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Topic: 1957 in aviation

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  SUNLINK WOTM - Aviation History
Much of the history of early aviation is focused on those early pioneers in the field, especially the Wright brothers and Amelia Earhart - check your biography section for works on them.
Aviation careers; jobs in the air and on the ground [by] D. Fenten.
Aviation in the modern world; the dramatic impact upon our lives of aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles, [1960].
www.sunlink.ucf.edu /weed/archive/flight.html   (591 words)

 Army Aviation; the Army's air force
In January 1989 command of 5 Aviation Regiment was transferred to Army and A and B Squadrons were raised with Black Hawk helicopters for troop lift and Bell UH 1H Iroquois helicopters as gunships.
Headquarters 16 Brigade [Aviation] provides a deployable aviation component headquarters element and is responsible to the Chief of Army for the technical control of Army Aviation and to the Land Commander for the command of Land Command Aviation.
This short history of the Australian Army Aviation Corps was prepared by Lt Colonel A Argent AAAvnC (Ret), Colonel R Harding AAAvnC (Ret) and Brigadier Brian H Cooper AAAvnC (Ret) with the assistance of the Head of the Aviation Corps, Brigadier Robert Walford.
www.diggerhistory.info /pages-army-today/rar-sasr/army-aviation.htm   (5111 words)

 CG Aviation History - Coming of Age
This document defined Coast Guard aviation’s primary role as search and rescue, specified the types of aircraft needed for that purpose, and indicated the number of each type that should be acquired during each of the next six years.
The Joint report of 1957 recommended a fleet of 195 aircraft be attained by the end of FY 1963 to consist of 6 models.
The Aviation planning process utilized the 1960 Re-Evaluation of the Requirements of Coast Guard Aviation and the Roles and Mission Study of 1961 as the initial basis of the expanded role of Coast Guard aviation over the decades to come.
uscgaviationhistory.aoptero.org /history03.html   (19035 words)

 2-82 AVN - Unit History
aviation crews conducted air assaults, combat re-supply under enemy fire and the first combat extraction of wounded soldiers from dense jungle using only a lowered rope and Swiss seats.
Another first for the Battalion and Army Aviation came in 1983 during Operation Urgent Fury when the Black Hawk was used for the first time in combat.
By June 2004, with the return of the Aviation Brigade from Iraq, the Battalion was once again whole, but not standing idly by.
www.bragg.army.mil /2-82avn/History.htm   (773 words)

 Biographies - Howze
While serving as the first Director of Army Aviation, Depart­ment of the Army, from 1955 to 1958, he developed new tactical principles for the employment of Army Aviation, and was instrumen­tal in helping the Aviation Center and School become fully established in its new home at Fort Rucker, Alabama.
A 1957 Charter Member of the Army Aviation Association, he later served as that organization’s Senior Vice President and President during a four year period.
He was a member of the Army Aviation Hall of Fame and was the Chairman of the AAAA’s Hall of Fame Board of Trustees.
www.redstone.army.mil /history/aviation/bios/howze.html   (389 words)

 Bowman Field Historic District--Aviation: From Sand Dunes to Sonic Booms: A National Register of Historic Places Travel ...
Once peace returned, part of the land was leased from the government by aviation enthusiast Abram H. Bowman, who hoped to establish an airport on the property.
When the wooden hangar was destroyed in a windstorm, a discouraged Bowman talked of abandoning a private airport scheme all together, but friends persuaded him to revive it in a new form, as the home of a military air unit.
In 1957 Bowman Field was recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration as the nation's busiest general aviation airport.
www.cr.nps.gov /nr/travel/aviation/bow.htm   (958 words)

 V/STOL Aircraft | Sud Aviation
The largest concept is shown in the picture with the rotor stowed for high speed flight and the rotor extended, as it is preparing for take-off.
In October 1959, Sud Aviation proposed the SA X-600 project against the Mirage III V. For the radar, it would have used a Cyrano II (like the Mirage III) or the Super NASARR (like the F-104).
Sud Aviation stated that it could fly in 1967 if it was launched in 1960.
www.aiaa.org /tc/vstol/unbuilt/sud/sud.html   (259 words)

May 56 The Aviation Section was moved from the Transportation Branch and became a separate element under the jurisdiction of the Headquarters Commandant.
The Aviation Section was assigned to the AOMC Adjutant General for administration, but it was placed under the operational control of the AOMC Transportation Office.
The division was renamed the USAOMC Army Aviation Branch.
www.redstone.army.mil /history/aviation/airfield/chron.html   (2733 words)

 Airborne Aviation
Airborne Aviation is based at Brakpan Airfield, a municipal airfield located 7 nm (18km) south of Johannesburg International Airport in the Gauteng region of South Africa.
Since 1957, the flight school has witnessed many a pilot taking to the blue skies of Southern Africa.
Experienced with over 100 aircraft types ranging from the Tiger moth to some of the larger airliner planes, Sluggy is a grade II instructor, capable of instructing students for the Private Pilots, Commercial Pilots and Airline transport Pilots licenses.
www.airborneaviation.co.za /default.asp?ToDo=viewAboutSchool   (145 words)

 Career Facts - Aviation Program - Transportation Technologies Department
An aviation maintenance technician, commonly referred to as an airframe and powerplant (AandP) mechanic, inspects, troubleshoots and repairs aircraft structures, engines and systems.
Aviation maintenance technicians are employed throughout the world maintaining aircraft for major airlines, commuter airlines, air freight operators, air taxi operators, corporate flight departments, private aircraft owners and many other specialized aviation services.
About one-third of these schools award two and four-year degrees in avionics, aviation technology, or aviation maintenance management, while the rest administer a certification of completion and/or a license to practice in this field.
www.lcc.edu /transportation/aviation/careers/maint_tech.htm   (803 words)

 Gorman Aviation Inc. - Links page
Gorman Aviation Inc. is a Member of the Airline Suppliers Association, which is an independent aviation association dedicated to addressing the concerns and needs of the companies involved with the supply of aviation parts.
Membership is open to all suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and airline surplus sales organizations who possess an inventory of parts for sale and who are willing to work towards and adhere to the objective standards adopted by the association.
The Aircraft Electronics Association was formed in 1957, out of necessity, by a small group of avionics shop owners who got together to see how they could improve their services by pooling together their talents and experience, and by working cooperatively with the manufacturers to arrive at a greater standardization for better efficiency.
www.gormanaviation.com /usefullinks   (269 words)

 Maintenance Technology - Aviation Program - Transportation Technologies Department
Similar to automotive mechanics, aviation maintenance technicians, or aircraft mechanics work on aircraft engine components, doing their part as members of the aviation industry to keep aircraft flying safely.
As with all members of the industry, aviation mechanics operate under guidelines enforces by the FAA.
Students learn in a practical, hands-on atmosphere simulating the industry by ensuring that an average of 50 percent of the total program time is spent in labs on real-world applications.
www.lcc.edu /transportation/aviation/maintenance   (374 words)

 AIR-2 Genie - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Lethal radius of the blast was estimated to be about 300 meters (1,000 ft).
The first test firings (of inert rounds) took place in 1956, and the weapon entered service with the designation MB-1 in 1957.
A live Genie was detonated only once, on 19 July 1957.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/AIR-2   (594 words)

 Bow Aviation, LLC - Airplane Appraisal, Brokerage, Locater Service, and Consulting
We are here to help people find the right aircraft for their needs and operate it in the most safe and cost efficient manner.
Aviation industry experience from fabric covered single engines (homebuilts and experimentals) to jet aircraft plus helicopters
Bow Aviation, L.L.C. provides different services for your different needs anywhere in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia.
www.bowaviation.com   (172 words)

 The Ultimate Tupolev Tu-4 Dog Breeds Information Guide and Reference
The development of the Soviet atomic bomb in 1949 gave the air defense program a new urgency, since the United States was itself now in danger of a nuclear attack with the Tu-4 as the delivery platform.
Tu-4s were withdrawn in the 1960s, replaced by their more capable successors, the Tupolev Tu-95 (starting in 1956) and Tupolev Tu-16 (starting in 1954).
At the beginning of the 1960s, the only remaining Tu-4s in Soviet use were used in transport aviation and as airborne laboratories.
www.dogluvers.com /dog_breeds/Tu-4   (573 words)

 CG Aviation History
The following sections of the U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Association's Web Site is a repository of all the historical information contained in photographs, logos, documents and publications that have been acquired to date.
It is our goal to continue the expansion of this repository on a continuing basis as has been done since February 2003.
Originals of these images are archived at the National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola; Office of Historian, USCG Headquarters; USCG Academy Museum, New London or in private collections.
uscgaviationhistory.aoptero.org   (268 words)

 Walter E. Lees, 1887-1957
The urge to really become an aviator was as strong as ever, and selling did not appeal to him.
He had been active in aviation for 35 years, during which time he had flown over 12,000 hours and handled some 60 different types of planes.
As an expert pilot with a sound engineering understanding of all phases of aviation, he was an active member of the Early Birds, Old Birds, Quiet Birdmen and Caterpillar Club, truly one of the real flying pioneers of aviation.
home.earthlink.net /~ralphcooper/biolees.htm   (1873 words)

 1957 in aviation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
April 6 - Olympic Airways is created by shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, from the ashes of bankrupt hellenic state airline T.A.E. (Technical and Aeronautical Exploitations).
April 11 - North American Aviation is issued a preliminary contract to build prototypes of the XF-108 long-range interceptor aircraft for the USAF.
This page was last modified 19:57, 3 October 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1957_in_aviation   (391 words)

 The Air Museum "Planes of Fame" - LetsGoSeeIt.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
First founded in Claremont, California, in January 1957, by aviation historian Edward T. Maloney, The Air Museum was the first permanent aviation museum on the west coast of the United States.
An independent, non-profit educational corporation, The Air Museum was also the first museum to fly its aircraft, a concept that has since been duplicated by a number of air museums around the world.
The Air Museum’s goal is to collect, preserve, restore, and display as many aviation artifacts as possible for the benefit of the public — a goal that is heavily dependent on a loyal staff of volunteers and tax-deductible contributions.
www.letsgoseeit.com /index/county/sbrn/chino/loc01/planes.htm   (302 words)

Now, living in the Air Capitol of the World for the 3rd time, I find it interesting to have witnessed the events that we do when we are fortunate enough to be sustained this long while pursuing careers in aviation, the military and law enforcement.
I have airlifted the X15, Mercury space capsules, an Army Patrol boat, and a load of F5 fighters to Iran, explosives to the Pacific missile test range and flown drug interdiction missions in several states.
One might say I have been fortunate enough to have had a lifetime of aviation experiences and I wouldn't trade one aspect of it for a pile of gold and jewels.
www.russellaire.com /aviation.html   (583 words)

 Interim Agreement on International Civil Aviation [1957] ATS 5
In areas of active hostilities or of military occupation, and in time of war along the supply routes leading to such areas, the exercise of such privileges shall be subject to the approval of the competent military authorities.
Any State a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization may accept the present Agreement as an obligation binding upon it by notification of its acceptance to the Government of the United States, and such acceptance shall become effective upon the date of the receipt of such notification by that Government.
This Protocol shall remain deposited in the archives of the International Civil Aviation Organization; and certified copies thereof shall be transmitted by the Secretary General of the Organization to all States parties or signatories to the Convention on International Civil Aviation done at Chicago on the seventh day of December, 1944.
www.austlii.edu.au /au/other/dfat/treaties/1957/5.html   (10826 words)

 U.S. Government Bookstore: Browse by Subject: Aviation
Also intended to furnish the flight crew with information on loading and operating the aircraft to ensure its weight is within the allowable limits and the center of gravity is within the allowable range.
Examines the institutional origins of modern Army Aviation by recounting the experiences of the men who flew observed fire missions, or Air Observations Posts (AOP) in light aircraft for the Field Artillery during World War 2.
Contains the Federal Aviation Administration forecasts of aviation activity at FAA facilities for fiscal years 2003-2014.
bookstore.gpo.gov /subjects/sb-018.jsp   (4822 words)

 Aviation Week Conferences&Exhibitions
The Laurels were conceived in 1957 to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of individuals and teams in aviation, aerospace and defense.
Today this fl tie dinner and awards ceremony is the industry's premier event, attracting scores of industry pioneers and thought leaders from around the world.
Klass, an AWandST senior editor for more than 30 years, passed away in 2005 and was known worldwide for his expertise in commercial and military avionics, particularly electronic warfare.
www.aviationnow.com /conferences/lau_c1.htm   (187 words)

 City of Spencer: Airport
Leading Edge Aviation offers Private Pilot Flight Instruction in a Piper Warrior as well as aircraft rental in Cessna (N1668Q), the Piper (N3066H) and a Piper Saratoga (N83213).
We are able to order any pilot supply not on hand and notify you when it is received at Leading Edge Aviation.
Our mechanic, who has 27 years of maintenance experience including: Military, General Aviation, and Airline, has been maintaining the company aircraft with oil changes, 100 Hour's and Annual Inspections as well as SPW based aircraft and transient customers needs.
www.spenceriowacity.com /airport/fbo.htm   (302 words)

 TIME.com: Boeing's New Jet -- Dec. 2, 1957 -- Page 1
AVIATION Boeing's New Jet United Air Lines, the nation's second-largest carrier (first: American Airlines), took another step into the jet age.
Last week it ordered ten Douglas DC-8 long-range and eleven new-type, Boeing 720 medium-range jet aircraft to be delivered in 1960.
One of the airlines'; biggest problems is the virtual impossibility of getting equity capital when profits are falling.
www.time.com /time/magazine/article/0,9171,825372,00.html   (608 words)

 Aviation Jobs Online - Classifieds-Pilot Section
Professional aviation management experience with airline or general aviation is highly desired.
We provide our students with an aviation education seond to none, with highly qualified, dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and the largest collegiate training fleet, and an aggressive placement program that includes thousands of successful alumni who can serve as a valuable networking resource.
Possess a varied aviation background as a pilot and planner.
www.aviationjobsonline.com /ptscfi/4pilot98.html   (9301 words)

 Annual Meeting Goes To Washington, 1957
Upon completing the survey, fortunately we were able to arrange a tie-up with 1957's most important aviation event--the national convention of the Air Force Association, in Washington, D.C. Since this year is the 50th anniversary of military aviation, the occasion appeared most fitting.
Here we will find special Early Bird exhibits as well as priceless memoranda and historical exhibits of aviation that will be personally dusted and polished for our arrival by EB Secretary Paul Garber who is also curator of the museum.
We will return to the hotel for the EB cocktail party and banquet which start at 6:30 P.M. For our speaker we are fortunate in having obtained Gill Robb Wilson, editor and publisher of Flying Magazine and chairman of the board of the Air Force Association.
www.earlyaviators.com /emeewa57.htm   (585 words)

 British Military Aviation in 1957
As part of the United Kingdom's commitment to support the Baghdad Pact, the first Royal Air Force (RAF) English Electric Canberra squadron to join the Middle East Air Force (MEAF), No.32 Squadron, is deployed to RAF Akrotiri.
73, 6 and 249 Squadrons, were subsequently deployed to Akrotiri during March, July and November 1957 respectively.
Collectively, the squadrons were designated the MEAF Strike Wing, then North East Air Force (NEAF) Strike Wing after February 1961.
www.rafmuseum.org.uk /milestones-of-flight/british_military/1957.html   (441 words)

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