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Topic: 1941

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  1941 (1979)
I cant understand why this movie is so reviled...
1941 is considered to be Steven Spileberg's folly, a screwball farce about the Japanese invading America after pearl harbour, starring some of the greatest actors and comedians that ever lived.
Sorry for all you haters, but I guess the things I like are the things you dislike, but for the life of me, I can't understand why this movie is considered Spielberg's worst movie.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0078723   (572 words)

  Radio History: 1941
1941 began with a happy occasion-- on 20 January, the very popular FDR was inaugurated for an unprecedented third term; Henry Wallace was his Vice President.
In 1941, you could get plenty of gossip and celebrity news from your local newspaper, which probably carried the syndicated columns of Louella Parsons or Ed Sullivan (yes, the same Ed Sullivan who would become famous for his TV variety show starting in the late 40s...).
1941 was the year the USO was founded-- it began establishing clubs all over the world where off-duty servicemen could relax and socialise.
www.old-time.com /halper/halper41.html   (1721 words)

 Calendar - USA - 1941
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa April 1941
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa July 1941
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa October 1941
www.timeanddate.com /calendar/index.html?year=1941&country=1   (245 words)

 1941 (1979)
Whenever a movie bombs on this many levels, inevitably a counterculture of supporters appears who urge you to believe that the film was simply misunderstood and that it's actually very good.
Later on in the documentary, Spielberg pretty much acknowledges the faults of 1941 and comes close to saying that he shouldn't have made it; he doesn't quite get there, but he seems to at least tacitly admit that the movie's something of a dog.
Spielberg seemed to suffer from the "bigger is better" syndrome; he tried so hard to make 1941 a huge, overwhelming experience that he lost all sight of any direction he may once have had.
www.dvdmg.com /1941.shtml   (2664 words)

Both sides needed a break because of the horrible conditions in Libya: oven-like heat, sandstorms, plagues of insects, dysentery, unbearable thirst, and constantly being shot at took their tolls on the weary soldiers in the desert.
Thus on 6 April 1941 the Germans stormed into Yugoslavia in response to Italy’s plea for reinforcements, including 550,000 Axis troops from Germany, Romania, and Bulgaria.
On 24 May 1941, the Hood and her shipmates met up with the Bismarck, but after only a few volleys the Hood was literally blown out of the water.
www.angelfire.com /ct/ww2europe/1941.html   (3431 words)

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