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Topic: 1915 in baseball

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 1915 Boston Red Sox Statistics - Baseball-Reference.com
Baseball-Reference part of Sports Reference, Inc. (Copyright ©2000-2005).
You Are Here > Baseball-Reference.com > Teams > Boston Red Sox > 1915 Statistics / Schedule and Splits / Transactions
Statistics may come from our work, the Baseball Databank, or other sources including SABR.org.
www.baseball-reference.com /teams/BOS/1915.shtml   (178 words)

 Encyclopedia: 1909 World Series
Jump to: navigation, search In baseball, the World Series is the championship series of Major League Baseball in the United States and Canada, played in October after the end of the regular season between the pennant winner of the American League and the pennant winner of the National League.
The 1956 World Series of Major League Baseball was played between the New York Yankees (representing the American League) and the defending champion Brooklyn Dodgers (representing the National League) during the month of October 1956.
The 1952 World Series featured the three-time defending champion New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers, with the Yankees winning in 7 games for their fourth straight title – tying the mark they set between 1936 and 1939 – and the 15th in their history, and their third defeat of the...
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/1909-World-Series   (2789 words)

 1915 Boston Red Sox Statistics - Baseball-Reference.com
Statistics may come from our work, the Baseball Databank, or other sources including SABR.org.
You Are Here > Baseball-Reference.com > Teams > Boston Red Sox > 1915 Statistics / Schedule and Splits / Transactions
www.baseball-reference.com /teams/BOS/1915.shtml   (226 words)

 World Series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In baseball, the World Series is the championship series of Major League Baseball in the United States and Canada, played in October after the end of the regular season between the pennant winner of the American League and the pennant winner of the National League.
The Series winner is determined through a best-of-seven playoff (except in 1903, 1919, 1920 and 1921 when the winner was determined through a best-of-nine playoff) and is awarded the World Series Trophy, as well as World Series rings.
These series' were arranged by the individual teams, not by the leagues directly, the same as the 1880s World's Series matches had been, and which had often proved troublesome.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/World_Series   (7237 words)

 Sporting News: The 100 most powerful people in sports
Charles Comiskey, baseball player and founding owner of the White Sox.
Arch Ward, Sports editor of the Chicago Tribune, conceived baseball and college football all-star games.
Criteria: A person in the sports world who has the capability to effect significant change -- or to prevent change -- in the games we play.
www.freep.com /sports/pagetwo/tsn30_19991230.htm   (411 words)

 E-Adventure - Collections - Sports Memorabilia - Cardboard Gold
Shown are a variety of sports cards, a 1915 Spalding Baseball Guide and an autographed Sandy Koufax baseball.
If you have a variety of sports in one box you may prefer Tuff stuff as they list all the sports in one publication as opposed to Becket having a magazine for each sport.
Sports memorabilia treasures can be found in many forms.
www.e-adventure.net /collections/sports/cardboard.html   (1666 words)

 1915 World Series - BOS vs. PHI - Baseball-Reference.com
A clearinghouse for companies and websites that want to put their information before a large number of baseball fans.
1915 World Series - BOS vs. PHI - Baseball-Reference.com
1915 World Series (4-1): Boston Red Sox (101-50) over Philadelphia Phillies (90-62)
www.baseball-reference.com /postseason/1915_WS.shtml   (1059 words)

baseballguru.com /omi/PRESIDENTS.htm   (358 words)

 Baseball Almanac - Year In Review : 1915 American League
Baseball Almanac - Year In Review : 1915 American League
smashed his first career home run on May 6, 1915, but the quotation at the top of the page is in reference to a shot hit on July 21 in Sportsman's Park where Ruth's ball cleared the rightfield stands, crossed Grand Avenue, and broke the window of a car dealer.
who stole ninety-six bases during the 1915 season (the final steal was on October 5, 1915).
www.baseball-almanac.com /yearly/yr1915a.shtml   (822 words)

 Major League Baseball : History : World Series History
The Boston Americans were no strangers to postseason play, but 1915 marked the Phillies' first-ever National League title.
Notes: The World Series gained recognition as a national event when Woodrow Wilson became the first President to attend a game.
The Phils were led by power hitter Gavy Cravath, slick-fielding shortstop Dave Bancroft and ace pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander, better known as "Pete."
www.mlb.com /NASApp/mlb/mlb/history/postseason/mlb_ws_recaps.jsp?feature=1915   (440 words)

 Bosse Field
In addition, teams such as the Evansville Black Braves represented the city in Negro League Baseball during the first part of the 20th century.
The River Rats won the Central League title in 1908 and 1915.
Name: Bosse Field Year Opened: 1915 Seating Capicity: 5,181
otters.evansville.net /otters7.htm   (625 words)

 Baseball Digest: Throwing From Down Under - baseball pitching
Submariner Carl Mays was a contemporary (1915-29) of Johnson's, and his 208-126 career record was over-shadowed by a tragic moment.
Baseball Digest: Throwing From Down Under - baseball pitching
His 90-game workload at age 40 with the Phillies in 1987 is a testimony to how a submarine style puts much less wear and tear on a pitcher's arm than the traditional three-quarters delivery.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0FCI/is_11_59/ai_66011139   (1583 words)

 Online Etymology Dictionary
Meaning "attractive young woman" is 1915, college slang; related babelicious first recorded 1991.
As a term of endearment for one's lover it is attested perhaps as early as 1839, certainly by 1901; its popularity perhaps boosted by baby vamp "a popular girl," student slang from c.1922.
slang, from jazz sense of "category," probably via notion of putting something in a bag.
www.etymonline.com /index.php?l=b&p=14   (1869 words)

 Japanese Baseball    
Despite the popularity of pro baseball in Japan, Japan's most avidly followed sporting event is the All-Japan High School Baseball Tournament (aka National Senior High School Baseball Tournament), first held in 1915.
Besides the professional leagues, baseball is played in high schools, colleges, universities, leading companies, and everywhere else space permits.
Played in August at Hanshin Koshien Baseball Stadium near Osaka, it draws almost one million spectators to a tournament of the 49 regional finalists that survived local tournaments involving over 4,000 schools.
www.japanorama.com /baseball.html   (667 words)

 Baseball Almanac - Movie Time Menu
Did you know that the first feature length baseball movie was released in 1915 and its title was
Over a century has passed since that first baseball movie and more than two-hundred fifty baseball movies, series, and documentaries have been produced.
I n 1898, Thomas Edison produced the first baseball movie: The Ball Game, which featured two amateur teams from Newark, New Jersey playing their hearts out.
baseball-almanac.com /mve_time.shtml   (667 words)

 SI.com - Major League Baseball - Brooklyn Robins 1915 All-Time Team Roster
SI.com - Major League Baseball - Brooklyn Robins 1915 All-Time Team Roster
Get SI's Chicago WHITE SOX Championship Package FREE!
sportsillustrated.cnn.com /baseball/mlb/stats/alltime/rosters/robins/1915.html   (57 words)

 Tommy Byrne BaseballLibrary.com
Brownie Byrne walks 16 Sox batters, tying the American League walk record set by Bruno Haas in 1915 (Haas walked 16 in a loss to the Yanks, his only ML decision), and Boston strands 22 runners: the AL record for stranded runners is 24, set by the Indians in 18 innings on July 10, 1932.
Byrne allows two hits in seven innings and drives in all the runs before retiring with back spasms.
Byrne breaks his personal record of 13 walks in a game he set in 1949.
www.baseballlibrary.com /baseballlibrary/ballplayers/B/Byrne_Tommy.stm   (57 words)

 Harry Hooper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Between 1910 and 1915, he teamed with Tris Speaker (CF) and Duffy Lewis (LF) to form one of the finest outfield trios in baseball history.
Beside this, Hooper is the only person to be a part of four Red Sox World Series championships: in 1912, 1915, 1916 and 1918.
On October 13, 1915, he became the first player to hit two home runs in a single World Series game (*).
www.secaucus.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Harry_Hooper   (408 words)

 World Series : A Comprehensive History of the World Series by Baseball Almanac
Every sport has their pinnacle trophy, but none is as coveted as baseball's World Series; a best of seven contest that celebrates our national pastime.
Pittsburgh and Boston went head-to-head for eight games proving that great baseball between the two leagues was possible and that a merger would benefit the growth of the sport.
The inaugural World Series of 1903 was a resounding success and represented the first step in healing the bruised egos of both the veteran National and fledgling American Leagues.
baseball-almanac.com /ws/wsmenu.shtml   (819 words)

 1915 World Series
Aero View of Middletown in 1915 Panoramic bird's-eye view of town in 1915, from the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division.
Anzacs: Officers died at Gallipoli, 1915 Biographic details of approximately 500 officers of the Anzac Corps who died due to service on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, in 1915.
Aero View of Middletown in 1915 Panoramic bird's-eye view of town in 1915 with list of "City and town officials", from the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-1915_World_Series.html   (505 words)

 Nebraska Minor League Baseball
The Nebraska State League is represented in each of its four incarnations (1910-1915, 1922-1923, 1928-1938 and 1956-1959).
This lists the twenty two towns that have hosted minor league teams in the past and provides detail as to the teams, the towns, the fields, the players and the history of their participation.
Baseball is the story of leagues, towns, players and years.
marian.creighton.edu /~besser/baseball/second.html   (439 words)

 Boston.com / Sports / Baseball / Red Sox / In the Beginning
The site was used for baseball in various incarnations until Braves Field was constructed in 1915.
A brilliant and innovative baseball mind, Wright would be regarded by many as the father of professional baseball.
The story of Boston's first major professional baseball team begins in the fall of 1870, when local businessman and sports enthusiast Ivers Whitney Adams sought to organize a top-class pro team for the city.
www.boston.com /sports/baseball/redsox/articles/2004/12/19/in_the_beginning   (439 words)

 George Kelly (baseball player) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kelly entered the majors briefly in the mid-1910s, beginning in 1915 with the New York Giants, but he wasn't a regular in their line-up until 1920, when he had a league-leading 94 RBI.
George Lucas Kelly (September 10, 1895- October 13, 1984), nicknamed "Highpockets", was a Major League Baseball player known for his solid all-round hitting and slick fielding at first base.
Kelly was traded to the Cincinnati Reds prior to the 1927 season for future Hall of Famer Edd Roush.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/George_Kelly_%28baseball_player%29   (268 words)

 Bill Bradley (baseball player) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
William Joseph Bradley (February 13, 1878 in Cleveland, Ohio - March 11, 1954 in Cleveland) was a third baseman in Major League Baseball for the Chicago Orphans (1899-1900), Cleveland Blues, Bronchos, and Naps (1901-1910), Brooklyn Tip-Tops (1914), and Kansas City Packers (1915).
This biographical article relating to a baseball player, manager, or other figure is a stub.
The third baseman was the first Cleveland baseball player to hit for the cycle on September 24, 1903.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bill_Bradley_(baseball_player)   (120 words)

 1915 in sports - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See also: 1914 in sports, other events of 1915, 1916 in sports and the list of 'years in sports'.
September 9 - Albert Spalding, baseball player and sporting goods manufacturer
May 9 – Tony Wilding, champion tennis player and soldier
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1915_in_sports   (91 words)

 Maury Wills - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wills stole 104 bases in 1962 to establish a new record in baseball, breaking the old mark of 96, set by Ty Cobb in 1915.
Besides this, he hit.299, led the league in triples (10), and was selected the NL Most Valuable Player (beating out Willie Mays by seven points).
In his first-full season (1960), Wills hit.295 and led the league with 50 stolen bases, being the first NL player to do it since Max Carey stole 51 in 1923.
www.leessummit.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Maury_Wills   (394 words)

 African Americans in the Sports Arena
On view are seven major sporting events - boxing, horse racing, cycling, track and field, basketball, baseball, and football- which opened the doors to the expanding Sports Arenas of today.
The world of sports is such a strong part of the recognizable American fabric that it would be hard to imagine the social, cultural, or political development of this nation without this pastime.
On the other hand, American sports are filled with records of African American athletes capable of participating in the broad sports arena but not given the chance due to their race.
www.liu.edu /cwis/cwp/library/aaitsa.htm   (14867 words)

 digital stater stories
The name was already changed from the Cleveland Spiders in 1915.
Changing the name and logo of Cleveland's baseball team would not be unprecedented.
STRIKE TWO: Even if we accept the Sports Illustrated figures, we are still left with a very large minority of American Indians (including nearly half of those who live on reservations) who are offended by Indian mascots.
www.stater.kent.edu /stories_old/02fall/10.01.02/chiefwahoo.html   (569 words)

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