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Topic: 1918

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  First World War.com - Feature Articles - The Armistice
In the context of the First World War 'the armistice' is generally referred to in context of the agreement between the Germans and the Allies to end the war on November 11, 1918.
The battle on the Eastern Front was brought to a close in December 1917 (and followed by the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk), as was Romania's war (resulting in the Treaty of Bucharest).
This was overcome by German Chancellor Max von Baden's exasperated decision to announce the reluctant Wilhelm's abdication to the public on 9 November 1918 (subsequently made official by the Kaiser's abdication proclamation on 28 November).
www.firstworldwar.com /features/armistice.htm   (830 words)

 ::The 1918 Representation of the People Act::
The 1918 Representation of the People Act gave women of property over the age of 30 the right to vote — not all women, therefore, could vote — but it was a major start.
An argument put forward for the inclusion of a female suffrage section in the 1918 Representation of the People Act is that the work of the Suffragettes and the suffragist movements pre-1914 had been important.
The 1918 Representation of the People Act gave all men over the age of 21 the right to vote (and aged 19 if the men had been on active service in the armed forces).
www.historylearningsite.co.uk /1918_representation_of_the_peopl.htm   (1328 words)

 The 1918 Influenza Pandemic
In the fall of 1918 the Great War in Europe was winding down and peace was on the horizon.
In November 11 of 1918 the end of the war enabled a resurgence.
The conditions in 1918 were not so far removed from the Black Death in the era of the bubonic plague of the Middle Ages.
www.stanford.edu /group/virus/uda   (1856 words)

 1918 Influenza Epidemic Photo Galleries - Otis Historical Archives | n m h m
Reeve 2952- Sanitation: Age Distribution of Influenza and Pneumonia, Deaths at Boston During Sept.-Oct.-Nov. 1918 (Graph).
Reeve 3164- Sanitation, Influenza Pandemic, Mortality in America and Europe 1918 and 1919 (Chart).
Lungs of Pvt HD Cauvel, MDBH 76, died October 8, 1918 from influenza and pneumonia.
nmhm.washingtondc.museum /collections/archives/agalleries/1918flu/1918flu.html   (370 words)

  CDC - Influenza (Flu) | Q & A: Reconstruction of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Virus
CDC studies of the 1918 influenza virus were begun in 2004 with the initiation of testing of viruses containing subsets of the eight genes of the 1918 virus.
There is evidence that some residual immunity to the 1918 virus, or a similar virus, is present in at least a portion of the human population.
Prior to reconstruction of the 1918 virus, CDC carefully evaluated the specific studies to be conducted and concluded that this research could safely and securely be done under BSL-3-enhanced containment.
www.cdc.gov /flu/about/qa/1918flupandemic.htm   (2571 words)

 US scientists resurrect deadly 1918 flu
By replacing the genes for either the 1918 virus’s surface protein, haemagglutinin (HA), or for its polymerase complex, with genes from a tamer, related flu, the team showed that both contribute to its deadliness, with the HA especially damaging for lungs.
But, says Taubenberger, the 1918 sequences are already helping in another way: they prove that a bird flu can go pandemic without combining with a human flu, and suggest which mutations it needs.
But while a specific 1918 vaccine is possible, none is now available, and Tumpey says no vaccine has been tested against the resurrected virus.
www.infowars.com /articles/science/flu_1918_virus_ressurrected.htm   (560 words)

 The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, and the Emerging Bird Flu Pandemic
By the fall of 1918 a strain of influenza seemingly no different from that of previous years suddenly turned so deadly, and engendered such a state of panic and chaos in communities across the globe, that many people believed the world was coming to an end.
So fast did the 1918 strain overwhelm the body's natural defenses, that the usual cause of death in influenza patients---a secondary infection of lethal pneumonia---oftentimes never had a chance to establish itself.
An expedition to the frozen graveyard in Longyearbyen, a tiny mining town on one of the Norwegian islands north of the Artic Circle, was undertaken during the summer of 1998.
www.ninthday.com /spanish_flu.htm   (1654 words)

 Scientists Revive Deadly 1918 Flu Virus - Health - RedOrbit
Unlike the seasonal flu, which strikes the elderly and young children the hardest, the 1918 virus was particularly deadly to healthy young adults ages 15 to 34.
They also have noted that the 1918 virus appears to have attacked deeper areas of lung tissue than the flu that is prevalent today.
"Without the 1918 virus as the guide map for us, we really wouldn't have the clues as to which mutations are going to be important for jumping species from birds to humans, or the mutations that would be responsible for causing disease," Taubenberger said.
www.redorbit.com /news/health/443515/scientists_revive_deadly_1918_flu_virus/index.html?source=r_health   (1405 words)

 The Great Pandemic of 1918: State by State
In 1918, Delaware was the fourth-smallest state by population in the U.S., with just under a quarter million people.
On October 5th, 1918, the first cases of flu were reported in Des Moines, and on that same day, the Des Moines Tribune reported that local hospitals were refusing any more patients with the flu.
In late January and February of 1918, a physician in Haskell County (located in the southwestern corner of the state), noticed an outbreak of severe influenza cases.
www.pandemicflu.gov /general/greatpandemic.html   (0 words)

 LiveScience.com - Scientists Recreate 1918 Flu Virus From Scratch
People around the world developed immunity to the deadly 1918 virus after the pandemic, and a certain degree of immunity is believed to persist today.
The Spanish flu of 1918 was a terrible pandemic.
The 1918 virus is deadly with the HA gene, but when the gene was replaced, it was not virulent, Tumpey said.
www.livescience.com /humanbiology/ap_051005_1918_flu.html   (983 words)

 RFC 1918 - Address Allocation for Private Internets. Y. Rekhter, B. Moskowitz, D. Karrenberg, G. J. de Groot, E. Lear.
RFC 1918 Address Allocation for Private Internets February 1996 Moving a host from private to public or vice versa involves a change of IP address, changes to the appropriate DNS entries, and changes to configuration files on other hosts that reference the host by IP address.
RFC 1918 Address Allocation for Private Internets February 1996 A major drawback to the use of private address space is that it may actually reduce an enterprise's flexibility to access the Internet.
RFC 1918 Address Allocation for Private Internets February 1996 If a suitable subnetting scheme can be designed and is supported by the equipment concerned, it is advisable to use the 24-bit block (class A network) of private address space and make an addressing plan with a good growth path.
rfc.dotsrc.org /rfc/rfc1918.html   (2644 words)

 . : The Great Pandemic : : The United States in 1918-1919 : .
These men were sent to the Chelsea Naval Hospital; from this hospital, the disease spread rapidly into the city of Boston and the rest of the state.
As young adults were especially vulnerable to the 1918 influenza virus, the camp was quickly decimated by the disease.
In the late 1920's, to PHS statisticians estimated that between September 1, 1918 and January 16, 1919, approximately 45,000 people died from influenza in Massachusetts alone.
1918.pandemicflu.gov /your_state/massachusetts.htm   (1307 words)

 Chronology 1918
General Kornilov was killed in combat on April 13th, and command in the south was taken over by General Anton Denikin on May 11th, with the support of General Peter Krasnov, Hetman of the Don Cossacks.
By March 1918, they were one of the few organized military forces in Russia.
By June 1918, the Allies had landed over 29 divisions (over 700,000) at Saloniki in Greece and the Allies ordered French General Franchet d'Esperey to launch an offensive against the Bulgarians.
www.indiana.edu /~league/1918.htm   (6226 words)

 The Avalon Project : Foreign Relations 1918 - The Conclusion of the Peace of Brest Litovsk
The Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the Secretary of State : Petrograd, January 1, 1918, 5 p.m.
The Minister in the Netherlands (Garrett) to the Secretary of State : The Hague, March 19, 1918.
Reply of the Soviet Government to the inquiry from the German Government concerning the Statement of Ambassador Francis to representatives of the press at Vologda.
www.yale.edu /lawweb/avalon/diplomacy/forrel/1918rv1/blmenu.htm   (806 words)

 1918 Flu Pandemic--Family Tree Magazine
The great flu pandemic of 1918—which modern scientists study as a model of what could happen in the event of a "bird flu" outbreak—killed up to 675,000 Americans, 0.65 percent of the nation's population.
The gathering of men from across the country into close quarters galvanized the flu: In the spring of 1918, 24 of the 36 largest army camps suffered outbreaks.
The 1918 flu struck many in the prime of life—half the US dead were between the ages of 16 and 40.
www.familytreemagazine.com /articles/nov07/1918flu.asp   (429 words)

 The Battle of Amiens
By August 1918, the British army was confident.
But both before and especially after this great success of 8 August and succeeding days, it was Douglas Haig that began to sense the possibility of victory in 1918.
From the photographic archive of the Imperial War Museum, with permission: A crowd of German prisoners taken by the Fourth Army in the Battle of Amiens, near Abbeville.
www.1914-1918.net /bat26.htm   (2040 words)

 RFC 1918 (rfc1918) - Address Allocation for Private Internets
RFC 1918: Is IP addresses starting with considered in IP address space for...
RFC 1918: There should be a reference to the other non globally routable IP addresses used...
RFC 1918: Adquiri um computador em 23 de junho de 2006 Nota fiscal nĂºmero 00370-Martom...
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc1918.html   (3144 words)

 BBC - History - Summary of World War One
Despite some minor initial successes, by July the Germans had failed to break the Allied lines and, in effect, this meant that the war was reaching its endgame.
So many things had changed, however, and in a General Election held in December (where the coalition government were returned with a massive majority), women over 30 were allowed the vote for the first time.
Although an armistice was agreed in November 1918, it was not until 28 June 1919 that the Treaty of Versailles was signed between the Allied powers and Germany, thus officially ending the war 'to end all wars'.
www.bbc.co.uk /history/worldwars/wwone/summary_06.shtml   (282 words)

 1918 World Series by Baseball Almanac
In the first of many, the 1918 season was the first to show the effects of wartime on baseball.
Many of the league's elite players were called up to serve their country and the overall quality of teams suffered as a result.
Without a doubt, pitching was easily the most notable statistic of the 1918 Series.
www.baseball-almanac.com /ws/yr1918ws.shtml   (857 words)

 1918 Art Gallery Art Space
The manager of 1918 Art Gallery Art Space is Mr Zhao Yonggang.
It is saddest for Steve Harris from 1918 Art Space, the gallery he is funding.
If you choose to deal with Zhao Yonggang or 1918 Art Space, and if you think that they will give you authentic products and be honest with you, then please beware.
www.1918artgallery.com   (623 words)

 The Influenza Epidemic of 1918
Nurses were scarce, as their proximity to and interaction with the disease increased the risk of death.
The flu was highly contagious and spread rapidly, as documented in a military report notifying the Office Quartermaster General in Washington D.C., of a staffing crisis.
The journal notes that six people were admitted on Christmas Day and that John N. Friel was admitted on December 27, 1918 at 5 pm and died on January 2, 1919 at 1:25 a.m.
www.archives.gov /exhibits/influenza-epidemic/records-list.html   (1003 words)

W.W,Sears, of Leverstock Green, whose death occurred last Thursday from an internal complaint, from which he had suffered since last June [sic].  He was unfortunately wounded at Ypres, losing one of his eyes whilst serving with the Royal Engineers, and from the time he left hospital he had never regained his health.  Mr.
Also in the Gazette for 5th January 1918 were reports of other members of the Leverstock Green community either on leave, or in the case of Queenie Finch, another funeral.
Hospital the sum of £2 4s 6d being the money collected by them.  This week £5 has been forwarded to the British Red Cross Society for their miles of pennies fund collected by the children.
www.lgchronicle.net /1918.html   (1728 words)

 Safety and Health Regulations for Longshoring
1918 App III - The Mechanics of Conventional Cargo Gear (Non-mandatory).
1918 App II - Tables for Selected Miscellaneous Auxiliary Gear (Mandatory).
1918 App V - Basic Elements of a First Aid Training Program Non-mandatory).
www.osha.gov /pls/oshaweb/owastand.display_standard_group?p_toc_level=1&p_part_number=1918   (312 words)

 Trotsky's Military Writings, Volume 1 (1918)
All the writings represent Trotsky’s thoughts in reaction to the events as they were transpiring around him from 1918 through 1922: war, revolution, counter-revolution, all without the calm reflection a historian, for example, would have enjoyed in writing about such events with the advantage of 20/20 hindsight.
These are the writings of a revolutionary under the actual gunfire of counter-revolution, often times written on the armored train Trotsky used to command the Red Army during various campaigns of the Civil War.
The revolt (Report to the 5th All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Workers’, Peasants’, Cossacks’ and Red Army Men’s Deputies, July 9, 1918) and Concluding Remarks.
www.marxists.org /archive/trotsky/1918/military/index.htm   (2091 words)

 Grand Duchy of Hesse 1806-1918 (Germany)
In 1918 the republic was proclaimed, and the new constitution approved on 12 December 1919.
In 1866, entering the North German Confederation, and later in the German Empire, Hesse-Darmstadt (Grand Duchy) changed the name simply to Hesse, being Hesse-Kassel and Hesse-Homburg disappeared.
In 1871, Hesse-Darmstadt joined the newly founded German Empire, and it continued under its own dynasty until the German revolution of 1918.
fotw.vexillum.com /flags/de-he866.html   (1050 words)

 First World War.com - Summary Timeline - 1918
This section lists the events of the year 1918, the final year of the war
A near success, Operation Michael's ultimate failure led to an increasingly sweeping series of successes by the Allies from the summer of 1918.
By the autumn the German Army was no longer able to continue fighting.
www.firstworldwar.com /timeline/1918.htm   (517 words)

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