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Topic: 1924 Summer Olympics

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

Each Olympics program must include exhibitions and demonstrations of fine arts in addition to the sporting events; these arts festivals were an important component of the two Olympic events held in Canada by 1991.
It was the first Summer Olympics cultural program for which the IOC permitted a strictly national festival, showcasing only Canadian, and particularly Quebec, talent.
The original Olympic theme song 'Bienvenue à Montréal,' recorded by René Simard (French 45 Nobel NL-5713, English 45 Nobel NL-5714), was boycotted, and a contest for a new song was held under the charge of Stéphane Venne.
www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com /index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=U1ARTU0002622   (408 words)

  Summer Olympic Games: Definition and Links by Encyclopedian.com
The Olympics are the most prestigious such event in the world, with a larger range of sports than other such events, and most of those considering Olympic victory the most prestigious achievement in their field.
The modern Olympic Games were founded in 1894 when Pierre Fredi, Baron de Coubertin, who sought to promote international understanding through the sporting competition.
On the bright side it did, however, seem that the drug testing and regulation authorities were at last catching up with the cheating that had been widely to be endemic in athletics for some years, and it was generally held that the 1992 Barcelona Games were cleaner, although not without incident.
www.encyclopedian.com /su/Summer-Olympics.html   (1976 words)

 World Almanac for Kids
The winter Olympics were begun in 1924 and were held in the same year as the summer games until the 1994 winter games in Lillehammer, Norway, when the alternating cycles began.
The 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, reflected a changed political landscape: the 172 participating nations and territories included the Unified Team (with athletes from 12 former Soviet republics), a reunited Germany, and South Africa, which was allowed to compete for the first time since 1960.
The Olympic games are competitions of individual athletes, not of nations, and the IOC does not keep national scores; however, the media of all nations report national standings according to one of two scoring systems.
www.worldalmanacforkids.com /explore/sports/olympics.html   (1093 words)

 1928 winter olympics - Article and Reference from OnPedia.com
The 1928 Games were the first true Winter Olympics, held on its own, and not in conjunction with a Summer Olympics.
The preceding 1924 Winter Olympics were retroactively renamed into Winter Olympics.
All preceding Winter Events of the Olympic Games were the winter sports part of the schedule of the Summer Games, and not as a separate Winter Games.
www.onpedia.com /encyclopedia/1928-winter-olympics   (118 words)

 1924 in sports   (Site not responding. Last check: )
See also: \n1923 in sports, \nother events of 1924, \n1925 in sports and the \nlist of 'years in sports'.
1924 Summer Olympics takes place in Paris, France\n**United States wins the most medals (99), and the most gold medals (45).
1924 Winter Olympics, the first Winter Olympics, takes place in Chamonix, France\n**Norway wins the most medals (17), and both Norway and Finland win the most gold medals (4).
encyclopedia.codeboy.net /wikipedia/1/19/1924_in_sports.html   (129 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Tennis at the 1912 Summer Olympics
The Olympic flag was flown at half-staff during the period as a sign of respect to Samaranch's wife.
People in Canada that wanted to see the Olympics between then and the closing ceremonies had to turn to TSN because the CBC was broadcasing news coverage related to the passing and state funeral of the former prime minister.
Organisation of the 2000 Summer Paralympics was the responsibility of SPOC the Sydney Paralympic Organising Committee.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Tennis_at_the_1912_Summer_Olympics/Medal_Winners   (1835 words)

 Greek Olympics - Crystalinks
The Games of the Olympiad, better known as the Summer Olympics, have been held every fourth year since 1896, with the exception of the years during the World Wars.A special edition for winter sports, the Olympic Winter Games, was established in 1924.
The Ancient Olympic Games were an athletic and religious celebration held in the Greek town of Olympia from (historically) as early as 776 BC to 393 AD.
The winner of an Olympic event was awarded an olive branch, and was often received with much honour throughout Greece and especially in his home town, where he was often granted large sums of money (in Athens, 500 drachma, a small fortune).
www.crystalinks.com /greekolympics.html   (2209 words)

 Olympics   (Site not responding. Last check: )
For many years the Olympics consisted of only one race, a sprint of 192 metres (210 yards, the length of the stadium) called the "stadion." A second race of 400 metres was added 50 years later.
Olympic medals since 1928 have featured the same design on the front: a Greek goddess, the Olympic Rings, the coliseum of ancient Athens, a Greek vase known as an amphora, a horse-drawn chariot, and the year, number of the Olympiad, and host city.
The modern Olympics is the brainchild of Baron Pierre de Coubertin of France.
www.didyouknow.cd /sport/olympics.htm   (593 words)

 Olympic Games - Gurupedia
Summer Olympics, have been held every fourth year since 1896, with the exception of the years during the World Wars.
For 1924, it was decide to organise a Semaine des Sports d'Hiver ("International Winter Sports Week") in Chamonix, France under the patronage of the IOC, and in connection with the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris.
Until 1992, the Winter and Summer Olympics were held in the same year, but in 1986, the IOC voted to separate them, as to spread costs for all involved parties.
www.gurupedia.com /o/ol/olympic_games.htm   (1621 words)

 Olympic Games
The Olympic Games were part of the Panhellenic Games, four separate games held at two- or four-year intervals but arranged so that there was one set of games every year.
Olympic is also the name the public sometimes uses for the Greek national airline, Olympic Airways.
Olympic uses varous types or airplanes, like the Boeing 747 and Airbus A340 for international routes, and the Boeing 727 and Boeing 737 for domestic routes.
www.gamesinathens.com /olympics/o/ol/olympic_games.shtml   (1103 words)

 1896 Summer Olympics
These were the first celebration of the Olympic Games since the recreation of the ancient Greek Olympics with the founding of the International Olympic Committee in 1894.
This is remarkable, as the Olympics did not, for a long time, allow professional athletes to compete, with the sole exception of fencing.
The weightlifting contests are also conducted in the Olympic stadium, with Launceston Elliot of Great Britain and Viggo Jensen of Denmark taking a first and a second place each in the single-hand and double-hand contests.
www.gamesinathens.com /olympics/1/18/1896_summer_olympics.shtml   (886 words)

 2000 Summer Olympics
The ceremonies concluded with the lighting of the Olympic Flame.
Former Australian Olympic champions brought the torch through the stadium, handing it over to Cathy Freeman, who lit the flame in the cauldron.
IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch, at his last Olympics, had to leave for home, as his wife was severely ill. Upon arrival, his wife had already passed away.
www.gamesinathens.com /olympics/2/20/2000_summer_olympics.shtml   (670 words)

With some 1,000 journalists reporting, the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris boasted 3,089 athletes from 44 countries-15 more than the Olympics before.
The Olympic motto, "Citius, Altius, Fortius" (Swifter, Higher, Stronger), was also unveiled for the first time.
Perhaps as a sign of things to come, Gertrude Ederle of the U.S. earned a bronze medal in the 100m freestyle-in 1926, she would become the first woman to swim across the English Channel.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /2008Olympics/2006-08/25/content_674622.htm   (137 words)

 CalendarHome.com - - Calendar Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
[2] At the American trials for the 1924 Summer Olympics, he broke the world record in the 400 m hurdles on two occasions, making him a favourite for the Olympic gold.
Taylor again qualified for the 1928 and 1932 Olympics, winning a bronze medal on both occasions, with the titles won by Lord Burgley and Bob Tisdall.
At his third Olympics, he was honoured for his achievements by carrying the American flag during the opening ceremony of the Games.
encyclopedia.calendarhome.com /cgi-bin/encyclopedia.pl?p=Morgan_Taylor   (221 words)

 Olympics   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Until 1994, the Winter and Summer Olympics were held in the same year, but in 1986 the International Olympic Committee, which organises the Olympics, decided to separate them, so as to spread costs for all involved parties.
As with the Ancient Olympics, once the flame has been lit, it is kept burning throughout the celebration of the Olympics, and is extinguished at end of the closing ceremony of the Games.
The Olympic fire is then extinguished, and the Olympic flag is lowered, folded, and presented to the mayor of the host city of the next Olympic Games.
www.nalis.gov.tt /olympics/Olympics.htm   (1089 words)

 kiat.net: History of the Olympic Games
The Olympic Movement has survived wars, boycotts and terrorism to become a symbol of the ability of the people of all nations to come together in peace and friendship.
Over the years, the Olympic Games traveled to different countries and continents, and in 2004, they returned to the country of their birth and the city of their revival for the hosting of the XXVIII Modern Olympic Games.
The next year, at an IOC meeting, the French, who would be the hosts of the 1924 Summer Games in Paris, pursued the idea of incorporating their Winter Sports Week into the Olympiad that year.
kiat.net /olympics/history/index.html   (1538 words)

 CalendarHome.com - - Calendar Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As of 2004, he is the only person to have won a gold medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympics.
In 1920, Eagan competed as a boxer in the first post-war Olympics, and won the gold medal in the light-heavyweight division.
Eagan returned to the Olympics eight years later, this time as a member of the bobsleigh crew of Billy Fiske, who steered to victory at the Lake Placid Olympics.
encyclopedia.calendarhome.com /cgi-bin/encyclopedia.pl?p=Eddie_Eagan   (295 words)

 1924 Summer Olympics Information
The 1924 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the VIII Olympiad, were held in 1924 in Paris, France.
The marathon distance was fixed at 42.195 km, from the distance run at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London.
Ireland was given formal recognition as an independent nation in the Olympic Movement in Paris in 1924 and it was at these games that Ireland made its first appearance in an Olympic Games as an independent nation.
www.bookrags.com /1924_Summer_Olympics   (394 words)

 Bidding for the 2012 Olympics   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Some commentators have suggested that its bid may be hampered by the fact that Spain recently hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics); although those Games were held in Barcelona and were praised by the IOC for their excellent organization, and by 2012 they will be twenty years behind.
Their bid may be hampered by the fact that the 2010 Winter Olympics are being held in Vancouver and organizers are believed to be eager to avoid having consecutive Olympics on the same continent.
Additionally, the Summer Olympics have been held in the United States as recently as 1996 and 1984.
www.juiceenewsdaily.com /0505/news/oly_bid.html   (772 words)

 TSN : OLYMPICS - Canada's Sports Leader
The Summer Games also coincided with the first Winter Olympics, which were held in Chamonix, France.
The Paris Olympics is also said to be the idea behind the award winning movie Chariots of Fire, based on the feats of British sprint champions Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell.
The 1924 games are also referred to as Nurmi's Olympics, after Finnish distance runner Paavo Nurmi wins five gold medals in six days.
www.tsn.ca /olympics/feature/?fid=9347   (248 words)

The modern Olympics were first held in 1896.
Nevertheless all those competitions reported, at one time or another, as Olympic medal events have been included here for the record, with those no longer regarded as official footnoted.
The Winter Olympics were first held in 1924.
www.london-olympics.com /olympic   (336 words)

 Ivy League Sports - Ivies in Athens 2004
The 1924 Summer Olympics were held in Paris; the Winter Games were in Chamonix, France.
The year of the Olympics, Proctor was also captain of the team at Dartmouth and a collegiate champion.
Official Olympic Posters appear with permission and are the property of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
www.iviesinathens.com /olympic/games.aspx?ID=202   (442 words)

 1924 Olympics — FactMonster.com
Two days later, he blew away the field in the 10,000-meter cross-country run where the heat and an unusually difficult course combined to knock out 23 of 38 starters (Finland also won the team gold in the event).
1924 Olympics - 1924 Olympics Chamonix The first Winter Olympic Games were actually called “The International...
Johnny Weissmuller - Johnny Weissmuller Born: June 2, 1904 Swimmer won 3 gold medals at 1924 Olympics and 2 more at 1928...
www.factmonster.com /ipka/A0114458.html   (368 words)

 Olympics - EnchantedLearning.com
The Greeks held the first Olympic games in the year 776 BC (over 2700 years ago), and had only one event, a sprint (a short run that was called the "stade").
For each Olympics, a new flame is started in the ancient Olympic stadium in Olympia, Elis, Greece, using a parabolic mirror to focus the rays of the Sun.
The events in the Summer Olympics include: archery, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, canoeing, cycling, diving, equestrian, fencing, football (soccer), gymnastics, handball, hockey, judo, kayaking, marathon, pentathlon, ping pong, rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming, taekwando, tennis, track and field (many running, jumping, and throwing events), triathlon, volleyball, water polo, weightlifting, wrestling (freestyle and Greco-Roman).
www.enchantedlearning.com /olympics   (1311 words)

 1924 Summer Olympics information - Search.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The 1924 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the VIII Olympiad, were held in 1924 in Paris, France.
The marathon distance was fixed at 42.195 km, from the distance run at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London.
Ireland was given formal recognition as an independent nation in the Olympic Movement in Paris in 1924 and it was at these games that Ireland made its first appearance in an Olympic Games as an independent nation.
c10-ss-1-lb.cnet.com /reference/1924_Summer_Olympics   (424 words)

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