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Topic: 1962 in film

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: 1962 in film
Tom Cruise as seen on a poster for the 2001 film Vanilla Sky Tom Cruise is the stage name of Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (born 3 July 1962), an American actor and film producer who has starred in a number of top-grossing movies and remains one of the biggest...
Mutiny on the Bounty is the title of a novel and several films based on the Mutiny on the Bounty, the mutiny against Lieutenant William Bligh, commanding officer of HMAV Bounty in 1789.
In 1962 when the film first opened, it was 222 minutes long, but it was subsequently cut down by 35 minutes to 187 minutes, and not restored to 217 minutes until 1989.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/1962-in-film   (1849 words)

 The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
It can be categorized within many film genres - it functions as a horror film, a war film, a science fiction film, a fl comedy, a suspense-thriller, and a political melodrama (with additional segments of romance and action).
The mood of this pseudo-documentary, satirical film masterpiece (from prolific veteran television director Frankenheimer) is paranoic, surrealistic, dark, macabre, cynical, and foreboding - these elements are combined in a traditional, top-notch suspenseful thriller framework with a nail-biting, Alfred Hitchcock-like climax.
Although the film initially failed at the box-office and its plot was considered far-fetched, it anticipated the American obsession with conspiracy theories in the early to mid-60s.
www.filmsite.org /manc.html   (2984 words)

 What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962)
One of the film's posters asked the question: "Sister, sister, oh so fair, why is there blood all over your hair?"
A grotesque "Baby Jane" Hudson (Davis at 54 years of age), a former vaudeville child star, and paralyzed invalid sister Blanche (Crawford) from a mysterious, career-ending car accident (for which Jane was blamed but never charged), also a former movie star, live together in a gloomy, crumbling mansion in Los Angeles.
She croaks, "I've Written a Letter to Daddy." [The scenes of her attempts to recapture her former glory are reminiscent of Norma Desmond's similar efforts in Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard (1950).]
www.filmsite.org /what.html   (597 words)

  Maciste all'inferno (1962) - Maciste in Hell - Witch's Curse, The
Chiunque sia in possesso di dati relativi al film della presente scheda, dati che non siano quelli rilevabili da IMDB, ma che facciano riferimento alla trama o all'eventuale proiezione in Italia, o reperibilità in DVD in Lingua Italiana, e voglia portare a conoscenza gli altri di questi dati, può scrivere a
A questo riguardo Film Gothic sta predisponendo un opera in cinque DVD sulla Storia del Cinema Gotico ed Erotico, che oltre a riportare tutti i film in cui vi sono scene di nudo, per la maggior parte di essi fornirà immagini e filmati..
Film Gothic si dedica poi anche al Fumetto, all'Illustrazione e alla Pittura in relazione al Genere Gotico, Surreale, Onirico ed Erotico.
www.filmgothic.com /indice_italia/film/m/macisteallinferno.asp   (441 words)

 Jönköping filmfestival 2007
Harriet Andersson, Max von Sydow och Gunnar Björnstrand innehar huvudrollerna i filmen som vann en Oscar för bästa utländska film 1962.
En imponerande film om kvävande gruppkänsla skildrad med äkthet och inte utan humor.
Utomhusbiovisningarna är ett samarbete med lokala samarbetspartners och Film i Jönköpings län med stöd av Landstinget i Jönköpings län, Länsstyrelsen i Jönköpings län och Regionförbundet Jönköpings län.
www.filmfestival.nu   (1332 words)

 Amazon.com: Lolita: DVD: James Mason,Shelley Winters,Sue Lyon,Gary Cockrell,Jerry Stovin,Diana Decker,Lois Maxwell,Cec ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Filming in England provides little geography and motel-hopping lifestyle that was so prevalent in the novel.
By the end, Humbert is reduced to a broken shell of a man, and it does not really matter if we approve of his behavior or not: he is still sympathetic, as much a victim of his own demons as Lolita herself, or her hapless mother.
Compare that to sanctimonious pap like American Beauty, a film that nearly demands that we "understand" its main character, even daring suggest that disapproving of his infatuation with a teenaged girl is akin to the homophobic excesses of his sadistic, one-dimensional ex-Marine neighbor (apparently ugly stereotypes are perfectly OK when applied to conservatives).
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00000J2KV/ref=nosim/booforsel-20   (2120 words)

 To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
Harper Lee was a guest on the set that day, and Peck noticed her crying after the scene was filmed.
After studying the outstanding book of To Kill A Mockingbird at school, I viewed this film, and was on the whole very impressed.
Aside from these gripes, this is a magical film and a "must-see," as a companion piece to the classic novel.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0056592   (657 words)

 YouTube - Beatles-earliest film footage 1962
Nice bit of adding the sound to a film clip that was inaudinle.
This contains the earliest known Beatles film footage from Liverpool in February of 1962.
The Beatles 1962 - 1970 roadie Mal Evans.
www.youtube.com /watch?v=5bFeyCcwMyA   (606 words)

 In This Year ... 1962
This area contains a list of interesting reports based around the 3682 titles in the IMDb for 1962.
The form below allows you to search the database for titles from 1962 only.
The A-Z index enables you to browse the titles alphabetically.
us.imdb.com /Sections/Years/1962   (113 words)

 U B U W E B :: Film & Video
UbuWeb is pleased to present dozens of avant-garde films & videos for your viewing pleasure.
Thankfully, there is the internet which allows you to get a whiff of these films regardless of your geographical location.
We realize that the films we are presenting are of poor quality.
www.ubu.com /film   (451 words)

 The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
Director John Frankenheimer (only 32 at the time) completed the one film that he would always be remembered for.
And of course Sinatra is solid as he always was throughout a film career that hit its peak from about 1950 through 1965.
Smart, stylish, at times nasty and always impressive, "The Manchurian Candidate" is one of those pictures that continues to be a fixture in the American cinema as time goes by.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0056218   (974 words)

 Movies - 1962 in film
launches the James Bond film series, the longest-running motion picture franchise of all time, running more than 40 years.
You may redistribute it, verbatim or modified, providing that you comply with the terms of the GFDL.
Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
listing-index.ebay.com /movies/1962_in_film.html   (140 words)

1962: The Beatles doing "Some Other Guy" at the Cavern Club in August 1962, the first sound film of the group.
1966: Promo films for "Paperback Writer" and "Rain"; their June 24, 1966 concert in Munich, filmed for German television; their June 30 and July 1 shows in Tokyo, filmed in color for Japanese television.
The Unreleased Beatles: Music and Film is widely available at both independent booksellers and chain bookstores throughout North America.
www.richieunterberger.com /beattoc.html   (1096 words)

  filmjourney.org : freaks   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Critic Andrew Sarris wrote that it is "one of the most compassionate films ever made" in its depiction of severely malformed people (a pair of Siamese twins, microcephalics, armless and legless folks, dwarves, a bearded lady, and others) and their backstage camaraderie.
It's part of the film's brilliance that the lines between normal and abnormal, us and them, and even morality and immorality, are constantly blurred and reversed, establishing an unpredictable interpretive pattern that challenges age-old stereotypes about health and beauty, deformities and evil.
The film's narrative revolves around a murder plot by the trapeze artist and the circus strongman and their efforts to steal Hans' wealth.
filmjourney.weblogger.com /2004/08/13   (588 words)

 Internet Archive: Details: Dropout, The (Part I)
This excellent 1962 film showed reasons why teenagers dropped out, why many of the schools failed such students, and how schools could be effective in helping such youngsters.
This film epitomizes the concept of "downward spiral", accompanied by an unsympathetic narrator.
The film's one purpose was obviously to scare teens into staying in school, so Robert's future is shown to be essentially hopeless.
www.archive.org /details/DropoutT1962   (439 words)

 U.S. Senate: Art & History Home > In Film and Literature
The film was shot in and around Washington, D.C. and Capitol Hill, and featured a two-thirds scale exact replica of the Senate Chamber as it looked prior to renovations in 1950.
The same set, updated to the 1960s, was used in Otto Preminger's 1962 classic film, Advise and Consent.
In 2004, the Senate acquired one of the replica desks used in the film.
www.senate.gov /artandhistory/history/common/generic/October_MrSmith.htm   (216 words)

 Film Soc 2005 Fundraiser:: The Mirror with live score
A well respected performer, and experienced hand at live film soundtracks, Greg's main instrument is a special guitar with multiple outputs that has pick-ups at various strange points on the guitar that create a variety of rich sounds out of that one instrument.
The dreamlike intensity of the childhood scenes in particular is so hypnotic that questions of the film’s alleged impenetrability dissolve under the impact of moment after moment of the most visually stunning, rhythmically captivating film-making imaginable.
An Oscar Nominee in 1962, this film is an experimental study of violence.
canterburyfilmsociety.org.nz /previousyears/screenings2005/mirrorgregmalcolm.html   (507 words)

 The Longest Day (1962) - Film Talk
We are a community of film colleagues who want to share the films they love, who enjoy talking about film and DVD issues, and who like to make friends among people who have similar interests.
We want DVDAF and film-talk to be the premier film communities for the discussion of film and film issues.
In the film, the British pathfinders land on the HQ of General Von Salmuth, commander of the 15th army.
www.film-talk.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=12427   (2969 words)

 MoMA.org | 2004 Film and Media Exhibitions | Premiere Brazil!   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The exhibition is presented at Film Forum, 209 West Houston Street, one of the temporary venues where MoMA is presenting film and media programs prior to the reopening of the Museum in midtown Manhattan on November 20.
When, early in the film, the sisters tell their stories one by one, their accounts are accompanied by an extraordinarily inventive use of music; the entire film pulses with rhythm as the sisters’ lives transition from obscurity to fame, finally coming full circle.
The film tells the stories of the female protagonists, starting at a funeral in the present and traversing back and forth between contemporary time and the 1960s and ‘70s.
www.moma.org /exhibitions/film_media/2004/brazil.html   (1880 words)

 Cape Fear (1962 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cape Fear is a 1962 film about an attorney whose family is stalked by a criminal whom he helped to send to jail.
Before the scene was filmed, the director suddenly asked a crew member: "Bring me a dish of eggs!" Mitchum rubbing the eggs on Bergan was not scripted and Bergan's reactions were real.
The film enraged the censors, who were worried that "there was a continuous threat of sexual assault on a child".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cape_Fear_(1962_film)   (812 words)

 Looking Closely At The Film
In her introduction to Horton Foote's published screenplay of the novel, Harper Lee wrote, "If the integrity of a film adaptation is measured by the degree to which the novelist's intent is preserved, Mr.
Others think that a film should be faithful only to the art of film, refashioning the story in its own terms.
It also shows (to quote Harper Lee again) how a film can have "a life of its own as a work of art." Notice how the camera moves in, like a child's vision, to closeups of these valued objects, tracking from left to right along the row of treasures carefully arranged.
library.thinkquest.org /12111/film.html   (1070 words)

A few silent seconds of film from 1961 and a couple of songs from their residency at 'The Cavern' in the summer of '62 are all that we have on film of these years.
However, the hard work paid off, and by the end of 1962, local radio and television stations were starting to notice and a number of local TV spots followed.
Owing to the poor quality of the film, it wasn't immediately used, but was retrieved later when the boys hit the big time.
www.tvtalkin.com /fab4tv/1962.htm   (429 words)

 DVD Review: Cleo From 5 to 7:Criterion
A simple story makes for a moving and effective film in Agnes Varda's "Cleo From 5 to 7", a French film from 1962 that traces a pair of hours in a beautiful French singer's life as she waits to find out if she has cancer.
As she walks the streets of the city, she begins to learn more about herself and the world around her and she comes to terms with what her future just might be.
I enjoyed the film quite a lot, although I was dissapointed to find out that Criterion's DVD does not offer the opportunity to learn anything more about the film or French films in general, as the supplemental features are, well, zip.
www.currentfilm.com /dvdreviews/cleo5to7ccdvd.html   (500 words)

 Hiroshi Teshigahara @ Filmbug
The film won the NHK New Director's award, and throughout the 1960s, Teshigahara continued to collaborate on films with Abe and Takemitsu while simultaneously pursuing his interest in Ikebana and sculpture on a professional level.
In 1964, the Teshigahara/Abe film The Woman in the Dunes was considered for an Academy Award and ended up winning the Special Judge's Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.
From the mid-1970s on, Teshigahara's directing output on feature films decreased as he concentrated more on documentaries, exhibitions and the Sogetsu School, eventually becoming the grand master of the school in 1980.
www.filmbug.com /db/344346   (291 words)

 The Film-Makers' Cooperative 1962 -
The Charles therefore incorporated films and film making into an alternative sense of family and community through freedom and equality (two fundamental ideas in the very groundwork of the arts and counterculture, according to Banes).
The film's popular appeal is limited by its openly homosexual interest -- Kenneth Anger's actors are pretty, biceped Adonises, his props self-consciously phallic, his fascination with the cyclists' storm trooper sashes and chain belts too often a wayward taste for camp cruelty.
Because Mekas filmed it from the center, his viewer too becomes a victim of endless beatings, shouted commands, debasing personal inspections, unnecessary cleanups, ritualistic requests "to cross the white line, sir!" and worst of all, the destruction of all repose.
www.jahsonic.com /FMC.html   (810 words)

 Harvard Film Archive: People We Like
Twenty years after her tragic and untimely passing, these films serve as a testament not only to her stunning screen presence but her great versatility as an actress.
In Schneider’s final film before her tragic death, she stars in dual roles as both Lina, Baumstein’s wife, and Elsa, the German refugee recalled in the activist’s flashback who helped save him from the Germans.
The film features Romy Schneider (in a reprisal of her ingenue role as Princess Elisabeth of Austria) as Ludwig’s cousin, with whom he engaged in a passionate, platonic relationship despite his equal passion for men, and Trevor Howard as famed composer Richard Wagner, who took advantage of the king’s patronage to advance his own career.
www.harvardfilmarchive.org /calendars/03_fall/romy.html   (880 words)

 Harvard Film Archive: Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov
Ovchinnikov roots the film in an impassioned string orchestral lamentation, and slowly builds to the large, dissonant, pervasive orchestral tremolos signifying the tension between the Bolshevik workers and Rada partisans.
Tarkovsky’s diploma film was the first of three co-written with Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky and scored by Ovchinnikov.
The music cues are surprisingly varied given the film’s length, and the radiance of a city seen through a child’s eyes finds a musical analogue in parts of Ovchinnikov’s score.
www.harvardfilmarchive.org /calendars/06_spring/ovchinnikov.html   (1002 words)

 Film Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In this 1962-set film, Depardieu plays a gentle man who has lost his confidence from chronic unemployment and now squanders hours at the tavern.
But he's a film critic as a painter, since so many of his paintings, with titles like Mann of the West and The Wild Bunch, have movie themes.
He was probably the first film critic whose prose takes off from the excitement of the movies.
www.bostonphoenix.com /archive/movies/99/09/09/filmculture.html   (841 words)

 Hollywood Gothique: Dr No (1962) Film Review
Unlike later Bond films, which would amp up the action to incredible levels, the film version of DR. NO seems somewhat toned down from the book, which ended with Bond forced through a labyrinthine torture maze, just to see how long he would last (the sequence ends with Bond fighting and defeating a giant squid).
Also, because DR. NO is the first 007 film (but not the first 007 book), references to previous adventures had to be deleted (upon arriving in Jamaica, Bond recalls his encounter with Solitaire, the girl from LIVE AND LET DIE).
In both the book and the film, Bond is forced by M (Bernard Lee) to give up his favorite gun in favor a new Walter PPK, but most film fans are unaware that Bond ever had a previous gun.
www.hollywoodgothique.com /drno1962.html   (952 words)

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