887; however, his gravestone indicates that the date of death is 26 May 1887.
In 1887 it became part of the Illinois Central Railroad and still is. Senatobia is a station on the IC's Chicago-New Orleans mainline and is 37 miles south of Memphis.
This article seems to suggest, however, that Michael attended at least one reunion and one would assume that it was held in Senatobia from the mention of his being presented with his flag by "the ladies of Senatobia".
home.att.net /~littlehousegarden/1887mwsart.html   (753 words)

The city was much larger by then—in the ensuing fourteen years, the population almost doubled to well over 11,000—and Koch reflected that in a print even larger than the one he had made of San Antonio.
His representation of the terrain was reasonable, although he seemed to flatten out the hilly streets on the west side of town (see the intersection of Rio Grande and Seventh streets, for example) and exaggerate the hills around Shoal Creek and East Avenue.
While Koch’s 1873 view is a fairly accurate reproduction of the street grid, his 1887 layout contains some flaws, for he shows the streets north of Magnolia Avenue (today’s Martin Luther King) continuing a northeastern trajectory, parallel to the older streets, rather than angling about 15 degrees to the north.
www.birdseyeviews.org /zoom.php?city=Austin&year=1887&extra_info=   (293 words)

 RFC 1887 (rfc1887) - An Architecture for IPv6 Unicast Address Allocation
RFC 1887 (rfc1887) - An Architecture for IPv6 Unicast Address Allocation
RFC 1887 - An Architecture for IPv6 Unicast Address Allocation
Network Working Group Y. Rekhter Request for Comments: 1887 cisco Systems Category: Informational T. Li cisco Systems Editors December 1995 An Architecture for IPv6 Unicast Address Allocation Status of this Memo This document provides information for the Internet community.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1887.html   (8393 words)

 [No title]
The first is the set of administrative requirements for obtaining and allocating IPv6 addresses; the second is the technical aspect of such assignments, having largely to do with routing, both within a routing domain (intra-domain routing) and between routing domains (inter-domain routing).
Such `multi-homed' routing domains may, for example, consist of single-site campuses and companies which are attached to multiple backbones, large organizations which are attached to different providers at different locations in the same country, or multi-national organizations which are attached to backbones in a variety of countries worldwide.
Let's also assume that the total number of organizations involved in the widget group is small enough that it is reasonable to maintain a routing table containing one entry per organization, but that they are distributed throughout a larger internet with many millions of (mostly not widget-associated) routing domains.
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1887.txt   (8550 words)

 Est 1887 - Silver Spun Cotton T-Shirts
Est 1887 introduces T-shirts made of 95% Supima Cotton and 5% Pure Silver.
Less than 1% of the world cotton meets the standards that Est 1887 finds necessary to be considered luxury cotton.
An Est 1887 garment is not just American made, its American born.
www.onthefly.com /brands/est1887   (142 words)

 The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church - Biographical Dictionary - Consistory of March 14, 1887
Prefect of the S.C. of Indulgences and Relics, November 16, 1887.
Exposed in the metropolitan cathedral of Ferrara and buried, temporarily, in the city cemetery of Ferrara.
Consecrated, December 8, 1882, patriarchal Vatican basilica, Rome, by Cardinal Thomas Howard, assisted by Alessandro Sanminiatelli Zabarella, titular archbishop of Tiana, grand almoner of His Holiness, and by Carlo Laurenzi, titular bishop of Amato, assessor of the S.C. of the Supreme Roman and Universal Inquisition.
www.fiu.edu /~mirandas/bios1887.htm   (1351 words)

 Mariposa Gazette 1887-1890- Birth, Deaths, Marriages of Mariposa County History
She was born in Mobile, Alabama, on Oct. 12th, 1839, and was the -youngest child of David L. LEWIS, by his wife Susanna LEGARE, daughter of Hugh LEGARE, of North Carolina, whom he married at Georgia in 1829.
He is connected with excellent people somewhere in the East, but we presume some one of his most intimate acquaintances here does know and will inform them of his death, or inform us and we will send copies of the Gazette containing the announcement of his demise.
The euphonical cadence of the marriage bell; the panegyric epithalamium, and their conjunctive services and ceremonies were never greeted and appraised more enthusiastically and cordially than at the recent nuptials of Mr.
www.mariposaresearch.net /DISVIT3.html   (16876 words)

 Class of 1887 Boathouse Construction
In celebration of its 25th reunion, the Class of 1887, who were freshmen when rowing was suspended at Princeton, gave the University the grand boathouse that has served Princeton rowing for more than 85 years.
The Class of [18]87 distinguished its 25th year reunion by presenting to the University a new boathouse, to be erected on Margaret Carnegie Island, which lies in Lake Carnegie between the Washington Road and Harrison Street bridges.
The house is to be approximately 140 feet long by 60 feet wide, of concrete and tile construction, two stories high, and connected with the mainland by a concrete bridge.
www.princeton.edu /~crew/features/class_of_1887.html   (817 words)

 The Winchester Collector Model 1887 Shotguns   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Another innovative John M. Browning design, the Model 1887 is one of the most unusual actions ever made by Winchester.
Produced from 1887 to 1901, about 64,855 were produced from 1887 to 1898.
Original Winchester factory records are available for this model (including the Model 1901) from the Cody Firearms Museum in Cody, Wyoming, from serial number 1 thru 17999.
www.winchestercollector.org /guns/1887shot.shtml   (130 words)

 USA-Presidents.Info - Grover Cleveland Third State of the Union Address
On the 30th day of June, 1885, the excess of revenues over public expenditures, after complying with the annual requirement of the sinking-fund act, was $17,859,735.84; during the year ended June 30, 1886, such excess amounted to $49,405,545.20, and during the year ended June 30, 1887, it reached the sum of $55,567,849.54.
The annual contributions to the sinking fund during the three years above specified, amounting in the aggregate to $138,058,320.94, and deducted from the surplus as stated, were made by calling in for that purpose outstanding 3 per cent bonds of the Government.
The precarious condition of financial affairs among the people still needing relief, immediately after the 30th day of June, 1887, the remainder of the 3 per cent bonds then outstanding, amounting with principal and interest to the sum of $18,877,500, were called in and applied to the sinking-fund contribution for the current fiscal year.
www.usa-presidents.info /union/cleveland-3.html   (2804 words)

 1887 Letter Written by Robert E. McCarthy
It comes from a newspaper article which was published June 6, 1887 in an unidentified newspaper, a copy of which was cut out and placed into the Boone Family Scrapbook.
Note: In the handwritten transcription of this letter done by Beulah "Billie" Pearl Shanahan, the month of the reunion is given as August, not July as in the transcription done by "The Heritage of Tate County Mississippi".
Further evidence that the Captain of Company B was actually J. Hollohan is found in the letter written by Nora Mildred Shanahan Phillips to Beulah "Billie" Pearl Shanahan Murrie, in which she says "Thereafter throughout the war, he (Michael Shanahan) belonged to the 9th Miss.
home.att.net /~littlehouseantiques/rem1887.html   (1390 words)

 Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution of 1887
King Kalakaua was forced to sign the "Bayonet Constitution" in 1887, sharply curtailing his powers and diminishing the Native Hawaiians' voice in government.
The first election hereunder shall be held within ninety days after the promulgation of this Constitution, and the Legislature then elected may be convened at Honolulu upon the call of the Cabinet Council, in extraordinary session at such time as the Cabinet Council may deem necessary, thirty days notice thereof being previously given.
This Constitution shall be in force from the 7th day of July, A.D. 1887, but that there may be no failure of justice, or inconvenience to the Kingdom, from any change, all officers of this Kingdom, at the time this Constitution shall take effect, shall have, hold, and exercise all the power to them granted.
www.hawaii-nation.org /constitution-1887.html   (3152 words)

 Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1887
(January 4, 1887) She was 53 years of age, and leaves a large family and numerous relatives and friends to mourn her loss.
He had been very ill in the fall of congestion of the lungs, and though he had never fully recovered his strength after that illness, he was able to attend to his duties about his farm and frequently walked to and fro between his farm and the city.
Mary Stillman, in Rome, New York, February 2, 1887, of congestion of the lungs, JULIA AUSTIN, daughter of Mrs.
www.usgennet.org /usa/ny/county/oneida/countydeaths/rc87death1.html   (6376 words)

 Baseball Almanac - Year In Review : 1887 National League
The Philadelphia Phillies finished off their 1887 season with an unprecedented sixteen consecutive wins.
On April 30, 1887, the Philadelphia Phillies defeated the New York Giants 19-10 in the first game ever played at the Baker Bowl.
On May 7, 1887, Sam Thompson became the first player to hit two bases loaded triples during the same game.
www.baseball-almanac.com /yearly/yr1887n.shtml   (381 words)

 Victoria Jubilee Head Halfcrown 1887   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It was used with from Queen Victoria's golden jubilee year of 1887 on gold and silver coins, until 1893 when an older portrait was introduced.
Victoria was a popular monarch, and many coins from her golden jubilee year were saved by collectors and non-collectors alike.
Coins of 1887 still turn up very frequently, often in excellent condition.
www.24carat.co.uk /1887halfcrown.html   (172 words)

 Louisiana Timeline: Year 1887
On February 14, 1887 the legislature passes Blue Laws and orders saloons to close on Sundays.
Eventually the law faded under the policy of passive non-observance and was repealed a hundred years later.
Paul Tulane dies at the age of 86 on March 27, 1887 in Princeton, New Jersey of pulmonary disease.
www.enlou.com /time/year1887.htm   (235 words)

 DMVA - John Robertson, 1861 - 1887
Trowbridge, and a few years later became his partner, the two doing business as commission merchants, under the firm of' C. Trowbridge and Co.
In March, 1861, he was appointed by Governor Blair, Adjutant-General of the State, serving in that capacity throughout the war of the Rebellion, and held the office until 1887.
To his zeal and energy is due the history of the "Flags of Michigan," the "Roll of Honor," deposited in the state library, "Michigan in the War," and other works.
www.michigan.gov /dmva/0,1607,7-126-2360_3003_3012-9030--,00.html   (406 words)

 Seasonal Summary for 1887-1888
After being dark from 26 June through 27 July 1887, "The Adelphi, enlarged and improved, reopened on Thursday," 25 July, with a new melodrama--The Bells of Haslemere, written by Henry Pettitt and Sydney Grundy (Athenaeum, 30 July 1887, p.
With this season, the Adelphi began the practice of presenting a new piece minus the accompanying farce for its premiere performance, perhaps in order to copy Henry Irving's practice of opening-night, curtain-call speeches at the Lyceum.
During the run of The Bells of Haslemere, a special matinee was presented on 19 November 1887, to benefit the Actors' Benevolent Society.
www.emich.edu /public/english/adelphi_calendar/m87s.htm   (2208 words)

 1887 Chicago White Stockings Roster by Baseball Almanac
The 1887 Chicago White Stockings team roster seen on this page includes every player who appeared in a game during the 1887 season.
It is a comprehensive team roster and player names are sorted by the fielding position where the most number of games were played during the regular season.
The 1887 Chicago White Stockings played 121 games during the regular season, won 71 games, lost 50 games, and finished in third position.
www.baseball-almanac.com /teamstats/roster.php?y=1887&t=CH6   (383 words)

May 4, 1887 Wednesday/ Beautiful morning, Anna gone to town to take girls to on their way to Jackson, George went to mill with feed, got pony home, Mrs.
May 13, 1887 Friday/ commenced dragging my corn and potatoes, Louisa gone to town to get her carpet, Ralph and Cora gone too, got caught in the rain, commenced raining at 2 oclock, rained most of the afternoon hard, bedtime and raining yet with thunder and lightning, got letter from Fred
November 16, 1887 Wednesday/ windy and cold, went to town with load of oats for Ralph, Mr.
crosskin.tripod.com /williamcrossdiaries/id9.html   (9673 words)

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