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Topic: 1941 in science

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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Science & Spirit
Science is the century-old endeavor to bring together by means of systematic thought the perceptible phenomena of this world into as thoroughgoing an association as possible.
This means an intervention on the part of religion into the sphere of science; this is where the struggle of the Church against the doctrines of Galileo and Darwin belongs.
It is the aim of science to establish general rules which determine the reciprocal connection of objects and events in time and space.
www.science-spirit.org /webexclusives.php?article_id=557   (1865 words)

 Science Fiction Prophecy
"Science Fiction Prophecy" is the title of John W Campbell's editorial in the November 1949 issue of Astounding.
There's not much to say about this one -- it's probably the weakest story of the bunch, although de Camp (like all the other authors in the issue) was very much in the first rank of writers working at the time.
A final twist on the subject of "science fiction prophecy".
www.andrew-may.com /asf/prophecy.htm   (875 words)

 'Optical instruments in Australia in the 1939-45 war: successes and lost opportunities', H.C. Bolton
Laby, with his feeling that physics was a superior science to all others, was prepared to accept other scientists when they did something that he could recognise as physics or as contributing to physics.
With the entry of Japan into the war in December 1941, the battlefields became the tropical north, and equipment of all kinds, including scientific instruments such as binoculars and range-finder telescopes, were found to suffer badly in the hot and humid conditions of the New Guinea Campaign.
H.S.W. Massey summarized his attitude to science as one whose "...primary interest was in precision experimental physics but was aware of the importance of other branches" (1946).
www.asap.unimelb.edu.au /bsparcs/exhib/papers/bolton2.htm   (11868 words)

 1941 in science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Sunday, December 7, 1941 Artwork, posters, movies, and photography about December 7, 1941, the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
Ley de publicaciones oficiales (1941) Texto completo de la Ley publicado en la Gaceta Oficial Nº 20.546 de fecha 22 de julio de 1941.
Ley de castración y de cercas en ganaderías (1941) Texto completo de la Ley publicada en la Gaceta Oficial N° 20.549 de fecha 26 de julio de 1941.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-1941_in_science.html   (448 words)

 1941 In Science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
They ask 24-year-old science teacher and football coach John Scopes if he'd be willing to be...
Fort Niobrara, Neb., were brought to Sullys Hill seven times between 1941 and 1979...
The year 1941 CE in science and technology had many significant events, including those listed below.
www.wikiverse.org /1941-in-science   (215 words)

 Political Science Department
Glen Hahn Cope is Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Professor of Professor of Political Science at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.
As Provost she reports to the Chancellor and is responsible for the academic affairs, student affairs, and research activities of the university.
She has taught at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels including courses on: the profession of public administration; public and cost-benefit analysis; public administration and mangement; innovation in government; and policy research projects on state government finance and management, urban growth, and economic development.
www.umsl.edu /divisions/artscience/polisci/faculty/profiles.html   (2166 words)

 Stephen Jay Gould * September 10, 1941- May 20, 2002
Gould was a champion for teaching evolutionary science in school curricula, arguing that creationism was not an adequate alternative.
Stephen Jay Gould was born September 10, 1941, in New York City; received a degree in geology from Antioch College in 1963 earned a PhD in paleontology from Columbia University in 1967; and went on to become one of the most well-known and widely read scientists of recent decades.
Gould is particularly celebrated for his ability to popularize science and the punctuated equilibrium theory of evolution he and Niles Eldredge developed.
www.americanhumanist.org /press/sjgould.html   (295 words)

 HSC Science 36-53
The instruments seen in this portion of the museum were used in teaching Chemistry, Physics, and Life Sciences at a time when Humboldt still served mostly for the preparation of school teachers for the north coast region of California.
In 1941 Humboldt's enrollment peaked at 481 students, it was to fall to 176 by 1944.
Prior to this time faculty were listed in science or physical science, etc. rather than in specialties.
www.humboldt.edu /~scimus/HSC.36-53/HSC_sci.htm   (256 words)

 Timebase Multimedia Chronography(TM) - Timebase 1941
1941 August The Germans drive the 3,000 Jews of the Banat region in Yugoslavia from their homes and take them to the Tasmajdan camp near Belgrade, where they are shot in the camp itself, and on the banks of the Danube, in daily executions.
1941 October 1 In the Archdiocese of Posen in Poland, 74 Catholic priests have been shot or have died in the concentration camps, and 451 are being held in prisons or camps.
1941 November Heydrich reports to the Foreign Ministry that a thirty-point program for a so-called neo-pagan "National Reich Church," circulated as a leaflet in Germany and attributed by Allied propaganda to Rosenberg, was actually written in 1937 by an eccentric from Stettin (G).
www.humanitas-international.org /showcase/chronography/timebase/1941tbse.htm   (10480 words)

 1941 in science -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The year 1941 in (A particular branch of scientific knowledge) science and (The practical application of science to commerce or industry) technology had many significant events, including those listed below.
September 9 - (additional info and facts about Dennis Ritchie) Dennis Ritchie, (A scientist who specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computers) computer scientist.
September 10 - (United States paleontologist and popularizer of science (1941-2002)) Stephen Jay Gould (d.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/1/19/1941_in_science.htm   (284 words)

 - Anthroposophie générale anthroposophie générale agiculture
La science de l'esprit peut donner des impulsions fécondes pour la vie.
La science de l'esprit: un prolongement des sciences de la nature.Principe des incarnations successives.
Science de l'esprit, clairvoyance, spiritisme Le «deuxième homme» en nous.
www.editions-mirandole.com /--anthroposophie-generale-anthroposophie-generale-0.htm   (1279 words)

 Science God and Determinism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Religion and science should not be at odds with one another because they both study the same creation.
Science attempted (an failed misearbly) to distance itself from metaphysics in the first part of the 20'th century.
Science makes extensive use of language/mathematics/numbers - ALL of which are metaphysical abstract ideas - do not occupy spacetime and thus are held as 'not real.' Actually science is a subdivision of Metaphysics.
www.talkabouthealthnetwork.com /group/alt.yoga/messages/58614.html   (3410 words)

Science fiction anthologies came into their own as a commercially viable way of reprinting the best short fiction available in book form.
Because it was the first and most successful of three children's science fiction shows that seduced kids into the axioms of the Space Opera genre, the other two being "Space Patrol" and "Tom Corbett--Space Cadet." The latter had an uncredited origin in the works of Robert A. Heinlein.
Science Fiction Television of the 1940s The Ape (1940) starring Boris Karloff Before I Hang (1940) starring Boris Karloff Black Friday (1940) starring Boris Karloff, written by Curt Siodmak Buck Rogers (1940) starring Buster Crabbe Dr.
www.magicdragon.com /UltimateSF/timeline1950.html   (1947 words)

 1941 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1941 (MCMXLI) was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will take you to calendar).
January 6 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivers his Four Freedoms Speech in the State of the Union Address.
The Bismarck, sunk by the Royal Navy in May 1941
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1941   (2807 words)

 Bibliography: Discovery of Global Warming
"Quaternary Paleotemperatures and the Duration of High-Temperature Intervals." Science 178: 398-401.
"Late-Pleistocene Climates and Deep-Sea Sediments." Science 124: 385-89.
"Pleistocene Climates and Chronology in Deep-Sea Sediments." Science 162: 1227-34.
www.aip.org /history/climate/bib.htm   (9744 words)

 Stephen Jay Gould - (1941 - 2002)
Gould, along with Niles Eldredge, a paleontologist at the New York's Museum of Natural History, developed an evolutionary theory called "punctuated equilibrium," where long periods of evolutionary stability are broken by shorter spurts of evolutionary change, perhaps sparked by external events such as climate change or the impact of a comet.
He has published many volumes of books as well as hundreds of essays in national newspapers and magazines on any of a host of scientific topics.
It is an idea of science, not of belief, and therefore undergoes constant scrutiny and testing by argumentative evolutionary biologists.
www.popular-science.net /news/gould.html   (443 words)

Here are 142 hot links to Magazines, on-line magazines, and bibliographic indices (indexes) to Science Fiction magazines, and/or e-mail addresses of their editors,as well as information on pulp magazine characters and graphics; plus brief notes on 413 magazines which do not appear to be on the Web.
SF EYE: The EYE is best known as the house organ of the cyberpunks, a 'zine founded nearly ten years ago for the purpose of publishing criticism and art related to cutting edge SF (and anything else interesting to the c-punkish).
Landsberg then proceeded to convince Hal Clement to write a science column for the magazine, and Harlan Ellison to write a writing column (Ellison was apparently convinced to sign on by Landsberg's chutzpah in even daring to ask him to contribute).
www.magicdragon.com /UltimateSF/magazines.html   (7811 words)

 Yale University Science Libraries
Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences, from MC Brown, a librarian at Princeton University.
Kline Science Library Reference Q11 N37 A3 Some older volumes are also available at the Medical and Sterling Memorial libraries.
This resource is available at Kline Science Library, Microform Area, and at Sterling Memorial Library, Reference Desk area, and can also be searched online for a fee by a reference librarian.
www.library.yale.edu /science/help/biog.html   (3008 words)

 Heinlein Bibliography
Astounding Science Fiction, January-March 1941 (under pseudonym Anson MacDonald).
Astounding Science Fiction, September 1941 (under pseudonym Caleb Saunders).
Astounding Science Fiction, October 1941 (under pseudonym Anson MacDonald).
members.cox.net /salamon/SciFi/heinlein-bib.html   (856 words)

 Vice President of the United States - Richard B. Cheney
Cheney served with duty, honor, and unwavering leadership, gaining him the respect of the American people during trying military times.
Cheney was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on January 30, 1941 and grew up in Casper, Wyoming.
In November 1975, he was named Assistant to the President and White House Chief of Staff, a position he held throughout the remainder of the Ford Administration.
www.whitehouse.gov /vicepresident/vpbio.html   (206 words)

 The Bronx High School of Science
Roy J. Glauber, class of 1941 from Bronx Science, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics on Tues, Oct. 4, 2005.
Bronx Science has a reputation as a leader in science and mathematics.
In addition to our six Nobel Prize and five Pulitzer Prize winners, there are distinguished scientists who are winners of the National Medal of Science, members of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine.
www.bxscience.edu /apps/news/show_news.jsp?REC_ID=2990&id=0   (443 words)

 [No title]
Assistant agricultural economist at the University of Kentucky, 1941-1942; taught at Auburn University, 1941 and again after 1946; professor of agricultural economics and rural sociology after 1953.
Served as history professor and chairman of the Social Science Division of Judson College in Marion, Ala.
He was a pharmacist chemist, 1900-1910; spent the remainder of his career with the Alabama Department of Archives and History, serving as curator, 1910- 1941; archivist, 1941-1955, and as director, 1955-1967.
www.lib.auburn.edu /madd/docs/ala_authors/b.html   (10159 words)

 Peter Pang 1941—2005
Pang was born in Hong Kong in 1941.
He earned two bachelor degrees in science from the University of Hong Kong, a masters in science and doctorate from Yale University, then returned to the University of Hong Kong to achieve a Doctor of Science.
In his role as a mentor, he guided our scientists and helped open doors for success in science and business.
www.herbalgram.org /youngliving/herbalgram/articleview.asp?a=2944   (761 words)

 Heinlein Prize
The Puppet Masters, serialized in Galaxy Science Fiction, September, October, November 1951.
The Star Beast, serialized as The Star Lummox in Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May, June, July 1954.
Citizen Of The Galaxy, serialized in Astounding Science Fiction, September, October, November, December 1957.
www.heinleinprize.com /rah/hiswritings.htm   (1361 words)

 Molecular Recognition in the Selective Oxygenation of Saturated C-H Bonds by a Dimanganese Catalyst -- Das et al. 312 ...
Find out more about why this message is appearing, and what you can do to make your experience of our site the best it can be.
© 2006 American Association for the Advancement of Science.
AAAS is a partner of HINARI, AGORA, PatientInform, CrossRef, and COUNTER.
www.sciencemag.org /cgi/content/abstract/312/5782/1941   (254 words)

 Chronological List   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Dio (nv) Infinity Science Fiction Sep 1957; also as “The Dying Man”.
Science Fiction of the 30’s [ed.] (an) Bobbs-Merrill 1975
Science with Dick and Jane (ss) Destinies Spr 1980
users.ev1.net /~homeville/isfac/d73.htm   (1225 words)

Provenance: The Library Science and Library Institute Collection was transferred from the office of the Program of Library Service to the University Archives by Betty Jane Hylton, Instructional Materials Center, ETSU, on October 7 and December 5, 1995.
Access: The papers are open for research with the exception of one folder documenting student fellowship records which is restricted and may not be used.
These files are dated 1941-1981 and are arranged alphabetically according to subject and then chronologically within the specific subjects.
www.etsu.edu /cass/Archives/Collections/UFindaid/u151.htm   (1034 words)

 MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY:H3+--an Ion with Many Talents -- McCall and Oka 287 (5460): 1941 -- Science
ion plays an important role in diverse fields from chemistry to astronomy and planetary science.
In this Perspective, McCall and Oka report on a recent discussion meeting of the Royal Society where researchers from all these fields came to discuss the present and future of this ubiquitous molecule.
© 2000 American Association for the Advancement of Science.
www.sciencemag.org /cgi/content/summary/287/5460/1941   (219 words)

 Sam Lundwall - TheBestLinks.com - February 24, Sweden, Science fiction, 1941, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Sam Lundwall - TheBestLinks.com - February 24, Sweden, Science fiction, 1941,...
Sam Lundwall, February 24, Sweden, Science fiction, 1941, Bg:Сам...
February 24 1941) is a Swedish Science fiction writer, translator, publisher and singer.
www.thebestlinks.com /Sam_Lundwall.html   (115 words)

 Isaac Asimov's Short Fiction: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Note: While participating in a panel discussion discussing means of communication on Boston's educational television channel, WGBH-TV, on August 21, 1957, Asimov was challenged to write a story to illustrate his means of communication.
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, April 1979, pp.
[The Arbor House Treasury of Modern Science Fiction], Robert Silverberg and Martin H. Greenberg, eds.
www.asimovonline.com /oldsite/sf_fantasy_story_list.html   (5043 words)

 AAAS - History and Archives
For 150 years, the life of the American Association for the Advancement of Science has been interwoven with the growth of American science.
In celebration of its sesquicentennial in 1998, AAAS created an exhibit of artifacts, providing a glimpse at some of the people and events that have left an impression upon the Association's history and that, in many ways, continue to influence its outlook.
AAAS and the Maturing of American Science: 1941-1970
archives.aaas.org /exhibit   (82 words)

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