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Topic: 1953 in Canada

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In the News (Mon 18 Feb 19)

  CBC - Canada Votes 2006 - Voter Toolkit
The office of the Chief Electoral Officer for Canada was established in 1920, leading to the recognition of several new classes of voters throughout the land.
The Elections Canada definition of this term is almost poetic: "The place of ordinary residence of a person is the place that has always been, or that has been adopted as, his or her dwelling place, and to which the person intends to return when away from it.
Canada's 12th Parliament was allowed to run for almost six years only because of a temporary amendment contained in a 1916 revision to the British North America Act.
www.cbc.ca /canadavotes/voterstoolkit/faqs.html   (6671 words)

 canada vacation, Hotel Mont-Tremblant, accommodation and lodging
Eighty-four percent of all canada vacations within the United States in 1991 involved a car, according to the U.S. Travel Data Center, which projected that driving canada vacations for summer 1991 would be up 2 percent from 1990.
Front platform were the extension of paid canada vacations for workers and the liberalization of the old-age pension system.
In addition to providing increases in regular canada vacations, the basic steel agreement provided for a savings-canada vacation plan financed by the employer, which would enable a worker to build up credits to be used either as additional retirement pay or for more canada vacation time.
www.hotelmonttremblant.com /ang/canada-vacation.htm   (1021 words)

 Monarchy in Canada - Gurupedia
All executive power is theoretically reposed in the Queen, who is represented in Canada by the Governor General of Canada, the lieutenant governors of the provinces, and the territorial commissioners.
In fact, Canada is one of the oldest continuing monarchies in the world, first under the kings of France in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries and then under the British crown in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Today, virtually all of the Queen's Canadian duties are performed by her representatives in Canada, the Governor General and the Lieutenant Governors of the provinces, though occasionally the Queen's authority is appealed to by Canada's partisan political leaders.
www.gurupedia.com /m/mo/monarchy_in_canada.htm   (2400 words)

A second rotation began with the arrival of the 3rd PPCLI in November 1952, followed in 1953 by the 3rd RCR, the 3rd R22eR, and "A" Squadron of the Strathconas and other replacement units.
Although Canada was unable to provide fighter squadrons to the United Nations, 22 Royal Canadian Air Force pilots served with the American units.
The truce, which followed the armistice of July 27, 1953, was an uneasy truce, yet the UN intervention in Korea was a move of incalculable significance.
www.korean-war.com /canada.html   (1994 words)

 1953 in Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See also: 1952 in Canada, other events of 1953, 1954 in Canada and the Timeline of Canadian history.
June 2 - Queen Elizabeth II is crowned Queen of Canada.
See 1953 Governor General's Awards for a complete list of winners and finalists for those awards.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1953_in_Canada   (243 words)

 Spotlight on Golden Age Advertising - Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Canada Dry's international expansion resulted, in 1936, the first license awarded to a bottler in Lima, Peru for the manufacture and sale of Canada Dry beverages.
During the 1950s and 1960s, Canada Dry was the first of the major soda bottling companies to introduce sugar-free drinks (1954) and put soft drink beverages in cans (1953).
Canada Dry continues under the ownership of Plano, Texas-based Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages, the largest non-cola soft drink enterprise in North America and the largest subsidiary of Cadbury Schweppes plc.
www.digitaldeliftp.com /LookAround/advertspot_canadadry.htm   (788 words)

 Azorean Pioneers in Canada
Official immigration from Portugal to Canada began in 1953 after an agreement between the governments of both countries.
Canada was in need of labourers and began importing men on a trial basis to see if they could adapt to the harsh climate of this land.
After a few days, they were transferred to their destinations in various parts of Canada to work as labourers in agriculture, dairy farms, mining, the railroads, the lumber industry, services, etc...
azorgoshawk.tripod.com /pioneers   (269 words)

 The Monarchist League Of Canada
The Constitution of Canada declares that the Government of Canada and the Command in Chief of the Forces are vested in the Queen.
She is Sovereign of the Order of Canada, Sovereign of the Order of Military Merit, Colonel-in-Chief of numerous units of the Canadian Forces, Honorary Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Patron of many institutions and organisations in various walks of Canadian life.
The Crown’s existence in Canada ensures that the Rule of Law is maintained, and does not vary because of the results of an election.
www.monarchist.ca /menu/arguments.html   (2998 words)

 The Monarchist League of Canada: Arguments For The Crown
When she is not in Canada, the Governor-General exercises the Queen’s prerogative powers, as empowered by the Letters Patent issued by King George VI in 1947.
The Queen is skilled in separating her duties as Queen of Canada, Jamaica, etc., from her role as Queen of the United Kingdom.
For Canada at present, the Monarchy involves a small outlay for royal engagements and tours, and the modest Households and expenses of the Governor-General and the provincial Lieutenant-Governors--a figure estimated at about one dollar per person per year.
www.monarchist.ca /why   (2946 words)

 Canada Southern Freight Customers
Canada Crushed Stone - 5 inbound and 1342 outbound loads in 1953 - 3 inbound and 1343 outbound loads in 1954
Weatherhead Co. of Canada - 3 outbound loads on December 28, 1953 - 5 inbound and 1 outbound loads in 1954
R.C.Flood and Son - 8 inbound and 348 outbound in 1953 - 4 inbound and 148 outbound in 1954
www.canadasouthern.com /caso/freight-customer.htm   (10030 words)

 Flying the Wee Scotsman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Ogden has met with considerable success through the use of razzle-dazzle selling methods and, inspired by this success, he is applying the same methods to the selling of airplanes.
By January, 1953, Mooney had turned out over 200 M-18 "Mites" (at first powered by a modified Crosley Cobra engine of 25 hp.), as the Wee Scotsman was originally known.
n 1953 Frank Ogden established the Canadian light plane altitude record by flying a Mooney M-18 Scotsman to an altitude of 19,400 feet.
www.mooneymite.com /articles/halford1953report.htm   (2632 words)

 The Bible UFO Connection - UFOs In History - 1953
Orfei heard a knock at the door in the middle of the night and obtained no answer when she asked who it was.
Groups of 5-10 colored lights, totalling 90-100, slowly moved aft off the left side of the airplane, as detected visually and by airborne radar for 5 minutes.
One round and reflective or translucent object flew straight, stopped for 7 seconds, sped along, stopped again, was joined by a similar object and they flew off in different directions, after a total of 56 minutes.
www.bibleufo.com /ufos912.htm   (2108 words)

 1953 | Western Canada Manitoba Snap Shots
The case of the Canada Cyclones jacket, 1953.
Well, after some digging (including conversations, e-mails with Roy Taylor, John Zeeben, Bob Bennett and others) it's clear the jacket is from the 1953 Kamsack Cyclones (one of Roy Taylor's teams).
July 2nd, 1953, fifteen businessmen and farmers of Grandview and the area sign a Promissory Note for $1,000 to provide some breathing room for the ball club.
www.attheplate.com /wcbl/1953_40d.htm   (351 words)

 1953 | Western Canada Baseball
A blizzard blew into the city covering the diamond in a reported five to six inches of snow.
Burdened by high travel costs and disappointing turnouts, the clubs limped through 1953 and Calgary was forced to drop out mid-way through 1954.
The 1953 photo is from the Corbis Collection.
www.attheplate.com /wcbl/1953_1.htm   (2010 words)

 Images of Canada: Tulip Festival, Winterlude, Hot air Balloon, Canada Day, Museums
Canadian Tulip Festival is an annual celebration that has become an important symbol of international friendship in Canada since 1953.
Images and interactive 306º panoramic movies from several museums of Canada: National Art Gallery, Canadian Agriculture Museum and Fort Henry.
Parliament Buildinds from Ottawa, Canada - Rideau Canal, ON, Canada
bersoft.org /canada/index.htm   (267 words)

 1953 UFO Chronology Man
Observers were unable to estimate the speed of the objects because of the distance and the objects'' large radius of turn.
An unidentified flying object was observed for, a period of twenty minutes in the northern sky moving to the southeast by at least 10 personnel of the 912th ACandW Squadron.
The photo was allegedly taken in the Summer of 1953 by Mr.
www.nicap.org /waves/1953fullrep.htm   (4486 words)

 1953: Canada - Archive Article - MSN Encarta
1953: Canada - Archive Article - MSN Encarta
Cross references refer to Archive articles of the same year.
For the first time in the history of the British Commonwealth to which Canada belongs, the Canadian royal style and titles differed from that of the other Commonwealth members as these differed also from each other.
encarta.msn.com /sidebar_461508089/1953_Canada.html   (132 words)

 Leviton in Canada (English)
Established in 1953, Leviton Canada is part of a group of companies affiliated with the Leviton Manufacturing Company Inc., of Little Neck, New York.
Today, Leviton Canada offers a selection of more than 20,000 different items manufactured in facilities which are ISO 9000 certified.
The company is the only one in the industry to offer a complete range of products, including switches, receptacles, connectors and lighting controls, as well as transient surge protectors and voice/data communication products, all aimed to serve the residential, commercial, industrial and OEM markets.
www.leviton.com /sections/levcanda/s9c1p2.htm   (355 words)

 Examination of discontinuities in hourly surface relative humidity in Canada during 1953–2003
Examination of discontinuities in hourly surface relative humidity in Canada during 1953–2003
Hourly values of relative humidity recorded at 75 stations across Canada were examined.
Citation: van Wijngaarden, W., and L. Vincent (2005), Examination of discontinuities in hourly surface relative humidity in Canada during 1953–2003, J.
www.agu.org /pubs/crossref/2005/2005JD005925.shtml   (289 words)

 MA's Stamp Album - Canada - 1953
On the 2nd February, 1953, the postage stamp reproduced above will be issued by the Post Office Department.
This subject was selected because it is a popular symbol of a colourful chapter of Canada's rich heritage.
The natives of the north-west coast of Canada were accustomed to record for posterity their genealogy, history and traditions by carving and painting, using representative symbols, chiefly animal designs.
victorian.fortunecity.com /verona/643/1953.htm   (167 words)

 The Romance of Transportation in Canada (1952)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Plot Outline: A humourous survey of the history of the development of transportation technology in Canada.
from Tucson AZ This short is the first to be nominated for Cartoon Short for the Oscar that was produced by the National Film Board of Canada.
Fairly funny and well-done (I doubt I'll ever see one produced by the NFBC that's actively bad), it has a certain charm, but is really not terribly significant otherwise.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0045100   (241 words)

 canada   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Veterans Affairs Canada Recognizing and honouring the sacrifices of Canada's veterans and all Canadian citizens during war.
It is intended to be a place to honour the memories, the sacrifices, and the loss.
We Remember Honoring those who fought for Canada in the First World War (1914-1918), the Second World War (1939-1945) and the Korean War (1950-1953).
www.pitt.edu /~pugachev/greatwar/canada.htm   (324 words)

 1953 Canada Silver Year Set - The Coin Boutique
1953 Canada Silver Year Set - The Coin Boutique
All Coins are silver except for the Penny and Nickel.
The 6-coin set will be sent in a snap-lock case for protection.
www.coinboutique.com /scripts/dispitem.cgi?item=1953year   (52 words)

 Dominion Pipe&Piling
Dominion Pipe and Piling is a division of Varsteel Ltd., a company that has been in the steel service center business since 1953 in Canada.
The Dominion name has been in the steel industry since 1970, and officially changed its name to Dominion Pipe and Piling in 2004.
If your project requires other steel products we are able to utilize our parent company Varsteel Ltd., to service all your steel requirements.
www.dominionpipe.ca   (243 words)

 1952 in Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See also: 1951 in Canada, other events of 1952, 1953 in Canada and the list of 'years in Canada'.
Monarchy in Canada - King George VI then Queen Elizabeth II
February 6 - Elizabeth II becomes Queen of Canada upon the death of her father George VI.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1952_in_Canada   (376 words)

 Exchange of notes (November 12, 1953) between Canada and the United States of America constituting an agreement for the ...
Exchange of notes (November 12, 1953) between Canada and the United States of America constituting an agreement for the establishment of the St. Lawrence river Joint Board of Engineers
I have the honor to refer to your note No. 820 of November 12, 1953, on which you made proposals for the establishment of the St. Lawrence, River Joint Board of Engineers.
Accept, Excellency, the renewed assurances of my highest consideration.
www.lexum.umontreal.ca /ca_us/en/cts.1953.21.en.html   (263 words)

 Internet Archive: Details: Journals of the House of Commons of Canada Session 1953-54
Internet Archive: Details: Journals of the House of Commons of Canada Session 1953-54
Journals of the House of Commons of Canada Session 1953-54 (1954)
Journals of the House of Commons of Canada Session 1953-54
www.archive.org /details/hcc9819535400uoft   (73 words)

 VPNAVY - VP-24 History Summary Page - VP Patrol Squadron
"...Circa 1953..." Contributed by Fred Lochner fred1@net999.com [05OCT99]
In 1953, we were stationed at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland flying PB4Y2's and deployed to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada from November 1953 to May 1954.
The missions on that deployment were to fly recon on ice flows in the Baffin Bay for the Navy Hydographic Office, track shipping in the North Atlantic, and search oLT contacts of unidentified subs.
www.vpnavy.com /vp24_1953.html   (311 words)

 1953 Royal Winton "Old Canada" plate - 120
1953 Royal Winton "Old Canada" plate - 120
Lovely ROYAL WINTON plate of "Old Canada", LeVieux, Canada 1953 made in England "Fabrique' en Angleterr".
The plate is 10 5/8 inches square with the cut off curves and embossing all around the edges, crazing all over.
www.rubylane.com /shops/margaretha/item/120   (111 words)

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