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Topic: 1945 in aviation

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  1945 in aviation - Definition, explanation
Manufacturer of aviation related electronics geared toward general aviation.
Aviation history in the WWW: Index of aircraft by category and time period.
Aviation history in the WWW: Index of aircraft by category and...
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/1/19/1945_in_aviation.php   (644 words)

 AIRbase One™ | Aviation’s Yellow Pages+, Advanced Website Hosting, Full and Secure E-commerce, Search Engine ...
Aviation’s Yellow Pages+, Advanced Website Hosting, Full and Secure E-commerce, Search Engine Registration, Website Development, Analysis, and Promotion
This is an example of the page displayed when the user searches for all providers of "Instruction, Flight and Ground Schools" and RockAir is shown as a Level 2 advertiser.
This search was limited to Colorado businesses, but look at the enhanced company visibility and difference in your customer's eyes!
www.airbase1.com /yPage_level_2.asp?menuID=1   (168 words)

  Aviation Photos: 1945
PH-MPE (cn 1945) Close-up Martinair's JETIX A320 taxiing at Victor for a take-off from runway 36L at Amsterdam Airport
PH-MPE (cn 1945) Nice logojet, first visit of this aircraft to Palma wearing this special livery.
PH-MPE (cn 1945) The other side of the JETIX plane from Martinair.Back from a training flight from France.
www.airliners.net /search/photo.search?cnsearch=1945&distinct_entry=true   (0 words)

  British Military Aviation in 1945 - Part 1
During the opening weeks of 1945, consideration within the higher Allied politico-military leadership turned to the manner in which British and United States strategic bomber forces might be used to aid the Soviet advance into Germany.
A planned USAAF attack on the city on 13 February 1945 was abandoned due to unsuitable weather.
However, on the night of 13-14 February 796 Avro Lancasters and nine de Havilland Mosquitoes of RAF Bomber Command, attacking in two raids separated by a gap of three hours, dropped 1,478 tons of high explosive and 1,182 tons of incendiaries on the city.
www.rafmuseum.org.uk /milestones-of-flight/british_military/1945.html   (862 words)

  EH.Net Encyclopedia: The American Economy during World War II
With such a large pool of taxpayers, the American government took in $45 billion in 1945, an enormous increase over the $8.7 billion collected in 1941 but still far short of the $83 billion spent on the war in 1945.
By 1945, approximately 35.5 percent of the non-agricultural workforce was unionized, a record high.
By 1945, the percentage of fls who held war jobs — eight percent — approximated fls' percentage in the American population — about ten percent (Kennedy, 775).
www.eh.net /encyclopedia/article/tassava.WWII   (5320 words)

 Ross & Perry, Inc. - Revolt of the Admirals
One symptom of this conflict was a showdown between the Air Force and the Navy over the role of carrier aviation in the national security framework of the United States.
This rejection fueled the Navy’s fear that naval aviation was to have a diminishing role in the new atomic age and provided the final impetus for a clash between the Air Force and the Navy.
During the latter hearings, high-ranking naval officers voiced their opinion that naval aviation was being denigrated by a Defense Secretary enamored with possibilities of strategic bombing and scornful of the Navy’s contribution to such a mission.
www.rossperry.com /details.asp?from=other&id=23   (437 words)

 Aviation - General Information
The section was moved in 1974 to the Transportation Department and an Aviation Trust Fund was established to assist in airport maintenance and publish an aeronautical chart.
At present, the aviation section is in the Multimodal Operations Division of MoDOT.
The committee meets regularly to discuss and is involved in state aviation legislation, airport funding, tall towers, safety and aviation education issues.
www.modot.org /othertransportation/aviation/aviationgeneralinformation.htm   (307 words)

 Dictatorship of the Air - Cambridge University Press
Aviation Culture and the Fate of Modern Russia
Soviet Aviation in the Age of Stalin, 1929–1945: 7.
Red Phoenix; Conclusion: aviation culture and the fate of modern Russia.
www.cambridge.org /us/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521859573   (233 words)

 1945: Aviation - Archive Article - MSN Encarta
1945: Aviation - Archive Article - MSN Encarta
Few of the forty-two years of aviation history have seen such changes as 1945.
Few years have been as critical as the one just passed.
encarta.msn.com /sidebar_461503841/1945_Aviation.html   (148 words)

 US Military Aviation
This is a named aviator 2nd Lieutenant Lloyd F. Pinkham pilot lot, including collar insignia, wings, photograph RMA ID card and case, flight log book, post WWI business card, and biographical summary of his service and his brother's (William D. Pinkham) concurrent service in the US Air Service.
This is a balloon aviator enlisted crewman's lot, including insignia, very rare balloon patch, a very rare 2nd PROVISIONAL Aero Regiment unit history, a photograph of a balloon of the regiment in the anchor position, World War I victory medal and side hat with unusual screwback aviation wing.
This is a 3rd Aviation Instruction Center named aviator enlisted pilot lot, including one very rare bullion instructor wing, an original period 3rd Aero Squadron patch, his Privilege Pass, and a letter from a relative documenting his WWI service.
www.snyderstreasures.com /pages/usaviation.htm   (4173 words)

 Russia's Military Aviation Industry
The aviation industry's externally driven problems are compounded by its own lack of purposeful reform, which has left its development, testing, and production complex nearly as large and disjointed as it was in Soviet times, despite the steep decline in state orders.
The importance of the military aviation industry and its scientific base to national security and the importance of nursing its capacity through Russia's economic crisis are a major component of the policy.
Significantly for the military aviation industry, Pak immediately made clear that a major part of the policy reorientation was renewed emphasis on preser-vation of the 'science intensive' and advanced-technology sectors of the military-industrial complex.
www.defencejournal.com /apr99/russia-military.htm   (4772 words)

 Enlisted Ratings in U.S. Navy, 1775-1969
Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator (AW) - Established 1968; (Sept 1) BUPERS Note 1440 of 29 January 1968.
Aviation Electronicsman - Established 1948 from the rating of Aviation Radioman; included in Aviation Electronics Technician 1955.
Aviation Pilot - Established 1924; pay grades C and 1c established 1927; pay grade 2c and 3c established 1942; disestablished 1961.
www.history.navy.mil /faqs/faq78-3.htm   (4132 words)

 Naval Aviation World War II
Naval Aviation Chronology in World War II Thirty years after the Navy had acquired its first airplane, and only 19 years after it had acquired its first aircraft carrier, naval aviation faced the supreme test of war.
On the 24th the Bureau of Navigation announced plans for mobilizing the aviation squadrons, which called for one third to be ordered to active duty by 7 November and all by 1 January 1941.
A total of 11 Naval Aviators participated in combat operations from the cockpits of P-51s while assigned to the 111TH TRS in support of the campaign in Italy and the invasion of southern France.
www.history.navy.mil /branches/avchr5.htm   (20279 words)

 U.S. Government Bookstore: Browse by Subject: Aviation
Also intended to furnish the flight crew with information on loading and operating the aircraft to ensure its weight is within the allowable limits and the center of gravity is within the allowable range.
Examines the institutional origins of modern Army Aviation by recounting the experiences of the men who flew observed fire missions, or Air Observations Posts (AOP) in light aircraft for the Field Artillery during World War 2.
Contains the Federal Aviation Administration forecasts of aviation activity at FAA facilities for fiscal years 2003-2014.
bookstore.gpo.gov /subjects/sb-018.jsp   (3703 words)

 Qwika - similar:1945
See also: 1944 in television, other events of 1945, 1946 in television and the list of 'years in television'.
See also: 1944 in music, other events of 1945, 1946 in music and the list of 'years in music'.
1944, 1945, 1946 Years in rail transport1944 in rail transport1945 in rail transport1946 in rail transport This article lists events related to rail transport that occurred in 1945.
www.qwika.com /rels/1945   (1160 words)

The American Aviation Historical Society's primary objective of the organization is the preservation and dissemination of the rich heritage of American aviation.
Minter Field Air Museum is dedicated to the commemoration and documentation of the role of aviation in the lives of the people of Kern County and Southern California.
To archive and make available for future generations the stories that are only in their minds, shoe boxes and dusty closets, before these recollections are lost to time.
www.wmof.com /aviation.htm   (792 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Junkers Aircraft 1913-1945 (Putnam Aviation): Books: Anthony L. Kay   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With 3-view drawings, cut-aways, fine photographs and unsurpassed in-depth treatment of the design history of Junkers aircraft, this volume is the definitive history of a German engineering legend.
Hugo Junkers was a leading pioneer of aviation, especially all-metal aircraft construction, and his name is associated with great aerodynamic and structural advances in engineering.
His design and manufacturing bureau was responsible for some of the most distinctive and famous aircraft of the 20th century, including the terrifying Ju87 Stuka divebomber and the Ju88 bomber which battered London in the Blitz, but successful airliners and transports were also part of the Junkers roster over the course of its 30-year history.
www.amazon.co.uk /Junkers-Aircraft-1913-1945-Putnam-Aviation/dp/0851779859   (386 words)

 The Hoffman Family: Featured Pages   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Since 1945, Mission Aviation Fellowship has been reaching people others can't.
Today they multiply the effectiveness of some 500 nonprofit organizations around the world by providing expertise in aviation, information technology, and logistics.
Aviation - MAF's fleet of nearly 70 aircraft fly more than 2.2 million miles each year reaching remote and isolated regions in 21 countries worldwide.
www.thehoffmanfamily.com /ecuador/maf.html   (332 words)

 Amazon.com: Junkers Aircraft And Engines, 1913-1945 (Putnam Aviation): Books: Antony L. Kay,Paul Couper   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Pioneer Aircraft: Early Aviation to 1914 (Putnam's History of Aircraft) by Philip Jarrett
As it says, it covers the Junkers company from 1913 to 1945.
It starts with the J1 and goes to the J2, and the J3 and so on through every plane the put into production, and every prototype plane they built, and it appears just about every plane they even thought about.
www.amazon.com /Junkers-Aircraft-Engines-1913-1945-Aviation/dp/0851779859   (0 words)

 Book: Aircraft Carriers: A History of Carrier Aviation and Its Influence on World Events, Volume 1: 1909-1945 - ...
Book: Aircraft Carriers: A History of Carrier Aviation and Its Influence on World Events, Volume 1: 1909-1945 - UsingEnglish.com
Aircraft Carriers: A History of Carrier Aviation and Its Influence on World Events, Volume 1: 1909-1945
No guarantees are made as to accuracy of prices and information.
www.usingenglish.com /amazon/us/1574886630.html   (193 words)

 Boeing History: The War Years of 1939-1945: Aviation History: Wings Over Kansas
Boeing History: The War Years of 1939-1945: Aviation History: Wings Over Kansas
To an airman the Pacific Northwest is the home of the long-range heavy bomber, which has changed the character of war and the meaning of peace.
Boeing Aircraft of Canada built 362 PBY flying boats and amphibians designed by Consolidated Aircraft of San Diego and 16 British-designed Blackburn Shark torpedo aircraft for the Royal Canadian Air Force.
www.wingsoverkansas.com /history/article.asp?id=438   (433 words)

 Committee on Aviation Medicine, 1940-1945
In the autumn of 1940, the National Research Council Division of Medical Sciences established the Committee on Aviation Medicine to work towards increasing the effectiveness and safety of fliers operating under rapidly changing conditions of aerial warfare.
The committee, headed by Eugene DuBois of Cornell Medical College, worked closely with the civilian Office of Scientific Research and Development's Committee on Medical Research in studying motion sickness, the effects of high altitude flying and acceleration, and structural design for crash survival.
The Committee on Aviation Medicine collection contains correspondence, reports and meeting minutes for the period 1940-1945, and spans 20 linear feet.
www7.nationalacademies.org /archives/aviation_medicine.html   (130 words)

 Daniel's WWII Aviation and Memorabilia 1939-1945
Association and have had the great opportunity to meet and associate with many of our nations greatest aviators.
This website was established as a living memorial to aviators of all nations who fought the air wars during WWII.
I see each piece in my collection as a piece of living history, that should be preserved for future generations.
www.danielsww2.com   (776 words)

 Faster, Further, Higher: Leading-Edge Aviation Technology since 1945   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Students of aviation technology will profit greatly from the bibliographies and some, if not many, of the articles.
In any case, this effort is a fine addition to the publisher’s History of Aircraft series and to the literature on aviation technology.
The conclusions and opinions expressed in this document are those of the author cultivated in the freedom of expression, academic environment of Air University.
www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil /airchronicles/bookrev/jarrett.html   (541 words)

 The New York Times Store > Aviation, Gas Tanks, 1945
Silver-gelatin photograph printed on fiber-based paper after being hand processed, toned, washed and air-dried according to strict archival guidelines - the gold-standard of the fine-art photography.
Auxiliary gas tanks are unloaded from a plane on Iwo Jima, 1945.
Publication, reproduction, use in advertising or for purpose of trade is prohibited without written permission.
www.nytstore.com /ProdDetail.aspx?prodId=1131   (415 words)

 Friends of the Fleet Air Arm Web Ring
The Friends of the Fleet Air Arm Ring is dedicated to maintain the bond of Royal Navy and Commonwealth naval aviation and its heritage of aircraft, air squadrons, warships and aircraft carriers, naval air stations, associations, men and women.
Aerodrome covers the history of aviation and aerial combat from the beginnings of powered flight to the dawn of the jet age.
The Daedalus Virtual Aviation Heritage website - is about the heritage of the former Fleet Air Arm and RAF Headquarters at Lee-on-the-Solent, 1917-2001.
v.webring.com /hub?ring=fleetairarmwebri   (767 words)

 Goss, Chris, with Bernd Rauchbach. Luftwaffe Seaplanes 1939-1945 Naval Aviation News - Find Articles
This photo album gives a detailed look at one of the most overlooked subjects in WW II aviation.
Nazi Germany fielded an active maritime air force equipped with a wide array of floatplanes and flying boats.
Crecy enjoys a well-deserved reputation in Europe for exploring many of the lesser known areas of aviation publishing, but he is little known in the United States.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0IAX/is_1_86/ai_111694988   (266 words)

 ipedia.com: 1945 Article   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Years: 1942 1943 1944 - 1945 - 1946 1947 1948 Decades : 1910s 1920s 1930s - 1940s - 1950s 1960s 1970s Centuries : 19th century - 20th century - 21st century 1945 in art 1945 in aviation 1945 in film 1...
From February 14, 1936, to March 1, 1945, AG Weser launched a total of 162 U-boats.
December 4 - By a vote of 65 to 7, the United States Senate approves United States participation in the United Nations (the UN was established on October 24, 1945).
www.ipedia.com /1945.html   (3474 words)

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