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Topic: 1944 in music

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  Polish Music Journal 5.2.02 - Labunski: Poland's Contribution to Music
The first half of the 18th century was characterized in Poland by the growth of secular music, the further development of instrumental music and the shifting of art patronage from the court to the wealthy magnates and landlords.
This period was marked by the development of symphonic music and produced several distinguished composers: W³adys³aw ¯eleñski (1839-1920) chiefly known as the author of the opera "Goplana," and of symphonic and chamber music.
[12] Their music is remarkable for its model character and unusual scales, derived from Polish folk music; by its fresh and vigorous rhythm; by its humor and healthy objectivism, all in keeping with the spirit of the new Poland, a spirit of action, optimism and self-reliance.
www.usc.edu /dept/polish_music/PMJ/issue/5.2.02/polandlabunski.html   (2709 words)

 Encyclopedia: 1944
Operation Shingle (January 22, 1944), during the Italian Campaign of World War II, was an Allied amphibious landing against Axis forces in the area of Anzio and Nettuno, Italy.
On March 23, 1944, Alkemades plane was attacked by a German JU-88 fighter plane and began to spiral out of control.
Lehi (Hebrew acronym for Lohamei Herut Israel, Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) was a radical self-described terrorist group that had as its goal the eviction of the British from Palestine to allow unrestricted immigration of Jews and the formation of a Jewish state.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/1944   (8998 words)

 The History of Production Music
Music packagers in Hollywood during the 1950s, found ways to re-package B-movie film cues into libraries to score the new medium of television and a few radio shows along the way.
Although such companies may be listed in media directories as sources of Production Music, we omit them from this history since, by and large, their styles do not overlap the Light Music genre, and their composer/arrangers may be a bit less skilled than those composers listed in the Light Music Hall of Fame.
MUTEL music editor Leon Klatzkin often is credited as a composer, for the purpose of collecting royalties from the uses of MUTEL cues and themes.
www.classicthemes.com /50sTVThemes/prodMusHistory.html   (2856 words)

 Off the Kuff: Music Archives
I think music speaks for itself, and what may be deep and meaningful to you may be just a nice little tune to me. For what it's worth, the most meaningful music I know is two songs that I performed in college, one in choir and the other in wind symphony.
The music genre is still alternative modern rock, only now instead of playing hits from just the past few years, Q101 also is drawing on hits from the late '70s and everything in between, from the Ramones to Depeche Mode to Nirvana to Linkin Park and Audioslave.
Music touched every corner of his life; his three sons worked with him at music festivals throughout their life, while his wife of nearly 40 years, the former Silvia Perrotta, attended every one of his concerts.
www.offthekuff.com /mt/archives/cat_music.html   (13781 words)

 The Music Department 1944   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
We were four students in that BA Honours class in 1944, Joan Rolfe, John Rhoslyn Davies, David Howells and myself.
JRD was to become well known in the musical life of Wales before his too early demise.
We were disciplined in the art of fugue and counterpoint, and studied historical musical development, with special attention paid to Wagner, Brahms and Tchaikovsky.
www.aber.ac.uk /~osawww/annual2000/music1944.html   (440 words)

 Music Division Archival Guide -- CANADIAN MUSIC COUNCIL (1944-  )
An umbrella organization founded in 1944, the Council adopted its permanent name in 1945 and received a federal charter in 1949.
Its objectives were as follows: to provide information on music in Canada, to provoke discussion on musical subjects of general interest, to represent the musical community to governments and international agencies, to contribute to the development of music in Canada, and to be concerned with its status.
Immediate source of acquisition: acquired from the Canadian Music Council in several accessions between 1984 and 1990.
www.lac-bac.gc.ca /4/7/m15-281-e.html   (173 words)

 Journal of Music Therapy: Early Beginnings of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, The   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy is an improvisational and compositional approach to individual and group therapy that resulted from the pioneering teamwork of Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins over a period of 17 years.
The Nordoff-Robbins approach to creative music therapy is based upon the belief that there is an inborn musicality residing in every human being that can be activated in the service of personal growth and development.
A historical examination of the early Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy may be useful in understanding visions and foundations of the approach itself eventually contributing to the growth of the field of music therapy as a whole.2
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa4047/is_200401/ai_n13511225   (1326 words)

 Time Line of Aaron Copland (1900-1990)
During the four years of his studies with Goldmark (until the spring of 1921), Copland composed numerous short pieces of musical juvenilia for piano or piano and another instrument or voice.
Received a Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship (1925-26), the first awarded in music, which was renewed for the 1926-27 season.
Copland was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and New York Music Critic's Circle Award for the ballet he wrote for Martha Graham, Appalachian Spring (1944), commissioned by the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Music Foundation at the Library of Congress.
memory.loc.gov /ammem/achtml/actime.html   (1452 words)

 1945 in music - Psychology Central   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
See also: 1944 in music, other events of 1945, 1946 in music and the list of 'years in music'.
Remo Giazotto reconstructs Tomaso Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor from a fragment of a trio sonata he discovers among the ruins of the Dresden State Library.
Introduced by John Raitt and Jan Clayton in the musical Carousel.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/1945_in_music   (999 words)

 July acquisitions in music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Laments and dances : music from the folk traditions [sound recording].– Oakhurst, N.J. : Musical Heritage Society, 2003.
An anthology of secular polyphonic music of the 16th and 17th centuries / edited by Giovanni Acciai, Marco Berrini, and Marco Boschini.– Milano : Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, 1996.
Music, popular culture, identities / edited by Richard Young.– Amsterdam : Rodopi, 2002.
www.library.nd.edu /colldev/subject_home_pages/music/Julyacquisitionsinmusic.shtml   (5984 words)

 Sherrys Antiques* Collectibles* & Frivolous Necessities Militaria Directory
Wonderful collection of 19 favorite songs in this 33 page book full of home photos of the famous pair during their transition into the armed forces and 19 songs, Good condition, a little wear in places on the cover, but all intact and clean.Email for more photos.
Music in very nice condition other than some (light)small brown spots on the cover.
Cole Porter music and lyrics to this famoussong from the presentation Hollywood Canteen.
www.cyberattic.com /stores/sherrysantiques/catalog/Militaria40.html   (509 words)

 Sherrys Antiques* Collectibles* & Frivolous Necessities Music and Musical Instruments Directory
Music and Musical Instruments: Sheet Music: Pre 1940 stock# safn-1405
Music from the 1948 Walt Disney movie "So dear to my Heart".
Music by Sgt. Joe Bushkin and pvt John De Vries, Wonderful condition.
www.cyberattic.com /~sherrysantiques/catalog/Music_and_Musical_Instruments300.html   (449 words)

 Various Artists: Savoy Blues 1944-94 - PopMatters Music Review
Billy Vera, producer (whatever that means) and below standard editor and annotator of this three-CD set in the Savoy Jazz series tells us that Lips "was a lively, engaging performer and a powerful trumpet soloist in a day when the line between blues and jazz was a blurry one".
Lips Page came up in Kansas City, and there (and in few other places) some of the music produced really was jazz with more intense blues than was elsewhere usual; and blues which remained intense despite how much jazz was in it.
Lips is featured at the beginning of a fairly clumsy selection of very good 1940s jazz-blues from a Savoy catalog handled infinitely better by previous reissues.
www.popmatters.com /music/reviews/various/various-savoyblues1944.shtml   (1199 words)

 Class Act: Music: "U"
Words and music by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, 1963
Libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa, music by Giacomo Puccini
Words and music by Robert Cole and The Johnson Bros., 1902
www.classicmoviemusicals.com /musicu.htm   (506 words)

 Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Orchestra Of The State Conservatorium Of Music New South Wales - Music Festival - Conductor Andre Skalski; Melbourne And Provincial Centres, Souvenir Programme.
The In terpretation Of The Music Of The XVII And XVIIIth Centuries
An introduction to Baroque music through the study in historical context of a limited but representative selection of works.
www.bspgallery.com.au /music.htm   (1915 words)

 Butch Thompson's Radio Show
Live piano music and commentary by Butch, who sits at the Steinway grand piano provided by the show's generous longtime sponsor, Schmitt Music.
Its appeal was so immediate that the music soon swept the whole country and then circled the globe.
It was not so much a kind of music as a style of playing.
www.butchthompson.com /pages/radio.html   (670 words)

 1943 in music - Psychology Central   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
See also: 1942 in music, other events of 1943, 1944 in music and the list of 'years in music'.
Introduced by Mary Martin and Kenny Baker in the musical One Touch Of Venus.
Introduced by Mary Martin in the musical One Touch Of Venus.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/1943_in_music   (1299 words)

 John Cage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
He left Pomona College early to travel in Europe (1930-31), then studied with Cowell in New York (1933-4) and Schönberg in Los Angeles (1934): his first published compositions, in a rigorous atonal system of his own, date from this period.
He moved to San Francisco in 1939, to Chicago in 1941 and back to New York in 1942, all the time writing music for dance companies (notably for Merce Cunningham), nearly always for prepared piano or percussion ensemble.
There were also major concert works for the new instrument: A Book of Music (1944) and Three Dances (1945) for two prepared pianos, and the Sonatas and Interludes (1948) for one.
w3.rz-berlin.mpg.de /cmp/cage.html   (337 words)

 Music :
She has head and hands of bisque, and is 7 inches tall in the sitting position.
This music box was made in Japan, there are two...
Made in the 1940's and 1950's is this gold metal music box, with a combination use for powder bowl and a jeweled perfume bottle on top.
search.rubylane.com /collectibles?id=52&cache=df76a3e2338a3ad&db=_rlcollectibles   (1433 words)

 CLASSICAL MUSIC ARCHIVES: Biography of Leonard Bernstein
As a conductor, he was a notable interpreter of Mahler, Copland, Brahms, Shostakovich, and his own music.
OPERAS and MUSICALS: On the Town (1944); Trouble in Tahiti (1951); Wonderful Town (1952); Candide (1954-6, rev., not by composer, 1957, 1959, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1971, 1973, 1982; by Mauceri with composer, 1987 and 1989); West Side Story (1957); 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (1976); A Quiet Place (incorp.
INCIDENTAL MUSIC: Peter Pan (Barrie), 4 songs and 2 choruses (1950); The Lark (Anouilh) (1955); The Firstborn (Fry) (1958).
www.classicalarchives.com /bios/codm/bernstein.html   (657 words)

 Lady of Spain - Eddie Fisher 1944 Sheet Music - Sold, Vintage Sheet Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Sam Fox Publishing of New York, Chicago & Hollywood, published this sheet music with words by Erell Reaves and music by Tolchard Evans.
Signed to RCA-Victor Records, and accompanied by Hugo Winterhalter, Fisher had a string of US Top 10 hits through to 1956, including "Lady Of Spain".
Music for piano, vocals and guitar covers two inside pages with an ad for more music on the back page.
www.bambootrading.com /proddetail.asp?prod=1100-25   (228 words)

 APHC: Music List
The Ensemble Singers of the Plymouth Music Series, CK, AS, GH Swedish words: Psalm 475, English words: Gunilla Marcus-Luboff; m: Swedish Folk Hymn
The Ensemble Singers of the Plymouth Music Series, under the direction of Philip Brunelle "Welcome Christmas," BMG 68015
Each is a glimpse into daily life in and mostly out of the saddle.
prairiehome.publicradio.org /programs/19990501/19990501_mu.shtml   (704 words)

 Tiny Bradshaw MP3 Downloads - Tiny Bradshaw Music Downloads - Tiny Bradshaw Music Videos
A decade of struggle lie ahead and, when Bradshaw's big band recorded again, in 1944, the music was more R&B and jump-oriented.
The majority of Bradshaw's recordings were cut during 1950-1954, although there would be one session apiece made in 1955 and 1958.
With his sister Ella seductively serving for decades as his primary vocalist, pianist Buddy Johnson led a large jump blues band that enjoyed tremendous success during the 1940s and '50s.
www.mp3.com /tiny-bradshaw/artists/241/biography.html   (447 words)

 Hans J. Salter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Mummy's Ghost (1944) (musical director) (as H.J. Salter)
Twilight on the Prairie (1944) (musical director) (as H.J. Salter)
Marshal of Gunsmoke (1944) (musical director) (as H.J. Salter)
indie.imdb.com /name/nm0006270   (2049 words)

 Music for Millions (1944 b 118')   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Mike and Andrews wait for Barbara to have her baby, and the orchestra plays Handel's Messiah with the "Hallelujah" chorus.
This classical musical portrays the emotional challenges of women during the war.
The innocence of a little girl knows that angels bring babies, that she is in touch with one, as is the kind Andrews.
www.san.beck.org /MM/1944/MusicforMillions.html   (546 words)

 Music :
When you wind her music box, she sways wit the music!
It is a rather unusual musical instrument from Australia.
This is a fun piece for a music box collector or a Tobbaciana collector.
search.rubylane.com /collectibles?id=52&cache=0a1b63e1dfef7f8&db=_rlcollectibles   (1433 words)

 eBay Store - Tamara's Treasures: Sheet Music: 1952 TRUST IN ME - Dinah Shore Cover Art IM-HO piano NR   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
1944 Sheet Music AND SO LITTLE TIME with Joan Brooks
1943 sheet music "The Whole Town's Talkin" Buddy Knight
Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
stores.ebay.com /Tamaras-Treasures_Sheet-Music_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZ1QQftidZ2QQtZkm   (328 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: 1944 [Import]: Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
If you would like to purchase this title, we recommend that you request it used.
Music Special Offers: get 3 CDs for £10, and more great deals.
Customers who bought music by James P. Johnson also bought music by these artists:
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000001NR5   (246 words)

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