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Topic: 1914

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  Schweizerische Landesausstellung BERN 1914 -- Virtuelles Museum - Musée Virtuel - Virtual Museum
Musée Virtuel ~ Exposition Nationale Suisse Berne 1914
Haupteingang Schweizerische Landesausstellung Bern 1914 - Mehr als 1000 Bilder und Objekte, Werbemarken und Souvenirs!
In limiting the exhibition to national products only, it naturally follows, that owing to the comparatively small area of Switzerland, the hope of organizing a national exhibition in the truest sense of the word can be fully realized.
www.bern-1914.org   (288 words)

  The Great War . Maps & Battles . Europe in 1914 | PBS
At the start of the Great War in 1914, Germany was a relatively young power, only coming into existence following a series of wars in 1871.
Germany's Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, had shepherd the country into the 20th century with the adage that Germany must always be in a majority of three in any dispute among the five great European powers.
The tripwire that set off the century's first global conflict was Austria's declaration of war against Serbia on July 28, 1914, a month after Archduke Franz Ferdinand (the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne) was assassinated in Sarajevo by a Serbian fanatic.
www.pbs.org /greatwar/maps   (243 words)

  The Watchman Expositor: A Watchtower History of 1914
In the 1 November 1995 Watchtower magazine, the Jehovah's Witnesses made a major doctrinal change concerning the "Generation of 1914." To better understand the significance of this change it is crucial to understand the importance they place on the year 1914 and how their beliefs concerning that year have radically changed throughout their history.
That battle was to end shortly after 1914 with the utter destruction of professing Christianity, and the inauguration of Christ's millennial reign.
According to the Society, Jesus was not talking about babies born in 1914 when he said, "this generation would not pass away." Thus, those who were old enough to observe and understand the events they witnessed in 1914 (such as teenagers) would live to see Armageddon.
www.watchman.org /jw/1914hst2.htm   (3390 words)

 1914 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1914 (MCMXIV) was a common year starting on Thursday.
January 4 - 77 seal hunters freeze to death on ice near Labrador.
The 2001 animated film Atlantis: The Lost Empire takes place in October 1914.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1914   (4037 words)

 The Watchman Expositor: Watchtower Redefines '1914 Generation'
With those alive in 1914 being at least in their 80s, the Watchtower was apparently willing to concede that the time had expired on their 1914 prediction.
They still teach that 1914 started the "last generation," but they have changed their definition of the word "generation." Rather than a reference to people who were living in 1914, the term generation now means an unspecified length of time that is relatively short "compared with the thousands of years of Satan's rulership" (Ibid.
After 1914 failed to bring Armageddon as originally announced, the Watchtower had slowly reinterpreted their prediction claiming that 1914 was the year that Jesus "sat down in judgment" in heaven.
www.watchman.org /jw/1914hst1.htm   (931 words)

That the generation of persons living in 1914 and having the ability to understand what they saw occurring then would be the ‘generation that will not pass away until all things are fulfilled,’ including the destruction of the existing system of things.
JW today believe that from 1914 and particularly 1919 onward the great harvest work is under way, to be climaxed by the destruction of the present system and all who have not responded to their preaching activity.
In 1914 the population of the earth was around the 5 billion mark.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Olympus/5257/1914.htm   (4267 words)

 Medal of Honor Recipients - Mexican Campaign (Vera Cruz)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Elliott was eminent and conspicuous in the efficient establishment and operation of the base hospital, and in his cool judgment and courage in supervising first aid stations on the firing line and removing the wounded.
Harrison brought his ship into the inner harbor during the nights of the 21st and 22d without the assistance of a pilot or navigational lights, and was in a position on the morning of the 22d to use his guns with telling effect at a critical time.
Moffett brought his ship into the inner harbor during the nights of the 21st and 22d without the assistance of a pilot or navigational lights, and was in a position on the morning of the 22d to use his guns at a critical time with telling effect.
www.army.mil /cmh/mohmex.htm   (3805 words)

 1914 - What the Watchtower predicted prior to 1914
Most importantly, 3 ½ years after 1914 is when Jesus is said to have come to inspect and cleanse the Watchtower Society, resulting in Jesus choosing it to be the only organization he works though in our time, and the only means of salvation.
Just how long before 1914 the last living members of the body of Christ will be glorified, we are not directly informed; but it certainly will not be until their work in the flesh is done; nor can we reasonably presume that they will long remain after that work is accomplished.
Just how long after 1914 the last living members of the body of Christ will be glorified, we are not directly informed; but it certainly will not be until their work in the flesh is done; nor can we reasonably presume that they will long remain after that work is accomplished.
www.jwfacts.com /index_files/1914dates.htm   (3696 words)

 The Royal Welsh Fusiliers in 1914-1918
22 August 1914 : attached to 19th Brigade, which was not allocated to a Division.
September 1914 : attached to 67th Brigade, 22nd Division.
Formed at Rhyl, 3 September 1914, by the Denbigh and Flint TF Associations, and transferred to the Welsh National Executive Committee on 10 October 1914.
www.1914-1918.net /rwf.htm   (933 words)

 TAP: Web Feature: Historical Present. by Harold Meyerson. March 19, 2003.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In a way, the last half-year has been unfolding as a kind of absurd replay of 1914, set in a macabre hall of mirrors where the timetable of one nation determines the question of war and peace.
In 1914 the governments of the major European nations plunged the world into bloody chaos because the logic of military mobilization rolled right over the attempts of every government's foreign ministry to stop the war.
On one side are the neo-imperialists, who have relearned the lesson of 1914 that to deploy -- for the hegemon in a unipolar world -- is to go to war.
www.prospect.org /webfeatures/2003/03/meyerson-h-03-19.html   (2071 words)

 Timeline 1914-1915
1914 Sep 15, The Battle of Aisne began between Germans and French during WW I. 1914 Sep 18, Battle of Aisne ended with Germans beating the French during WW I. 1914 Sep 18, Gen. von Hindenburg was named commander of German armies on the Eastern Front.
1914 Nov 9, The Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney wrecked the German cruiser Emden, forcing her to beach on a reef on North Keeling Island in the Indian Ocean.
1914 In Wisconsin Mamah Cheney, the mistress of Frank Lloyd Wright, was axed to death along with her 2 children and 4 others by a crazed servant at Wright’s rural Taliesin home.
www.timelines.ws /20thcent/1914_1915.HTML   (13608 words)

 The World War I Document Archive, 1914
28 June 1914 - As related by Borijove Jevtic, one of the leaders of the Narodna Odbrana
Telegram from Wilhelm II to President Wilson, August 10, 1914
War on the Eastern Front: The Battle of Wirballen,
net.lib.byu.edu /~rdh7/wwi/1914.html   (311 words)

 [No title]
So, the client needs to have an algorithm to follow when it interacts with the Whois++ mesh so that referral loops can be detected, cost is minimised, and appropriate servers are rapidly and effectively contacted.
In the future a technique might have developed that makes it possible for a client to do this selection automatically depending on the query the user issues.
The attributes that must be in all serverhandle records are: Server-Handle: The handle for this server.
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1914.txt   (1350 words)

Even 1914 and 1918 were not fulfilled as expected and subsequently reinterpreted after the event.
With the failure for the end to eventuate in 1914 most Adventist groups came to recognise that Daniel 4 was not intended to have a second prophetic fulfilment and stopped referring to 1914 as being of significance.
However it is now claimed that even prior to 1914 the Watchtower was saying that this was the date for Jesus rulership and presence to occur.
www.jwfacts.com /index_files/1914.htm   (6220 words)

 WT 1914 Lies
It is a general concept that Russell's Bible Students heralded a warning, pointing to the Advent in 1914, and that its fulfillment was made evident by the outbreak of World War I in that year, thus proving Jehovah's favor on the Bible Students' movement.
The 1914 parousia being the nucleus of Jehovah's Witnesses' present "good news of the Kingdom" message, the Watch Tower has served to nurture that misconception about their predecessors' early teaching with misleading inferences in their publications over the past half century.
But bear in mind that the end of 1914 is not the date for the beginning, but for the end of the time of trouble.
www.xjw.com /1914lies.html   (1878 words)

 1914 New York Yankees Schedule with Wins, Losses, Scores and Splits
Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a comprehensive team schedule for the 1914 New York Yankees with dates for every game played, opponents faced, a final score, and a cumulative record for the 1914 season.
The 1914 New York Yankees (click team name for complete roster) home / road splits for the regular season were 36-40-2 (0.474 winning percentage) at home and 34-44-1 (0.436 winning percentage) away.
During the regular season the 1914 New York Yankees scored the most runs (14) on August 5, 1914 versus the Detroit Tigers.
www.baseball-almanac.com /teamstats/schedule.php?y=1914&t=NYA   (187 words)

 United Kingdom history 1815-1914 - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about United Kingdom history 1815-1914
However, the crisis was put on hold by the outbreak of World War I in August 1914.
This was pressed for by the radical suffragettes, whose treatment at the hands of the authorities, together with the government's refusal to consider extending the franchise to women, showed the illiberal side of an otherwise fairly enlightened administration.
The campaign of the suffragettes was called off with the outbreak of war in 1914.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /United+Kingdom+history+1815-1914   (4722 words)

 1914 The Great War Review - GamersHell.com
Only one of the features which makes 1914 unique compared to other turn based strategy titles is that units don’t freeze once they have completed their move.
Personally I felt that 1914 is missing some small (and bigger) features in gameplay although what might be excusable since the company already lacked money during the final steps of development.
The fear that a game like 1914 which was finished under financial pressure might be a candidate for a “bug fest” is understandable and as expected it isn’t without flaws.
www.gamershell.com /reviews_1914TheGreatWarReview.shtml   (1090 words)

 Hawaiian Territorial Medical Society. Minutes, 1914   (Site not responding. Last check: )
At a meeting of the Territorial Medical Society held May 1, 1914, the use of the Red Cross as a distinguishing mark for the motor cars of physicians was discussed.
The Secretary was directed to invite the attention of your Board to the Federal law which limits the use of the emblem to the purpose of the Red Cross Society.
The matter was discussed and the Secretary was directed to inform you that it was the opinion of the Society that such recommendations should be requested of physicians who were personally acquainted with your work.
hml.org /mmhc/hma/hma1914.html   (4913 words)

 August 1914 (Alexander Solzhenitsyn) - book review
Using their superbly efficient railway system, the outnumbered Germans concentrated their forces against the Russian Second Army, and in the battle of Tannenberg they surrounded and destroyed its central corps.
Concentrating more on the "fog of war" at the army and corps level than on the horrors of the front line, Solzhenitsyn has produced one of the best fictional reconstructions of a battle I have read.
The otherwise tight focus on the battle, however, gives August 1914 a unity and a completeness which makes all this seem a bit out of place.
www.dannyreviews.com /h/August_1914.html   (321 words)

 Amazon.com: Tannenberg 1914: Books: John Sweetman   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tannenberg 1914 consists of a historical prologue on the Battle of Tannenberg in 1410, five chapters on the campaign itself, an epilogue, a campaign chronology, an order of battle, a section on organization and weaponry, bibliography and notes.
Second, Tannenberg 1914 demonstrates how an army must be trained and prepared for the war that it is likely to fight; strategic success is the result of years of effort, and cannot be conjured up by ad hoc means.
In 1914 Russia and France had entered into an alliance which compelled Russia to launch offensive military operations soon after Germany began the war in the West.
www.amazon.com /Tannenberg-1914-John-Sweetman/dp/0304356352   (2483 words)

 part II, Spiritual Food at the Proper Time, 1914 - 1925 -
1914 "In this chapter we present the Bible evidence proving that the full end of the times of the gentiles, i.e., the full end of their lease of dominion, will be reached in A.D. 1914; and that the date will be the farthest limit of the rule of imperfect men.
1914 "In this chapter we present the Bible evidence proving that the full end of the times of Gentiles, i.e., the full end or their lease of dominion, will be reached in A.D. 1914; and that that date will be the farest limit of the rule of imperfect men..
Thus, in a discourse given on September 30, 1914, A.H. Macmillan, a Bible Student, stated: 'This is probably the last public address I shall ever deliver because we shall be going home (to heaven) soon.' Clearly, Macmillan was mistaken, but that was not the only unfulfilled expectation he or his fellow Bible Students had..
www.freeminds.org /history/part2.htm   (7847 words)

 Jehovah's Witnesses 1914   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Witnesses calculate the 1914 date from the seven times described in Daniel chapter 4 by applying a 360 day year for each of the 7 times, which yields 2520 days, then they take a day for each year, which yields 2520 years.
They place the start point of the 7 times in the year 607 BCE and arrive at the end point in 1914 CE.
However, since this period of 2520 years may be applied to any start point on the Biblical time line, the question is, "which is the correct start point to select?" The events described in Daniel chapter 4 provide a valuable clue to the answer.
members.aol.com /gparrishjr/index.html   (242 words)

 Embellishments 3: Irving Berlin: Early Songs, 1907-1914   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This edition presents the 190 copyrighted songs published between 1907 and 1914 for which Berlin wrote lyrics, music, or both.
The songs from the show Watch Your Step, which opened at the Globe Theatre on 8 December 1914, are not included in the present edition because they belong to the second phase of his career.
In all, though, no more than a third of the songs written between 1907 and 1914 are presently available in easily obtainable publications and not one in a critical edition.
www.areditions.com /rr/embellish/1997_03/berlin.html   (797 words)

 1914 Officers Killed
Volunteered August 1914 and posted to the 3rd Battalion.
Wounded in action 21st December 1914 at Festubert.
Wounded near La Bassee on the 21st december 1914, shot through the chest.
members.tripod.com /~Glosters/1914off.html   (677 words)

 BBC NEWS | Special Report | 1998 | 10/98 | World War I | The Christmas truce
So the Christmas truce of 1914 does not stand alone; on the other hand it is undoubtedly the greatest example of its kind.
Publishing a year later, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his history of 1914 called the Christmas truce "an amazing spectacle" and in a memorable description, saluted it as "one human episode amid all the atrocities which have stained the memory of the war".
The phrase sums up the attraction of the truce: it is the human dimension which means that this relatively obscure event in the fifth month of a 52-month war is still remembered and will continue to catch the imagination.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/special_report/1998/10/98/world_war_i/197627.stm   (939 words)

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