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Topic: 1905 in aviation

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In the News (Mon 25 Mar 19)

  1910 in aviation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
first international aviation meeting is held at Reims in France.
August 27 Frederick Baldwin and John McCurdy, using a Curtiss biplane, are the first pilots to send radio messages to the ground.
December 23 - Lt Theodore Ellyson of the United States Navy is assigned to flight training with the Curtiss company, making him the first naval aviator.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1910_in_aviation   (376 words)

 NASA - Aviation
Aviation is a term that includes all the activities involved in building and flying aircraft, especially airplanes.
Aviation agencies Most countries have government agencies that enforce air safety regulations and handle various economic matters relating to aviation.
The director of civil aviation, under the supervision of the Department of Transport, deals mainly with such matters as registration of aircraft, licensing of pilots, and establishment of air navigation facilities.
www.nasa.gov /lb/worldbook/aviation_worldbook.html   (5523 words)

 Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Museums
Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum A museum established to maintain and develop a permanent aviation museum in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada by researching, documenting, retrieving and restoring artifacts, objects and aircraft associated with the aviation history of the Atlantic Provinces.
Future of Flight Aviation Center The Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour project is to create a 73,000 square foot facility consisting of a 58,000sf Aviation Gallery and Conference Center and a 15,000sf Boeing Tour Center at Paine Field Airport in Everett, Washington.
The Iowa Aviation Museum Celebrating Iowa's aviation heritage with memorabilia and photographs, eleven civil aircraft on display, including some rare examples of early flying machines from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, and two military aircraft, an A-7 Corsair jet and a Huey Cobra helicopter.
member.newsguy.com /~ericmax/museums.htm   (3828 words)

In the early days of aviation several important prizes were offered to people who dared to "push the envelope" of technology and pilot their aircraft faster, farther, higher, better, and more efficiently.
These prizes had the effect of accelerating the rate at which aviation and technology developed, bringing sooner the day when average citizens could fly from city to city as they wished.
Between 1905 and 1935, hundreds of aviation prizes stimulated the create of very different aircraft designs, each of which explored different regions of flight and different mechanisms for optimizing speed, safety and low cost travel.
antigravitypower.tripod.com /xprize.html   (776 words)

 1905 article - 1905 1902 1903 1904 1906 1907 1908 Decades 1870s 1880s 1890s 1900s - What-Means.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
January 22 - Massacre of Russian demonstrators at the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, one of the triggers of the abortive Russian Revolution of 1905.
January 26 - The Cullinan Diamond is found near Pretoria, South Africa at the Premier Mine.
1905 article - 1905 definition - what means 1905
www.what-means.com /encyclopedia/1905   (753 words)

 How Things Fly: Annotated Book List
Comprehensive coverage for facts, statistics, and related events for historic aviators and inventors; commercial and military aircraft; aircraft manufacturers; and specifications for all aircraft listed.
The history of modern aviation as seen through the achievements of female aviators.
Aviation history from 1905-1915, technology from the Wright brothers to World War I airplanes.
www.nasm.si.edu /GALLERIES/GAL109/NEWHTF/RESROOM/OPENLIST.HTM   (1017 words)

 Space Today Online - X Prize experimental private manned space rockets
To win the $10 million Ansari X Prize, a private spacecraft had to be the first to carry the weight equivalent of three people to an altitude of 62.14 miles twice within two weeks.
Aviation legend Elbert L. "Burt" Rutan and philanthropist Paul G. Allen launch their private craft from a runway in California's Mojave Desert.
As a result of those early aviation prizes between 1905 and 1935, the world's $250 billion aviation industry was created.
www.spacetoday.org /Rockets/X_Prize.html   (2270 words)

 General aviation (from aviation) --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
More results on "General aviation (from aviation)" when you join.
The term “civil aviation” refers to the air-transportation service provided to the public by airlines, while “military aviation” refers to the development and use of military aircraft.
Established in 1947 by the Convention on International Civil Aviation (1944), which had been signed by 52 states three years earlier in Chicago, the ICAO is dedicated to developing safe and efficient international air transport for peaceful purposes and ensuring a reasonable opportunity for...
www.britannica.com /ebi/article-197084?tocId=197084&ct=   (913 words)

 Aviation Collections at WSU Special Collections & Archives
The photographs document Curtiss' early aviation involvements and include images of Curtiss and other aviators of the period, aircraft he designed and built, hydroplane experiments, and photographs of the Curtiss factory in Hammondsport, New York.
Dunham, aviation organizations to which he belonged, aircraft and missile research, work-related research from his time at Wright-Patterson AFB, and an extensive collection of articles, newspaper clippings and photographs concerning the Wright Brothers and other aspects of aviation history.
Christopher Lake was an aviation researcher and engineer whose most important aeronautical invention may have been his reaction engine, which was an early form of jet propulsion.
www.libraries.wright.edu /special/manuscripts/avia.html   (3720 words)

 Symposium Papers @ the Libraries
Experiments of 1905 Returning to the flying field in spring 1905, they constructed a new, slightly larger hangar, and in May, began work on a third airplane.
By the close of the 1905 flying season, the Wright brothers had become such expert pilots that only their exhausted fuel tank brought them back down to the ground.
Serving as headquarters for the Wright Company School of Aviation and the Wright Exhibition Team, it also provided a training ground for civilian aviators who made a sport of flying, and military pilots who earned their wings as part of the government's budding interest in air power.
www.libraries.wright.edu /special/symposium/fraterrigo.html   (3965 words)

 Aviation Internet Sites   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Aviation Australia is a training organisation established by the Queensland Government to support the development and growth of the aviation and aerospace industries in Queensland and in the Asia Pacific region.
Aviation in Australia, legislation and regulation, pilots and operators, engineers and air-worthiness and an aircraft register are some of the links at this site.
Institute of Aviation of the University of Illinois at Urbana
www.ic.holmesglen.vic.edu.au /internetsearch/sgl_aviation.htm   (396 words)

 Hilltop Times - University students
Event organizers transformed the airport's tarmac into a collage of aviation history by bring in dozens of private, experimental and military aircraft for the thousands of spectators.
The replica, however, was based on a model built by the aviation pioneers in 1905 to help further academic objectives within the aerodynamics program at USU.
The USU replica of the 1905 Wright Flyer is slated to fly at the "Inventing Flight" celebration at Dayton, Ohio, in July 2003.
www.hilltoptimes.com /story.asp?edition=69&storyid=1823   (573 words)

 proflightfutures.com - Aviation Opportunities - Aviation and Aerospace career information and resources
aviation and aerospace experience while having a fun time.
Our organization was founded in 1929 by 99 licensed women pilots for the mutual support and advancement of aviation.
aviation education to its members, the industry, government the general public.
www.proflightfutures.com /page/page/868989.htm   (872 words)

 Homebuilt Homepage - Other - General Aviation Websites
The K.C. Flyer is a bimonthly pilot's newspaper providing general aviation pilots around the Kansas City area a "home-town" magazine in which to find news, information, and articles about local aviation events.
Tracing its roots to 1905, NAA is the custodian of major awards in aviation and responsible for the oversight of all records attempted within the United States.
The primary mission of NAA is the advancement of the art, sport, and science of aviation and space flight by fostering opportunities to participate fully in aviation activities and by promoting public understanding of the importance of aviation and space flight to the United States.
www.homebuilt.org /aviation/generalaviation.html   (628 words)

 Richard Pearse
Although he had been established in his own secluded workshop building engines and aircraft for five years previous to the year 1903, it has not been possible to establish how many aircraft he had built and experimented with before he was seen flying in 1903.
There are accounts of a smaller machine preceding the better known flights of 1903 followed by a larger circular aircraft, another one of which little is known about, but which was built after he had moved to a very quiet secluded spot at a place called Milton.
In particular, other early aviation pioneers such as the Wrights used primitive wing warping, or 'side tipping' as Pearse described it, to attempt to control an aircraft in flight.
chrisbrady.itgo.com /pearse/pearse.htm   (1693 words)

 MHS | Godfrey Lowell Cabot Papers, 1870-1962 : Guide to the Collection
Godfrey Lowell Cabot was born in Boston on 26 February 1861, the son of Samuel and Hannah Lowell (Jackson) Cabot.
In addition, Cabot was a famous aviation pioneer, a U.S. Navy pilot during World War I, and a noted philanthropist.
The aviation papers consist of boxes (numbered 29-60) are arranged in chronological order by year and, within each year, in alphabetical order under correspondent or subject.
www.masshist.org /findingaids/doc.cfm?fa=fa0146   (540 words)

 Two Prominent EAA Members to Receive Elder Statesman of Aviation Award
The Elder Statesman of Aviation Award was established in 1954 to honor outstanding Americans who, by their efforts over a period years, have made contributions of significant value to aeronautics and have reflected credit upon America and themselves.
Hilbert is being honored for a lifetime of major contributions to civil, military, and sport aviation in a wide variety of professional and volunteer community, state, and international activities.
Nominations were solicited from hundreds of organizations and aviation leaders in the U.S. A committee of 14 aviation leaders made the selections from all segments of the aerospace community.
www.eaa.org /communications/eaanews/000811_awards.html   (481 words)

 Great Aviation Quotes: Predictions of the Future
All attempts at artificial aviation are not only dangerous to life but doomed to failure from an engineering standpoint.
The demonstration that no possible combination of known substances, known forms of machinery, and known forms of force can be united in a practicable machine by which men shall fly for long distances through the air, seems to the writer as complete as it is possible for the demonstration of any physical fact to be.
All attempts at artificial aviation are not only dangerous to human life, but foredoomed to failure from the engineering standpoint.
www.skygod.com /quotes/predictions.html   (10983 words)

 Aviation Resource - History - 1900-1920
These and other early flights were headline events, but commercial aviation was very slow to catch on with the general public, most of which was afraid to ride in the new flying machines.
However, nothing similar occurred in the United States where there were no such natural obstacles isolating major cities and where railroads could transport people almost as fast as an airplane, and in considerably more comfort.
The salvation of U.S. commercial aviation industry following World War I was a government program, but one that had nothing to do with the transportation of people.
www.geocities.com /CapeCanaveral/4294/history/1900_1920.html   (902 words)

 A History of Aeronautics - Chapter XIII.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
In that year a height of 1,600 feet was reached by one of these box-kites, carrying a man, and later in the same year one Sapper Moreton, of the Balloon Section of the Royal Engineers (the parent of the Royal Flying Corps) remained for an hour at an altitude of 2,600 feet.
He was one of the competitors in the 1909 Doncaster Aviation Meeting, and in 1910 he competed at Wolverhampton, Bournemouth, and Lanark.
The machine was the only one delivered for the trials by air, and during the three hours' test imposed on all competitors a maximum height of 5,000 feet was reached, the first thousand feet being achieved in three and a half minutes.
www.worldwideschool.org /library/books/tech/engineering/AHistoryofAeronautics/chap13.html   (2662 words)

 - toledoblade.com -
Commercial aviation began within a decade of the Wright Brothers' 1903 flight at Kitty Hawk.
Between 1905 and 1935, hundreds of similar prizes spurred innovations in aircraft design that underpinned commercial passenger and cargo flights, Peter H. Diamandis noted in an interview.
Diamandis is chairman and president of the Ansari X Prize Foundation, which hopes to do the same for space flight, making it more accessible to the general public on a regular basis at reasonable cost.
www.toledoblade.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20040620/NEWS08/406200365/-1/NEWS   (1154 words)

 1905 in aviation -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This is a list of (The aggregation of a country's military aircraft) aviation-related events from 1905:
June 6 - (Click link for more info and facts about Gabriel Voisin) Gabriel Voisin flies along the (Click link for more info and facts about River Seine) River Seine in his float-glider towed by a motorboat.
October 5 - (United States aviation pioneer who (with his brother Orville Wright) invented the airplane (1867-1912)) Wilbur Wright makes a flight of 24.2 miles (38.9 km) in (Click link for more info and facts about Flyer III) Flyer III.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/1/19/1905_in_aviation.htm   (369 words)

 Warwick Boar - Features - Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Yet this event was inspired by a $25,000 prize for anyone flying non-stop between the two cities, known as the Orteig Prize in honour of its sponsor, Raymond Orteig.
So far, more than twenty teams from seven countries have entered the race, and it is predicted that the challenge will have been met within the next one or two years.
The aim of the X-Prize is similar to that of Raymond Orteig’s challenge, and the hundreds of other aviation prizes from 1905 onwards: to start a tourist industry, not in the sky this time, but in space.
www.sunion.warwick.ac.uk /boar?article=3824   (532 words)

Redesignated 1905 Engineer Aviation Battalion, 2 June 1943 at Dow Field, Maine.
Redesignted 1810th Engineer Aviation Company 24 May 1946 and allotted to the National Guard of Oregon.
Served in the Army of Occupation of Okinawa 15 September - 14 October 1945 and Japan from 15 October 1945 - 5 March 1946.
www.military.com /HomePage/UnitPageFullText/0,13476,712912,00.html   (699 words)

 Aviation Firsts - Ohio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
In their Dayton, Ohio, bicycle shop, these two men, self-trained in the science and art of aviation, researched and built the world's first power-driven, heavier-than-air machine capable of free, controlled, and sustained flight.
October 5, 1905 — (left) Wilbur Wright is shown flying the Wright brothers' plane over Huffman Prairie near Dayton, Ohio, October 5, 1905.
This was their longest flight in 1905, 24.2 miles, proving their theory of controlled flight.
www.dot.state.mn.us /aero/aved/museum/aviation_firsts/ohio.htm   (328 words)

 National Aviation Heritage Area
Home of the Wright brothers and long known as the Birthplace of Aviation, the Dayton region now enjoys a new accolade: In November 2004, Congress recognized the Dayton region as the National Aviation Heritage Area, in honor of the region's leadership in our nation's aviation history.
Huffman is considered sacred ground by aviation enthusiasts the world over; meanwhile, the original 1905 Flyer, widely considered the world's most significant airplane still in existence, is on display at Carillon Historical Park in Dayton.
But the Dayton region's contributions to aviation progress merely began with the Wrights.
www.birthplaceofaviation.com   (404 words)

 Subject Listing for General Aviation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The purpose of this research was to develop a methodology for the prediction of strains in the tail section of a general aviation aircraft that would not require installation of strain gages and to determine the minimum set of sensors necessary for a prediction suitable for small aircraft.
This source is primarily dedicated to aviation photographs, with an archive of 65,000 images of individual aircraft and aerial photographs of airports.
ACPI is a non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of aviation related crime through education of the aviation industry worldwide, cooperation between the aviation industry and law enforcement agencies; and communication of information and security procedures to all.
aerade.cranfield.ac.uk /subject-listing/genav.html   (9354 words)

 It's official: Ohio IS the birthplace of aviation
It's official: Ohio IS the birthplace of aviation
Ohio - where the phrase "Birthplace of Aviation" is etched on license plates - was where flight was born, Buckeyes claim, because the Wright brothers made their plans and constructed their aircraft in their bicycle shop on Dayton's West Side.
Ohio is also the state that has produced the most astronauts, 24 in all, including John Glenn and Neil Armstrong.
www.enquirer.com /editions/2003/06/14/loc_ohioflight14.html   (296 words)

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