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Topic: 1948 Democratic National Convention

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 1948 Democratic National Convention - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 1948 Democratic National Convention was held in Philadelphia from July 12 to July 14, and resulted in the nomination of President Harry Truman for President and of Alben Barkley for Vice President.
When Minneapolis Mayor Hubert Humphrey addressed the convention, he urged the Democratic Party to "get out of the shadow of states' rights and walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights," prompting a walkout by Southern delegates who later nominated Strom Thurmond as the presidential nominee of the States' Rights Party, or "Dixiecrats".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1948_Democratic_National_Convention

 Democratic Party (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Civil libertarians often support the Democratic Party because its positions on such issues as civil rights and separation of church and state are more closely aligned to their own than are the positions of the Republican Party, and because the Democrats' economic agenda may be more appealing to them than that of the Libertarian Party.
Defeated Democrat Hubert Humphrey 's electoral votes came mainly from the Northern states, marking a dramatic shift from the 1948 election 20 years earlier, when the losing Republican candidate's electoral votes were mainly concentrated in the Northern states.
Of the two major U.S. parties, the Democratic Party is to the left of the Republican Party, though its politics are not as consistently leftist as the traditional social democratic and labor parties in much of the rest of the world.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_States_Democratic_Party

 AllPolitics - Democratic National Convention
The Democratic National Committee was formed to handle party affairs until the next convention, four years later.
This was the forerunner of the Democratic National Committee.
The convention in Chicago was the birthplace of Roosevelt's "New Deal." House Speaker John Nance Garner of Texas was the vice presidential nominee.
www.cnn.com /ALLPOLITICS/1996/conventions/chicago/facts/convention/index.shtml

 Truman Library - Katie Louchheim Oral History Interview
Delegate from the District of Columbia to the 1948 Democratic National Convention; delegate to the 1952 Democratic National Convention and a member of the platform committee; Director of Women's Activities of the DNC from 1953 to 1960; and Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1956 to 1960.
And you were a delegate from the District of Columbia to the 1948 Democratic National Convention that was held in Philadelphia.
District of Columbia delegation, Democratic National Convention (1948),
www.trumanlibrary.org /oralhist/louchheimk.htm

 Hubert H. Humphrey
With the help of friends in the ADA, Humphrey introduced a controversial liberal civil rights plank to the 1948 Democratic National Convention, and, in one of the most renowned speeches in American political history, persuaded the Convention to adopt it into the party platform.
Humphrey gained national fame during these years by co-founding the Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), reforming the Minneapolis police force, and defeating the efforts of the local Communist Party to control the DFL.
In 1944, Humphrey was the catalyst for the merger of the Democratic and Farmer-Labor parties of Minnesota to form the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL).
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/h/hu/hubert_h__humphrey.html

 Truman Library - Neale Roach Oral History Interview
Writer for the Democratic National Committee, 1936-40; assistant to the treasurer of the Democratic National Committee, 1940; chief clerk of the Democratic National headquarters for the 1940 presidential campaign; assistant director of the Democratic National Convention, 1944; and manager of the 1948, 1952, and 1956 Democratic National conventions.
In 1948, the Democratic National Committee held a meeting to entertain or to hear the proposal of the various cities who were interested, and the city of Philadelphia came up with a certified check, I think it was $300,000.
I went to New York and served as chief clerk of the Democratic National Headquarters until the end of the campaign, and of course Roosevelt was re-elected for a third term.
www.trumanlibrary.org /oralhist/roachn.htm

On June 30, 2003 the FEC certified the Democratic and Republican parties are each entitled to received $14,592,000 in public funds to put on their 2004 national conventions, and sent letters to the Secretary of the Treasury requesting the payments be made; additional inflation adjustments will be added in 2004.
The Green Party 2004 National Convention was held June 23-28, 2004 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which won out over Minneapolis, MN and San Francisco, CA.
In the past, the national convention served as a decision-making body, actually determining the party's nominee.
www.gwu.edu /~action/2004/chrnconv.html

 TheBostonChannel.com - Democratic Convention 2004 - History of Democratic National Convention - Timeline
1848: The National Convention established the Democratic National Committee, whose job it is to organize the conventions and advance the Democratic cause.
After a delegate walk-out at the convention in Charleston which made a two-thirds nomination vote impossible, the convention is postponed and moved to Baltimore.
Before that, candidates skipped the conventions and accepted their nominations weeks later.
www.thebostonchannel.com /democraticconvention/2758211/detail.html

 An historical analysis of the apportionment of delegate votes at the National Conventions of the two major parties
When the first Democratic National Convention was held to choose the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates for the 1832 Election, the delegate apportionment among the States was very simple: it was equal to the number of Electoral Votes each State would have in the upcoming General Election.
By 1932, although the Democratic Convention that year was the last in which it would be used, the "2/3 rule" was clearly in its death throes: many at that Convention openly opposed the rule, including the eventual nominee and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
By the end of the Republican Convention, a minimum of 1,034 delegates (a majority) will have voted for the Republican nominee for President; likewise, by the end of the Democratic Convention, a minimum of some 2,170 delegates (a majority) will have voted for the Democratic nominee for President.
www.thegreenpapers.com /Hx/NatDelegates.html

 Oral History Interviews
Delegate, Democratic National Convention (1940, 1948, 1956); chairman of the Platform Committee, Democratic National Convention (1960); Representative from Connecticut and foreign policy adviser to Senator John F. Kennedy (1959-1961); Under Secretary of State (1961); President's Special Representative for Asian, African, and Latin American Affairs (1961-1963); Ambassador to India (1963-1969).
Chairman, Massachusetts Democratic Committee (1945); delegate (1940), alternate delegate (1944, 1948) Democratic National Convention
House of Representatives (1944-1947), Senate (1948-1970); delegate, Democratic National Convention (1960)
www.jfklibrary.org /oralhist.htm

 Reports from the Democratic National Convention
Several have reminded me of the 1992 Democratic Convention.
The convention hall, a massive building that is normally home to Bruins and Celtics games, and of course a regular series of rock concerts (Prince is coming in a couple of weeks), was packed and then some.
Uniformly, this is a convention that is resolutely focused on beating George Bush.
www.virginiaviewpoint.com /id15.html

 Past Conventions
The Republicans' first convention as a national party was held in 1856, when they met in Philadelphia to nominate John C. Fremont, an explorer, mapmaker and former senator.
The first national nominating convention in U.S. history was held by the Anti-Masonic Party in 1831, and the Democrats followed suit the next year.
A delegate at the Republican National Convention in Chicago, 1952.
partners.nytimes.com /library/politics/camp/whouse/convention-ra.html

 last link on the left > final credits > march 2005
In 1948, McTernan presented a case before the U.S. Supreme Court that overturned a covenant that evicted Anna and Henry Laws, a couple in Los Angeles, from the house they owned because they were black.
He gained national recognition singing in a long-running TV commercial for Revlon's Charlie perfume in the 1970s, and appeared in the movies "Hannah and Her Sisters" and "Splash," as well as the television miniseries "Roots" and the program "In The Heat of the Night."
During the November, 1973 Associated Press Managing Editors Association convention in Orlando, Florida, Smyser asked Nixon about the huge demands on the presidency.
lastlinkontheleft.com /fc0503.html

 MSU Vincent Voice Library
( 1932) Excerpts of the proceedings of the Democratic National Convention...
( July 12, 1972) Democratic National Convention, 1972.
DB882 Carey, Hugh L. ( July 12, 1976) Hugh Carey welcomes the Democratic Convention to New York City.
www.lib.msu.edu /uri-res/N2L?urn:x-msulib::vvl:democrats

 US News / Special: Decision 2004 / Beantown Pundit: George Merry The Christian Science Monitor
Democratic nominee-to-be Sen. John Kerry is descended (on his mother's side) from two famous Boston Brahmin families – the Forbeses and the Winthrops.
Also a native Bostonian, Merry joined The Christian Science Monitor in 1948 as a copy boy and covered state and local politics during an illustrious 45-year career with the paper.
Besides Kerry, he covered and knew all the famous Bay State politicians, like the Kennedys, Tip O'Neill, William Weld, and Michael Dukakis, as well as the not-so-famous ones.
www.csmonitor.com /specials/decision2004/DNC_04/beantownPundit

 Hubert H. Humphrey - dKosopedia
Humphrey gave a stirring speech in favor of a strong civil rights plank in the Democratic platform during the 1948 Democratic National Convention, causing many southern delegates to walk out in protest.
After serving as VP Humphrey became the Democratic candidate in the fateful 1968 campaign.
Humphrey ran and won his first Senate term in 1948.
www.dkosopedia.com /index.php/Hubert_H._Humphrey

 Truman's 1948 Democratic National Convention Speech..... Democrats.com
The only way you can get the kind of government you need is by going to the polls and voting the straight Democratic ticket on November 2.
That is what the Democratic party stands for.
"Give 'em Hell" Harry Truman, in a whistle-stop campaign speech, blasts a know-nothing, do-nothing Congress, Elizabeth, New Jersey, October 7, 1948.
www.democrats.com /node/3175

 The Political Graveyard: Index to Politicians: Bell
Netherlands, 1885-88; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Rhode Island,
Lawyer ; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Minnesota,
The coverage of the site includes certain federal officials, state officeholders and candidates in all 50 states, state and national political party officials, federal and state judges, and mayors (including candidates at election for mayor) of qualifying cities.
www.potifos.com /tpg/bio/bell.html

 Text of Howard Dean's speech to the Democratic National Convention - 7/28/04
Text of Rep. John Dingell's speech to the Democratic National Convention
Text of Howard Dean's speech to the Democratic National Convention
We’re going to be proud to call ourselves Democrats in Mississippi, proud to call ourselves Democrats in Utah and Idaho.
www.detnews.com /2004/politics/0407/28/politics-224805.htm

 Learn Essays about Study guide
4) Dixicrat-One of the southern delegates who, to protest president Truman's civil rights policy, walked out of the 1948 Democratic National Convention and formed the States' Rights Democratic Party.
www.learnessays.com /show_essay/100700.html

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Select the state in which to browse for Airport Transportation (see Tra...:
Browse The Type's Of Business: All Types
- The Philadelphia Yellow Pages.com - The Nations Directory
thephiladelphiayellowpages.com /tobs/airport-transportation-(see-tra...

 PressThink: "Turn to Fox News for Exclusive Coverage of the Republican National Convention."
If the conventions themselves were as interesting as they were in 1948 or 1956 — or even 1968 — then we wouldn’t have this problem.
One hour Minnesota Public Radio call-in program about the increasing legitimacy of webloggers, as the Democratic Party invites bloggers to cover the July convention.
Obviously it makes the most sense for the Republicans to sell their convention to Fox exclusively, and for the Democrats to go with CNN, which led the ratings among cable channels for the Democratic convention in Boston, or possibly MSNBC.
journalism.nyu.edu /pubzone/weblogs/pressthink/2004/09/02/rnc_2008.html

On the last day of the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts accepts the nomination of the Democratic Party to run as its candidate for President of the United States.
Each night beginning at 8pm ET, we'll air a block of archival political convention speeches from 1948 to 2000.
Teachers, use these tools to explore the historical and current role of political conventions in the election process.
www.c-span.org /2004vote/convention.asp?Cat=Special_Topic&Code=DEMS&Rot_Cat_CD=DEMS   (141 words)

 Origins of the American Civil War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Conservatives at the Republican 1860 nominating convention in Chicago were able to block the nomination of William Seward, who had an earlier reputation as a radical (but by 1860 had been criticized by Horace Greeley as being too moderate).
As the schism in the Democratic party deepened, moderate Republicans argued that an alliance with anti-administration Democrats, especially Stephen Douglas, would be a key advantage in the 1860 elections.
Republican leaders, however, staunchly opposed any attempts to modify the party position on slavery, appalled by what they considered a surrender of their principles when, for example, all the ninety-two Republican members of Congress voted for the Crittenden-Montgomery bill in 1858.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Origins_of_the_American_Civil_War   (141 words)

 U.S. presidential election, 1948 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The U.S. presidential election of 1948 is best known as one of the greatest political upsets in history, as incumbent President Harry S Truman defeated Republican Thomas Dewey against the predictions of most contemporary polls and in spite of a three-way split in his own Democratic party.
However, under Dewey's leadership, the Republicans enacted a platform at the 1948 convention which called for expanding social security, more funding for public housing, civil rights legislation, and promotion of health and education by the federal government.
The Progressive Party reinvented itself in 1948 with the nomination of Henry Wallace, a former Secretary of Agriculture and Vice President under Franklin D. Roosevelt.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/U.S._presidential_election%2C_1948   (141 words)

 US News / Special: Decision 2004 / Democratic National Convention / Ten unforgettable convention gaffes The Christian Science Monitor
As Republican and Democratic delegates prepare for the confetti and balloons of nomination night, party planners are minding the mistakes – and stealing the successes – of conventions past.
Convention planners tried to lift morale at the 1948 Philadelphia convention by releasing doves into the hall.
Because they were refused the right to be seated on the convention floor, the state's black delegation formed the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.
www.csmonitor.com /specials/decision2004/DNC_04/conventionGaffes/gaffes.html   (1445 words)

On June 30, 2003 the FEC certified the Democratic and Republican parties are each entitled to received $14,592,000 in public funds to put on their 2004 national conventions, and sent letters to the Secretary of the Treasury requesting the payments be made; additional inflation adjustments will be added in 2004.
The Green Party 2004 National Convention was held June 23-28, 2004 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which won out over Minneapolis, MN and San Francisco, CA.
While conventions have always attracted an assortment of demonstrators, coordinated mobilizations in Philadelphia and Los Angeles during the 2000 conventions drew thousands of activists advocating a range of progressive issues; these necessitated major police presences.
www.gwu.edu /~action/2004/chrnconv.html   (1445 words)

 U.S. presidential election, 1948 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On July 12, the Democratic National Convention convened in Philadelphia (in the same hall in which the Republicans had nominated Dewey).
However, under Dewey's leadership, the Republicans enacted a platform at the 1948 convention which called for expanding social security, more funding for public housing, civil rights legislation, and promotion of health and education by the federal government.
The Democratic delegates who had bolted the Democratic convention over Truman's civil rights platform formed a separate party, which they named the States Rights Party.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/1948_presidential_election   (1003 words)

The last Democratic Convention to go beyond one ballot occurred in 1952, when Adlai Stevenson won on the third ballot; the 1948 Republican Convention went to a third ballot before New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey won the nomination.
A national convention provides a city with a substantial public relations and economic boost (Chicago and San Diego, sites of the 1996 conventions, each tallied well over $100 million in direct economic benefits) so there is intensive wooing.
First, most of the national convention delegates are now selected by voters in primary contests rather than by party caucuses and meetings.
www.gwu.edu /~action/chrnconv.html   (1003 words)

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