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Topic: 1957 in Wales

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 Red-Breasted Merganser
Birds started to breed in southern Scotland and then in England (in Cumbria 1959) and Wales (Anglesey 1953, mainland 1957).
By 1900 it was breeding through most of Scotland north of the Lowlands and over much of Ireland, save some of the south-east, but none bred in England or Wales.
In Ireland it may have declined slightly recently and it is much persecuted, as in parts of Scotland, for perceived damage to salmonid fisheries.
www.birdcare.com /birdon/sonb/red-breasted+merganser.html

 Basic Page
New Zealand was an issue in the important New South Wales by-election at Hurstville in early 1939.
For his part, Lee later denounced Lang's Savage-like dictatorship in New South Wales, while approving of his monetary policy.
Such changes were generally followed in Australia where the ALP in office abandoned its 'traditional function to maintain a vigilant eye in the interests of preserving the nation's financial independence.'[56] Third, the details of New Zealand legislative programs were cited for their powerful 'demonstration effect'.
www.jcu.edu.au /aff/history/articles/davis.htm

 Rugby football - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch
Rugby league retains great popularity among working class people in the English counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire, and in the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland.
Rugby football has strong claims to the world's first and oldest "football club": the Guy's Hospital Football Club, formed in London in 1843, by old boys from Rugby School.
Rugby Union ranks as the national sport of Wales, of New Zealand and of Pacific countries such as Tonga, Fiji and Samoa.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /rugby_football.htm   (2035 words)

 Rugby League World
A "Rugby League News" programme for the game between New South Wales and Great Britain that was played at the Sydney Cricket Ground on 29 May 1954.
A "Rugby League News" programme for the game between New South Wales and Great Britain that was played at the Sydney Cricket Ground on 02 Jun 1962.
A souvenir from the Rugby Football League Golden Jubilee Dinner held at Belle Vue, Manchester on 19 Nov 1946, in the presence of the Rt Hon The Earl of Derby.
www.rugby-league-world.com /Auction.html   (2429 words)

 Sandcastle V.I. - Carriers: Airpower at Sea - Appendix 1 / Ship Directory
NAME CL COMM CONVERTED FROM STATUS -------------------- --- ---- -------------------- ----------------------- Vikrant (1) B17 1961 Ex HMS Hercules Stricken, 1997 Viraat B20 1987 Ex HMS Hermes (3) Vikramaditya R02 ---- Ex Adm. Gorshkov Being restored Vikrant (2) IN1 ---- Planned, 2012
NAME CL COMM CONVERTED FROM STATUS -------------------- --- ---- -------------------- ----------------------- Independencia B16 1959 Ex HMS Warrior Stricken, 1971 Veinticinco de Mayo B16 1969 Ex Karel Doorman (2) Stricken, 1997
NAME CL COMM CONVERTED FROM STATUS -------------------- --- ---- -------------------- ----------------------- Warrior B16 1946 To Royal Navy, 1948 Magnificent B17 1948 Ex HMS Magnificent Stricken, 1957 Bonaventure B17 1957 Ex HMS Powerful Stricken, 1970
www.sandcastlevi.com /sea/carriers/cv-app1.htm   (433 words)

 Wales and Devolution
In 1907, a Welsh Secretary of Education was created; in 1957, Wales got its own Minister of State who was given a cabinet position in 1964.
Wales, along with Scotland and Northern Ireland, was promised a devolved assembly by the Labour Party in the lead up to the 1997 election.
Devolution promised to be a key issue in Wales but the turnout at the post-election referendum in 1997 for whether Wales should have a devolved assembly seemed to indicate that enthusiasm for devolution was lukewarm.
www.historylearningsite.co.uk /wales_and_devolution.htm   (594 words)

 BBC Wales and West
Wales and the West of England have always had close links in the television world, HTV and of course the BBC broadcast a service for both Wales and the West from the Wenvoe transmitter from 1957 to 1964 when the Mendip transmitter came on line.
Wales Today / News West - with Chris Vacher and Sara Edwards.
www.robfrowen.plus.com /bbcwalesandwest.html   (594 words)

 BBC - Wales Sport - John Charles
John Charles was a footballing hero to many and was the first British player to be signed by a foreign club, joining Juventus of Italy in 1957 for a then record fee of £65,000.
There have been some famous winners over the last 49 years, but 2004 represents a milestone in the history of the BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Awards.
He went to Leeds United when he was only 17 and was first capped for Wales just after his 18th birthday.
www.bbc.co.uk /wales/sport/sites/spoty_site/pages/johncharles.shtml   (594 words)

 CAAE - Landmarks
Prince of Wales Fort was one of the most massive stone structures on the continent and fell to the French in 1783 without sa single shot being fired.
In 1768 an astral observatory was established at the as-yet-uncompleted Prince of Wales Fort, to study the transit of Venus across the Sun.
The first rocket launched to mark the international year in 1957 brought such excellent results that the U. Air Force built a permanent range.
www.aurora-inn.mb.ca /landmarks.html   (594 words)

 Middle East Open Encyclopedia: Referendum
In Switzerland, for example, multiple choice referendums are common; two multiple choice referendums held in Sweden, in 1957 and 1980, offered voters a choice of three options; and in 1977 a referendum held in Australia to determine a new national anthem was held in which voters were presented with four choices.
A further perceived flaw of the referendum is that in some circumstances the democratic spirit of the referendum may be flouted by the repeated submission to the referendum of a proposal until it is eventually endorsed, perhaps due to a low turn-out or public fatigue with the issue.
For example, in the Republic of Ireland only citizens may vote in a referendum whereas British citizens resident in the state are entitled to vote in general elections.
www.baghdadmuseum.org /ref/?title=Referendum   (3719 words)

 The Health Centre, Buckley, Clwyd, Wales - Doctors/Practice information
Harry has been involved with St John Ambulance since 1957, and rose to the rank of Assistant Chief Commissioner for Wales.
The Health Centre, Buckley, Clwyd, Wales - Doctors/Practice information
From then until the appointment of Dr Geoff Hoggins as his partner in 1981 there was a waiting list of patients wishing to register with the practice.
www.bradleysgppractice.co.uk   (3719 words)

 Wales and Devolution
In 1907, a Welsh Secretary of Education was created; in 1957, Wales got its own Minister of State who was given a cabinet position in 1964.
Devolution promised to be a key issue in Wales but the turnout at the post-election referendum in 1997 for whether Wales should have a devolved assembly seemed to indicate that enthusiasm for devolution was lukewarm.
Wales, along with Scotland and Northern Ireland, was promised a devolved assembly by the Labour Party in the lead up to the 1997 election.
www.historylearningsite.co.uk /wales_and_devolution.htm   (594 words)

 Australia - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Australia
A new trade agreement between the two countries in 1957 had safeguarded the preferences laid down by the Ottawa agreements of 1932, and many Australians considered that British membership of the EEC would imperil Australia's economy and entail the dissolution of the British Commonwealth.
In western Queensland and New South Wales, rivers flooded farmland, destroyed crops, including more than a million tonnes of wheat, and isolated towns and homesteads.
In the same month the new Labor prime minister John Curtin made his famous appeal to the USA for help – an appeal that was interpreted by some as the severing of the link with Britain.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Australia   (5244 words)

 Methodist South Wales - History
In Victorian times, South Wales, particularly in the South East, was booming with the development of industry and the influx of labour, especially from West Wales and the South West of England.
All Methodism in Wales belonged to the Connexion (originally "in Connexion with the Reverend John Wesley") and came under the authority of the annual Conference but Welsh speaking Methodism and English speaking Methodism in Wales tended to go their own way.
The Cardiff and Swansea District had 25 circuits in 1890 (as recorded in the 1890 Minutes of Conference) with P. Neville Andrews of Cardiff (Superintendent Minister of Wesley Circuit) as Chairman of the District and George Eddy of Swansea as the District Missionary.
www.methodistwales.org.uk /South/Information/history   (1210 words)

 North Wales Coast Railway: Chester to Fflint
The Diesel Multiple Unit shed of 1957 and the old steam locomotive shed of the Great Western Railway were demolished in 1998 to be replaced by a a new depot for the Class 175 railcars.
The four-track line crossed the river on two parallel bridges built by the LNWR, and referred to as the Roodee Viaduct: only one is still in use.
The original river bridge here, designed by Robert Stephenson, collapsed under a train not long after it was built, killing people and damaging Stephenson's reputation.
www.page27.co.uk /nwales/nwroute2.htm   (957 words)

This motto was taken from a speech by the Prince of Wales, in which he said: "The young business and professional men of the country must get together round the Table, adopt methods that have proved so sound in the past, adapt them to the changing needs of the times, and wherever possible, improve them".
Such a wonderful movement, Round Tabling came to India in 1957 with the formation of Madras Round Table No.1.
Illiteracy is a self-fulfilling curse that perpetuates the chain of poverty, degradation and child labour.
www.roundtableindia.org /peace.asp   (957 words)

 Manchester Footballerfs including Joe Mercer, Lou Macari, Howard Kendall, Jimmy Frizzell and Ryan Giggs of MUFC and MCFC
He had begun a playing career in 1957 as wing-half for Morton, and had moved to Oldham in 1960, where he played over 300 League games, scored 57 goals, and become manager in March 1970.
Having played for Salford Schoolboys and England Schoolboys teams he became a United Association Schoolboy player in February 1988, to emerge as a rare and exciting talent, scoring a goal in his debut match with Manchester United against Manchester City in 1991.
He was awarded an OBE for his services to Football in 1976, and died in Merseyside in August 1990.
www.manchester2002-uk.com /sports/footballers3.html   (1155 words)

 Ancestors of the Kay, Star, Steel(e) & Stock families - Person Page 29
He was the official informant of the death of Henry Taylor on 27 January 1957 at 99 New Illawarra Road, Bexley North.
He was the official informant of the death of Edith Kate Taylor on 7 February 1976 at Fairmont Nursing Home, Bexley, New South Wales, Australia.
She was born on 16 March 1886 at Cabramatta, New South Wales, Australia.
www.stockfamily.nildram.co.uk /p29.htm   (2395 words)

 Wales on the Web:
He received his MA in 1937, a Doctorate in Divinity from Lambeth in 1957, and an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity from the University of Wales in 1985.
Collections Wales is an online directory of research collections in Wales, providing a gateway to physical and digital collections with a distinctly Welsh theme from the more traditional sphere of academic, national and public libraries and from other public and private sector agencies throughout Wales.
The Gateway to internet resources relating to Wales
www.walesontheweb.org /cayw/collections/en/699809   (456 words)

 Royal Genealogies Part 3
He was created Prince of Wales in 1958 and invested as such in 1969 on his coming of age.
His title: Baron of Greenwich, Earl of Merioneth and Duke of Edinburgh; Granted the style and titular dignity of a Prince of the United Kingdom on 22 Feb 1957.
Prince Philip was born Philippos Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderbert-Glucksburn, Prince of Greece.
ftp.cac.psu.edu /~saw/royal/r03.html   (1796 words)

 Medieval Archaeology Papers Results
A 'Romano-Saxon' pot in the National Museum of Wales
Back to the Society for Medieval Archaeology Main Menu
www.avac.uklinux.net /wdbi/wdbi.cgi/avac/medarchbib/query   (1796 words)

 HMAS Junee - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation HMAS Junee
HMAS Junee (J-362/M-362), named for the town of Junee in New South Wales, was a Bathurst class corvette laid down by Poole and Steele at Balmain in New South Wales on 17 February 1943, launched on 16 November 1943 by Mrs.
HMAS Junee paid off to reserve at Fremantle in Western Australia on 21 August 1957, and sold for scrap to Mr.
Rosevear, wife of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and commissioned on 11 April 1944.
www.encyclopedia-glossary.com /en/HMAS-Junee.html   (1796 words)

 Neville Wran - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wran resigned from the New South Wales Parliament on 4 July 1986 after holding office longer than any other Premier in the history of NSW government, although current NSW Premier, Bob Carr is on track to eclipse that record.
Neville Kenneth Wran (born October 11, 1926) was the Premier of New South Wales in 1976 until 1986.
Wran was educated at Nicholson Street Public School, Balmain, Fort St Boys' High and the University of Sydney he was admitted as a solicitor in 1951, called to the Bar in 1957, and became Queen's Counsel in 1960.
www.marylandheights.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Neville_Wran   (253 words)

 Paxman History - Diesels for the World's Railways (1957)
The 10 heavy Bo-Bo twin engined diesel-electric locomotives of 1,000 bhp introduced in 1953-54 on the New South Wales Government Railways handle a large amount of the freight transfer traffic in the Sydney area, but owing to severe gradients, sometimes as steep as 1 in 40, trailing loads are usually limited to 800 tons.
By 1957 Paxman engines were powering freight, passenger, and shunting locomotives in places as far apart as South America, Norway, Africa, India and Australia, frequently under arduous operating conditions.
Railway enthusiasts are invited to email details of additional brief points of interest about any of the following railways or locomotives for possible inclusion in the notes.
www.nelmes.fsnet.co.uk /paxman/worldrly.htm   (253 words)

 aus art editions
In New South Wales, the regional gallery movement began with the Newcastle City Art Gallery (now the Newcastle Region Art Gallery) in 1957.
University galleries such as the University of Melbourne, Monash University, La Trobe University are members of the Art Museums Association and hold regular changing exhibitions as well as those based on their institution's collections.
NSW regional development continued with the opening of galleries in the 1970s at Wollongong, Maitland, Albury, Armidale, Penrith (Lewers Bequest and Regional Art Gallery), Muswellbrook and in the 1980s Wagga Wagga, Bathurst, Maitland, Orange, Tamworth, Shoalhaven, Lismore and Broken Hill.
www.ausart.com.au /about_sample4.cfm   (253 words)

 Illawong Rural Fire Service - Web Page - Front Page
The first recorded meeting was held on 1st March 1957 when Fowler Road was only a dirt track and Illawong was a river side bush retreat for expanding Sydney.
Rural Fire Service is part of the Sutherland Rural Fire Service District, located in the southern suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
We can't guarantee every minute will be action packed but we're dedicated to helping our Community in times of emergency and if you'd like to join or know more, we'd like to hear from you.
www.geocities.com /Heartland/Ranch/5504   (291 words)

 Generation No 3
1957 in Bankstown NSW, b: 1923 in Poland, d:1994 Auburn New South Wales, Australia
freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com /~hales/3.htm   (40 words)

 AR Lauer
He was appointed Commissioner of Police of the New South Wales Police in March, 1991 and retired from this position in 1996.
Tony Lauer was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, on the 19th December 1935.
He also underwent training in the Australian Army with the 19th National Service Training Battalion, Holsworthy, in 1957.
www.uglnsw.freemasonry.org.au /famous_masons/curry.html   (40 words)

 Macquarie University News
Ducker was secretary from 1975 to 1979, and Dodkin believes his "greatest achievement was the role he played in promoting Neville Wran for the leadership in New South Wales, orchestrating his election from the lower house".
In 1957 Kenny made a Labor Council-sanctioned, but nevertheless controversial, visit to China accompanied only by his wife to attend the 8th Congress of the All China Federation of Trade Unions.
The Labor Council of NSW, formed in 1871, is one of the oldest institutions in Australia and was responsible for the formation of the NSW Labor Party in 1891.
www.pr.mq.edu.au /macnews/ShowItem.asp?ItemID=47   (40 words)

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